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  1. @rekter Of course, the best way to avoid these people is to block them immediately. As you said these people have very short conversations, it's absolutely true! Their conversations can also be very persuasive to a person who is not careful so it's best to block them very fast.
  2. @Whited35 No way! How do you always get these info so early?! I already joined brother, thank you so much. But there something i didn't understand, when i connected my Morpher account with Metamask, after some time i saw i have one ETH !! First i laughed and then i transfer it but i received nothing πŸ˜‚ i really don't understand.
  3. You are right my friend. This is still happening to many members, a lot of them only replies topics in the top sections or they submit theirs in those top sections. There are many sections which are beneficial in this forum, a lot of us we are missing opportunities in sections like bounties/airdrops, referral links, tokens/coins talk, tutorials, DeFi and all other sections. It's like you live in a house and you only wake-up from your room then to the kitchen because there is breakfast, you visit the sitting room because there is a PlayStation, and you visit the pool-room in the outside! You forget other important things like saying hi to your relatives, parents and etc. So we should visit all sections, every section is important and that's why the moderators put them here.
  4. You are welcome @Bidro 1. Your earnings depends on comments and likes that you receive in your articles. There are some unknown members called "Super users" if you received 10 comments in your article, 2/3 comments may be from super users and the same to likes. So you will see your points increasing automatically. 2. To be honest, boosting articles in readcash is the best thing but at least your boosting amount should be $0.5, 3.5% of views and from 10 hours. Maybe you can earn some good amount depends with the kind of article that you wrote. Also boosting amount it changes every time, so be careful because you may boost for $0.07 per click and after 5 hours the boosting price can drop to $0.005 per click! The good amount to boost is from $0.005 - $0.02 per click (not bad). 3. I will share you two pictures, before i boosted an article and after i boosted an article. Before i boost After i boost As you can see in those pictures, i post an article and boosted it for $0.86 in 10 hours and i earned $2.6 for that article! Yo see $1.21 in my wallet it came from the same article i boosted for $0.86 so i made a $2 profit in 24 very easily. Now imagine if you have wrote a very constructive article maybe two of them and you boosted them for $10 hours!
  5. Damn! Tipping bot is better as well. It tipped my old article twice so apart from points i earned $1.16 easily. See here in the pictures
  6. This is another good opportunity and i have to join it quickly because i missed UNI πŸ˜‚ i don't know if their KYC is easy or hard to pass but am going to try it and if it's good i'll share it to RC.
  7. My friend @Honny143 you are welcome. In the old campaign, forum cleanup happened several times and a lot of useless posts were deleted at that time. It's true we may face this again because there are members who have created multiple accounts to earn more in BTC payments. @rekter I completely agree with you! I see this every day on the report page, many posts which are been deleted are new posts because there are some members who are copying old posts or are writing low-quality posts. So you are right, maybe for now they deal with new posts than old ones. @benalmoh88 Yep, the withdrawing button can not work for some days if there will be a forum cleanup. So we should be careful to write quality posts because in a forum cleanup we can lose many posts if are not useful.
  8. @Mike1515 I appreciate, brother. Just be good at reading prices for those coins in the market and be an active day trader then you will earn good profit. You can use Robotrade and you will never miss any buying or selling point even if you have an office job.
  9. You are welcome @benalmoh88 i always use something myself before i share it with other members, so don't worry and have peace. You can try it and as well, more hard work more money.
  10. @Digital Well explained, friend. There are many experts in this forum and that's why i made this topic. A lot of members thought senior members are experts in everything but that's not true. Am glad you explained about a full stack expert.
  11. Sure. It happened to me, many of my posts were deleted in the previous campaign and each post that was deleted was gone with their reputations. It was a little sad because at that time getting even 10 reputations you would use even 3 days! @George10 You are welcome brother. We are all senior members and we have survive in all cleanups, so let's keep following the rules for the forum, respecting each other and writing meaningful articles so that we can grow to VIP together!
  12. @Raqeebzy Damn. I didn't think about my signature at all πŸ˜‚! Yep things may be hard because that bot will not tip all articles. Just give it a try, you never know! I joined there and things were hard to me in the beginning, now i earn from points and a lot of members they respect me there. You have manage to be a good member here so i hope you will make wonders in readcash!
  13. @Raqeebzy I agree with you. Beginners should be aware because former members we already know how the cleanup is. The only thing which a lot of members feel sad about forum cleanup (including me) it's because when a post will be deleted, it goes with all it's reputations πŸ˜‚.
  14. @Raqeebzy Yes brother! I earn nothing from upvotes in readcash, luckily points are saving me. Sadly, i saw a notification yesterday that they will stop giving random points but instead they've created a tipping bot (that's not good at all)! But how did you know my profile? πŸ˜‚
  15. @Ridam You're right. We should focus on writing constructive posts so that we can be safe, because cleanup can happen any day and at any time. Just like in the previous campaign, we will see a lot of topics asking about deletion of posts regularly. @Whited35 Absolutely! Moderators take action immediately after verifying our evidence when we report any member, am proud to have them. Multiple accounts (fake accounts) there are a lot of scams in this field but at least there are good members who report them every day and are quickly blocked! Sadly, there are even former members who have multiple accounts. @Madhuri roy Good question. Useless post is any post that violates the forum rules or any post that has no meaning! Example: Discussing about a faucet site with a referral link in About section, that post will completely be useless because there is a special section for referrals! A lot of members have been warned for that because in every section there are posting rules. Useful post is any post that following the rules for the forum, posting something meaningful in the right section and an exclusive topic.
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