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  1. Sure cryptocurrencies is really risk, although it is profitable but you must know that's the risk must be happened if you don't know how to manage your cryptocurrencies in trading
  2. You can click to your profile and then click to the button that's says view your activities, so that's there you'll be able to see all topics that's you have already discussed
  3. Sure its good for the beginners tobbe asking from the expertise and got more experiences about the investment more than investing without knowing anything that's make them to be scammed always
  4. Sure your bitcoins are very safe with the yobit exchange, because the yobit exchange is the most trusted exchange. But all you have is to keep your privacy very safely
  5. When you just getting started to the cryptocurrencies world you'll need first to be using this forum, so that's there you'll got the idea about which is the best coin, wallet and exchange to use as the beginner
  6. Don't thinking about to be the earner only in this forum, that's so you will need to be posting or reading the usefully topics that's will help you in the future to your cryptocurrencies journey
  7. I think this is not the yobit bug, but this is the problem of your network connection to be slow, because this sometimes appears to me when my network connection is rag
  8. For now mostly of the copy/paste are the beginners because they don't know what's will be the impact of copy and paste, but the long time members its to hard to copy and paste others post
  9. The bitcoin price has been developed from 2009 to 2017 up to till now also, this is because when days comes the investors of bitcoin are increased so that's they give the bitcoin big worth
  10. Satoshi Nakamoto this man is rumored to be Japanese man who were creating the bitcoin in 2009. But no one who using cryptocurrencies knows this man face as well
  11. Everyone here who has joined into this forum they are liking this forum very much because if its unique services different with others forums, and we need this forum to live long
  12. This situation is not happened for you only but it is happened for all of us while we are making the useless contents, so that's we need to be making the usefully contents in order to be avoiding your post from deleted
  13. The cryptotalk payments campaign cannot become the full job in the future because this pay per post campaign is for the certain time only so cannot be paid till in the future
  14. The cryptotalk forum history is not that's high, because the forum was started about August 2019 I guess and it have the most loved feature that's users are earned by posting in the forum
  15. I noticed that's some of members here they are just chatting in PM and they make the contract of both of them to be following and giving good reactions everyday
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