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  1. The effectiveness on the yobit as on having an exchange system which accepts the usage of investment platform is quite unique, when looking at it, in the sense of an exchange, as I too, have a set of assets too on the yobit investment box
  2. Bitcoin halvings is a system as of which the term was first used by the creation of the Bitcoin . As halvings takes on the procedures of making the mining reward is halved as this system of halvings the reward is based corresponding on the way in which the supply of bitcoin was actually created on, as the 21 million supply is what kind of a reason for the halving mechanism on the bitcoin ecosystem
  3. That's true as well but finding the right investment system is what is going to a the first move there, as not all investment system actually give out some profits, as thus type are slow and maybe money consuming to some extends But face our gear to some lost
  4. The increase in the market of betting sites and company are Just rising as more and users of this system of betters are high. As we have many of this sites like those of stakes which is a notable betting Crypto site. And with this of betcrypt is another addition
  5. The way which the LCTp coin strives to move on as basically the coin have improve as on how the valuation report is saying, as . New project have this syndrome of having to lack the backing of users on their network, as LTCp have that as on the usage of the user on the network as well as am improving system
  6. Sure, but on a new coin we can't all expect it's trading volumes to be staggering high as I saw a comment which was critising the trading volume,as all new coins will have to take time as to gain user's and traders of the coin
  7. The features of this trade able card game is it's really fancy as if how you take control on the build up on the card of the avatar his which you won, as I didn't really know about this game which was on the Ethereum network, just now which I also when I side down digging on how this one to one player or against a computer game, which is to beat the opponent and win by reducing their lives to zero.
  8. Games and activities which involves on the aspect of predictions which at times is more on probability and luck as this of Gambling, are not really Activities which you can count as on having to be on the winning site or a winning streak with confidence, as dice at some ratio is just for fun and. Luck
  9. Even though gambling is kind of an illegal activity on religions, as having on gambling systems being on the rise as of how they do use the features of blockchain technology when looking at gambling sites like those of stake which is gambling on Cryptocurrencies. As they are many if this type of services which are in active services as this if stake are those which are popular
  10. The rise and Creation of the Decentralization of social media network on the web have really being on staggering rise as just as the ones which are already in existence like that of the steemit which we have this of privacy and security on the network, and just as this of the Raven as well, which have really made web network Decentralized systems
  11. Basically when looking at how projects based on the improvements of internet and devices when included, as we all know commonly of the IoT. As this of trusted devices is more of having to create a system of more security on how the management of our control are secured, as security on the internet is always
  12. Trading on bitcoin has many many strategies which every trader have, as either it being unique or a strategy which is widely known, as the way which I have in trading is on having to trade bitcoin against a stable coin liken usdt when the bitcoin price is expected to fall. As that's another strategy which you can use
  13. Bitcoin as the epicenter of Cryptocurrencies, as I think that on all Crypto exchanges we always see the Bitcoin as a trading pair. As bitcojn has the most users and hunters which look on ways to have Bitcoin, as Bitcoin right now is the most important asset on Cryptocurrencies. As an exchange without Bitcoin won't really have enough users there
  14. As at the moment, we see that bitcoin is mostly at the range of being a four digit Coin, as it also see the glimpse of a 5 digit, when it reaches and surpasses $10000. As having bitcoin touching 6 digits will actually make bitcoin. Very scare and expensive to actually buy a full coin, as having bitcoin at $100000 will just be too much for people who are not miners to purchase any full bitcoin
  15. When I just saw this thread I was just weak, as bitcoin reaching $100000 so soon as it can't really, as I think that bitcoin having to there, will obviously have to reach peaks along it's way and and maybe fall. As it can reach there but will take time on that arrival
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