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  1. When I wrote this comment, I was a beginner in this forum and a beginner in the world of crypto. I do not know that we can exchange messages through the forum. Thank you, I deleted it.
  2. My friend you can put the email and click on "forgot password" and then a link to confirm your account will be sent through your email and you can reset the password.
  3. I think it is difficult to get a new currency whose price is higher than the bitcoin price because it is the most popular currency and it is the first currency that appeared among all cryptocurrencies.
  4. I am not worried because I do not deal in unpopular currencies and buy the currencies that my friends only recommend and have a good price in the cryptocurrency market.
  5. I want to ask about the reason for activating the lock badge by officials. As for many topics, and because of this signal, no one can write a comment on this post. Does anyone know what is the reason for that?
  6. I spend about 3 hours of my time each day sharing helpful placements in this forum and spending about two hours learning and working with trading.
  7. It was expected that bitcoin will rise in price after the occurrence of halving, but I think it is a Corona virus that has had a negative impact on all financial markets, so we did not see a rise in the price of bitcoin.
  8. Bitcoin will be the first currency to be identified globally and all countries will accept payment by bitcoin, but I also believe that Ripple will achieve great success in that.
  9. I own some coins in my wallet but I will not sell them at the present time because I believe that during the end of the year there will be a rise in the price of those coins.
  10. This is good news because if it is true we can buy from Amazon with XRP and it is good that the containment fees will be low and this helps us to save our money.
  11. I believe that cryptocurrencies are constantly developing due to the increase in new technology and because of the increasing number of people who are interested in cryptocurrencies, and it is good that we see this development because it benefits all of us.
  12. I am trying to collect money from this forum in order to start trading with small capital and then I will learn more information about trading and add more to my capital.
  13. I do not think that bitcoin could fall to this price, but if that happens, I will buy more bitcoin and will not sell my coins.
  14. My friend, there are many investment sites that are scams so I stay away from investing and work in trading in order to make a profit because it is difficult to find an honest investment site and it gives good profits.
  15. There are many forums that talk about cryptocurrencies, but there is no competitor to this forum because officials give us money in exchange for sharing useful topics and there is no forum that gives money to users like this forum.
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