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  1. Hey guys yesterday i maid a post and most members ask me that if they can replay on a post more than once, and they think that replaying on one post more than once is against the rules of the forum, and they think that they get paid only one times no mater how meany replays they maid. that's not true Commenting and replaying on your post or others post more than one times is possible its not violating the rules and you will get paid for each replays and comments that you maid, I think some members know this but there are still a lots of members who don't know this works, this post it for them. good luck
  2. Hey guys, we all complain about posts getting deleted, but try this thing and you will thank me letter.. just make good posts about 5 posts per day, and replay to all comments that have been maid to your posts and don't avoid all comments. and you will see what i am talking, but make sure your post is good enough to not be deleted at first, in this way we all make good posts, our posts deleted because we comment on every simple posts, so if we make good posts and replay every time we receive notifications we can make this forum good again. see the screenshots that's my notifications and all comments are maid on my post that i have created and there are about 18 comments on my posts and i make 18 replays to them, and the posts are maid different days but still get comments and i replay to them and i decrease my posts from deleting. if you have any question you are welcome
  3. Hey guy, how all are you doing, yesterday i post "tricks how to get referrals" on the "tutorial" section and only one person commented on the post, my question is why are we only interested only on some sections, why don't we post and comment on other sections, we all can see that when a post maid on beginners section they get so meany comments with a short time even a useless posts get so meany comments, but there are so meany best posts on other sections, take your time and try to watch other sections. thanks.
  4. Hey everybody, we all know earning a lot of money from free sites is harder, but if we have a lots of referrals we can get good money, and the easiest way to get so meany referrals is by using ptc sites, we can advertise on ptc sites its easy and don't even have to deposit any money t the site we can earn from them and we can transfer the funds to advertising wallet and we can advertise our links and ppls will use our referral links to. we can get 1000 users for 10,000satoshis, but you have to know the trick, don't advertise sites that are already known try new sites to advertise. And we can use the same trick for youtube views, and if your video is best then you may get a subscriber. but don't use ptc sites like adbtc, because users don't stay on the opend tub till its finished, use sites like cointply, or ojooo, good luck.if you have any question you are welcome.
  5. Hey guys, how all are you doing?! I have a question, i think we all know the binance trade site "Expert option" it also have an app, tie minimum deposit is 10$ and i see a lots of ads about this site and i try to search about it, some users say its legit and paying, some says the minimum withdrawal is 150$$ and some says its scam, i am too confused! what did you think?? do you guys have any idea about this site?
  6. Hey guys i think we all see this nonsense member who copy and past comments and make posts again and again, the forum ban some country's because of them, but there are still some members who are still doing this things and this thing is affecting the forums quality. so we have to do something to stop them. at list don't ignore them tell them what to do, i don't wont to lose this forum. thank you
  7. Hey guys, how all are you doing... let me ask you all something. We all know so meany ways of earning Bitcoins, and we all tried each of them, but which ways of earning did you prefer? and which method is so easy for you to get so meany coins... mine is Faucet, PTC, trading and Sport betting its the easiest way to get so meany coins. what's yours??
  8. Hey everybody, in my country one bank starts to receive paypal money and i wont to sell my bitcoins and receive my payment to paypal, is there any way that i can receive my payments on paypal pleas tell me, thank you all
  9. Hey guys when i mead a post i need members to quote the post so i can see there idea about my post, but most of the comments on our posts are not quoted so i can't see meany comments because i can't receive a notifications, so please when you comment on posts just simply quote the posts so that the person can see your ideas, thanks
  10. I have posted on this forum so meany times, most of my posts are about faucets and mobile apps to earn free coins, but most comments on my posts are "faucets and mobile earning apps, and also ptc sites are wast of time and they just tell me they don't use free earnings, i don't know about them but i start my first earning from faucets and still i am using it. what did you say guys are faucets and ptc sites, mobile apps are wast of time?!
  11. Hey guys why are we not reacting to posts, i mean it doesn't cost us anything, if the posts are useful why giving thumbs-up, i think the reaction we can give limited per day so pleas guys use it to encourage members who posts good things, and sorry to say that but don't use the sad react and discourage the members it makes us feel sad and scared to post again i know there are members who post things that doesn't make canes but just ignore them and encourage those who deserve to be encouraged. thank you all for your time
  12. Hey guys starting from few days ago i don't get a notification on my profile and my react increases but didn't get the notification i check if i disabled the notification by accident but i didn't, guys pleas help.
  13. Hey everybody, how are you all doing?!! i have been posting in this forum for about 3 weeks, and all i see is members talking about trading, and to bad for me i don't know anything about trading pleas can any body teach me how to trade on "yobit" with bitcoin.
  14. Hey everybody, how are you all doing??!! i was surprised when i see that "YOBIT INVESTMENT" did you know you can invest your coins on yobit and earn interests, i invest bitcoin but the interest is about 0.1% per month yeah to low right but let it bring you some money tho!!!
  15. Hey everybody, i brought you these legit paying app you can earn free bitcoin-cash for free just hit spin then you will earn minimum withdrawal is 0.00001 and have 0.000005 withdrawal fee and yeah ITS INSTANT WITHDRAWAL, just try it, happy earning. link................ use these code to earn 50 bch satoshis ............"SWR-LEN-RLW-DLC"
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