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  1. Actually, This platform provides that high leverage margin to the users. And we can earn large amount of money through this platform of the binance exchange. Always Binance Exchange gives us new things every time.I'm really happy because binance has good features and new updates for users to feel comfortable and convenient.
  2. In my opinion, binance is one of those exchanges that have a high number of trading pairs, it also has some good volume in all pairs which helps you get better price faster in trades. At the same time to seeing the many pairs of each exchange, we must pay attention to the volume of the exchange and their reputation, whether good or bad.
  3. I think from my knowledge about more than 1 hundred but every year new exchange is creating and many closing. Actually, the amount of cryptocurrency exchange is growing in the number day by day and I don't see that slowly down soon, has more people gets interested in cryptocurrency the more cryptocurrency exchanges will come.
  4. In fact, The scammer have very advance think because he always negative and try to lose every work and they know what is main point for strong purpose. And developer is a scammer because for scamming of hacking you need to understand how is the program works and found the solution to crack any program. In general,The scammers develop the different tricks through which they steal the users assets.
  5. Firstly, Thanks for sharing this useful information with us. Actually,it is very interesting to know about anything around the cryptocurrency and what you have mentioned on your topic is one of the things we need to take in consideration. In fact, Currency. Com is not only one which is regulated exchange some other exchanges also regulated in different countries according to their own laws and regulations of that county.
  6. In fact,There are alot of exchanges that make community voting you can use some of them and make giveaways for people who voted for you. And in order to list your coins you must pay for the fees which many of exchange fees to list a coin cost around $1 million. Actually Yobit has a big collection of unknown coins and Binance is one that exists already for quit some time.
  7. Actually, If you want to trade you first you must determine which exchanges you choose. I think YOBIT is a good, trusted and safe exchanged for doing trade. I suggest you to invest multiple coin or trusted prioject cause if you loss from a coin and oher coin make you benifit.
  8. Mainly, I am interested with bitcoin trading and investment but rarely I involved myself in bounty campaign.but now I am waiting for market growing. Actually, the market price of Bitcoin is increasing constantly and when its market value goes up to 30,000 then I will be very profitable by selling it.
  9. Thanks for sharing this interesting topic with us. If the referral links really pay I'm switching to trust wallet asap so that I can earn extra bitcoin from there. And I hope everyone will start referring for them to earn referrals reward from that. Bonuses from sharing your referral link, a big step that will increase space to join Trust portfolio.
  10. Actually, this wallet is very much secured and user friendly to use and pilot. And to create trust wallet, first download trust wallet app from play store. Then open wallet and click new wallet and trust wallet give you private key. After this unlock trust wallet with the help of private key.
  11. Firstly,Thank you for such amazing instruction about how to reduce transaction fees.This is better because if the transaction fees is reduce it will help to each member because we can easily have an easy way and continue transacting more because the fee is lower now. For example of YOBIT Exchange, Bitcoin withdrawal fees are very high. Everyone here must already know how to make withdrawals lower than Bitcoin, By replacing with another altcoin to make a withdrawal.
  12. Reen

    Incognito Wallet

    Actually, Incognito Wallet is not very popular and developers have not run the latest projects in recent years. In general, There are a lot of application for trading cryptocurrency. Blockchain wallet is one of the best wallet in the market. I love it because Blockchain is safe, trusted and secured.
  13. Maybe It would be better if we could create stronger materials for wallets like wood and iron because paper can be easily destroyed by water. In fact,Paper wallets are categorized as safe wallets for bitcoin provided you keep them in a hidden place and only the owner has access to them. But for me, I have never created any paper wallets for bitcoin. And I carefully secure my wallet.
  14. Actually yes , you can but before doing this,You have to send money to PayPal so that you will join it and then you will work there and the paypal will give you money in the form of bitcoin.In this way bitcoins can be transferred to your account or wallet easily. And then you can exchange your money with anyone. In fact, paypal wallet is most popular and secure wallets. And It is very useful wallet.You have easily exchange currency and coins in this wallet.I recommend you try it.
  15. Actually, Mining is good and profitable if you will buy mining equipment's which will cost you a lot of money. Because, you need constant electricity supply with good quality mining equipment. For me,I have avoided mining activities due to several irreversible hardware damages. And there is no other genuine way to do this using only software.
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