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  1. In the current market situation, holding is the best decision, especially if you don't need urgent funds, and could still have a living with your current fiat money. When you hold, those coins (bitcoins) could have double its value in no time, since the market is volatile, huge dumps in such as short time signifies that it could also pump back to that price.
  2. It must be also noted that the bitcoin halving is not guaranteed to bring the prices up. This note is to prevent innocent investors on losing huge percentage of their investment funds. Always invest and trade with risk, especially on Bitcoin's decentralized, unregulated market.
  3. If they need more knowledge, then they are not pretending to be a newbie, they are already one! I don't think the topic actually makes any sense though. Too much contradicting ideas.
  4. Mostly, since the topic could be read by more people rather than a reply (that could get buried by more replies). And please, do not do this. Reputation should only be given for quality-made content, such as an analysis. People could agree to you but giving you a good reputation is not necessary at all.
  5. While we may see real time data about the halving, the exact halving date and time isn't gonna be likely the time of the bull run, and so such timers are quite useless, but is still nice to have. The bull run triggered by the halving mostly occurs months after the exact halving.
  6. There are certain sections in the forum that does not count as "useful", and therefore are not paid. Off Topic section is one of them. Please read first all the pinned posts in the About Forum section.
  7. I hope that in the future, this could also be a marketplace. When the situation got better, and we have better members signing up in the forum, services and jobs could be posted here (as well as advertisements for the forum maintenance), to make the forum sustainable.
  8. A long post could have a single topic, just elaborated for the most detailed explanation. Beginners, if cannot cope up, are free to use the For Beginners section in the forum. A comparison analysis topic is an example of a long post that might be not for beginners, but would only actually make sense if it is detailed (similarities and differences), which would also make it long, but is necessary.
  9. Responding to each and every response made on your topic is just an easy way to earn those satoshis, while not really having any meaningful converations, unlike qhen you participate in other forum topics and discussions. Most likely, when you reply to all that replied to your post, you'll end up juat repeating the idea a multiple times, which is unhelpful and inefficient. Better edit the topic later (give an update) if you have any more ideas that could be read by every viewer of your topic, that was discussed in the comments.
  10. Sounds like a scam to me. First, they offer you quite a huge amount of bitcoins. A common scam technique to catch your interest, and would eventually lead you to their trap. They would also give you the sense of legitimacy by letting you experience trades (that might actually be fake). Which brings to the second part, the pay-first-before-use/get scheme. Also, having known that internal server errors occur, means that the site is not fully functional, and hints that it is only made for scam purposes.
  11. This depends on the context. Remittance fees on international fund transfers often has higher fees than some cryptocurrencies could offer. And the fact that your funds go through an intermediary that also requires handling fees, makes it more expensive to transfer than cryptocurrencies.
  12. @epidemia - Requesting to move this topic to For Beginners section. Basically, holding a cryptocurrency (coin) is already an investment. It just depends on what coin/token you'll interact with.
  13. Bitcoin is not illegal, hence people could hold it, but it is discouraged to deal with mainly because: 1) it is decentralized, which makes it volatile, and 2) the market is unregulated, and scams are difficult to trace and is everywhere.
  14. Though I don't have any stories, this idea could be related as well in the recent market crash. Now that we're on the low price range, this might be where "lost opportunities" might occur, especially if you have not been able to acquire or buy bitcoins at this relatively low price, and the bull run happens.
  15. They validate the transactions before it would be pushed through the blockchain. Whereas your title suggests, the blockchain itself is the one "who" records everything. Miners are only there to validate what the blockchain should record or not.
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