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  1. Yeah, popular contributors are posted at the bottom of the platform, your name will be included in the list if you gain the highest reputation within the week, seeing your name on that is such a good feeling, it seems like you are god poster
  2. You can investigate the scammers because of privacy of the crypto world but you can know whether that person is trying to scam you, if you want to avoid those things then you have to consider first the link that he might give to you, do no just open it without hesitation, strangers could be scammers as well.
  3. You will become a good trader if you keep on learning, that is the only way for you be better, experience and knowledge is the best combination for that, if you let yourself become active in trading then it will also help you become better.
  4. That is good news, it is a good move for the world of cryptocurrency as well, we can now see a good improvement for the world of crypto in terms of innovation, there are already many stores that are accepting bitcoin as means of payment.
  5. You may invest in the yobit platform to the investbox, they have a list of coins that you are allowed to invest and it is also written the amount of interest that you can have for each day. Just make sure to choose the right coin to invest in to avoid failure in the future.
  6. Yes, that's right, if you want to be comfortable with the coin that you want to buy then you should consider it searching on that website, if the coin you want to invest is included in the coin market then you may buy it and keep holding it.
  7. I only use one account for that thing, I am using one bit for trading and investing purposes, I do think that it is already enough and it is not that important to have different accounts for such things but it is still up to you, its your decision that will matter.
  8. Well said, I have tried before a dice game and never tried it again because of thinking that it is really hard to win from that game and now I prefer investing because even though it is risky, you just need to wait for the inflation of that currency and pull it out.
  9. Date: Week 8: 8 December - 14 December Cryptotalk username: Moontong Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: @Moontong BetFury nickname: Moontong Links to your posts/reposts: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.
  10. That is really possible in the future, we know how good this digital currency for many people and countries so I think it has a good possibility that it could be accepted by many countries and become a standard currency all over the world.
  11. Yes, there are so many scammers on the internet especially in the crypto world, never trust any strangers that will offer something to you especially in the telegram, most of the scammers are active on that platform so beware.
  12. Of course yes, Everyone dream to be rich in the future whether it is because of cryptocurrency or not. I can see the great potential of cryptocurrency in the future and I think that it could help me become successful.
  13. As we all know bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency because it has the highest value compared to other cryptocurrencies, the second one is Ethereum which is a good altcoin to hold and invest.
  14. I also see the potential of USDT in the market, I know that it have a good value in the future but not to the point that it could reach and take over the value of ETH because ETH has a high value and a good future as well. Do not overrating the USDT to the point that it could reach the Ethereum.
  15. That is right, I am also thinking that way dude, I know that cryptocurrency has a big potential to be a standard currency all over the world and can help our economy recovered someday. It has so many features that may benefit a lot of people.
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