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  1. My strategy depends on not leaving any of the cryptocurrencies at a loss because I set support points for the currency, and if the currency’s price drops to those points, I buy another amount of the currency and when the price reverses up, I start selling the quantities I own in batches.
  2. I think that this will be good for all of us because it will cause a significant increase in the prices of cryptocurrencies, and it will become easy to trade these currencies, in addition to that we can use them to buy and sell many products.
  3. It is very important before you start trading that you define your path in trading, either as a speculator or an investor, and the difference is very large between them, because the speculator trades currencies in the short term. As for the investor, he depends on the long term to achieve greater profits.
  4. Yes, trading is easy, but it is very important to gain experience in trading because without experience, you will suffer a lot of losses, in addition to that you must be patient in order to avoid coming out with a loss from currencies whose price suddenly drops and be patient with the currencies that rise in order to achieve the highest profits.
  5. I think that everyone here seems to be interested in this talent that helps you write articles and useful information in addition to our ability to explain information to beginners in a simple and easy-to-understand way for everyone, and we must help ourselves by developing this skill by working on the forum every day and focusing on benefiting from This opportunity is available to us.
  6. We must all respect all of these rules because it is our duty to make this forum a better place for everyone, help experts to increase knowledge in this field and help beginners in order to start their journey in the world of cryptocurrencies and can earn money from this field.
  7. Weekly report: Week 6: (24 November - 30 November) Date: 1.12 Cryptotalk username: @Omar Ommeish Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: omarommeish BetFury nickname: omar Links to posts: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- 12- /page/8/?tab=comments#comment-10611279 13- 14- 15- 16- 17- 18-
  8. Simple currency analysis and simple strategies always work when you have good capital management because you know the entry and exit points of each currency and know when to make your profits or bear your losses.
  9. I think that this depends on the capital that you own. If your capital is large, you can wait for the currency to rise again, but if you do not have a large capital, it is better to use a stop loss and enter other opportunities.
  10. I advise everyone not to spend the money that is permissible for it because it is very important to invest that money in order to multiply and increase, and it can be invested in many good sites or use that money in trading to achieve profits.
  11. This is a good ranking for the forum, and we must all inform everyone about the forum so that its popularity increases and its ranking becomes less than this number and becomes popular with everyone, and this will benefit us all.
  12. I think that everyone should be proud of joining the forum and joining the yobit platform because everyone should share information in order to get more from it and learn more ideas and this is what we do through the forum and we trade the money that we get through the platform so we are proud of that.
  13. There are many publications whose topic is about deleting posts, and there are many reasons that cause the posts to be deleted, and the two most important reasons are the lack of any useful information within the posts and the other reason is that the topic of the post may be repetitive.
  14. The investment fund is good for us, but the only negative thing in it is that it is full of useless currencies whose interest is large, but the price of those currencies drops quickly in short times.
  15. Yobit is a good platform for trading cryptocurrencies and it carries out new airdrops every period and we can earn a lot of money from it, but the problem is that these airdrops cannot withstand much and their price drops quickly.
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