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  1. I think those that are actually holding XRP they are the ones that's expecting bullrun to happen on XRP coins, although some people are waiting to see the bullrun before they can invest on xrp.
  2. Yes different exchanges has experienced one or two Bitcoin hack experience especially binance and many others that experienced the hack could not even survive the heat and crashed.
  3. Cryptocurrency transactions can be traced since there's a proof on how the transaction went from the website you are transacting with to your wallet or the third party wallet in can actually be traced.
  4. I don't really buy the idea of Bitcoin mining because you cannot even huge amount in an hour using your mobile phone is always with conditions before you could withdraw, for me I don't think Bitcoin mining contribute to the increase of Bitcoin.
  5. Buying Bitcoin with cash can also be good but when it comes to buying it from person in the exchange especially on pooldax, hope is going to be save buying it with cash since we can use our cryptocurrency to buy btc and sell to btc which enables us to cash out.
  6. There are many advantages that are there in Bitcoin investment or adoption for the facts that you can make transactions with Bitcoin and use Bitcoin to pay for goods and services, and actually make a living with Bitcoin.
  7. It was difficult for Africans to accept cryptocurrency at the initial time but currently you can see alot of Africans embracing cryptocurrency individually since the government cannot see the opportunity digital currency brought.
  8. I have not really invested much on cryptocurrency every month, because most of the cryptocurrency value are actually high, but I always investing on new cryptocurrency project.
  9. I think there are procedure to follow before converting your cryptocurrency to real money, you can buy Eth with your coins in order to be able to sell it to real people who will pay you real money.
  10. For what we are seen in the cryptocurrency market currently can it be the bullrun we have been expecting since last year, what do you think based on the current crypto market position.
  11. I think now that cryptotalk are still paying and active let's also benefits from what is obtainable now so let leave weather pay per post in cryptotalk will end.
  12. For a long Period of term I have not actually Trade with usdt pair but what I usually do is to sell directly to eth instead of pairing with usdt in time of trading.
  13. Using this website to earn money requires you to register first on cryptotalk and also do same on the yobit Exchange after that You need to make max 100 post in order to start earning by pay per post.
  14. I have seen people who soly depends on cryptocurrency investment that are actually left a day job because of cryptocurrency project, for me not everybody will be able to leave their job for cryptocurrency.
  15. I don't think there's anything that can be enemy to cryptocurrency apart from too much scam project and cryptocurrency hackers, the government can also be considered as the biggest enemy of cryptocurrency.
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