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Found 82 results

  1. W͎E͎L͎C͎O͎M͎E͎ T͎O͎ C͎R͎Y͎P͎T͎O͎T͎A͎L͎K͎ F͎O͎R͎U͎M͎ Good day to you all friends! You are all welcome to cryptotalk forum. Here I from the forum will explain to you about how we get visitors and how can we increase numbers of visitors in our profile and why we need them. ✓ Many of us will be thinking what are the need of visitors to our profiles? ✓Do we get paid for visitors? ✓Why is this feature included and attached to our profile? ✓ How can I locate my visitors in my profile? Here are answers to this questions: * What are the need of visitors in our profiles? do you know we are the reasons for the visitors in our profiles. Yes the reason is you because your post really attracts their attention when everything you post good qaulity post. Many members try to visit your profile so that they will see how well you are working in the forum. When you are that type of user that have good contents and good reputations with followers that like to be your friends. Secondly when you always responds to qoute which really helps them they visit your profile to follow you. The need of visitors in general is to allowed other users to know you and follow you. High number of visitors hope responsible and respected you are in the forum. * Do we get paid for visitors on our profile? No we don't get paid because of visitors we have in our profile but makes you to be a trusted and respected member. * How can I locate my visitors? You can locate your visitors on your profile when you scroll down just exactly as you can see right here on the image below.👇 The number of views you see on the profiles are friends that visit your post. Members on leadersboard are mostly the users that have high visitors. * Why is my visitors not visible what is happening with my Profile? This questions comes from newbies and low members in the forum. Your visitors visibility is off as a newbie you need to on it when you click on enable just like on the profile image.. Click on enable that is all you need you can view your visitors. When you have high post low number of visitors you need to improve the quality of your post. Thsi is the best use of this feature in this forum and was the reason why it is attached to our profiles. The teams can use it to evaluate between the good and bad members on the forum. Bͦeͦsͦtͦ oͦfͦ lͦuͦcͦkͦ fͦrͦiͦeͦnͦdͦsͦ
  2. If Bitcoin price will drop from 7000$ to 1000k$ after purchasing it at 6000$ I suggest to my own opinion I will borrow money to buy it and hold and I know the price will not be stable at that price, I will wait for the price to rise and sell a little of it then sell and pay the money I borrowed. But to your own suggestion what will you do if this happens?
  3. I have face lack of understanding when u create topic but cannit locate an easy way to see it. So I have to go in research to learn easy way to find your topic. This steps will guide if you follow the steps as written below: 1. Visit your profile as you can see from the image locate with and arrow if you are a desktop user or Android user. For Android user you can locate your activity as in you scroll at your right hand side. 2. If the page opens you can view your posts and topic as you scroll down then click on your topic you shall find them there. This is the only two easy steps and I hope it will help many friends of mine in this forum.
  4. To my opinion I don't think is good to buy an account from some one that you don't know he might be a true scammer, when you transact money and buy the account you may end up 2 against 0 no money no account. Is good if we take care of this. But still your advice is still needed friends. Looking forward to your replies.
  5. If I want to trade in the crypto market use to be careful patiently I focused on each movement of market by checking the time against the price changes and Target the right time to create an order, I don't rush in to market, I am not greedy I don't panic I sell if I get even a small profit I sell and buy more. That was my emotion and attitude towards trading. What are your emotions?
  6. Hi friends, it really a cool environment over here to come up with something useful after a some investigation or observation. Its very difficult or though to many of us to give our daily 50 rates in complete 2 to 3 days. Sometimes we give 50post in a day while the following day we couldn't make it possible to give another 50 rates. Its really interesting if we are be able to continuously give the 50 rate to double the payments but unfortunately we tried and failed some days could not be completed. I went into research on how this system works and I found out that yes we can give 50 rates daily if we can do it just exactly as I investigate on it. - Try to give 10-15 rates not randomly in a minute but with interval per rating but with interval with at least 3-5minutes to deserved post appropriately either in positive or negative after taking time to read the post or topic. All this can be done within a few minute or an hour. - Secondly give another interval of about 2hours and give another 10-15rate with same interval of 3-5 rates interval. - finally you can give the remaining 20 like in 1h:30m interval. Following this strategies will help you give your complete 50rates and double your payment. Because I try it and it works for me.. here is screenshot below...👇 Note: From the rules of the forum about the reputations system giving you can give as many likes as you can in a topic but make sure you didn't give it in just a minutes but with intervals of minutes. Try to give out reputations only to deserve post not just for earning . best of luck and happy Posting friends....
