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  1. Telling somebody to leave cryptocurrency market is in different ways maybe the person that's telling his friends to leave crypto doesn't like his friend reason been that he doesn't want his friend to have same information it's getting out off crypto market, it could be out of jealousy.
  2. Trading is better of in earning quick money in cryptocurrency project because all other source of cryptocurrency earning is that quick it takes gradual process to be able to gather enough money to become rich and other things you need to know about crypto is that you need patience to become rich with cryptocurrency.
  3. I don't think there's any danger investing heavily into cryptocurrency when you choose the valueable coins listed in exchange but you must invest just in a particular project, that means you can choose different cryptocurrency to invest on instead of one, in case if there's lost the rest can be backbone.
  4. I started the cryptocurrency journey in the year 2020 after a friend introduced me into the cryptocurrency communities where I started participating in crypto bounty and airdrop giveaway
  5. That's why in order not to continue making such mistakes while transfering coins to your wallet or to somebody else, you need proper recheck before you can carry out any transaction, I know that many newbie in the crypto market has actually made such mistakes in the past.
  6. Cryptocurrency trading and all order digital market, I think all of them play's with our emotions as a trader, anger comes as a result of lost in crypto trading but it's your ability to over come this ten topic helps you not to continue in your anger even when you lost trade.
  7. That maybe possible if the cryptocurrency market shows sign of improvement and continuous to grow that means there's every tendency that bitcoin will actually cross $12000 dollars this year 2020.
  8. I think people should go for knowledge in the area of Blockchain technology in order to be to know the use of Blockchain technology instead of going to the money expect of Blockchain technology that's the only way we can actually master the act of Blockchain technology.
  9. Am expecting that after 10 years the forum we have many integration with a better opportunity to learn and earn more money in this platform by increasing the pay by post.
  10. If cryptocurrency should be invested through video game there should also be alot of task on the process in playing video games to earn cryptocurrency although is a good innovation that cryptocurrency has bring the industry, but not everybody is comfortable playing video games.
  11. The amount you put into cryptocurrency market is for you to invest in order to make profits based on the quantity you are able to buy not actually to manipulate the price of cryptocurrency, if you invest 50BTC in some altcoins you can cause an effect of the price of that particular coins to go up.
  12. The US government is a people that don't just want their citizens depend solely on them I think that's why it's allowing their people to participate in the new development cryptocurrency has brought to gain financial freedom that's why the cryptocurrency ATM is allowed in the State, but other country want their citizens to depend on the government to provide for them.
  13. If the price of Bitcoin fail to rise after halving, I think there will still be hope of seeing the Bitcoin halving in the present time to come, we also believe that bitcoin price will still rise no matter the delay, patience is always good in the business of cryptocurrency, if not we can easily loose out instead of gaining.
  14. There are different investment packages like you do investbox, that means when you put your money in the investbox, you get percentage on every investment in there in the yobit exchange that's the best way of increasing your investment on yobit exchange, you can also earn on yobit through the post by earn in cryptotalk.
  15. The government has not actually legalize the use of cryptocurrency in the state globally so for now I don't think the government has the power to collect tax payment in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency investment, although the tax payment will create more trust and conviction for the government not to kick against Blockchain technology.
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