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  1. This article was posted few months ago, I don't know if it is still true about that trading platform though as I never got to try it out.
  2. As I am an expert in trading, I barely participate in Telegram groups that post predictions of prices. Bitcoin is a huge example is it has gone up to 12K $ recently.
  3. I totally agree with you. We are the only ones that own good amounts of the Talk token and if we sell, the coin will lose a lot of its value. Think about if the Talk token is worth 200 Satoshis only, we will earn a lot more than we used to before.
  4. Hmm I will do that. I consider myself a very experienced person especially in trading on Yobit platform or Binance platform. I will share any experience that would be useful.
  5. I have seen some good topics get deleted which really bothered me because there was no reason for deleting helpful topics. However, I am sure the admins have good reasons for that.
  6. Yeah I have seen few good topics that gave us good advices here in Cryptotalk forum. I also advised people to buy Bitcoin back then.
  7. Wow! That's such a huge number to waste on a transaction fee! I have read the topic, but I didn't know the exact reason of this. Can anyone explain?
  8. Cryptotalk is the best earning place FOR BEGINNERS just enough for them to collect some money to start with in order to get to higher places in earning.
  9. Most of the useres are banned or kicked out of Cryptotalk campaign. However, I strongly agree that every single member should make at least one topic daily.
  10. Yes, it was helpful. I got to know a lot of new websites and services related to Crypto currencies and trading them to real money with earning commissions.
  11. Yes you can search for members by their usernames through the search bar here in Cryptotalk. This function is not new and it has been added since the beginning.
  12. Yes that's the internet. That's why we need to be more careful with the sites we use and the informative we share especially if these are personal and private.
  13. That's why I hope all beginners see my topic and follow what I'm asking for because they will regret if they make wrong decisions when they don't ask others.
  14. Thanks for sharing this information mate. I think I got enough knowledge and answers to my question. @epidemia sir please lock my topic!
  15. That's true. However, Bitcoin is facing some downs in the meantime because a lot of people sold their Bitcoins when it reached 10,000$ last Tuesday.
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