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  1. Yes, this always happens in the currencies launched by yobit, so I sell currencies when listed on the platform immediately in order not to lose my money when the currency is dumped.
  2. Many beginners tend to invest in cryptocurrencies, but I think this is wrong because they must start learning trading before they put their money into investing only.
  3. There are many currencies from which I have made good profits and I cannot forget them because it is my favorite and one of these currencies is the wave currency because it has recently increased in price and made good profits from it.
  4. Yes, all of these currencies are good for investment, but I advise everyone not to invest in one currency only, but to invest in more than one currency in order to increase profits and avoid losses.
  5. You are right, but I think that the developers will develop their own network in order to make transactions safer for users.
  6. Unfortunately, every day many fraud symbols are released and many of those who store these symbols lose their money, so I do not trust them before I read the future currency project.
  7. I advise you to continue your money in Bitcoin because it is the most popular currency, and no matter how low its price, it returns to rise after a few days, so it is one of the safest currencies.
  8. I have not worked on this site before, but I advise you to stay away from it because I find that many of those who work in betting, they often lose a lot of their money.
  9. I have not decided that yet because we do not know how efficient the tokens we got, but I think that I will sell a part and keep the other part for investment.
  10. I have not decided that yet because I do not know what price the currency will be inserted at. I think that I will sell a part of the tokens immediately upon listing the currency and I will keep another part.
  11. I do not own a lot of cryptocurrencies at the moment because my capital is little, but I only own Bitcoin & Hive because I think they are good for investing in the long term.
  12. Thank you for this useful topic for beginners because every day we see many new beginners join the forum and they have many questions about the rules of the forum.
  13. It is good that the forum is cleaned of useless posts and all spammers are banned. This makes the forum a safe place where we can exchange knowledge.
  14. I also agree with you, but I think that the effect is always a slight effect on the prices of cryptocurrencies because the price of those currencies is determined by the real buying and selling operations and not some statements from influential people.
  15. When the Corona virus spreads, all currencies have fallen, in addition to all the companies' stocks and the metal and gold markets, and this is normal, and within a short time Bitcoin will return to rise.
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