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  1. Thank you for supporting me brother ! and you said the truth ! good luck bro and I wish you all the best
  2. Thank you very much for your support bro ! I wish I provide something useful for you all ! wish you all the best
  3. I think if they can do that ! they will do that ! but they cant ! because BTC is for all ! not for one country ! this is the benefit of BTC
  4. Yes brother they are count the same ! so you if you dont know how to make a useful topic ! I prefer you to make comments instead !
  5. I think trading is very good for us because our capital will still with us and we can control it ! with trading we can make 1-2% profit daily
  6. I think that because something wrong like the post have to be at least 100 letter ! so if you make a post with 99 letter its not count !
  7. I think this post is very useful for beginners to know what the meaning of Dead coins ! thank you for sharing this with us !
  8. I am completely agree with you bro ! if we made all of these steps but we forgot to make it useful so it will never be hot xD
  9. Thank you guys for your replies ! I wish I made useful post ! I am really working hard to help you ! thank you very much for your suuports !
  10. Yes and thats what I am do bro ! I am working hard to help new members here ! thank you for your reply ! πŸ˜‰
  11. Yeah that right bro ! and I am completely agree with you
  12. Thank you for this tip ! I forgot to add it ! I will add it to my topic ! thank you my friend ! Thank you for your support ! you make me smile !
  13. How to make your post HOT ! and Trend ! Introduction You must have asked yourself how to make a post and become Hot, trend and on the popular now list! And who doesn't want his useful post to be above all! OK lets analyze things together ! How to make the post very popular! And why it appears in the popular now list! The post will be on the popular list and Triend for several reasons! : When commenting speed increases ! That is, when people commented to your post in a short period of time (example 10 comments in 20 minutes) When your post is new! Not on the forum before! Contains important information Follow people! So that you can also follow up! So when people follow you, they get everything new from you! When you learn something new through external articles! Post it here! It will meet a great interaction! Choose a clear and easy subject ! Encourages others to enter your topic ! Do you have any other tips!? Put it in a comment! Now you can notice that this topic being Hot after 1 Hour !
  14. Yes today someone has gave me sad reaction to my post ! and its very useful ! I dont know why he gave me it ! I sent him a message to know the reason but he didnt response me
  15. I have searched but I didnt see anything ! and I have searched in his profile and its the same !
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