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Found 87 results

  1. To my opinion I don't think is good to buy an account from some one that you don't know he might be a true scammer, when you transact money and buy the account you may end up 2 against 0 no money no account. Is good if we take care of this. But still your advice is still needed friends. Looking forward to your replies.
  2. I was on investigation to be sure if there could be any sites that is good and legit as cryptotalk, from my investigation I end up not finding any forum that pays per post as in here, I want to know if their are some colleagues if mine that made the same research if they are successful to meet any site that correspond and is the same and paying as in cryptotalk?
  3. As we all know that patient is a tool and and a natural instinct that not everyone have it. There are many people that have the ability to have the patience and there are some people that find it difficult to get patient. But due to my previous topic that teaches us that patient is success I come to understood that there are some keys that can guide you to build in patient in your self. You can look into them and practice them. 1. Try and calm yourself when you see and opportunity make sure that the opportunity is not a misfortune. 2. Don't always get panic in your activities in real life because this will always discouraged you from grabbing an opportunity that supposed to be yours. 3. Have confidence in yourself when you believe you can do it, you can always do it. 4. Don't doubt in what you are doing all the time because you cannot identify/select or differentiate between the right and wrong opportunity. Always be careful of misfortunes that looks like opportunity. 5. Always be a risk taker that is the best key. 6. Try to create time for making research don't be eager to achieve what you want and end up losing it. Make deep investigation before taking action. 7. Think positively mate before any action know what you are doing. Try to practice this 7 keys I know there might be more of this but my colleagues can explain the remaining keys as possible. I have hope this keys will help me, you and our newbies in this forum. I am always happy to welcome everyone in to this forum nice to meet you all. We all believe that cryptotalk will shine to the moon very soon.
  4. I sat down and think on how far has yobit has been into existence and how much have been progressing, the answer that comes to me is that yobit has been the best because they are the only exchange that I found to be giving payments by post, binance as a popular site couldn't make it, then this tells me that yobit is the best exchange all over the world of cryptocurrency I have ever seen. I don't know of your opinion, can you help and share us your opinions about yobit as the best exchange?
  5. I just want to share some knowledge about the main aims of this forum with the little understanding I am having about the forum: 1. This forum need legits users that deserves to be paid when they deserve to be paid. This users are those members that are ready to contribute to the forum to help in creating good posts and good topics. 2. This forums aims is to have users that are fully disciplined in time of following rules as stated. 3. The forum are happy to pay each user when he worths it and this is by doing the right thing at the right time to improve the forum. 4. The forum aims is to make this forum popular in the world of cryptocurrency as other forums. They don't create this forum to make competition with other cryptocurrency forum but they want to be like them. 5. This forum are not the best but they are trying ti be among the best, although they lack nothing. 6. They aim to spread the knowledge of cryptocurrency to the world to know how much benefits cryptocurrency jobs are in this days. The moderators will be happy to welcome everyone in this forum if you have this qaulified needed you are qualified. Pls don't waste your time while you are not qualified because a serious action maybe taken and don't play with the opportunity you have right now. You can reffered friends that are also ready to help and contributes to the forum. finally please always follow the rules giving to get yourself save from restricted from posting and banning. You are all welcome to cryptotalk forum
  6. Firstly The forum is getting more users and of course there are some users that seems to be using more than one account but we don't know how to catch them. Secondly their are some spammers that plagiarized contents to create useless Contents to form there own Posts. The reason for why I created the topic is to share some tips on how to catch this users that spams the forum. Note: Spammers are always smarts they may appear in different nickname and also their writing styles. I have said this in another post I made We have caught many spammers and we are able to catch them only when we reads some pages and saw some repeatation of post then we marked that posts and found the original source. Sometimes when we suspect a post then we use some online tools that will help us detect those spammers were it shows how many percentage of post was plagiarized. Some spammers using multiple accounts can be detected through some certain ways like: 1. When the profile has a very huge number of reputations and all posts activities seems positive then we suspect that Account to be using another account to give reputations. 2. If an account receive high reputation while he contributes nothing either by creating some topic then this member maybe suspected as a spammer were evidence is needed after proper investigation. 