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  1. We can keep ourselves safe from the scammers by following some rules. 1. We shouldn't give our personal information and private keys to others. 2. We shouldn't accept any offers from the unknown platforms. 3. Don't trust blindly to anyone in the online. 4. Don't invest all of your money in a wrong place. 5. Keep patience and we should do our works carefully.
  2. Many people are working in the crypto sites and they are earning a lot of money from the crypto currencies. People can get the crypto payment by working in the crypto sites. They get payment from the exchange platforms and wallets. Many people are getting self employed by working in the crypto world.
  3. I am a beginner so I didn't earn much bitcoin so I want to start the bitcoin trade to earn more bitcoin. I haven't bought anything with the bitcoin because I don't have much bitcoin as a beginner. I want to earn more bitcoin so that I can buy more things with the bitcoin. I want to get rich with the bitcoin so I like bitcoin very much.
  4. You shouldn't stop crypto because I think the future of the crypto currency in India is really very good and bright. Yeah the Indian exchange is going to be shut down but you shouldn't give up and don't lose your hope. Crypto is a great source of income and you can be get rich easily and quickly from the crypto trade.
  5. Yeah ethereum is the second important crypto currency in the crypto world because of its great market place and great demand. Ethereum is the best crypto currency after the bitcoin and many people say that it can be compared with the bitcoin in future. Bitcoin is called the king of the crypto currencies, on the other hand ethereum is called the queen of the crypto currencies.
  6. Yeah of course we shouldn't be discouraged while working in this forum because patience and confidence is the greatest thing to be successful in this forum. Sometimes we get banned in this forum for our mistakes but we shouldn't be give up and try to work hard in this forum to get the good amount of money. Of course great things take time so we should keep patience.
  7. Yeah you've said absolutely right and I agree in your words that we should try to remain active in this forum so that we can earn a good amount of money from this forum. We should try to write useful posts so that we can get positive rattings for each posts. If we get rattings in our posts, our posts will be paid, otherwise not. So we should write useful posts regularly.
  8. Yeah I am really very lucky to found this forum for earning free crypto currency. Moreover I can also increase my knowledge about the crypto currency, crypto trade, exchange, wallets, market place from this forum. I have learned about the crypto world from this forum so I am very grateful to this forum.
  9. The security of your money is depended on you so you must keep secure your balance. If you use strong password and great security, there will be no chance to lost your yobit balance because yobit is the most secure platform for exchanging money. It is one of the best exchange in the crypto world. But you should be very careful about the security and privacy of this exchange.
  10. Yeah you've said absolutely right that the activities of the members of this forum should be paused for sometimes for the cleaning because many members can be banned for this cleaning activities and their writing comments or posts with can be wasted. So I also think that the activities of the members should be paused for the cleaning time.
  11. Yeah you're absolutely right that yobit will have a lot of traders after this forum because people can get their payment by writing comments and posts from this forum with the yobit. People will start trade from the payment of this forum. So I also think that yobit will have more users and traders after this forum.
  12. Thank you very much for telling us about the tips to protect our crypto currency. This post is very useful and helpful for me because I want to protect my crypto currencies. There are many scammers in the crypto world so we should be careful from the scammers. Your post has increased my knowledge thanks a lot for this post.
  13. Of course crypto isn't the threat for the financial sector. Moreover crypto is very good and best for the financial sector because many people can get job easily from the crypto sites and they can be self employed. Students can work in the crypto world as a part time job and they can earn money. Crypto has reduced the unemployment problem in the world.
  14. Thar will be a very good and great time when we will sell our crypto currencies in a good profit. Every trader has the desire to sell their holding coins in a high price so that they can earn much profits. So every trader invest their money when the coins price is low and they sell their holding coins when the coins price becomes high to get much profits.
  15. Yeah I have dreamed that I'll be rich from the crypto currency so I want to start the bitcoin trade for earning much money from the crypto world. I am quite a beginner in the crypto world so I don't have much knowledge about the trade so I am increasing my knowledge about the crypto trade so that I can earn more profits and be successful in the crypto trade.
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