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  1. This is awesome ! this is the first time I have ever seen like this post ! this topic has good tips for beginners to know their way in crypto world !
  2. I think you have to wait for few weeks because now admin and moderators are working very hard to ban all hackers and people who just copying from other's comments
  3. I think that many people prefer easy ways to earn btc ! and this way will take from us many time to do it ! there is many easier ways to earn btc like this forum !
  4. I think it's very hard and it's need more time than here ! here you feel like you are a king ! but when you work in serveys you feel that you are just an employ !
  5. I think it's still hard to legalize the cryptocurrency in east Asian ! because people there don't know much about cryptocurrency world ! so I think it's very hard to legalize something not know so much
  6. I wish that ! but mnay reports said that it's very hard to make bitcoin stand for ever ! we have to know who are controlling the cryptocurrency world.
  7. I will see and I will tell you about the result ! I think this is the best way to convert it to my Paypal account ! thank you so much bro.
  8. Did you try to withdraw your USD by paypal before ? please tell me this is very important to me
  9. Today I wanted to withdraw my earning " USD " by Paypal or creditcard but I didn't find this feature there is no Paypal choice here ! did any one know how can I withdraw to Paypal ? Thank you !
  10. For sure we all want this ! but to be honest this is very hard at this time because the situation of the world is changing day by day as you know !
  11. Because of the whales ! because most of them are buying bitcoin in this range so they will not make bitcoin to fall down more than 6000 dollars !
  12. if you scared of trading so you don't have to work on this field ! or you have to make a try to broke this fears ! or you can invest your coins if you don't like trading !
  13. There is many uses of this feautre ! you can put your referral link and you can put your topics also ! to get good reputation points ! you can use it like you want !
  14. My favorite coin is BTC because its the oldest coin here in this cryptocurrency world and it's the strongest coin here ! and I like it because it's price is changing all the time and this thing is good for traders !
  15. Thank you for this useful topic ! this is like the rules for all the beginners to make them know how can they make a good topic ! these tips are very useful !
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