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  1. This is good news and in the interest of cryptocurrencies if it proves that digital assets are protected by laws, the police have continued to investigate the matter and it is good for these investigations to achieve good results for users.
  2. Also, beware of fraudsters who send fake emails and try to obtain your personal data. They craft emails to look like they are coming from an official source, and when they access your information, they steal everything that belongs to that account.
  3. Sometimes the posts are deleted by the forum if the information is duplicate or it is out of the topic and therefore comment counter reduced. To avoid this problem, you must do a good search and make sure to write the useful information.
  4. Through the leaderboard, you can choose the most distinguished and experienced people with cryptocurrencies in the forum, follow them and read their posts to obtain useful information and develop your experience.
  5. The matter is very simple in the Yobit platform where you only need to own some currencies and then put them in the investment fund in the platform through the Investbox section and wait until a certain period has passed and you get the profits.
  6. One of the easiest tricks that a new user of cryptocurrencies can fall into is to click on a malicious link that he thinks will take him to the wallet or platform website, but instead takes him to a copy of this site that is very similar to the original site and here asks him for the email and password and steals it. Unfortunately, the method has spread significantly.
  7. Daily profit from trading is not a rule, as there are difficulties that traders face before getting profits. First, the trader must have experience in technical analysis and following market news, and on the other hand, sometimes surprises occur in the market that lead to losses.
  8. I do not think that there is a need for the phone number when dealing with a Paypal account. Only to activate your account on PayPal you must do two things: The first is to confirm your email address, and the second is to add a credit card.
  9. Unfortunately, there are always envious people and those with weak souls, who suffer from imperfection and try to take revenge in unfair ways. I think the forum management can see the ratings, and when they notice something like this happening again, it will block the hurtful boy.
  10. I think that Yobit is an excellent platform and it is the best because it is easy to deal with for beginners and does not need a large capital to start trading in it, as it has options to invest and profit with the passage of time.
  11. A good writer can be discovered in the forum through the ideas and topics he raises, and we must all cooperate to maintain a good level of publications and do our duty to evaluate the good and the bad as appropriate.
  12. I think that the new Bitcoin payment system encourages new users to join the forum to go through this experience and collect some funds to learn trading on the Yobit platform because it is easy for beginners and I hope that new members abide by the rules to have a successful experience.
  13. Risk management is a prerequisite when trading cryptocurrencies and is often overlooked by some investors and speculators. But the successful speculator knows the price he is willing to lose and at what price he is willing to sell to gain profits.
  14. The 3 most important currencies, by market value, are: Ethereum, Tether and Ripple, and there is a long list of promising currencies that may take the lead from Bitcoin and become a realistic digital currency in the future.
  15. I think that 9 years is a long time, so I recommend investing time by learning to trade cryptocurrencies as well as collecting bitcoins from this forum, and so you can increase your bitcoin holdings in a shorter period by trading the section that you collected.
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