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  1. I believe the COVID-19 coronavirus has contributed to raising awareness about cryptocurrency, as it was one of the best marketing campaigns for Bitcoin in history, and recent days have shown that a number of mainstream people and companies have become interested in Bitcoin.
  2. China is considering banning digital currency mining, and it appears that China has again started to consider converting the Chinese renminbi into a cryptocurrency, as the government has a serious attitude towards cryptocurrency downsizing.
  3. If the stores understand the benefits of accepting payment in cryptocurrencies, I think this method will become their favorite for easy payment, speed and security. But some people still need to learn about the world of cryptocurrencies.
  4. There are a lot of websites that can defraud investors in the name of investing in digital currencies where the returns are paid for a short period and then disappear, so you have to be careful in selecting the sites that you want to invest in.
  5. I do not think that there are sites that pay a lot. All of the Bitcoin faucets sites pay a little Satoshi for missions that take a long time, except sites that rely on luck strikes like the Freebitco site, it depends on luck in obtaining bitcoin, in addition to time collection.
  6. BW has the full technical support of ZB Corporation, one of the largest digital asset exchanges in the world with experience in operations management and security management in trading platforms.
  7. I think you mean fraudulent cloud mining sites so I recommend conducting a thorough search of any cloud mining process before registering and making sure that the site uses a secure domain (https).
  8. Of course, working from home is a modern technology and it is better than going daily to the office or work and cryptocurrencies that allow you to work from home and collect and earn from the Internet without the need to leave the house.
  9. In addition to bitcoin I am investing in Binance coin (BNB), It is a successful cryptocurrency launched by Binance that is designed to connect buyers with sellers for trading, and provides users with deposits and free withdrawals.
  10. It seems to me that this site is very useful. Thank you for sharing this information with us. Such sites will be a good reference for users of cryptocurrencies to know, uh, news and information about cryptocurrencies and platforms.
  11. I previously used one of the Bitcoin taps that gives you a number of Satoshi in exchange for viewing ads for a specific seconds, as I collected a little and then stopped working after a while, and the name of this site was BTCClick
  12. I do not like lending a lot, but I have had to do so. I prefer to use a popular currency like Bitcoin because it has a good future and may get back to me for profit. Instead of storing it, it is possible to lend it to friends. This coin will not lose its value.
  13. The expert trader looks at the farthest point, during our trade suddenly the price stops and suddenly the trend is reversed with great fluctuations without knowing the reason, the reason is that we did not use a larger time frame and did not look to the farthest point to see the target properly.
  14. Ethereum cannot be considered a currency just like Bitcoin, although although ethereum produces an ether work, it basically works to serve the users of the platform by providing an ethereum wallet that people use for the applications they are developing. As for Bitcoin, it is a clear digital currency that is prepared to replace traditional currencies.
  15. I believe that this coin project is successful, especially since BitTorrent, in cooperation with torn, released it to enable users to exchange that currency to improve network speed. As it works on the Binance Launchpad platform, users will be able to use the BTT coin to get a faster download.
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