  7. I am sure everyone is aware that the deleting option is deleted for quite some weeks now. Many of us are facing problems of double post due to low server which depends on location we are residing. It was very sad when some of us receive warming points due to such problem of not able to delete this kind of double post which is because of no deleting option. Right here am coming up with another easy way to delete your post. This way I am trying to explain is the reporting button, which you can see the flag icon🏁 at the right handside of your post you created. Select the first option which says '' The post is okay, but I want to tell moderator about it'' You can scroll down to write a support later were if you wish to explain more you can write it there. Second option(offensive/abusive): You can use that option to report useless Contents you see within the section. 3rd option(spam): Everyone knew what spam is all about therefore when you see a spam post or Plagiarized contents you can use that option to report. Be noted you can use the first option to complain for deleting you post. Leaving it we be considered as spamming the forum rules. Happy posting to you all friend's....👌💓
  8. WELCOME TO CRYPTOTALK FORUM A guide and advice for begginners How are you all friend's! First I will like to welcome Everyone especially the newbies. I am coming up with this topic due to some observation I take through the forum and some questions I received from beginners. Some newbies here don't know the reason for creating topics. You need to take this friends before creating a topic this conditions must be satisfied. 1. Make sure the topic you are creating is not an already written topic. 2. Use the prior search to know either the topic is created or not from the result of reply you receive after the research. You can use the search icon to make you search. 3. Topics are creating either for impacting some knowledge or learning to confirm about something you find complicated. This has to be done after you make research and you are sure you don't receive any results from to what you are trying to ask. 4. Without creating topics if your question is about the forum you can pm any member that you find to be an old member in the forum. They can give you answers to your questions. Dear newbies try to take note of this stop creating anyhow topics for a single question we are also here to help you all and the topic right is an advise to you to whom it may concern. Try to pm before creating topics to avoid any warning point for creating incorrect topic look for a guide before creating any topic. BEST OF LUCK FRIENDS HAVE A NICE DAY🙏....
  9. The forum is very great and always advancing as days are moving forward we get more people into the forum this was something to be glad with it. The forum need us and everyone love 💙us all but the main problem we face is sometimes we fall into making mistakes of violating the forum rules which was not proper and yet is not intentionally. Now consider this as a way out and also idea. * What do you think when we make this forum rules our friend? * Mistakes / failures are natural instinct no one can skip it what do you consider it when we learn and always practice it? * What do you think we shall achieve when we always visit the rules and take a review of the of the rules everyday. i think this will help a lot if we give good replies to this questions. Share us your opinion let's learn from you and your suggestion. ᗯƐᒪᑕOᗰƐ ƬO ᑕᖇƳᑭƬOƬᗩᒪƘ FOᖇᑌᗰ🙏
  10. Hey friends! Its almost some days/ week left for talkcoin to be launched. It's really motivating and stand a chance for everyone to struggle hard to make some good qaulity post, reffered friends to enjoy the payments. But what we don't know yet and I may like to here your opinions regarding this questions I have in mind although we don't know it but I hope we all have predictions and suggestion with great hope and expectations. My questions are: 1. how much will this coin worth? 2.To which pair of currencies will it be listed? 3. Will this talkcoin worth exactly like previous campaign that is 0.0003btc/Satoshi? 4. Do you think the price will be more better than the previous campaign? 5. To which currency do you wish and hope this coin to be listed? 6. If your opinion work how more population will this forum observed after the launch of it really worth than our expectations? 7. How more friends are you ready to invite to this forum. I am sure their are many members that are having same opinion as mind with different opinions. i am looking forward to your feedbacks friends!!
