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  1. I try to give reacts to the useful posts but I am not giving reacts about a few days because I am busy to increasing my knowledge and writing useful posts and comments. But I always try to give reacts in these posts which give me much knowledge and experience. We should give reacts in the useful posts.
  2. We should be very careful about the investment for buying any coin. We should follow these things to discover a good coin. 1. We should know about the price of the coin and we should know the fluctuation of tge price of this coin. 2. We should know about the market price of this coin and do more research about this coin. 3. We should know about the popularity and market demand and supply of this coin. 4. We should take suggestions from the experts about this coin.
  3. Bitcoin is always the best crypto currency in the crypto world. The other best currency is litecoin. We also know that the other best currency is ethereum. Ethereum is called the queen of the crypto currencies and it can be compared with the bitcoin. So ethereum is the other best currency of the crypto world. There are many useful coins in the crypto world but those 3 coins are the best currencies.
  4. The demands of the crypto currency and crypto jobs are increasing rapidly in day by day and many people want to do jobs in the crypto world for earning money. Many countries have accepted the crypto currency and the blockchain technology because many people are using crypto currency and many people are getting self employed for the crypto currency. I think crypto jobs will be the main jobs in future.
  5. Crypto trading is a hard activity and we should have much knowledge to earn more money from the trade. The people who don't enjoy the trade, they always lose their money in the trade. We should have much knowledge, much experience, much patience for the trade and we should be positive and confident in our work in the trade.
  6. I find the transaction system and the invest box as the best feature in the yobit exchange because we can earn much profits by investing money in the yobit invest box. But we should be very careful about the investment also. Moreover yobit transaction fees is very less and low so we can easily transfer and exchange our money in yobit.
  7. Yeah of course we should store bitcoin in a safe place for the future because bitcoin price is increasing in day by day and we can earn much money by holding bitcoin for future. We can sell our holding bitcoins in a high price and we can earn much profits. You've said absolutely right and I am doing this for getting much profits in the future.
  8. Of course crypto currency is helping the world economy and developing the world's economy. Many people are getting jobs easily in the crypto world and they are earning much money from the crypto currency. Many unemployed people and students can work in the crypto world and they can earn money also and they can be self employed easily. Crypto currency has reduced the unemployment problem in the world and many people are getting rich easily from the crypto currency.
  9. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information. I didn't know about these errors because I am quite a beginner in the crypto world and I don't have enough knowledge about the crypto currency. This post has increased my knowledge and I have known the most important topic for the security of my money. You've written a very helpful post.
  10. Bitcoin is the best crypto currency for the investment because It is always the best currency than all of the crypto currencies in the crypto world. You can earn more profits from the bitcoin trade surely. Bitcoin has the great and high price and bitcoin price is always fluctuated so you can earn profits easily from the bitcoin.
  11. I am working in the crypto world as a part time job because I am a student and my main work is studying properly. So I can't quit my study before of the crypto. Moreover I am a beginner and I don't have much knowledge for earning more money from the trade. If I can earn more profits and money from the trade, I'll make the crypto trade as my full time job in future.
  12. Yeah you're absolutely right and I also think that these are the reasons to earn less in this platform. If we don't have the determination for earning more in this forum, we can't earn more money. We should give the focus for earning money, otherwise we can't earn more money. On the other hand we should give much time in this forum so that we can write more posts and comments to earn more money.
  13. Cryptotalk is a very useful platform for earning money and gaining knowledge about the crypto world. So we should must tell our family and friends about this forum. We should tell them about the necessities of the crypto currencies and this forum. We should show them that we are earning a good amount of money from this platform. We should tell them to join this forum.
  14. You've written a very useful and helpful post for the beginners. You've said absolutely right and true and the beginners should follow all of these steps of this post. Thank you very much for posting this valuable topic for the beginners. The beginners should gain much knowledge and this post is very important to increase their knowledge.
  15. Of course cryptotalk is the best forum in the world without amy doubt because people can get the most usefulness from this forum. People can increase their knowledge and get the latest news about the crypto world. Moreover the people can work in this forum as a part time job and they can be self employed easily.
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