3. Monitor the visitors into their Profile if a users always visit that profile checkout they might followed each other in other to easily get accesses to each other accounts and benefits from one another. 4. When a profile contains high number of reputations try to read it's contents and know how much useful it was if it is useless and don't deserve that reputations then this guy can be suspected as a spammer or multiple Account user. 5. When a post was useless containing big grammers this account should be suspected as a spammer that plagiarized others contents to create his own post. You might use, 1. (Through link only) 2. 3.plagiarism-checker Here below 👇 is a link that I mostly use and can help you find a copied contents which you can submit as a proof to the Moderators. You can copied a post you are suspecting to be copied and paste and paste it in that the empty box and click on ''check Plagiarism'' allowed your browser to refresh and then check out for the result. below is a screenshot👇. make sure you read carefully and understand the result giving out if it is unique that means the post is legit but when it is Plagiarized it shows plagiarism and you can click on compare to find the result. You can also download results for report documents and get the copy saved. This is an example of Plagiarized contents and some unique post. From match result you can get the main source of were this contents is copied. This is the right time to help the busiest moderators to catch the spammers that are not ready to contribute. Happy posting to you all💓💓💓🙏
  7. Its very bad and srressful sometimes when some users qoute our posts. This users oftens did this not knowing about the second feature of qouting a post. Dear all newbies or begginners we are all ready to help you from making mistakes. We are all one commiunity met together and get employed to serve the same job we have eqaul payments not differing from the number posts we have neither the ranks. 3 WAYS TO QOUTE A POST 1. By using the qoute visible option. 2. By using the qoute selection invisible Option 3. By using the tagging option Steps to apply the second feature of qouting long post. 1. BY USING THE QOUTE VISIBLE OPTION This option is visible to everyone we can all see it on every user that post or by creating topics. This is very useful in qouting a short post. Here is a screenshot to this option below👇 2. BY USING THE QOUTE SELECTION INVISIBLE OPTION This option is invisible, and this option is mostly use in qouting long post. When you see a long post or when someone qoutes you long post try to read it. Try to identify were you understand and have question to ask. Just as you can see from the screenshot below 👇 This feature is applicable to both Android users and desktop users. All you need to do is to click on the sentence for few seconds there you can select to were appropriate you want to qoutes below it shows you the qoute selection option and click on it. 3. THE TAGGING OPTION This feature is the easiest feature and popular feature that is use even on social media. If you can't use that feature you can apply the next feature which is the tagging option. By using the symbol ''@'' at beginning and follow by the name of the person you are trying to tag instead of qouting. Below I can make use of the qoute option by tagging the names of some good contributors and experts of the forum although they are not on the leadersboard but their works activities get our attentions towards the forum and they worth attention and good friends to be trusted. @BTC Future @Calvinpriva @Whited35 @rekter @Mcd0d0 @Ndayebo8 @Honny143 @kitekite24 @bino @Dorjoy12 . I am happy to welcome everyone including the newbies with great hope that this topic gonna be very helpful to everyone that crosses it having problem with this feature. Note: this users I tagged are always ready to help you in kind of asking questions you find complicated. I will also be there for you all if you have questions regarding the forum and about cryptocurrency with the little knowledge I have if I don't know I will forward it to some Experts here for good feedback. Nice to meet you all🙏
  8. Hi friends, it really a cool environment over here to come up with something useful after a some investigation or observation. Its very difficult or though to many of us to give our daily 50 rates in complete 2 to 3 days. Sometimes we give 50post in a day while the following day we couldn't make it possible to give another 50 rates. Its really interesting if we are be able to continuously give the 50 rate to double the payments but unfortunately we tried and failed some days could not be completed. I went into research on how this system works and I found out that yes we can give 50 rates daily if we can do it just exactly as I investigate on it. - Try to give 10-15 rates not randomly in a minute but with interval per rating but with interval with at least 3-5minutes to deserved post appropriately either in positive or negative after taking time to read the post or topic. All this can be done within a few minute or an hour. - Secondly give another interval of about 2hours and give another 10-15rate with same interval of 3-5 rates interval. - finally you can give the remaining 20 like in 1h:30m interval. Following this strategies will help you give your complete 50rates and double your payment. Because I try it and it works for me.. here is screenshot below...👇 Note: From the rules of the forum about the reputations system giving you can give as many likes as you can in a topic but make sure you didn't give it in just a minutes but with intervals of minutes. Try to give out reputations only to deserve post not just for earning . best of luck and happy Posting friends....
