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  1. You know why sometimes there is the time that you give up to using cryptocurrencies for trading?. This is happen because who reffered you to the cryptocurrency was told you that in crypto you be quickly rich. But if you look back in a days you are in cryptocurrency in two years but no any success. So all you have is to bring it on don't give up.
  2. Do you think if there will something be discovered which will work like cryptocurrencies in the future that's will be using for trading and purchase things online or physical in the future?
  3. What's do you think if the bitcoin price pump massively suddenly to $100000! Do you think cryptotalk will continue to pay us 1000 satoshis per post or how much will get paid?
  4. Is anyone here are blaming his/her self because of joining the cryptocurrency and losses a lot of money in cryptocurrency without recovering those money yet till this time?
  5. If anyone here has no any profit since he started to use cryptocurrencies in 2010 till now! I think its better for him to leave using cryptocurrency and do another works
  6. Have you ever thought of leaving crypttocurrencies one day in the future? Me I never thought leaving cryptocurrencies in the future but I will put more power in cryptocurrencies
  7. If someone offered to give you 1 bitcoin or $10000 at this time what will you choose and why?. For me I will choose $10000 instead of 1 bitcoin because I can buy 1.41btc with my $10k
  8. Is there anyone who were already expected this before when the bitcoin was made that's cryptocurrency will bring many opportunities the the cryptocurrencies users?
  9. What's your feedback to the satoshi nakamoto by bringing us bitcoin? For me I really thanks to that man whom one we don't know actually who is him, but I really appreciated on him
  10. Which ways do you guys use for the inspiration to the people about cryptocurrencies? Me I'm using the way to withdraw my crypto to fiat
  11. Have you ever done the big mistake while you are using binance that's leads you to hate binance?. Me my first time to binance I was depositing the totally of 0.0008 btc for trading while the withdraw fee is 0.0005 btc.
  12. Which exchange that's you were used but they were inform the news to withdraw your funds cause the site gonna to shut down, but unfortunately you get that news too late while the exchange already shutdown with your fund, what's was your action on that issue.
  13. Have you ever met with the scamming exchange that's has started for the only aiming of scamming people but end of the day they change to be legit because of good profit they got from users trading fees? Me I've already met with the gambling site that's was starting by scaming but they were change to be legut while they got many users also they were got profit, but end of the day they shut down the site.
  14. The exchanges platform they are usually got new customers just by starting free airdropes, bounties and give always, also for giving deposit bonus of some coins that's owned by exchange
  15. Do you think its safe to trade on the exchange platform thats has the 1% trading fess while when you place the order you expect the 0.6% for every of your trading order you make?
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