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  1. I appreciate your sincere feelings, my brother, but do not worry, I passed this long ago and I am not sad now because I have gained a great experience from these painful experiences, for the ethereum explorer it may be useful to inform it about the address and they will put a red mark around it but I do not think they have the ability On stopping scammer or recovering the stolen tokens.
  2. Thank you my friend, it is important to post warnings about these counterfeit currencies so that people are wary of them, I have not heard of this spaceX or but in any case thank you for the warning, it is strange that the exchange of token to list this coin gives a bad reputation for the exchange.
  3. Yes, true, whales play the market significantly, but not always badly, when the price of bitcoin decreases significantly, whales try to raise the price of bitcoin and maintain its stability relatively because this can affect them badly, they have thousands of bitcoins and therefore if the price drops significantly They will lose millions of dollars.
  4. Я думаю, что люди ненавидят KYC по нескольким причинам: во-первых, есть много людей, которые любят сохранять конфиденциальность и любят Интернет, не раскрывая свою личность, и поэтому им не нравится KYC, другая причина, которая, по моему мнению, является важной причиной взлома сайтов, Они крадут пользовательские данные, включая, конечно, документы KYC. В этом случае эти документы могут быть использованы незаконно.
  5. Yes, it is true, the number of smart phone companies that enter the world of Crypto increases through the built-in Crypto Wallet and through support for Crypto in its phones, entering this company has great benefits and will help in the spread of Crypto around the world because these phones have great popularity around the world.
  6. The main reason for the decline of Yoda coin in this way is the members who obtained the free coin and sold it very quickly, if they had kept it for a longer period, it would have been much more expensive, however at the present time I do not think there are indications of a rise in the price, if Yobit allowed users to get their profits from Yoda in the investment fund without doing the required actions daily so I expect this will make a good move on the currency.
  7. Thank you my friend for your interest in this really important section, in fact it may be this reason but I think there is another reason perhaps, most of the members here love the section of the Crypto world and they are very active there, and the rest of the sections have little interaction, I wrote more than one topic in the tutorials section but The reaction was very little.
  8. Yes it is true, it is very easy to know this through notifications but I am talking about another way through the profile that gives you detailed information about who gave you a reputation, you can find there all the reputation that I got from the beginning.
  9. На самом деле есть более дорогие монеты Биткойн, такие как: coin-42 = 25 867,06$ Project-X (NANOX) = 18 003,96$ На самом деле это ничего не значит, вы можете указать желаемую цену за монету, но является ли это реальной ценностью? Конечно же, никто не торгует этими монетами.
  10. На самом деле я хорошо прочитал эту тему и увидел, что в PAXFUL доступен большой список отличных услуг, но мне нужно знать, доступны ли эти услуги во всех странах или нет? Есть ли список стран, которым запрещены эти услуги? Если я живу в одной из этих запрещенных стран, могу ли я по-прежнему пользоваться услугами PAXFUL?
  11. Hello my friend, you reminded me of a painful story that happened with me exactly like this, this happened several years ago when I was a beginner and a little experienced and I was working in airdrops and got several tokens to the MEW wallet and one time I participated in the airdrop and asked me to put my private key until I get On the reward it turned out to be a phishing site, he stole my private key and started send out the important tokens from the wallet, I was inexperienced and he very expert and whenever I sent some ether to convert the token he was faster than me and took it, and he started pulling the token in front of my eyes and I could not do anything, In the end i surrendered and left the wallet for him. Unfortunately I tried to contact Ethplorer or Etherscan but I did not succeed and it turns out that they can do nothing but to place a red flag on this site as a phishing site.
  12. This scenario is what happened the last two times. Bitcoin price fell after Halving for some time, then it started going up slowly and then about several months to a year the big rise happened, so most analysts expect this scenario to repeat here too.
  13. Yes, it is very important to install anti-virus software on your computer and not to download any programs that you do not know the source of, as well as not to enter any suspicious websites or open emails from an unknown source, all of these things can put your computer at risk.
  14. Yes this solution is the best, miners stay in mining and hold bitcoin until its price rises well it will be much better than leaving miners to work, there are a lot of miners who bought expensive mining equipment and will not give them up so easily so I think they will stay in their work and wait for a rise price.
  15. That's right, the new user interface in the My Ether wallet is very friendly and easy and does not need much explanation, this interface in the past was somewhat difficult and needs some explanation but now very easy, as well, many tokens were added automatically.
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