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  1. Dear members, there are many ways to learn to trade from them, either with the help of a friend or from groups on the application of Telegram or by watching videos on YouTube explaining the trading methods and the appropriate times.
  2. My dear friend, the laws are very clear in this wonderful forum, no matter how you create posts on the day above the 20, no more than 20 will be counted, that is, only 20 posts will be paid, but first when you create the 100 free posts you can write up to 50 posts On the day it will be calculated because it is unpaid.
  3. Yes, of course my friend. The best way to get a place on the list of exporters is to create the best topics with distinctive and innovative content, which get the highest rates of reputation and comments.
  4. Yes my friend in any field in life there are enemies of success who cannot strive and focus on their work to achieve success so they always try to put pitfalls to successful people and try to thwart them. These are the enemies of success.
  5. Dear Members, There is no procedure called a ban on participation. There is a ban on members from participating when violating the laws of the forum that apply to everyone. When a member is banned, his participation remains in the forum and is not deleted.
  6. My dear friend, welcome to this wonderful site, of course you can put your currencies in your bank account but as money and not as encrypted currencies, where you can convert your own bitcoin currencies into your own portfolio as a digital dollar Tether and then you can sell them in your country’s currency and keep them in a bank.
  7. Thank you, my dear friend, for recommending the best-for-profit websites, of course the taps help us learn encrypted currencies and understand them as beginners, and it is true that their profits are very few but also you are required a little effort and time that is negligible.
  8. My dear friend, investing encrypted currencies is risky, as your currencies may lose by one wrong decision, so before starting you must learn everything about investing and collect the necessary information and experience that helps you in this, and also help avoid investment risks.
  9. The laws of the forum prevent the repetition of topics, so my dear friend, we have to lead the deletion of our publications by adhering to the laws, so before creating our publications we must search for them if they are presented before, if they are not raised, there is no problem in publishing them, but if they are on the table it will be deleted.
  10. Yes my dear friend, of course we have to be very careful, the scammers are always ready to carry out their heinous acts when the first leak of your personal information, so keep your privacy in your hand, so do not share your passwords with anyone.
  11. Of course, my dear friend, the wide imagination is the beginning of every distinctive discovery, which is the basis of knowledge, so we have to think before the beginning of each work and try to form a comprehensive picture of work in our brain and imagine its dimensions and successes.
  12. My dear friend, you will not get a good reputation if it is all your concern, you should focus on creating the best topics that members like with distinctive and innovative content and in clear English, then you will get a positive reputation automatically.
  13. To arrive late is better than never to arrive, yes we are already late and a lot of time has passed since the value of Bitcoin was 0.3 dollars and it started to rise and with every height you feel it is too late but in my opinion we have not reached the summit yet, the Bitcoin summit is still far It is not too late.
  14. Of course my friends, the lack of supply for a currency that raises its value and increases the supply to it reduces its value, especially when all the owners of the currency sell it, and this is exactly what happens. The value of the talk decreases day after day and is almost worthless.
  15. Certainly my dear friend, one of the biggest mistakes a person might make is to buy an account from an unknown person without guarantees of theft and fraud, you can create your own new account, so why would a person present himself with such stories?.
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