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  1. Welcome, buddy. Yes, the junior section is one of the best at the beginning of your career. Because here you will find all the information and answers to the questions that come to mind as a beginner. In this section there is an explanation of everything important and needed by a beginner. Good luck, honey.
  2. Welcome, buddy. You can get new experiences and knowledge if you log in here Daily and read posts and comments there are a lot of useful topics in this forum You can also spend a little time here to learn more. Good luck
  3. My friend it's easy and simple The post you comment on becomes the color of the chat bubble in black and changes its color and becomes distinct from the rest of the existing posts And that's the easiest thing to know if you have a comment or not.
  4. First of all, welcome, buddy. You have to protect your account. 1 that your comments are good and appropriate with the subject matter so that you are not blocked 2 keep your password with you only and do not give it to anyone no matter how much you trust 3 do not open any links you are unsure of their source
  5. Welcome, buddy. Yeah, you could get the warning points if you misspelled. One word you mistake will make the meaning incomprehensible and unclear. This should be good when you write, and I'm sure your sentences you wrote before posting any comment Good luck
  6. Welcome my friend you can't work for two devices on the same network because the site is prohibited ip if the two were alike. You better use your mobile data and work on it. Watch out for this so you don't get banned.
  7. REHam

    Help me please.

    My friend, at the beginning of your joining here, you must first read the rules and conditions for working here. Second, you have to complete the 100 free comments, and then you can get the money. Third, make your comments contain at least 100 characters or more I wish you and everyone well.
  8. Welcome, buddy. The best advice I can give you yeah is: 1 read the Basic Rules and conditions of work and abide by them 2 make your comments contain useful and clear information 3 Use easy and simple words and match the subject matter
  9. Welcome, buddy. Yes, you should read the guidelines and understand that because this is really important, it will make your job easier. And you have to be familiar with the Basic Rules of work and have an understanding of how to work, which will avoid blocking or getting warning points
  10. You can start earning money after you complete the free hundred comments .. When you finish your free comment you will start commenting every day 20 paid comments Make your comments contain useful content and useful and clear information to get positive reviews
  11. Sure, buddy. A small typing error may cause your comment to be deleted Because spelling mistakes can change the whole meaning, and your comment becomes incomprehensible and useless. This will make your comments get a negative rating, which is why pay close attention to your sentences before you post them Good luck
  12. My friend, there are a lot of reasons to delete your comment 1 to have your comment does not contain clear information 2 that your comment has nothing to do with the publication 3 language errors are very important because they will accelerate the meaning incomprehensible and unclear Good luck.
  13. Welcome to be with us, my friend. At the beginning of your work here, you should first write a hundred hang free, and then become able to earn money - You also need to read the basic conditions of work within the forum to learn about the most important rules in the work - You must write comments that contain at least a hundred characters and that the information in them is useful and valuable Good luck, honey.
  14. First of all, welcome, buddy. The Beginner section is the best section you can do at the beginning of your crypto business because you will not have enough knowledge in this business and this section contains information that can benefit you as a beginner
  15. Yes my friend you can here through your work in the forum to gain knowledge and learn new things at the same time Here you can learn new things and gaining more knowledge about the work of encrypted Also here you can improve your English by writing comments and discussing with friends
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