  11. I am writing this topic due to a lot of questions I received from most of the new members this force me to come up with something like since I have answers to all the questions. 1. For new members that asked questions regarding the forum rules and about the payments can use this link below to have a guide. If possible you can visit the about forum section and read the pinned post. Otherwise you can also follow the links below to get answers to you question. General rules about the forum follow this link👇 FREQUENT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS REGARDING THE FORUM CLICK HERE👇 TO LEARN ABOUT THE NEW PAYMENTS USE THE TWO LINKS BELOW 👇 👇 2. This link will explain 80% everything you need to know about this forum. Just you have to follow the link below to read the topic.👇 3. For members that have questions Regarding how to qoute other colleagues you can follow up the link ad read the topic carefully and work with it. 👇 4. Members like mostly the newbies are finding it difficult to invest their talk tokens in the yobit Exchange. Here below is a short tutorial with images on how to do your investment. All you need is to follow the link provided below 👇. 5. Some users this this forum is just a forum not realizing that they can post some status that can give them so ratings too. But dont expect payment for the status because it does not counts as posts.👇 6. Some member may get discourage when they received warning points and get restricted. They are scared to start working again in order not to receive another warning point for additional warning points. This are tips for you on what you need to do as soon as you come back from restriction.👇 7. To be a good member you need to know all this for a good environment and to make the forum more clean.👇 8. There are members that are confuse on how to follow a friend. Everything is well explained in this topic 👇. 9. Some newbies might have seen many old members on the leadersboard and thinking that he could not reach to that position. But the fact is that everyone can be on the leadersboard. Just read this article for a guide. That is the link to follow 👇 10. Finally this link will serve as a review for everyone that read this article to further understand this topic.👇 I find all this article very helpful for newbies that is why I spare time to create this topics. I wish you all the best. YOU ARE WELCOME TO THIS FORUM🙏💓💓
  12. Hey friends how are you friends. How are you doing all doing. I will like to share what I see from my payments it seems to me like the double payments for completing 50 rating is now working. Do any one experience this changes see it there👇 This starts from yesterday I hope this changes reflects to everyone payments. Happy Posting friends....
  13. As newbies and expert and members of the same community we need to be one , sharing experience help each other and become one community by following each other. Lets go friends
  14. Urgent matter prompted me to discuss this issue here with you respective members, and your advises, opinions and support is kindly needed. I am here suggesting that moderators, should always send personal message for topic writers conveying their mistakes or reasons why their topic got deleted, through this messages he/she can EASILY learn from his mistakes and make necessary corrections in case of next time and to avoid repetition. And looking at it critically, it motivate, inspire and support him. Have your SAY members...Your opinions & support is highly needed.
  15. Firstly The forum is getting more users and of course there are some users that seems to be using more than one account but we don't know how to catch them. Secondly their are some spammers that plagiarized contents to create useless Contents to form there own Posts. The reason for why I created the topic is to share some tips on how to catch this users that spams the forum. Note: Spammers are always smarts they may appear in different nickname and also their writing styles. I have said this in another post I made We have caught many spammers and we are able to catch them only when we reads some pages and saw some repeatation of post then we marked that posts and found the original source. Sometimes when we suspect a post then we use some online tools that will help us detect those spammers were it shows how many percentage of post was plagiarized. Some spammers using multiple accounts can be detected through some certain ways like: 1. When the profile has a very huge number of reputations and all posts activities seems positive then we suspect that Account to be using another account to give reputations. 2. If an account receive high reputation while he contributes nothing either by creating some topic then this member maybe suspected as a spammer were evidence is needed after proper investigation. 3. Monitor the visitors into their Profile if a users always visit that profile checkout they might followed each other in other to easily get accesses to each other accounts and benefits from one another. 4. When a profile contains high number of reputations try to read it's contents and know how much useful it was if it is useless and don't deserve that reputations then this guy can be suspected as a spammer or multiple Account user. 5. When a post was useless containing big grammers this account should be suspected as a spammer that plagiarized others contents to create his own post. You might use, 1. (Through link only) 2. 3.plagiarism-checker Here below 👇 is a link that I mostly use and can help you find a copied contents which you can submit as a proof to the Moderators. You can copied a post you are suspecting to be copied and paste and paste it in that the empty box and click on ''check Plagiarism'' allowed your browser to refresh and then check out for the result. below is a screenshot👇. make sure you read carefully and understand the result giving out if it is unique that means the post is legit but when it is Plagiarized it shows plagiarism and you can click on compare to find the result. You can also download results for report documents and get the copy saved. This is an example of Plagiarized contents and some unique post. From match result you can get the main source of were this contents is copied. This is the right time to help the busiest moderators to catch the spammers that are not ready to contribute. Happy posting to you all💓💓💓🙏
  16. Bitcoin payment is here again for a specific time, apart from the TALK COIN we receive as a reward for daily postings. Temporary payment in BTC is added now to compensate members till when the new coin trading will finally be open, which is set to take place on 15th of next month. This temporarily payment count on likes (positive reputations) giving to your postings. From my side this is a welcome development and it will in long way boost and enhance participation of members, but by putting in to consideration, I will like to iron out 2 to 3 items which are as follows: - Beginners view - spammers action - General effect Beginners in the sense that, they are new user's in this forum, first take your time and finish the free 100 compulsory post constructively as expected, they should not be too worried, or feel devastated to rush 100 free post NO. because it's crystal clear and obvious that your post needs to capture minds to attract likes, and so it's a great challenge to you to double your efforts and post only quality, constructive and useful contents to gain the likes and also enjoy from the BTC payment. Spammers action With the coming of this temporary payment of Satoshi for the mean time again, old members in particular needs to be watchful and be more active in the forum purposely to report any mischievous act related to spam rating to favour each others. General effect In this side it will affect both all the members irrespective of levels because were one may likely choose to post his/her comments and the traffic their is too low, there is possibility the post may not be given positive reputations despite it's useful one. We need to go extra beyond and be circulating in various sections to give likes to deserve post. ALWAYS BE & REMAIN A GOOD AMBASSADOR OF CRYPTOTALK AT ANY TIME, ANY WHERE YOU ARE....Together we shall all succeed and make it...
