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  1. I have not tried the platform before, but I read a lot of news about it recently that it had a significant impact on the Bitcoin price earlier, as a sale order for Bitcoin on Bitcoin led to the liquidation of $ 250 million in buying deals on the Bitmex exchange, which also led to a decrease. Prices on other cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. Coinomi is a multi-currency wallet that supports more than 500 currencies simultaneously, high-quality, self-hosted, developed so that you can control your cryptocurrency balance using a passphrase and a PIN code. It is a reliable blockchain interface, and it has the flexibility for investors at any time to exchange digital assets between them.
  3. I have been using the Atomic Wallet for a long time and I like it for its ease of use as it is a completely decentralized application. None of your private data is stored on it, nor does it require any identity verification. It is a secure wallet, as the keys to your wallet are encrypted on your device and kept on it.
  4. Certainly, I made a profit previously from Invest Box in Yobit when I invested in talk and made a good number of the currency before listing on the platform and selling. And I think that every user of the Yobit platform tried the Investbox and got a profit from it.
  5. I do not prefer subscribing to sites that require confirmation of identity because they infringe on our privacy and our personal data, and we are in a crypto world that should always be distinguished by privacy, anonymity and financial freedom. And the request to confirm identity reduces the importance of working with cryptocurrencies because it takes from them the most important features, which are privacy and decentralization.
  6. I hope that there will be an option to save the important topics for later reading and I think that this is necessary to not waste any important topic if you are busy with other matters while browsing the forum. The forum contains a lot of developments and I believe that development is continuing, and we will reach the optimal options as a result.
  7. I consider CryptoTalk a good source of information and income that helps with life's expenses. I explained it to several friends of mine and liked the rewards that the forum offered for posting, and many of them signed up as well. I think this wonderful forum solves big problems in some people's lives.
  8. I prefer that this number of talk be added to the 50 pieces that we get from the give reactions to the members. Because talk is currently in decline and we want to compensate a little by getting more of it from other ways. I hope that the forum management will consider increasing the bonuses offered in some way.
  9. This forum has given me more than a great chance to win since I joined it until now. I consider CryptoTalk to be the best opportunity I got in this field. In the beginning, I invested talk currency before being listed on the platform and made a good amount of it when selling. She also participated in a signature campaign, won a coin and sold it for a good amount as well.
  10. Welcome to this forum with us, and I am sure you will be noticed if you publish useful and constructive publications and stay away from repetition and violations. You should know that you are lucky to have joined CryptoTalk and you should keep it clean from spam.
  11. Of course, everyone has a dream, and our goal is to achieve this dream. Maybe my dreams are not as big as the dream of the richest man in the world, but upon realization I will feel truly proud and happy. Working in this field taught us the persistence and patience to achieve the goal.
  12. There are many features that the forum gives to good members and encourages them to submit good and useful posts such as this badge that I hope I will get one day and make a screenshot of this event. Also, when your post is read by many members, it is flagged as popular, and that is really cool.
  13. Unfortunately, you cannot delete the private post or comment, but you can edit it. And if you want to delete it because of a problem, you can report it as a duplicate comment by mistake to be deleted by the administration.
  14. Learning through CryptoTalk has several advantages. You learn from the experiences of many people here and learn from their mistakes. You can also share your questions and problems with members of the same field and you will find many who sincerely want to help and provide you with advice and information.
  15. The blockchain has greatly attracted hospital related workers. Taiwan Hospital has also launched a blockchain platform to improve medical record-keeping in order to support the government's hierarchical medical system policy, improve patient referral services, and integrate individual healthcare networks to enable people to more easily access their medical records.
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