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  1. Yes this always happens with me write postings but it is calculated the next day, so I see it necessary to add time to this forum, but in any case this is not a big issue I think it can organize time, and most of all is to provide good postings.
  2. In fact, the same thing I do daily work in crypto I spend trading in Yobit and now I have another work is writing in this forum and share experiences with others and see their experiences.
  3. Anyway I don't like forex and I think it is very risky so I prefer to stay in cryptocurrency as I have loved this crypto world so much.
  4. I have a lot of friends I talked about bitcoin and just listen and some of them understand and some of them did not understand and did not care much about the subject, only one friend was convinced immediately and I worked a small mining project.
  5. The same situation here in my country when you are in one house or one building and there is one router that distributes Internet service to all devices, all these devices take the same external IP and each one has a different internal IP. What to do in this situation?
  6. Yes, this mixture of fear and greed is what causes the loss most of the time, often happens to me when I buy a coin and the price starts to fall I sell at a loss because of panic, and vice versa when the price of a coin starts to rise greed gets to buy so happens that the rise of the coin stops, so patience and control coin for some time so do not rush is the best solution.
  7. No sir, It's not Pandacoin (PND) as you think it is PANDA and this Is the link on Yobit https://yobit.net/en/trade/PANDA/BTC#6M Thank you
  8. I liked this description: "Satoshi Nakamoto is the Karl Marx of the modern internet financial world" Yes this description fits Satoshi perfectly. He has already revolutionized.
  9. Yes, I think so. He hated the existing monetary and financial system, hated the banking system and controlled the dollar in all currencies, so he decided to revolt on this status quo by creating a decentralized and uncontrollable currency.
  10. I did not understand what is meant by the latest update completely: Could you please explain to us more about this update please
  11. Most exchanges have high fees on major currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum but I think XRP is less fees than BTC, ETH and there are many other currencies whose fees are few like ETC.
  12. Yes, Yobit puts a lot of conditions on some coins in the investbox, especially the coin that I distributed in the last Airdrop has rather difficult conditions.
  13. It is not necessary that everyone becomes rich from crypto, perhaps the opposite. Many people have lost their money here. I don't care much about being crypto but all I wish is a good enough income to live well.
  14. This method is very useful, I used a similar method when I was working in Airdrops, it was too many and it is difficult to remember when each one starts and when it ends and when the date of distribution and other things so I set an Excel table in which the name of each Airdrop with the start and end time Distribution time as well as my referral links.
  15. In fact, the first time I hear about sign a message from your bitcoin address, thank you for this good educational post. I knew about this and its usefulness for the first time now. I hope to find more good educational posts here.
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