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  1. There is no success without failure, success always requires a lot of hard work and effort and certainly will fail at times, but you have to learn from your failure in order to be able to reach full success.
  2. Large currencies like Bitcoin cannot predict their instantaneous movements, whales can manipulate the movement of bitcoin a little, but in the long term it is very clear that Bitcoin is on the rise, the biggest proof of this is that Bitcoin is now at $ 32,000 and I am telling you from now that the year Next, it will be in a new ring of not less than $ 50,000 and I think it will be more than $ 100,000.
  3. This was a great development for the country of Belarus, this platform became licensed since that time and its liquidity was very high, I think that the rest of the world countries are on the way to establishing stock exchanges as well, in the end this helps the country's economy if the state can play it properly.
  4. Certainly this is very logical in fact, we hardly have a little money and yet for me I invest all my money that I do not need at the moment in cryptocurrencies, it is a very profitable business, in fact my capital has more than tripled in investment in less than a year.
  5. Trading my friend, I work in Crypto Talk since 2019 and I gathered a good amount of CryptoTalk and started working in trading, in fact I was able to make very good profits after I gained experience in trading, learn the basics of trading and capital management, and you will be able to make very good profits from during trading.
  6. My friend, this talk applies to currencies that you want to keep in the long term, but for the currencies that you want to sell at close targets, it is not possible to pay the transportation costs at every sale and purchase, so the easiest solution is to choose a reliable exchange platform such as Binance or Kucoin, and it is better not to place too large sums on the exchange.
  7. What are you talking about my friend !! The size of the cryptocurrency market is about $ 900 billion, Bitcoin accounts for about $ 600 billion from the cryptocurrency market, where and how might $ 600 billion disappear in your opinion? This is a very fictional scenario that cannot happen and if it does, it will be the end of cryptocurrencies and everything related to them, and it certainly will not happen.
  8. Everything that asks you to deposit money to get money in return is definitely a deception, no one will give you the money for nothing, he would have taken that money for himself, so be careful of scammers, and do not fall into a foolish trap.
  9. Yes, this is absolutely true, market makers do this in the beginning in order to make this currency stable and stable, and then the currency stabilizes and all the buying and selling orders for this currency become close, and the market owners remain alert to it so that no market whales manipulate it.
  10. I do not think that there will be a future for these currencies my friend, she does not have a real project, try your luck in the dice game and if you make a profit from it, withdraw it, as for investing it it will not be useful in my opinion, if you can profit, you can invest in other currencies.
  11. Welcome my friend, in fact you cannot participate in any other language in this section, there is a section for the Russian language and this section for the English language, if you find difficulty in the English language then use the translator and try to make your English stronger.
  12. Everyone must learn that no one will give them money for free, so you should not trust anyone, no matter how convincing they are, learn, gain experience and invest your money yourself until you achieve true success in the future.
  13. This is relative my friend, if you want the safest currency to achieve acceptable profits, then of course Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are the best currencies to invest in, but if you want to make big profits and are ready to risk and patience, there are a lot of currencies that you can invest in, and this depends on The current market situation, you need experience in technical analysis to be able to find out.
  14. Believe me, it is impossible to succeed if you have not gone your whole way step by step, success is not only by making some profits, success is that you conserve your money and increase it day after day, so you must have experience about every detail in the way that you take to Don't make unpredictable or unexpected mistakes.
  15. Certainly there are risks in trading, but if you have sufficient experience in technical analysis, and you have the ability to control your nerves, patience and commitment to the plan, then trading will be the best thing you do ever, you will get a lot of profits in the future, but the risk is always there for sure .
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