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  1. Thank you for your sympathy for me, but I can assure you that I am not a beginner here on this forum. I am a bit old, you see. , I know good forum rules and I am not writing things that are worthless or duplicate. You can review my profile to see for yourself. In fact, most of the old members suffer from the same problem.
  2. With my respect for your opinion, but this is not correct. First, these are exchanges, not wallets. Secondly, it is known to all that internet wallets can be hacked and are not well secure. The biggest example is the hacking of binance exchange. Solid wallets are the best.
  3. I now see that the old topics has become a lot of it closed, and I don’t know if the reason is this topic or not, but I used to say that the topics in which the discussion is no longer useful only should be locked. and not all the old topics
  4. Thank you for this new information for me, but excuse you, the topic here speaks about the meaning of the symbolic message that Satoshi left in his signature on the first block that he mined.
  5. True, binance and kucoin are both not asking KYC from users although they are the most important exchanges. I personally do not like or believe in KYC in the Crypto world. This world is based on anonymity, so why are they asking for KYC?
  6. Also who told you that he owns 900 bitcoin ?? !!! This is also a rumor !! Who told that Satoshi owns 900 Bitcoin and how do people know that if no one knows his true personality. I personally think he owns much more.
  7. Bitcoins will certainly not jump to 10,000 $ in two days, but I also doubt that he will return to 7000$ during this period at least. Also, the price of bitcoin is currently just over 9,000$, and today, on January 19, 2020, it is 9,125$.
  8. You mean to buy when its price drops and we go back to sell it again after its price rises, it could be a good idea, but what is the guarantor of its price rising again? I say that if it doesn't go up after Halving, it won't go up again.
  9. I did not fully understand the idea, are the profits distributed daily or collected throughout the year and then distributed according to each person’s trading volume? I need to clarify this point.
  10. The project seems interesting, but I would like to ask you how much the token price is at the present time, when the initial selling stage will end and on what exchange the token will be included. I would also like to ask you whether or not Airdrop has ended.
  11. Yes, technically speaking, in simple words, it is a network created to overcome Bitcoin network problems through the ease and speed of transactions and low fees.
  12. I generally rely on fundamental analysis in cryptocurrency trading, although sometimes it is inaccurate analysis due to some false news and rumors about the rise or fall of a coin.
  13. In fact, I do not want to download it to my device and do not know what is the real benefit of being on the device. I make transfers from wallets or exchanges so it is not necessary to download them to the device. Especially since its size is large.
  14. I liked the idea of the application because it is a very important feature for those who withdraw and deposit permanently as it saves trusted addresses, especially after the spread of new types of viruses that change the title of the folder. The withdrawal must also be confirmed by email and the 2FA verification code. This is important for increasing safety.
  15. Yes, you can invest in cryptocurrencies, but I advise you to stay away from IC projects, or they are mostly fraudulent and silent projects. You should pay close attention and beware of them because they make bright promises for you and then steal your money.
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