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  1. I only play in i like that site because its simple to use. You can earn a lot of btc, ltc, eth, doge if its your lucky, though you can also lost a lot. There is also rain give away's in chats by the moderators and tips from other members.
  2. Thanks for explaining this, i agree with it because bitoffer its a great site and very legit. Am using it to earn some amount but not this much, i keep learning it so that i can increase my earnings.
  3. Sorry for losing, i have also lose a large amount that i didn't expect many times but also i have earn a lot more than $5000 in different ways. I like few odds in football betting not more than 3.5 so that i can stake a large amount without big risk.
  4. I don't know which gaming predictions you are talking about, but for me i like to predict football. I can risk up to $300 every weekend and i earn twice of that amount. I don't need many odds because they can make me lose my money. I only stake $300 with 2.5 - 3.5 odds and i earn from $600+ to $1000. Its very risk but just have confidence sometimes, use forebet and statarea if you need good football odds.
  5. I like that site because they are real paying, though it will take time for you to earn good amount unless you are very lucky. Am using that site to make football predictions and at least i earn good with that.
  6. I never heard about this site but its a good opportunity for us. I have joined some trading sites but i never received a bonus of more than $2. I will join this site and trade with that bonus then withdraw to see if its a legal site.
  7. You are right, its good to make your own deeply research before trusting anyone in financial issues. There are many experts who can help us without any problems, but not all of them are trusted.
  8. I know this site, its a real good site and they pay good amount of BCH. Am a member there and i earn everyday more than $0.5 for just being active and replying to other topics with good words.
  9. I opened this site and it looks good because they have many tasks, at least they pay good amount not like some faucets. I will refer my friends so that i can earn more, thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks for sharing this site. Its my first time i heard it but i will try their tasks and see how much they pay. I have used some faucets but they real pay small amount but maybe this can be unique.
  11. Thanks for sharing this, the website seems to be legit because it will only pay you for doing some tasks and not free scamming offers. But am not lucky with it, its use Russian language and i only use English.
  12. You have shared a helpful topic my friend, its true many members are just holding their crypto and they earn nothing with them! Instead of holding for a month or even more, you can find a better place to invest your coins. You will be waiting for price to grow while you earn good interest.
  13. You are right, we should always learn how to trade because there are many new things that don't know yet. We can learn from pro traders/ fellow traders through tutorials and also we can learn from our mistakes.
  14. Well explained, we have many reputations now and we are free to give as we want. According to your information i hope many members will use this new feature of reputations and they will give to every post as they deserves.
  15. Very good topic! I agree with you because it will be hard for many members if this campaign will be over. So its good to learn how to trade and then invest your earnings from this forum so that you can have other method for giving you income.
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