  9. Its very sad to me after spending all my time to work and share my knowledge but I end up receiving half payments for my work. I could like to know what is happening because I end up receiving less than 20post paid in a day. Here is a screenshot to my account can any one help and explain why all this is happening? Is there any problem with my post? Is there anyone having same problem as mine? Please I need explanation about this or should I send a complain report to the moderators. @BTC Future @Whited35 @Calvinpriva I want you all to explain this to me. Thank you all for your cooperation and support and also for sharing us your experience about the payments.🙏
  10. There in this forum are users that don't know their work as a members. This people are in need of help of what work will help them become like us in the forum. This qaulities will help you know what will help you: 1. Good members Read and follow the rules giving in the forum 2. Good members Avoid breaking rules in the forum 3. Good members Make a good qaulity post not less than 100 characters. 4. You can start receiving payments at the reaches of 100 good posts. 5. Create topics that are related to the forum and make a post related to your topic. 6. Understand posts made by colleagues in the forum. Before replying or qouting them. 7. Give quality reputations only to useful post and seek for more explanation before givin bad reputations to complicated posts. 8. Make friends with those that you trusts. 9. One account is allowed for a good members that is there to stay for ever and multiple accounts is created by spammers be careful to fall under the bad people. 10. Make 30 post and invites friends, take report of scammers you saw within the forum. This post will help many users within the forums and if there are more qualities you can come up with them
  11. This forum was so much great were all members find much interest to learn. It is a pleasure to show how much greatfully we are being in this forum. Let show gratitude and say a brief on what you achieve from this forum. Tell us how much grateful you are and how much thanks will you give to cryptotalk for helping you to learn a lot of things. We all know that this forum had done a lot for us and distribute to everyone many way to learn, teach , earn , build up your vocabulary by knowing how to write good Contents, practicing a lot about cryptocurrency on how to make profit from the knowledge you have to earn a peaceful living. It seems great when ever one do good for you you show appreciation to such thing that you received so helpful. Therefore it isn't much bad to be grateful. Everyone here have reasons and different intentions for why they have been here. There are some members with good intentions and some members are with bad intentions. The good intentions users always find a specific time to be active and to work at the right time differing from inactive users. Inactive users are those spammers and careless users that are not here to learn but just in other way to spoiled/spam the forum with bad comments. This is the right time we need to think twice and work perfectly as we are paid for our work. We don't have to do bad work and expect payments as other good members did. It was very shameful on how you may see some members getting banned for spamming the forum and creating multiple accounts but still Creating more multiple accounts to continue spamming its really not a good attitude it seems to be like act of stealing what does not belong to you. We need to change so that we live long as old members also live in the forum there is nothing to worry about if our Posts are counted as unique posts. Take a look at old members they how long they have been in this forum but that didn't have a problem because they abide by rule's. Right here all I want us to understand about this topic is that we should be grateful and be proud to share what we learn from this forum and be proud to be here and get ready to follow the rules all the time as stated. Secondly we want to know how helpful this forum is it to you. How much can you rates cryptotalk forum? ✓ Best +5 ✓ better +3 ✓ Good + 1 ✓ Very poor -5 ✓ poor -3 ✓ Moderate - 1 Say your mind let's see how much rate you give cryptotalk>>> waiting for you feedbacks.
