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  1. i will not prefer to invest on anything , you can simply trade with BTC and RUR or USD and ETH , its very beneficial these days with its up and down its running so great these days , if you have alot of budget then it will be more good
  2. for now i suggest you to focus on crypto talk only i you are good blogger then go for stemit, publish0x and bitcointalk too , but its hard to earn there
  3. cryptocurrency is fully banned in my country , i bet my family has not even heard its name , they wont understand even if i try hard to explain them
  4. it is said that first crypto currency i.e. Bitcoin was made in Japan , and most of the asian country is already accepting it but south asian countries because all of them are developing country and its not good for economy for south asian countries because most of them rely on remittance and taxs
  5. other forums kicks and bans the newbies for the minor mistakes but i see big opportunity for newbies on cryto world in cryptotalk and already dealt a great challenge to other forums
  6. great news there , i wish my countries government also have regarded on crytocurrency and considered some investment on crypto currency
  7. stemit takes time to register and also not much takes time establish if you are good content creator , i started using it few days ago and this site is still in development
  8. it will make easier for bank to govern the flow of the money on the internet , other crypto currencies makes them harder to trace em all , so most of the bank create their own currency
  9. yes it is really great site to learn trading but i recommend you to do good research on it , on web many people has shared their experience on web which is enough for you to loss , you are already losing some bucks on just trading course there
  10. singapore is very smart and forward on everything , it is very beneficial for them economically and financially and will be easy to trade in their country with this regulations
  11. it sounds so risky to invest in such cloud mining sites , it is better to have very trusted people around or it is better to have your real life friends around to invest on it
  12. bitcoin has history of having its price 18000$ its just 10200$ , by the ways a weeks ago it was 10500$ , it is just having up and down these days and not showing any sign of raising more
  13. i dont really see any profit on investment now a days , most of the investment offer on yobit are useless, its better to go with the trading , thats where the profit is
  14. yes rank tells other how much you are senior on the crytotalk and how experienced you are and reputation tells how useful, constructive and informative your posts are
  15. first thing you should have is knowledge, so there are many many topics that helps you to learn about cryptocurrencies just read make some research on search engines and youtubes that really helps you to understand everythings and you will also find ways where to start
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