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  1. yeah that non stability of cryptocurrency is pro and con both but all you should know about the reliability of the coins before you invest on any coin , yes it is true that bitcoin is very beneficial for the long trade but it can still bankrupt you with day trade as you can see current volatility of this currency , it is always a wise choice to invest on top currencies
  2. no it could be person or group of people who is satoshi nakamoto because on all the whitepapers of the bitcoins , the name satoshi nakamoto is been mentioned and also the username of bitcoin creator of bitcoin talk is satoshi nakamoto, so there is satoshi nakamoto anyway
  3. Hello Cryptotalkers, A famous personnel like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Apple, Kanye West, Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Uber, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, Cashapp, Uber, Justin Sun, Bitcoin, Coinbase, Gemini , soon twitter account is getting hacked and been scamming the people claiming to double their money , please be aware and dont fall in to that, i dont think there is anything to explain much about it, so im attaching some picture below : Source: Facebook & Twitter : https://twitter.com/PMBreakingNews/status/1283509287772397569
  4. No any government is going to replace the fiat with cryptocurrency ever or in any future , government always likes to moderate and control the currency of their, why would any government will ever replace fiat with currency while that currency's price is not constant or stable ? , why would any government will do it when they cannot track where their currency is flowing ?
  5. A good question you have got out there , lemme try to make you understand about it from different perspectives Yes its true that almost 18 million bitcoins have already been mined but after certain period of time and certain amount of rewards a new changes are made in rewarding system and thats called halving which makes rewarding into half now from no mining perspective : yes it is said that by 2140 all 21millions of bitcoins will be mined if the halving system doesnt goes under milli satoshi, micro satoshi, nano satoshi, soon now from forever mining: here if halving goes under milli satoshi, micro satoshi , nano satoshi, if the halving doesnt goes under such unit then only thats gonna happen if not then it will all be mined There are lot of theories about it but still not clear about it
  6. i dont think any miners will share their account of mined bitcoins with others and best and worst both thing about bitcoin is it cannot be tracked and is 100% decentralized
  7. I think that topic is for suggestion and feedback for the forum , the place where you are supposed to post for removal of your ban is here : Please fix that
  8. yes thats the way you can protect your money if your one account gets hacked but also have to consider alot of thing when its comes about money , like not to keep your crypto in exchange for too long because while transferring crypto security check is not entertained, use different device for crypto trade , wallets and different for personal works , never use public wifi internet, never save your keys on your phone better if you write traditionally on your notebook and keep it on safe , soon
  9. Hey there cryptotalkers, I have seen alot of users asking a basic things about crypto here and there in the forums made me realize that there are many people who are absolute beginners and some people who is having very hard time to learn about crypto, along with i am giving the idea that how to survive in cryptotalk as well Lesson for beginner when i was a beginner i spent my time to understand about the cryptocurrency in another forum and really wanted to get along with that forum because all i knew was i can earn from that site nothing more than that , so i started to observe what others are doing, i just start keep reading what others are writing in the threads but that was not so effective enough to learn about the crypto because post was made just randomly, so i thought im just wasting the time reading other threads because i barely saw any progression learning about the crypto, so i started to read article in the internet but at that time when i begin to learn about crypto there were not much articles that are helpful because you get lost at some point end up learning about out of your level , So what can be the best way to learn about crypto? in my point of view the wise option is to take the course about crypto , in my time we had to pay 40$ for courses but luckily there are some free courses too, which i have given below http://cryptodetail.com Here you can learn everything that you should know about the crypto start with the fundamentals and go through the courses and mostly asked question about Trading and Investment is also available in that site. How to survive in the cryptotalk forum? This is frequently asked question but i will try to make everything clear about cryptotalk below : 1. Rules : This is the most important thing in the cryptotalk, cryptotalk never bears the violation of the rules of cryptotalk, there are certain rules that must be followed by everyone are given below: CLICK HERE ! RULES OF CRYPTOTALK (This is just a basic rules i recommend to read every pinned post in every section before you hop in to any other topics ) 2. Sections : This forums is divided with the section for different purpose. It is well explain in the topic below : CLICK HERE ! TO GET DETAIL SECTION INFORMATION 3. Education : Its kinda funny to mention this point but surely you need a proper education to exist in this forum , at-least you should be able to understand English and grammar as well here, even if you are not good in grammar then at-least others must have to understand what you try to say , Just dont give hard time for other users to understand you 4. Knowledge : you must know that this forum is all about knowledge , you should atleast know about the basics of crypto ( i already mentioned above where you can learn ), if you find any topic that you dont know about , simply ignore that topic rather than writing non sense post
  10. that was your lucky day that you also didint got banned at that time because if you are unsatisfied with anything about forum then you should do it in the right section and right topic , you can see a topic ( CryptoTalk Forum - what to add? ) in about forum , this forum is paying people thousands of dollar just for comments you make and i dont think admins will bear making bad complains about forum in the wrong places just to make them feel down. Everything should be done in the right place and right time, Dont blame Admins they didnt make this forum for specific people its for everyone and we can see the progression of forum too.
  11. yeah i agree with you but still its the best for the day traders and long hodlers, its creating great opportunities for them and generally when bitcoins rise or fall even such fake partnership and news cant playing big roles over alt coins at that moment, no matter how much its price rises it cant get over the loss that altcoins are suffering
  12. Hello Cryptotalkers, If you are the regular trader then you must have known by now that most of the alt coins value has always depend on bitcoins, when the the price of bitcoin rises then the altcoin has to suffers or becomes stable and if the price of bitcoin falls off the price of alcoins often falls off. Now the question is when is the right time for Alt coins ? Here the answer for it, As you can see right now the price of bitcoin has been stable for weeks or months, its neither too hot nor too cold, longer the bitcoin goes stable its more better for the altcoin and in this current situation altcoins are just shining source : Cointelegraph as you can see in the bar graph of top gainer of past week , while bitcoin is stable, we can see big changes in the altcoins values. There are not any guarantees in fact as bitcoin could break down or break up tomorrow, but supported the way it's been trading as lately , we'd see some cover a healthy altseason within the short term
  13. not only for you but according to the rules of cryptotalk , they are worst content, i wonder why people dont have patience while , this forum is paying just for sharing your genuine ideas, views , experience and knowledge. i suggest everyone to take your time to post anything , atleast make your word true , worthful and meaningful
  14. i hope you are not serious about what you have just said , no matter what it is absolute useless coin, barely anyone prefers to hodl it , it will go back on it place
  15. the point you have mentioned most of them are interrelated with each other, first three reasons are the reasons peoples panic sell their coins and i totally agree with point 4 because when i was new on trade , i used to trade all the time like crazy and give lot of stress to my mind , if you are a day trader then after some few successful trade , take your time and enjoy real life, dont be crazy on trade , spend time meeting friends , watch movies or whatever suits you to release your stress
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