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  1. I think when dealing with OTC market both sides should pass KYC. Each party must know for sure who deals with it. This may be a problem because many sellers prefer to stay under the radar, but at some point it makes sense to reveal identities on both sides.
  2. The difference between token and queens is not small, and the coding method between them is different. Just remember that the queen is the older brother of the token, or in other words the token cannot rely on itself and is looking for other currencies to rely on.
  3. In order to avoid the ban, you must publish useful information from your own experience and do not copy and paste from the experiences of others and that your topic is not repeated, good and constructive. Most of the reasons for the ban are due to copying and pasting.
  4. You are right, I do not deny that long posts contain a lot of useful information, but sometimes the reader feels bored and has to leave the publication in the middle, so I try to say that it is better to shorten the information in a way that attracts the reader and does not make him alienate from the article.
  5. The best ways to earn bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are to learn and then learn, as you must learn well everything about cryptocurrencies, how to trade them, and basic and technical analysis in the cryptocurrency world, but without learning anything you will not be able to make a good profit.
  6. Excellent tips for cryptocurrency users: In the past year 2019 alone, hackers were able to steal a total of $ 4.26 billion in cryptocurrencies either from users or from trading platforms.
  7. Yes, of course, one of the best things in this forum is that it includes the experiences and civilizations of people from all countries of the world where we make friends from people who have experience in the field of cryptocurrencies and exchange each other's experiences.
  8. Whoever enters new into this field thinks that he can become rich quickly and in a blink of an eye overnight, but this is of course very wrong. Newcomers must have the patience, work and perseverance to achieve the profit they aspire to.
  9. I am also with you and I agree with you and I am happy to be a member of this wonderful forum that provides information and benefit and gained through a lot of friends and experts in this field and I hope that my ranking will develop and become one of the prominent members.
  10. I do not really recommend such sites because they require a lot of work, effort and time and you earn little from them. Yes there are some sites that I have tried before but I left them when I found that the payoff is very weak and not worth the time I spend.
  11. I love all the time I spend on this forum and I hope that time helps me. I spend more and more on it but currently I cannot spend more than three hours here trying to read new topics and respond to members who quote my comments.
  12. I personally consider this forum to be my second home. Initially, I was just like you, my goal of earning and starting trading, but over time I found that there are more enjoyable and beneficial goals in this forum which are exchanging valuable information and gaining new friends and a new family.
  13. Yes, this is true. Some long posts cause boredom for beginners and new users. I prefer posts that contain the full meaning and are brief, and then the question and the contradiction of the comments are made about the details of the publication.
  14. Actually, I do not feel empty or bored because I have a lot of activities that I do at home and I am used to working from home because my work is mostly on the Internet and part of my work is this wonderful forum, where we exchange interest and information in it.
  15. Really, it is a wonderful feeling to find that your topics are useful, and members like them. Congratulations to you for the members ’love for your topics and for getting your best evaluation, comments or best content. I hope to get this unique badge one day, I offer everything I can.
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