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Found 8 results

  1. Hello my new novice friends, I know that most of you came to the cryptotalk forum for the payment system they adopt after the first hundred posts, but it is much more than that as the vast amount of valuable information inside the forum will have a great role in the growth of your mind and developing your skills in the future, so try Giving more time to review and build on old and new member posts to be able to move forward successfully.
  2. This topic will guide you on how to start receiving some notifications here in this forum or vai your email therefore, take your time and go through. As shown in the above shared capture follow step by step; 1. Press on the left feature circled in your account you will be redirected to the page showing the notifications feature press on it and follow the second step below. 2. Press on notifications settings at the right corner and you will be taken to the settings page thereafter follow the third step below. 3.Now all you need to do is begin your settings as you prefer to receive notifications either by email or notifications list right here in the forum and tick on option of your choice but you don't need to go for everything rather choose only those you would want to be updated on in general as I have shot listed a few that I feel they are important to me as shown in the above capture on point 3 and after you are done just press the save button,that so you are done and notifications will start to pop up in your account. This is a great feature that helps you to stay updated in the forum therefore, make use of it.
  3. Peace be upon you brothers, I have joined in crypto talk yesterday and I'm in love with it. Now, I want to know how can I exchange bitcoin to other currencies. Please give me some adcices. Thanks in advance.
  4. Your way in Cryptocurrency world ! I think everyone here need this information because it's the basis for Cryptocurrency world ! Lets begin ! Digital Currency What is the Digital currency ? An encrypted currency, a decentralized digital currency that uses encryption, in the sense that it is the process of converting data into a code, to generate currency units, and to verify transactions independant of the central bank or government It is a form of money, but it is a digital money, not like the tangible traditional currencies that already exist, but a digital money that is a code that spins several portfolios Among the forms of digital currency are Bitcoin and ETH , which are the two most common currencies in the world of digital currencies, and there are other forms of virtual currency, including Ripple, Dach and Litecoin. Digital currencies are decentralized, no one controlled it, have a public/Republican account record, and virtual transactions are integrated into the block chain, and transactions are conducted in a peer-to-peer network without a intermediary or third party such as banks Bitcoin BitCoin Bitcoin, a term that we used to hear, even in mainstream finance, is the first and most prominent digital currency that traders use in technology. Everything started when an unknown person, under the name of Matoshi Nakamoto, did. Design the Bitcoin as a P2P system without the need for any medium or central authority. Blockchain Block Chain is a form of distributed ledger technology (DLT), which means that it maintains records of all digital currency transactions on a distributed network of computers, but does not have a central ledger. Mining The process of mining in digital currencies is the use of the power of the computer you are working on, and the Internet to solve a mathematical equation, and document transactions, in order to extract encrypted currencies, which is to engage in documenting and recording transactions in the block chain using the power of the computer and the Internet Nowadays Mining process needs a lot of power ! Satoshi Nakamoto This name belongs to the Bitcoin inventor, the world's first digital currency, the largest in market terms to date, and is the alias of an unknown person, perhaps a financial firm or institution such as banks or even a country, but no one knows who this person is so far Wallet Like the wallet in your rear pocket, the digital wallet is used to store public and private keys through which digital currencies can be sent and received, and contains multiple pair of public and private keys. A digital currency is that it cannot be stored, but you only store addresses that belong to that currency. There are many types of digital portfolios, including the Internet portfolio, which are found on the Internet. The desktop wallet can be loaded onto your personal device, the phone wallet, which can be on your smartphone, and the iPhones or Wallet wallet, a device purchased through a company to save currency addresses on it, so that it is far from being compromised or stolen. If you have any good information could improve my topic please add it in a comment ! Source : bitcoinnews
  5. Today I would like to discuss something that you might be familiar with concerning the ratings feature on how to find out how many participants gave you rates on a certain reaction being it positive,love,or negative one as demonstrated in the shared screen shot. Reactions/ participants reacted; Love from 3 participants. +1 from 1 participant. +2 from 4 participants. +4 from 5 participants. +5 from 3 participants. Basically this helps you to know the quality of your topic or post by looking at the number of participants reacted on a certain rate for example if five members rated on -5 you will know that something is wrong with your post and need to improve or rather work hard next time and probably you will be motivated if the opposite happens. hope you have taken something stay safe and happy posting.
  6. Below are some of the aspects that can help someone to be successful in the journey of Forex trading,take your time and go through. 1. Develop your trading strategy. Developing a trading strategy is not that difficult and all you need to do is to use some of the indicators like MACD,MA and Ichimoku available at meta trader platform and look at the previous price movements on certain pairs or instruments it could be V75 and spot out some similarities in price movements like when the indicators forms a certain shape so that you know which move the price is going to after forming a certain shape and perfect your strategy in demo and once it gives good results you can apply it to the real account. 2. Exercise patience. Patience in trading is very important to exercise for example if your strategy doesn't show a good entry into the market that day don't trade but rather have patience while waiting for a good entry. 3. Put greedy aside. Greed has caused many traders to fail this journey of Forex trading and it's when you want to make so much profits that you end up using big lot size or start trading any how failing to control your nerves or following your strategy and at the end of the day you get nocked out and to be successful avoid this. 4. Make a daily target of profits. Don't trade anyhow but rather make a daily target of profits you want to be making for example if it is $20 then after archiving it leave the market until the next day,trade wisely. Happy posting and good day family wish you success in your trading journey. @Mwangi @Guru2050 @Dorjoy12 @gourav789
  7. Hello my dear friends, traders and investors today I would like to discuss or rather remind you on the advantages of using stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) in Forex trading. Below are some of the advantages I see to be very vital. Advantage of using take profit (tp); Take profit is the price level that you set or desire the trade to be closed at with certain amount of profit you are satisfied with if the trade goes in your favour. And this feature has a great advantage because it helps close your trade automatically with some profits even when your device goes offline therefore, make use of it when you are trading. Advantage of using stop loss (SL); Stop loss is the price level that you set to have the trade closed automatically with certain amount of loss if the trade goes against your favour or opposing direction. This feature has a very important advantage and it must always be used whenever trading because it minimizes the amount of loss to your account for example when you experience a network failure and the trade goes in opposing direction or sometimes you may be psychologically tempered with and fail to close the trade with a certain amount of loss thinking that the price will return to your favour and recover of which this doesn't happen sometimes therefore, this feature will help you out of that and always make use of it. @Mwangi @gourav789 I hope My dear friends here will help me on adding more infor to the topic. Happy posting, hope a little I have shared will help someone.
  8. Did you know that you can enable status in your profile and update it as you wish for other members to see or even respond to it now let's see how to enable this feature in a quick way as demonstrated in the capture below. After enabling the button just scroll down and press the save button that so,now you can update status in your profile. happy posting and I wish you all the best hope you will enjoy the feature.😘
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