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  1. Yea its still working, but they are hard to get profit from them, they have high mentenanse fee, i prefer novoo its better than genesis
  2. Its not recommanded any more, the price is increasing and when you search about it most blogs say its so hard to get profit from mining with regard of electric bill and internet fee.
  3. One member posted that the minimum withdrawal is 50$ and after he rich it they ask him a KYC verification and they reject it, is it easy to withdraw??? thanks
  4. Of course the bitcoin we are using are collected and by mining, and you can mini your self just use your pc, or buy a mining rig and you will use a GPU or CPU to mine it. try to search it on chrome
  5. I prefer a mining rigs, graphics card don't work that much and you will defiantly destroy your pc, instead buy a mining rig and let them work 24/7
  6. Don't think about mining with your phone its not possible with power of the phone, if you won't cloud mining there are some sites like nuvoo hashfox, and hashflare, but still don't prefer it, instead try to learn trading.
  7. kirubel

    Mining Bot

    Yeah i never see legit mining bots, they are all scams, and if all of them are created by other developer then that means they are working for other person.
  8. Hey all clooud mining sites are like this, in order to get good profit you have to buy high mining power, and there is no life time mining site, if they say its life time then that means they are scam, 1 year is good.
  9. I never tried cloud mining, i used to interested but they need good calculation and you have to buy high mining powers n order to get good profit, i know a little about genesis but they are so hard to get profits and you need to purchase good money to get profit.
  10. There is an app for it, try to search it on playstore or appstore, home workout, actually its pritygood app try it.
  11. You can use coinbase wallet or blockchain wallet they have trading, or you can use coinpot it have no fee for exchanging.
  12. This is what i am talking about, something is better than nothing, based on the work effort its good to use them, i mean every hour only clicking clam don't take that much time.
  13. So you didn't get your withdrawal right, what was the problem, is it from you or from them, actually this is what i wont to hear, thank you so much or helping.
  14. You are right everything have a risk, i will try it and i will update to you guys, thanks
  15. Yeah its legit cloud mining app, and i am using it, but where can i exchange the coin???
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