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  1. Yes my friend like that spelling mistakes can not only impair your account reputation but can cause even more problem Maybe this can cause your account warned and also banned. this has been happened to me too i was also warned because of a small spelling mistake so be careful.
  2. yes there are lots of peoples who want to invest and trade in bitcoin currency .because the popularity of bitcoin is soaring in many countries many peoples are taking to more interest in it they want to leave their currency and invest and trade in this currency.
  3. Good topic, An expert is one who has knowledge of everything and specialize in everything.but i think On this forum we will often call him an expert whose all the topics and posts are helpful and useful for every one and have a good content not the one with the most posts and the content is very week.
  4. i think you can make topic or post when you research for it and gather useful information about it include your opinion in your topics or posts and not the views and opinion of others. this way you can create a great post on this forum with your knowledge and best ideas.
  5. Hello dear. bitcoin is the top currency in the world and is becoming the strongest currency in the world bitcoin followers considered it an important part of their economic growth. all peoples see their bright future in it.
  6. Hello, My favorite coin are bitcoin and ethereum. i think these are best cryptocurrencies. according to my opinion these are best currencies in the terms of trade and investment . and their market value is growing rapidly.
  7. Hello mate, My opinion it depends on which platform you are mining, because some mining forums offers very low profits on investment. if the mining forum runs more it will be beneficial for us if it stops working too soon it will be very detrimental to us .
  8. Good topic, any good project or program need to be researched.Gathered information about it and analyze it .in this way be thoroughly researching a program or project can determine whether the program or project are legit or scam.
  9. Hello friends, Best wishes for all,bitcoin and ethereum are both digital currency. all peoples knows bitcoin merely currency and ethereum is ledger technology .senior members share their useful information what is the major difference between them .thanks
  10. Hello, in today 's world is moving towards digital and we are being facilitated through new ways and so have fraudsters and scammers are very active they prey on the most intelligent people in many ways. there are many solutions to check them out and avoid them for example there are many website s and forums where we can check their reputations and reviews and lots of back up information and can find out if this is a real site or fake .
  11. Good topic, Hard work and effort are two things through which we can easily do even the most difficult work in the world. we can not achieve success unless we we work hard. an example of this is that when the bitcoin came along its value was very low and much less than dollar . now it has famous and strongest currency in the world.
  12. Hello mate, I always choose to reply to a topic or post that i think will be useful for me to increase my positive reputation .and i think we have to choose to a topic that we fully understand and and we were able to respond well .it will be very beneficial for us.
  13. Hello friend, As far as my knowledge we cannot use it directly, because it is in digital form , it is not in paper notes so we can convert it into different currencies and buy things.
  14. Hello mate, the future of cryptocurrency is very bright. because the market value of other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin is increasing day by day . today 's traders and investors are mostly preferring cryptocurrency. most of countries have also allowed trading and investing in cryptocurrency so i think it will be bright future in the next few years.
  15. Hello friend, Offline wallet is safer and more secure than Online wallet.because Offline wallet will not have access to the internet , it has become difficult for hackers to hack data and information of your accounts.
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