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  1. I don’t think so that bitcoin will collapse because until now it keeps on progressing and known worldwide .. Though it fluctuating everytime it doesn’t mean that it will collapse .. bitcoin is established already..
  2. Thank you for this info but can you elaborate more which coin we will win in every spin? Add small detachment about it.. thank you
  3. Hi mates! Can someone Narrate me about the history of cryptotalk , where or how it started .. just curious About it .. thank you for your reply if ever ..
  4. On my side. It depends to a person .. some believe that crypto can change their live thats why they keep on learning about crypto and some also is ignorance about it they say its a scam or etc. m. So its depend to a person.
  5. As far as i know consist of 100 character should be and must be useful in order your post has a count and it took for me 4hrs or more to create 30pots because of my job also and knowledge about crypto world...
  6. Definitely yes .. unlike any other site like faucet, having a every slow of speed interms of payments .. But here in crypto if you are diligent in posting for sure you will earn alot here ..
  7. Yes crypto world is extent .. lots of terminology and strategy need to knows .. But one thing for sure you will earn in this platform ..
  8. I don’t think so theres a problem in having a same location as long as you will not use same ip address .. The main rule of the org is one ip address per account ..
  9. I just recently join in here this january .. Lots of thing needed to know about cryptocurrency world and think this platform will help us specially to all newbie in this forum like me.0
  10. Indeed! Promoting cryptotalk to our love ones or to those in need in life can make our society better by giving them and teaching them to make extra income can help their lives ..
  11. For those who are full time in doing it i think its not enough but for those has a job i thinks its enough , like me also for now cryptotalk is enough for some reason i have my job and i make cryptotalk as my part time and as well as a learning book for me .
  12. As long as no copy and pasting happening when you do your comment in the topic.. we can give our new idea about this open topic but it should be also relevant and meaningful to the given topic ..
  13. There might be instances that you will get be ban because of the rules of the forum one 1 ip policy plus there might also tendency that all you credential in your account will be hack or stolen . So be careful ..
  14. If you have enough knowledge in cryptocurrency world then you can.. But a piece of advise learn more about trading if you know already the strategy and all the terms of it than start to invest..
  15. Just wanted to ask guys . What if you reply to a specific topic few days ago and then you forgot that you already response to that topic . What will happen then?
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