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  1. I respect your opinion, but for me the best hardware wallet and especially the ledger wallet, it is safer than the rest of the types and has got the highest rank among all other types of wallets as well.
  2. Yes this is my intention, some members here did not understand my intention completely, there are a lot of coins better than these but here I am talking about cheap currencies at the moment and can have a future and the price rises.
  3. Yes, this section is good for those who have some head and want to invest, as well as for those who wish to borrow, but as you say for those who want to profit through easy work, this forum is the best place to earn through good writing.
  4. Thank you, my friend, and I am very glad that you found it useful. Yes, I always prefer explaining using screenshots so that things are clear and easy to understand, especially for new members who may have little experience with such things.
  5. You must be referring to the brave browser, yes it is a beautiful browser and it has many good features and privacy and blocking annoying ads and you can get some profit from the BAT token by watching ads. But the problem is that they prohibit some countries, including my own.
  6. Thank you, I am very glad that you have downloaded it and I hope you like it and also thank you for sharing your experience with us here in the forum so that everyone can benefit, also thank you about the advice to change the email if the first email does not work.
  7. Yes, this error can happen. To me, I think that the good behavior in such situations is to return the money to its owner with withholding fees and waiting for a reward from it, or you can take a small amount on your safety in advance and he will certainly not resent you.
  8. Yes, they are the strongest users, and one whale can change the price on its own by buying the quantities it wants and then selling it at the price it wants. But in general I think that whales prefer price stability in order not to lose.
  9. Thank you, this is my opinion as well, I believe that buying at a low price at the moment and waiting for the right moment of rise is the best solution because in this way you will be able to compensate for your losses resulting from the decline as well as make some profits.
  10. I agree with you, the main problem in Yobit is the presence of a large number of bad and weak currencies that do not have a team or project and who do not have some experience in trading can fall victim to these currencies. But despite all of that, I trade on Yobit and consider it one of the best platforms especially since they do not ask you for KYC and they do not ban any country.
  11. I think it is very difficult for you to mining Solo no matter how big your machine is, in the past this was possible but today it is almost impossible because the difficulty of mining has increased so much that no single device can find the blocks on its own.
  12. Yes, HTC is the first company to integrate encryption wallets with its phones, but it is not the last because Samsung announced some time ago the release of its new phone S20 with an encryption wallet built into it. This will spread the cryptocurrency greatly.
  13. I am glad you found this topic useful, yes these types of wallets are all good but the hardware wallet is my favorite because it is safer especially when you have large sums to keep for a long time.
  14. Yes, due to the significant decrease in prices, this has directly affected the miners and they are no longer able to cover mining expenses. I have seen some statistics about the decrease of mining signs for bitcoin, and this indicates that some workers left for mining other currencies.
  15. Yes, this coin is in the exchange of Yobit . I do not think it is a fake. Yobit used to support this currency, and it traded in it for a period of time and achieved some profits, but after that it fell significantly and did not return again. Fortunately I got rid of it and didn't lose much.
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