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  1. @Biojay We have two payment methods from this forum which are BTC payments and Talk tokens. Reputations can affect our payments because your posts must receive a positive reputation to receive BTC payments, you will not get paid BTC if your post will not receive a positive reaction. But to get paid in Talk tokens, the sum of our ratings must be positive after 7 days.
  2. Good advice for any beginner in trading. Apart from what you advice, they have to learn good strategies before the start trading. Trading without learning will be risking their money because there is always profit and loss. We can't avoid loss but we can reduce it by good strategies.
  3. Well said @Gomez12 there are many scammers and they trap a lot of people with fake offers so that they can steal their money easily. So it's good to be extra-careful with such offers, make a research on any investment opportunity before you believe it 100% and put your money.
  4. You are right @Olivia Joseph by using a tag will be simple to ask anything to old members or expert members in something. Now i see a lot of members are tagging other members in their posts and easily they get support on what they want. we just have to use the tag in the right way so that we can avoid punishment like using tag for begging reputations.
  5. Thank you @yulitzacalvete. Tagging a member in a topic is good when you have a necessary reason for your tag. Its good because a tag will notify the tagged member immediately when you submitted your post. If you have asked for a support from a member or anything else, notification will be seen easily with that member you tagged.
  6. Litcoin is a good currency, it has generated a good profit to many people in this month. A lot of people including me we were holding litecoin but we thought the price will end at $73 maybe, but it crossed $80 and we earn unexpected profit. But litecoin will not reach its 2017s price at this year which was more than $300, it is now going down and I am not sure if it will cross $80 in December.
  7. Damn! @Ridam Scammers have many ways to attract traders/ investors from different wallets to steal their coins, I guess some people have already be attracted with such offers and they have lost their money! We should be very careful to review such transactions so that we can avoid any scammer trap and lose our money. I am glad they targeted a wrong guy 😂😂
  8. @BrolySSJ If this really happened, then it's really bad. I am amazed to see such an act done by paypal to their client when they have already accept crypto transactions in their wallet! Maybe they weren’t ready to use crypto but they did it to attract more users, but now they are blocking their accounts. If this continues to happen, it will be bad for them because many users were happy with the news to accept crypto, but now they will be saddened by such actions when they do crypto transactions on their paypal accounts. A large percentage will hate paypal for this, so there will be no effects for crypto but for themselves.
  9. It is very bad to post a topic about something while you do not have a proper knowledge about what you posted. Its better to reply other topics than pushing yourself too much to write something that you do not understand, that can affect your account by receiving a warning point and later you can be banned.
  10. We can use any device to access the forum, Sometimes i use both devices to access my account, it depends with the environment which I am. Honestly, I am enjoying to visit the forum in a laptop more than visiting it in a mobile device.
  11. According to my experience, the only good way to make this platform better is to follow all its rules and to write useful articles, by doing that we will increase the value of this forum and it will be a better place for anyone to learn cryptocurrencies for free and safely.
  12. First of all you should not panic when you receive a warning point (this happens to many members). Warning point is to remind you that you did a mistake so it gives you attention and another chance to correct your mistake and be a good member. Warning points have time to expire, but be careful because when you repeat mistakes and receive more warning points can result to a ban.
  13. Write your post with many characters as you can as long as its useful to the forum members. We are not limited to write some number of characters in our posts (not less than 100) because sometimes you can have many details about something and you want to share it with other members, you are allowed but remember to follow the rules for the forum and for writing new posts.
  14. You are welcome @Younes31 there are many useful features in this forum which will help you in your activity. You will discover them day by day and later you will know all of them, just be a good member always so that you can have long time in the forum.
  15. Well said @Projectcrypto new members they just have to do a great work by following the rules of the forum and writing useful posts, and we will support them. The aim for this forum is to support each other so that together we can learn new things in crypto world, so let's respect the forum and we will enjoy together.
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