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  1. You are absolutely right! Some altcoins still have a great chance to pump and generate profit, is just the matter of making a research on different coins to get the best one. I've lost much in the past two months so now I'm very careful because I already noticed my mistakes. @Dorjoy12
  2. Sure! Many members are waiting to see what will happen, but I believe they will do something to boost its value again. We waited for this token a long time so I don't think they will keep watching it dumping, maybe the developers team are working on something! @Dorjoy12
  3. Yes bro @Dorjoy12, many members are selling their tokens and perhaps the price can pump even a little if they will stop selling regularly but it will not be possible because everyone needs money for their own reasons. I still believe in Talk tokens unless it was not the forum token!
  4. Sure @Dorjoy12. If you want good trading signals you will have to make a lot of research on different markets. Very sad these two past months have not been good to me because I've lost a lot, I did some mistakes and I did not focus that much on doing market research! So we have to be careful because a single mistake can take your money.
  5. Hello moderators, If it is correct, please add a news section to this forum. I recommend this section because there is a lot of news and updates posted daily by some members, sometimes we see very important news that may be useful to the reader, but not all news will reach the reader due to posting in different sections! Unless there is only one section of news and updates it will be very easy for anyone to read what is going on in the crypto world. Because there is a difference between an article that teaches something about crypto and an article that informs something about crypto, so if someone wants to teach something about trading they will have to submit their article to the relevant trading section, and if someone has any news related to trading they will have to submit it to the news section. This will be very easy for readers because all crypto-related news and updates will be submitted in only one section. Thank you!
  6. Of course! The price of Talk tokens it looks stable now, maybe we will not see a huge dump again! So it's a good opportunity to buy and invest in the IB (though you should do it at your own risk). Personally I already invested some amount of Talk tokens and I am happy because 1% daily interest is a good amount.
  7. I believe in this token though scammers are trying to dump the price! Talk is the official token for this forum so I think if the price will not pump, then it will be stable. We can stop selling regularly to pump the price, it's not bad to hold these tokens because we have 1% daily interest in the IB.
  8. It is very frustrating to see a 3-word sentence written as a topic. I think you are right, new members need experience first before sharing what they know by writing a topic. This will not only protect the value of this platform, but it will also protect them from unnecessary penalties if they write something wrong!
  9. This is true! Scammers are doing the opposite to dump the price of Talk tokens, but we can avoid them simply by convincing the moderators to update some rules of the forum for our safety and to protect the forum value. This is what they have to do so that we can beat all scammers! Scammers will never upload their real details (documents) to be checked! Though it may be difficult and we may lose some members but the forum will be in the right position. Also, It would be better if they'll assign moderators for each section, or at least 2 sections per one moderator! This would reduce their work and also would be easy to investigate and ban spammers!
  10. I don't think if this is a good idea because there are many scammers and it is very hard to confirm if the person is real sick or not. There are many fund rising platforms like Gofundme which can help anyone with different problems. We can donate to anyone in needy, but at the right platform so that to avoid scammers.
  11. Maybe try Bitcoin faucets if you're patient enough to earn 20 Satoshi after every one hour! Check Faucetpay microwallet and you will find many faucets there. But I know one mobile game ( Cryptopop) it pays ETH, at least it pays good compared to faucets.
  12. Very useful steps that anyone has to follow to become a good trader, I have lost a lot in the begining because I thought trading is something easy to make money quickly. It needs a lot of preparations to earn from trading, not only capital is needed but good strategies as well.
  13. Apart from collecting coins we should also learn the best trading strategies because trading is not only about capital, but knowledge as well. Doesn't matter how much capital you have, but without knowledge and good strategies you will lose all. Wishing you a good luck in this year!
  14. Of course, I can say that. Bitcoin is better than other coins because it has the power to influence many of those coins to pump or dump together! I never saw a coin that influenced Bitcoin to pump or dump together but I see many other coins pump or dump depending on BTC price.
  15. This genius changed my life too :) Those who believed him through that post and bought his coin they were the luckiest, but I believe there were many people who thought he was just a scammer and they avoided him but later they regret.
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