  12. Hi friends! Good day to you all. Today I am coming up with this topic to express my feelings and share some advice on what is going on within the forum from some members. It really sad when we received warning points, or get indefinite banned after been reported in the about forum section from some of your collegues. Some users are really reported for some certain reasons like: 1. PLAGIARISM: Copying of another person's ideas, text or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission; plagiarizing. Even if it's not illegal, plagiarism is usually frowned upon. Copy from one, it's plagiarism. Copy from two, it's research. Right in this forum Plagiarizing posts of other members to form your own post instead of learning to create it yourself is Plagiarism. Note: Creating posts are very easy you don't have to get yourself worried in creating your posts. All you need is to read carefully the topic of the post try to grab something and say your opinion. If you don't understand it try to create post of asking some part you don't understand or learn from other replies to create your own posts/topics. Copying from others contents directly or by changing words will lead to banned try to avoid that try to be a good user. Me and you are equal we receive same payments then why violating the rules. If you are reported for this reason of course you are guilty and everyone has right to report for this in this section via this link 👇 Plagiarism is prohibited take note 🙏. Don't report of any useless post in this section it is only meant for sharing plagiarized contents. To report of a useless Contents you can use the report icon to report that post. That is the report icon I pointed In the image below👇. 2. SPAMMING: Spamming the forum is also prohibited this can also gives you warning points and you will be reported by a collegue in the forum if you are caught spamming the forum. Note spamming the forum is the act of posting a post or topic that was irrelevant to what the post is discussing or out of topic(O.P). You can also click the report Icon to report or Pm(send private massage)to any of the moderators for quick action. 3. STUFFING POSTS: We really report members in found creating stuffing post. Stuffing post are bunch of useless Contents written completely in a row of one page or half a page of a topic. Were by this posts are O.P(out of topic/point). Everyone can also report such users if caught in the forum or Pm any of the moderators for quick action. The report icon can also help you send report of this users. 4. SYSTEMATIC VIOLATION: This also leads to receive of banned account or receive many warning points. If same mistake continues this can lead to indefinte banned. This can be done by the moderators and also some users will be there to report such activities if caught severally. 5. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: This lead to banning users can report such users creating multiple accounts because it goes against the forum rules. If a user suspect you using multiple accounts definitely he can report to the moderators for further investigation through PM. I will use this medium to show my appreciation 🙏 to some of this users that contributes with great effort to see this forum clean and to our great moderators that are always busy to considered our report. @Whited35 @Babubu609 @Babubu609 @rekter. There are some users of which I know that send report privately to show their contribution we all thank you for that @Honny143 and some collegues...🙏 You can be like them. Don't wait to send reporting or Pm the Moderators or this contributors they will forward your report immediately when you caught any one spamming the forum. Dear forum friends we all love you and that is the reason we always correct you so that you changed for the best. Don't be affraid we are all the same don't abuse the reporters because you are also a reporter think wise and change to leave long even though I made such offense the forum will purnished everyone justifically no matter how many numbers of post , reputations you have or rank. Be warnned don't use this medium to show hatred by sharing them negative reputations because the moderators are looking at all activities manually be noted.💓👌 YOU ARE WELCOME ONCE AGAIN YO CRYPTOTALK.
  13. Recently I have been seeing posts mentioning about DeFi (decentralized finance) and the term is new to me. So I got curious and searched this forum for the question "what is DeFi" and I got 1 result from a post here by @Listing.Help . However, sadly I am not satisfied with the information on the article linked in the post. So I will provide a set of related questions here for you guys to answer. Here they are: What is DeFi? (a more detailed explanation) (SOLVED) When was DeFi created? (SOLVED) What is its purpose? (SOLVED) How widespread is its use among Bitcoin and the other coins? (SOLVED) Do we really have an urgent need for it? Why? (Open-ended question) Will it greatly affect the current low-end users of crypto? How? (Open-ended question) You guys don't have to answer all of them, although I'd like to see them all resolved. Also, I will raise a few more questions as we go on. Too technical answers might fly over my head 😓 , so answers in layman (easy) terms will be greatly appreciated. If you can offer a better answer than the previous replies as well, then feel free to do so. Thank you for your replies. UPDATE: The top answers so far are in this link.
  14. I am happy to share my though and opinion about cryptotalk. Cryptotalk platform is a very good platform because i live till date because of cryptotalk. Cryptotalk had help me in daily life, cryptotalk help me in my studies finally it make me be who I am today. I will like to here your opinions about cryptotalk do you think cryptotalk can make you rich? lets starts friends 😀🤗
  15. To all newbies and the weak experts in aspect of cryptocurrency. I have some opinion to share but yet i still need more knowledge about this forum on how to contribute and help the forum with my best effort. To my opinion I suggest this as the easy way to contribute if you can work it out without scaring. * You need to create a good topic at least one in week or two making sure that you make good research so that your topic is encouraging and motivating. * Be a good member by becoming active in the forum responding to replies (qoutes). * Follow the rules carefully without violation. This I suggest to be the best way to be a good contributor. I think there can be more of this but I still need to learn from you. Let's help the newbies and the weak members but old in the forum.
