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  1. Well, as for my case, I could still use it to purchase online products since I become very fond of online shops. Since cryptocurrencies are online currency, if it no longer can be exchanged with fiat money, why stop if you really enjoy earning it if there's still a way you can use it?
  2. Yes, indeed. It's like figuring out what course you want for college. It helps you to become more focused on your goal and more determined to do well because you have a particular prize you want to win in mind.
  3. I think the word 'forever' is a bit too much, though it all depends on our own decisions and conveniency. I think the reason why I wanted to stay here is because crypto helped me a lot with so many things and I really enjoyed working here. Earning and learning, it's like hitting two awesome birds with one stone. Also, this forum kept me busy everyday.
  4. well, yes. as for my case, i give out bad reputation when i saw someone disobey the rules of the forum such as copy pasting and short replies and even those replies that's not even connected to a certain topic. We give bad reputation because we see that you're not being a functional member and that's a mistake for you to fix so you'd learn.
  5. Yes, indeed. Many of us here joined with the view of the fact that we're going to earn by simply posting publications that's why a lot of members kept on spamming the forum because of their greed. Next time we recruit someone to join cryptotalk, we should also orient them about the rules and regulations of the forum so that they won't commit such unwanted mistakes. Also, remind them that in exchange of getting paid we should keep the forum healthy and growing by posting quality contents so they will make an effort with their posts.
  6. Indeed! I think everyone has depend too much on internet lately and thays what makes online currencies convenient for everyone. You can buy products online and send money online. Less hassle and less papers to sign.
  7. Wow this topic is very precise and useful for everyone! Especially for those who's scared of taking risk. There's actually nothing wrong with it as long as you double check that the online wallet you're using is reliable and legitimate before you invest your coins for higher profit.
  8. Indeed. Also, it's really an eyesore seeing greedy and insensitive members spamming the forum just for content counts. It's really unfair that they only care about the earning and not about the welfare of the forum. I'm just glad that the moderators are really working hard to eliminate them. Kudos!
  9. Well, yes! Indeed. Also, cryptotalk is very convenient because of its features. (Or its just for me) I also like how the moderators are so consistent with keeping the forum clean and useful for everyone.
  10. I agree with you on this. Of course the forum requires that everything we post should be highly connected to cryptocurrencies may it be an information or a question that's why by reading other members are also able to expand their knowledge. Also, by reading you are able to learn some basic english to use for your next post or reply so it's very helpful for everyone.
  11. Yes, you are right. Before we posy a topic, we should make sure if it is relevant to that certain forum to avoid future deletion and unexpected bad reputation.
  12. This information is a must and thank you for sharing it here! We should really be careful because there's a lot of dangerous and genius hackers online. Always be wise and do not be too gullible. Keep your walls up and do not trust foreign sites completely. Always do your own research and check if it is legitimate and won't be harmful for you.
  13. I think that's very helpful to still keep your account active while you're restricted and that's very considerate I must sag. though I hope you have learned from your mistake and won't be restricted again. <33
  14. I think this will be very convenient and will keep the flow of the replies in the topic clean and neat because sometimes it's very confusing and it looks a bit messy.
  15. Indeed. It's just like spamming because there's a lot of the same topic with same questions and content. We should check first if there's already an existing topic before we post it so it won't look like we're spamming the forum. Let's keep it healthy.
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