  17. Which wallet do you see to be the best comfortable online wallet in cryptcurrency, which scammers find it difficult to hack and scammer couldn't get access to it apart from coinbase?
  18. Cryptocurrency is the best legacy in reality it has been very difficult to many people to know what is cryptocurrency. There are several questions that comes into our mind at the first time when we heard the word ''cryptocurrency''. The answer is very easy to how could you learn it. Cryptocurrency is the easy way to become rich if you get yourself employed in it. Cryptocurrency is the exchange of digital currency to generate profit. There are many people that before they start cryptocurrency they didn't believe they can be rich from cryptocurrency until they learn about how a friend become rich with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency gives us a medium to ease our stress from seeking for job outside instead you use your phone to make money while you are at home. I am sure the knowledge and reality of cryptocurrency, will be spread very soon in the world during this pandemic period. We here can show to the world the reality of cryptocurrency.
  19. I was making some investigation on the crypto market and view from many exchangers but found out that eth was well traded than btc. I keep wondering why is that happening BTC is a potential coin that has the highest price but seems to remain less demand. There are few people that invest in btc but withdraw in any other coin why not BTC? There are also some Altcoins that are use more than BTC why not using BTC as it is more profitable? Why is this all happening I need answers to this to get out of confusion friends and am sure their are many colleagues here that are facing the same problem as I too. Thank you all for your feedbacks
  20. Hi friends it a wonderful day to share some experience after being long time in this forum. Everyone have different experience in this forum but we all fall in this 3 hierarchy of knowledge in this forum. - suffered - learned - change 1. Suffered: We all suffered because we make many mistakes thinking we are correct but Received warning points at end most especially in creating topics. 2. Learn: we all learn after suffering because everyone is entitled with learning here in this forum even thought you try to spam/scam you must learn or two from the forum either you learn how to post good, learn how to spam be reading the forum rules because all this cannot be possible with ignorance at last your final abode was to get banned after all struggling to have 100 post but you end up getting banned. 3. Changed: For the good and wise members we changed and correct our mistakes and we change for the best so that we be among those respected members. Without having change we should not have reached this level of post in this forum. I̲̅ S̲̅U̲̅F̲̅F̲̅E̲̅R̲̅E̲̅D̲̅ I̲̅ L̲̅E̲̅A̲̅R̲̅N̲̅ I̲̅ C̲̅H̲̅A̲̅N̲̅G̲̅E̲̅D̲̅ Y⃕O⃕U⃕ A⃕R⃕E⃕ A⃕L⃕L⃕ W⃕E⃕L⃕C⃕O⃕M⃕E⃕ T⃕O⃕ T⃕H⃕I⃕S⃕ F⃕O⃕R⃕U⃕M⃕
  21. This was a technical and some how complicated to new members,, I mean the newbies on this forum, they wonder why they couldn't receive notifications when they are either qouted, receiving friend request, and even when someone like their posts. I too when I start I feel confuse what is even the use of qoute since I couldn't receive any incoming notifications, so just that day I decide to search for with from my account settings and this are the steps I took to on my notifications: 1. At the top right hand side were you view your profile you can view some settings after your profile as you can view from my screenshot. 2. Go to account settings and click on it 3. You can see edit notification settings and click on it 4. It opens you a page full of settings read it carefully and select an option you are interested with as you can view from the screenshot below. That are the Basic steps and I found it so helpful to help you in a clear way to on how you can on your notifications.