  16. I think, this is the right time to share the little achievements I have started making despite I'm still a beginner before my seniors ones in the forum. I was investigating, scrutinizing each and every part, angle in this forum. Where I enter in to POPULAR CONTRIBUTOR'S. By clicking, this lead me to LEADERSHIP BOARD. then below I Clicked SHOW MORE. Scrolling down little, you will see POPULAR CONTENTS. In POPULAR CONTENTS WITH HIGHEST REPUTATIONS, I was shocked and surprised with what I saw. Both DAILY & WEEKLY, my contents Emerge first, that's Number One content in the forum with highest Reputation. I was so amazed and pleased to see my TOPIC or CONTENT rank as FIRST with the highest positive reputation for weekly and specifically for the day. This triggered me to come up with this topic, voicing out the reputable, marvelous achievements marked. Indeed, the success we see today in top members is connected to what they post and extra contributions they are rendering. Which is why I'm making a Clarion call to all growing members, in specific new users. You should not in any way, underestimate your potential. Keep struggling no matter what & how, May be you might be the BEST You can become the OVERALL BEST Who knows!!!
  17. I am sure everyone is aware that the deleting option is deleted for quite some weeks now. Many of us are facing problems of double post due to low server which depends on location we are residing. It was very sad when some of us receive warming points due to such problem of not able to delete this kind of double post which is because of no deleting option. Right here am coming up with another easy way to delete your post. This way I am trying to explain is the reporting button, which you can see the flag icon🏁 at the right handside of your post you created. Select the first option which says '' The post is okay, but I want to tell moderator about it'' You can scroll down to write a support later were if you wish to explain more you can write it there. Second option(offensive/abusive): You can use that option to report useless Contents you see within the section. 3rd option(spam): Everyone knew what spam is all about therefore when you see a spam post or Plagiarized contents you can use that option to report. Be noted you can use the first option to complain for deleting you post. Leaving it we be considered as spamming the forum rules. Happy posting to you all friend's....👌💓
  18. I don't know if I am the only one having this problem I lost my funds from my trust wallet three times now please is there any one having the same problem as mine?
  19. First let me start by welcoming everyone in to the world of crypto currency. It's a community that houses gainful and profitable opportunities, fruitful and lucrative offers for earning Crypto money passively depending on the task chosen for participation. In view of this, SECURITY should be given utmost priority, first class attention as their are other categories of people who tends to use Crypto currency in extra legal or prohibited way. Talking about scammers, hackers or any other cyber securities disruptions. So as a member in this forum and Crypto world at large. You have to know that: 1. Private keys given to you while registering in both sites are for you and you alone. 2. They are not meant to be share with anyone no matter what he/she claims to be. 3. Write and save your personal keys or details in hard copy, not online as they carries your money. 4. Avoid login your personal details in to public system etc. These are the basic, bold steps to safeguard and keep one highly protected from their threat.
  20. We may be in certain times suffering from frustration due to our inability to achieve success in the field in which we work, but my friend told you that success always takes time to arrive, and the best example of this is Bitcoin where in 2009 its price was $ 0.001, but look at it well now it exceeds the threshold of 39 thousand dollars.
