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  1. Your income is not that so quick if investing is the only source of your money, you may try some other things to earn money online. Try to do exchanging, mining and the online job can do as well.
  2. Yeah, that is the best thing yo do with your money, it is really hard for us to earn from gambling because most of the winning in a gamble is based on luck unlike when you do investing which can make you earn money if you have patience.
  3. The best thing to do to prevent your account from banning is to read and understand the rules of the forum. If you will not violate one of them then for sure you will live longer here.
  4. Very well said buddy, same thing as yours, I also prefer knowldge than money because this is what we really need for us to gain money, there are many ways that we can do to earn money if we have good knowledge.
  5. Same thing with me, I havent experience yet this kind of problem because I dont log out my account. I just keep it on my browser. Anyway thanks for the information by the poster, in case we have experience this proble
  6. Well said buddy, you can do all things here as long as you don't violate any rules of the forum. As a beginner, you should read first the rules before doing anything else to avoid any mistakes.
  7. Well said, this is what I really want there because we learn knowledge about cryptocurrency here, and at the same time we also earn money, which is enough to sustain our needs in daily lives.
  8. We should also avoid entertaining unknown messages from strangers, just ignore them especially if they are talking about money. Some scammers use email to execute the scam. Always be vigilant to avoid being scammed.
  9. Well said buddy, giving reputation to other member is part of our task in this forum, we are not only working here through posting. Just don't cheat this kind of feature because the admins warn us that if we cheat reputation then they will stop paying it.
  10. Actually, you can just choose the currency that you want to be traded on that bitcoin calculator, you don't need to type things on the google search bar. You can have it all for just clicking some features of the app.
  11. That true, we should always protect our devices, there are many viruses that can destroy your files in your device, what if you have very important files on that device, there is a high possibility that you may lose your data.
  12. I don't know if that is really true, I haven't read about that thing before in the bitcointalk but that could be possible because it is really hard to earn merit from that forum. It requires really good post related to cryptocurrency
  13. Yeah, it is really important to choose a legit investment website, there are so many fake websites and you may lose your money if you become a victim of that. You may use the trusted one which is the yobit or you may also use the Binance, this is the platform that I am currently using and it is really good.
  14. That's true, in order for us to understand well the topic, we should read the whole content because you can see the main idea and the important details on the content. It will help you have a relevant and useful reply for the topic.
  15. Thats true, we should always make our commentrs or replies relvant to the topic, irrelevant posts will be deleted here and ther eis no place for that in this platform. You will not get paid if you dont make you content good.
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