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  1. Hi mate, in accordance with the rules of this forum all post should be useful and constructive and related with cryptos. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi mate, I have the same experience last month and you don't have t worry about that. I received mine last time and so you'll have yours too.
  3. Hi mate, I started at 2019 and I consider it useful for at least I am earning and at the same time I am learning from crypto world.
  4. Hi mate, yes I am buying through visa card in middle east and it is working. I am still looking for cheaper fees though. Hope there is more lesser fees.
  5. Oh my goodness! I never knew this one.. How I wish I bought some tokens on that time, anyway I will be more keen in checking those tokens next time. Thanks mate!
  6. Thanks mate, yes it is indeed a part time job only. I am rendering at least 4 hours in daily basis at least I can be active in this forum.
  7. Hi mate, bitcoin was just being known because of platform where most of the people nowadays are using to pay gcash, eleactricity bill and etc. New generations now started to acquire knowledge in cryptocurrencies too for it is an extra income in the Philippines.
  8. What I really like from this forum is that I learned a lot from other people, not only by trying to earn but also trying to share my experiences and my knowledge to those who ask for it. Bitcoin change how see life and I know it change others too.
  9. To be honest mate, some of that I'm not even familiar with and thank you for giving me an idea. I will check with those and probably will do research.
  10. Hi mate, yes you are correct with your suggestions and everyone should be more aware now with what they are posting. Thanks mate!
  11. Hi mate, there are lots of wallets but if you want it to be more secure then in my opinion get a hardware wallet so that your cryptos are more secured not to be hacked.
  12. kimberly24

    Why remove?

    Hi mate, ,might be your post is not inline of the rules and guidelines in this forum or just simply not useful. Just try to check the forum's guidelines for your reference. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi mate, you can check your balance on telegram where you got your airdrop as well. It will be activated on 28th of January so just hold on.
  14. I personally learned a lot from this forum and I even spread and told my friends and family about this amazing forum. I am lucky to have found one that is legit.
  15. This issue happened today too and I cannot even open Cryptotalk, only yobit. I hope that it will not happen again tomorrow so that I can post and read some post too.
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