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  1. If new users had read the rules of the forum, they would find answers to most of the questions they asked here. Instead of asking everything, it is necessary to do some research.
  2. Avoid panic sales. Of course, the BTC value would drop slightly. Nothing can rise forever. Likewise, it cannot fall forever. It is not investment advice.
  3. I generally invest according to the news rather than chart analysis. The news of a company's investment or the airdrop of a cryptocurrency can cause nice increases in price.
  4. I am one of the long-term investors in Bitcoin. I add Bitcoin to my cart regardless of the price. I do not intend to cash out for years.
  5. I think it's not a site worth trying. I can better evaluate the time I will spend solving captcha. Solving captcha can only save me $ 1-2.
  6. After we have some experience in the cryptocurrency market, we can understand who is a scammer who is really trying to help. Only those who offer huge profit opportunities become scams.
  7. You may have been spamming. You may have provided incorrect information. You may have spoken in slang or vulgar expressions. There could be many reasons.
  8. In fact, the world is already using digital currency. I have some money in my bank account, but I never have that many banknotes in my wallet. I do my purchases with my credit card, which is a digital currency.
  9. Panic selling is one of the worst things that can happen in an investment. Therefore, the trader must be patient. If necessary, he should move away from the computer, from the cryptocurrency exchange.
  10. Every investment is also a gamble. In cryptocurrency investments or stock exchange investments, the entire investment is usually not lost. But in gambling, you can lose your money completely in an instant. This is the most different part of the two.
  11. We should give good reputation scores to those who deserve it. But we shouldn't hesitate to make ratings. Getting good reputation points is the motivation to write more.
  12. Getting angry when faced with a problem is useless to fix the problem. Problems are solved calmly. If there is a problem with the forum, it will be sufficient to write to the moderators / support system.
  13. Students can of course also spare time for Cryptotalk. I don't remember if there was a rule in the forum rules about being over the age of 18. But for young learners it is helpful to follow this forum.
  14. Mining is a complex and complicated phenomenon. It can be earned by investing in the first place. Later, income can be increased by staking, farming, pool activities.
  15. Since I became a member, there is no TALK token distribution in exchange for ratings. Nevertheless, I give reputation points to all posts that I like and find useful. The motivation here should not necessarily be making money. Everyone, including me, likes their opinion to be liked. We must act fairly and rate the posts we like.
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