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  1. NFT - это популярная форма активов, о которой в последние месяцы стали говорить большие новости, особенно после первой продажи Cryptopunk NFT, которая действительно сделала отрасль вирусной. Вопрос здесь в том, что NFT сейчас популярны как криптовалюты, поскольку некоторые знаменитости присоединились к этой форме цифрового маркетинга, а также к Facebook в этой отрасли, как вы думаете, как будет развиваться художник, когда эта отрасль станет следующей лучшей платформой для художников
  2. One thing though, growing in this forum is more like having to build your self as on how you can be responsive on your daily work in work out. As I started working in this forum as far back as when this forum was quite new. As we received 30000 Satoshi per day. As we had many different special bounties which you could earn 1BTC. As obviously the forum has moulded as it's now mature, but the new users too will have to interacting in a more accurate and manner as less spams, as well as having to create peer relation with each other. As obviously many different people can create friends with each other here as well as other forums, as basically we came here for Cryptocurrencies as well as how it's getting widely adopted in more enterprises as well as states government in some countries...
  3. Countries with the aim of bringing this of tax on Crypto workers, companies, want to bring on the scare of new investors into the while philosophy of Cryptocurrencies, as taxing might make amateur to fall out on Cryptocurrencies, but the reality is, more and new users and investors still get into Cryptocurrencies.
  4. A real benefit which a user can get will be on impacting their selves in to the Crypto world, we have seen the rise if Fintech all around us, especially the ones on Cryptocurrencies as well utilisation of blockchain tech. The opportunity which we can gain as an earner as well as an enthusiasts of Cryptocurrencies can be staggering as well create many new possibilities in the world in terms of finance, security and privacy
  5. If the Ethereum network can't really find a solution on having to adjust the price of how fees are high, most people will be reluctant in having to process or transaction ethers as the fees can be that drastically high. As users with little funds will be rarely doing ether transactions frequently
  6. Having to change Cryptocurrencies to fiat will heavily depend on which currency you use as in your country as some countries are quite tedious to convert to the native currency, as you can use P2P site like paxful, localbitcoin and many others to sell Cryptocurrencies to others to receive Fiat
  7. The value of the talk token have deprecated over time, as basically now it is at 13 Satoshi, as that value as per the allocation of the value of the bitcoin now, but the value has dropped, as we have reasons such as an limited supply, just a maybe, having too much sell than buys
  8. That's really true, as on the nature as to how Cryptocurrencies are Being backed, as to whether a commodity, or by a cooperation, but with the nature of Cryptocurrencies, it is self circulating in which norms governing it are well decentralized chained system which can be compromised. But banks are not analog, it depends or how you choose to store your funds that depends on you
  9. The best alternatives to invest on, are the altcoins as we have seen Defi coins really have skyrocketed in their prices, as this are coins. Really have potentials in having to grow up in their worth, as we have that of the polkadot which is really promising, this 2021
  10. It's not all about trading that you will realize profits from Cryptocurrencies as basically there are sites which will need you to invest with them, and with a duration you can get your profits after, as basically you can try masternodes as am not really familiar with that as well
  11. More as well as on also having to regulate as well as solve some of the real world problems, as that's we have the creation of Dapps and many much different ways in which the use of Cryptocurrencies can better the future
  12. Brother those as some of the fundamental which having to get actively involved into Cryptocurrencies, we have to know about, as there's more as in having to maximize it's earning possibilities. As we have the involvement of Dapps o. Several different domain's which solve some real world problems
  13. That's true as we came here or even join the Crypto space on Many different reasons as, one which I can say is on having to have or hold Crypto on our respective wallet's, as we can achieve that here in this forum, as we can't all just be a chasers, as we have to be active as well as contribute on the sustaining growth of this forum
  14. Mate its not really like a priority that you just be a writer as a Crypto talk user, as having to continuously being active here, your skills are improving as on having to write, as you can't say that you have not improved on your typing speed or even as on how you reason fast as on having to create a list thread here in this forum, as the forum builds is in certain criteria
  15. That's very passionate as on how you basically acknowledge thid forum, as to be frank, I feel the same way too, as on what this forum has generated as on this user base/ interactive platform as on making earns here in Cryptocurrencies, as it's really staggering when you start receiving payments
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