  22. There are many reasons why we are here, but everyone is endowed with different kind of thinking capability, and with different opinions we have reasons that differs from one another for why we are here. To my own opinion i am here for three purpose missing one purpose will not make to leave cryptotalk, I am here for receiving payments, for learning more about cryptocurrency, for meeting new friends this three are the main reason why I am here. If cryptotalk will stop paying I will still continue to visit the site because they have done a lot for me and I will still be there to learn and meet new friends, there will be many users that will stop posting immediately when cryptotalk stops paying. That is my on decision and my opinion and what are your own opinions?
  23. Good numbers of topics has been circulating in this great forum seeking personal opinions, views of fellow members to willingly predict, suggest or rate the New Talk Coin. They're very good topics enlightening about the upcoming TALK COIN trading. But something strange, extraordinary, marvelous is happening these days, I don't know if my respected fellow colleagues had observe or experience it. It's pertaining to DOUBLE PAYMENTS we receive for daily postings. The increment looks interesting, marvelous, motivating and inspiring one to put more effort by working hard to earn more in target of forthcoming TALK COIN trading, tentatively scheduled to be open for trading in September. The point I'm trying to make is honestly attributed to this increment of talk coin we receive from daily posting, that recently begun. Actually I'm doubting it...and it's left me with some wavering questions that I feel I should share it with everyone, to SAY his/her mind, views or opinions irrespective of levels. -Don't you think this double reward/payment is something worth enough for reasoning? - Don't you think it's something worth of Paying attention to, and critically meditate on the pending or undecided value of the coin? - Don't you think it's something worth enough for us to lay emphasis on, and collectively ask for more clarification from moderators, for us to be crystal clear about it?... Because as for me, I think the HIGHER the number of TALK COIN distributed, the LESS it will VALUE at market. -I don't know if someone has vision or mirror what I'm viewing??? -I don't know if someone has same observations, views or opinions as mine???? This is centered on my own personal view of point....SAY YOUR OWN VIEWS, OPINIONS...
  24. Newbie is the starting point of this forum, and as a new user in the forum it's recommended to first start with beginners section, in the interest to learn from pined post, old members post, and reviewing frequently ask questions (FAQs). As a newbie, you have an added advantage to put a question forward to the senior members to help you out, provided it's not a repetitive question. So you have to know that NEWBIE is a learning moment for you -A moment for you to carefully read and understand the rules and regulations guiding the forum. -A moment for you to carefully learn how to post a quality, constructive and useful topic or comments. -A moment and at the same time a medium for you to meet and interact with people from different places, world wide. Indeed it's a memorable moments that one may never forget in his entire life. *TO ME, BEGINNER SECTION GIVES THE BEST FOUNDATION* ???. Looking forward to your respective opinions/views...
  25. Hello friends this was a very cool day that derives my attention over this topic on the keys '' ignorance in cryptocurrency is your enemy fight it'' I agree with this keys to create a topic like this. If we are talking of ignorance it is the same explanation as lack of knowledge. Therefore in this topic I will be discussing about the effect of ignorance/ lack of knowledge to a cryptocurrency users and still refers it to an enemy. Knowledge is everything in life, knowledge is life with out knowledge you are nothing because you know nothing. We need knowledge for having a better life. With knowledge you can find wealth, you can build a house you can be a president you can be a minister in a society or in a community depending on which part of knowledge you contribute in learning. In cryptocurrency we need all knowledge about cryptocurrency that is the big reasons why we are here because if you don't have the knowledge you can't be here, because you don't know what is written instead of understanding and knowing what to write. The forums need members that have knowledge and are still here to share with others that have a little knowledge so that they become something great in future were this forum is creating a good history in the future. Whenever you are ask how have your come to be an expert in cryptocurrency? you will definitely say yes I start with a little knowledge and cryptotalk was the source of it and they make me what I am today. Here we can understand that ignorance is our biggest enemy, we need to fight it ignorance always lead us to failure and even getting banned in the forum. ignorance is our biggest enemy let's fight it together!!!!
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