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  1. Nobody can control it, even if you become the richest person in the world. And it happens maybe only for a moment will not last long. Because nodes are a crypto requirement and exist all over the world and you may not master them all.
  2. For me it's simple because we want big profits instead of small profits or even get a loss. And it also needs to maintain the stability of Crypto and maintain it in accordance with its procedures to become healthy digital money.
  3. You ask that is clearly in plain sight, this website's website. While no one else is paying as much as this website for all its conveniences. Average is a waste of time.
  4. From the many coins in circulation, of course, many people will choose the word top10 at CMC best coins will be good, but not also the main thing is the volume and supply demand that applies to the coin. For me it can any coin that will shine later.
  5. If there was a feeling that the faucet offered something like that with the need for KYC, it would be very clear that very few people would register and want to use the faucet site. Except with a big offer maybe it's different and for some reason later.
  6. What will come after cryptocurrency, all I can say is that a new type of currency is created in accordance with its era and is better than crypto later.
  7. Because of legal problems and the law they can not accept that alone. And partly because it is for the good of the country later. As a matter of regulation, terrorism and inflation rates are the main reasons they have not been able to accept Crypto currency.
  8. It seems that no one guarantees security issues in our data for every website that exists at this time. Security issues are indeed their responsibility, but when it can be penetrated by other parties, where we guarantee we are and what we can make. Just surrender, hopefully not used for bad things.
  9. Not really, there will be times when Crypto will be left behind and not used anymore. Because the world always follows his era, so there is a word in turns.
  10. For now and the next few years it seems like it will be difficult. But it can happen, if there are events that make Bitcoin fall on the market. Bitcoin is currently too difficult to pass.
  11. It feels that it is for the sake of yourself, where by holding it is expected to get greater profits.
  12. People always say no one can replace the position of Bitcoin. Though it is the words of his own expectations who want to get a big benefit from it. Why do I say like that, because he/she knows his/her ability to own Bitcoin won't be as much as Altcoin's.
  13. If studied and examined carefully I can say, Crypto is financial system for the future and and is very good for sustainability in the future. Not because from just the technology but from what Crypto can bring for the world.
  14. Yes it's true that no one can succeed in an instant. And for the word the richest person in the world is trder I don't think so. And I don't have a dream like you say, because my dream is not just to dream, but my dream is success that is supported by effort.
  15. If the results generated from Crypto are better than the work I undertake, yes I will leave my job. Because results and calm are the main things in our lives.
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