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  1. Doing surveys is the best way to earn online! Because it's doesn't take too much time! And you can improve your English with it! So in my opinion it's really great if we find a good website! I think in Inboxdollar is one of the best sites which pay us good amount if we do surveys !
  2. Yeah all of us noticed that ! because of the new strategy here ! it's perfect strategy ! because now we are just focusing on the useful content not to the numbers of content ! now I can say that the future is with Cryptotalk for sure ! Yaeh that's right ! also a new members has joined us here ! and I think that many members were waiting for this moments !
  3. Yeah for sure! We can keep working as traders with bitcoin and in my opinion, it will be much profitable for us because the price of bitcoin will be higher 😍
  4. Yeah you can also download some apps on your mobile phone! Like Gecko app! It's the best app to know about prices update and another Cryptocurrency news !
  5. Yeah and they will get paid after 1 weak! So now we have to work hard for making useful posts! To make people give us good rate on our posts and topics! I'm really excited about it! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  6. I think also now we have a great chance to store bitcoin! Because many reports talked about that when Bitcoin mining ends it's orice will reached up to 50,000 dollar! So as we know at these days we are saying about people who stored bitcoin at 2009 so I think in the future they will say we were lucky because we stores bitcoin when its price was just 9,000
  7. What Happens to Bitcoin After All 21 Million Are Mined? Do you think one time about this question? Do you know the answer? Bitcoin price will be higher or lower? What if we start holding our bitcoin now? there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins ever produced, and these are introduced to the bitcoin supply at a fixed rate of one block every ten minutes, on average. Moreover, the amount of bitcoin released in each of those blocks is reduced by half on an every four year schedule. Many reports talked about Bticoin price will pumb up to 50,000 dollar after mining processes ends! so it's really good idea to start holding your bitcoin if you don't need them for investment or even to trade! demanding on Bitcoin will be so big! So I think in the future we will be lucky if we still have more than 0.01 bitcoin !
  8. I think that we just can make 20 post per day because they say this 1rate = 1 TALK, max = 50rates/day 1post = 10 TALK, max = 20posts/day So 50 for rates 20 for posts I think we will enjoy our time in this new system! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  9. Yeah being fast is the most important thing in this case! Personally I make good profits from this hot! I think that no one believe it if they didn't try it ! Yeah, this is the idea! When many people enter and buy the same coin so it's for sure will pump! I think that the developer of this hot is a big whale 🐳!!
  10. This bot is free my friend! But you can buy it and it will tell you about the coin before 1 day! But with the free version of it it just well tell you before 3 min! So you have to be fast to put the order before it make the pumb
  11. Now it's fair to compare between the two forums! Bitcoin'walk: just paid for people who had good reputation! Crypto talk : pay for all members! It's just depend if they really make good posts or not! So I think with the new Cryptotalk Strategy people will forget all thing about Bitcointalk
  12. Bitcoin now is in a good situation! Because it's price now is in the middle! In 2016 Bitcoin has recorded the highest price in its history it wat 20,000 Dollars! In 2009 I think it was about 0.003 dollars! And we all know the story of Pizza πŸ•! 🀣🀣 The price of Bitcoin depends on demanding and asking .
  13. To be honest, I have tried it before and I really make good profits it's reached to up 20%! But I think if you are really fast with putting orders you will make higher percentage! Thank you for being carful about members here! ❀
  14. Binance Pumb Whales ! 🐳 Did you here about this bot on Telegram ? with this bot you can make more than 50% profits if you are really fast in putting orders in Binance ! This bot will give you the coin which is going to pumb before 3 minute ! So you have to be fast !! this bot is just working on Binance platform exchange ! Join now to it and make huge profits ! here is an example for how it works ! enjoy it friends !
  15. People who live in these countries are really lucky! Because their governments support the Crypto project! We all know it's really hard until now to make governments accept bitcoin because it might affect its economy
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