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  1. greetings to you all I collect my profits on yobit, unfortunately I do not use it in trading for fear of big risks Getting profits from Cryptotalk is saving our lives In the future I can help the needy with daily profits
  2. Greetings to all of you Yes, you are right, the year 2021 looks good for trading, especially with the bitcoin price rising As for me, I will keep working on the forum a lot more I do not have enough experience to enter the trading process
  3. Welcome with me Good advice, my friend, to keep the forum clean from recurring topics We must use all the tools provided by the forum to avoid duplication, and distort the image of Cryptotalk among members
  4. Welcome with me How to find Binance's portfolio, financial services, and ways to earn it for free coins Unfortunately, the wallet is not available for trading in my country, I hope that you will remedy it soon.
  5. Welcome with me Pandagram, which operates a digital payment platform, has set up a medical mask production plant in Gyeonggi Province (near Seoul). The company is currently making two products: an air pollution resistant mask and a surgical mask, and says it will be ready to sell these items via its Android mobile app in April. The company image shows the mask's packaging, including the claim that the mask can prevent particles of up to 0.4 micrometers from entering the breathing channels The company states that discounts will be offered to customers who choose to pay using its Pandabit cryptocurrency, and claims to have already donated 50,000 masks to a charity called Good People, which supports medical workers and vulnerable groups affected by the pandemic.
  6. Welcome with me I see that you should work directly on Twitter by inviting more users to visit your page, enriching the content with new and interesting things, adding more friends and sharing the subscription link with them to your page
  7. Welcome with me Add to your topic the total dependence on the robots in trading, and the lack of knowledge of the trader at the time of stopping the loss or maintaining the gains.
  8. Welcome with me Thanks for your advice, friend, really, the topic is more fit in the tutorial section, and better than the Wallets section I will think and decide ... Thank you again
  9. Welcome with me A beautiful explanation from the supervisor of the reasons for stopping payment, with the need to always respect the rules It also refutes the shady words of some members and false myths about the reasons for stopping the payment
  10. Welcome with me We talk here about honest or real applications, the profit from them is slow and takes a lot of time and effort, you must work on all options available for earning, and the most important is to publish your referral link to achieve qualitative gains
  11. Welcome with me In my view, the most effective way to eliminate spam is to generalize the culture of reporting negative content to all members Everyone reports violating content within a short time frame we will eliminate the opportunists
  12. Welcome with me Forums, social media, blogs are all important to learn and gain experience in the crypto world Finally, you should experiment with one of the coding gain methods to apply what you have learned
  13. Welcome with me I rely on the site, we find in the explanation of the site the following: Check Scamadviser before you Shop Find all our articles exploring the world of scams. This includes guides on how to get your money back, how and where to report a scam and how to recognize common types of scams. We also have detailed articles showcasing different kinds of scams and example cases.
  14. Welcome with me This is called long-term investment during the opportunity of a low price for cryptocurrencies, patience remains necessary to wait for the rise, especially after halving, and celebrating good profits.
  15. Welcome with me The term fake airdrops has become widely known, but many beginners fall victim to fraud for their great desire to make profits and beyond the beautiful words full of gains from airdrops. Herein lies the need to search for the reliability of a symbol or currency before making an investment
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