  21. According to news in recent days, the Asian giant, China, is testing to launch a digital currency, the e-yuan, which would come to compete in the hegemony of the US dollar worldwide, the difference between the two currencies is technology that each one entails, while for the US printing dollars includes expenses in paper and ink, in addition to physical space for storage, the e-yuan will be a digital currency, specialized in financial exchange through devices that will make the modern era of world finance. With the e-yuan, physical money in China will remain in the memory of many and in the showcases of collectors as something that has completed a cycle within the country. I must clarify that it is not a Cryptocurrency, it is different, it is centralized and traceable by the Chinese government, which is its issuer, with this this country tries to have its own payment architecture similar to the swift used today by different countries , but whose protagonist is the dollar, the e-yuan will, of course, be more advantageous for these exchanges than the dollar. Modern times are coming and the existence of physical money is coming to an end, now our money will walk on our devices. Other information in this regard can be seen at this link: banco central de China,digital soberana % 20important% 20del% 20mundo. & Text = From% 20principios% 20de% 20este% 20a% C3% B1o, backed% 20by% 20el% 20central bank% 20. It is in Spanish, but you can use the translator :)
  22. As a new register member you may find it difficult to look for help and the rules guiding the forum, but here first thing you need to come across before starting anything like posting in the forum, you need to check the guidelines. What are the rules guiding the forum but here are some that are important and compulsory guide made easy for you Here are some questions you need to ask yourself and search for the answers. 1. How do I make a post? 2. Which of the forums are recommended for posting and receiving payments? 3. How many post are needed daily? 4. What is the total length of each unique post ? 5. How many post should I do before I start receiving my payments? 6. What are prohibited and what are the consequences if breaking the forum rules? 7. Which Countries are banned from posting? This are answers that supposed to come to your mind after reading the following questions mate. 1. You can make a post depending on your own choice to which forum you select you learn and share experience and knowledge with excluding the off topic. You can attend attend to any topic and chat with many friend on cryptcurrency you chat see posts and reply to friends. 2. All topic are recommended for posting except the off topic. 3. You are instructed to post only 30 post daily to receive payment you can do more than that but make sure you know the you wi be paid of 30 post even if you post 100, 30 post is equivalent to 30,000satoshi. You will receive your payment in yobit after the completion of 100 post. 4. The length of post needed should not be less than 100 characters respectively if you wish you can do more than 100 5. As I said earlier you must do 100 unique post before you start receiving any payments. 6. Multiple accounts, copy and pasting previous post of other users, spamming the forum, low quality post all this listed are prohibited be careful doing this will lead to banning of accounts take notice. 7. This countries are banned from receiving payments and posting. from 25 February yobit does not pay for massages from these countricountries- NIGERIA, EGYPT, PAKISTAN'S, INDONESIA, VENEZUELA, BANGLADESH, PHILIPS this countries are restricted from posting because 95% of them are low quality posters and spammers. This can clearly be seen by any one from yobit before linking your account if you are from this countries make sure you are aware not to post and receive payments. This had been made clear for all of you to make good arrangements on how to be a good user and help cryptotalk to move forward. I have some experts ahead of me so we shall look forward to their replies in what More explanation they gonna add us in other to help us.
  23. As time is going and cryptocurrency is advancing to my consideration people into cryptocurrency will find it difficult and stressful to go to their office because it was less stressful staying in their room and receiving payments daily, which if calculated it is more than the salaries they received monthly, I think this will stop many people from going to office and spends time in cryptocurrency very soon in the future do you agree?
  24. Cryptocurrency is the best legacy in reality it has been very difficult to many people to know what is cryptocurrency. There are several questions that comes into our mind at the first time when we heard the word ''cryptocurrency''. The answer is very easy to how could you learn it. Cryptocurrency is the easy way to become rich if you get yourself employed in it. Cryptocurrency is the exchange of digital currency to generate profit. There are many people that before they start cryptocurrency they didn't believe they can be rich from cryptocurrency until they learn about how a friend become rich with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency gives us a medium to ease our stress from seeking for job outside instead you use your phone to make money while you are at home. I am sure the knowledge and reality of cryptocurrency, will be spread very soon in the world during this pandemic period. We here can show to the world the reality of cryptocurrency.
  25. I herald that almost everyone is willing to help this forum to improve but we mostly not know what is best to do. Friends here are some tips that will help us make this forum move to next level: 1. Making a good quality post helps the forum to improve because it will reduce the numbers of post to be deleted. 2. Creating some good positive topic all about cryptocurrency will also help in improving this forum. 3. Following and abiding the rules guiding this forum will make the forum to improve and achieve their goals. 4. Reporting of spammers in to the moderators for taking action will ease the moderators work and searching for spammer and will as well improve the forums. 5. Sharing of knowledge with friends is about cryptocurrency and referring friends to this great forum will help the forum to improve and achieve their goals. If we all can abide by this guide as I stated I am sure we shall help this forum to move forward. You are all welcome to cryptotalk campaign you shall all get paid per post if you work it. Happy posting friends.
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