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  1. well done for taking your time on how to explain it to grand parents but after the retirement of grand parent they have alot of money on bank , yes it can be moderate through phone too but they are getting guaranteed amount of interest through it , and teaching them to trade the crypto currency is different job , yes we can explain them what is crypto currency but making them used to with it is hard job
  2. i would like to say newbie trader would do such thing because one who have been working with the crypto knows whom to trust and whom not to, here never take any new steps until and unless you dont do any deep research on what are you doing next
  3. i do saw some ad based websites that claim to give alot of satoshi to random regular ad viewers but its not guaranteed , they earn more through it and pays nothing at all and they set limit for withdrawal which takes you years to withdraw your satoshi , so it just doesnt worth it
  4. just dont trust any bots of telegram thats the only way you can avoid fraud , legit one are super rare and also keep in mind if you are working on crypto world then know that your capital is your power or others capital is their power , everyone seeks to get more here by anyways either trading or by investments and you should be the one to spend in the right place and earn , just dont throw it away on your virtual friends or bots
  5. as im also living in the country where trading with coinbase is banned, i dont know exact reason for restriction of the trading on this sites but probably because cryptocurrency is not legal so they kept this restriction
  6. simply any kind of trading is risky , its not guaranteed anyways but talking about margin trading its a stupidity and door to go to the street if you are lucky enough to get profit from it or you have some backup plans or real good friend who can forgive you debt then its alright , if you get unlucky , you are just bankrupt and on huge debt
  7. my suggestion is its just a waste of time , the time you spend on it doesnt worth the profit you earn from it , in simple word there are many thugs and cheaters on airdrops and pay you such a little payment , it better not to spend time to search airdrops and spend your time waiting to get them , i wonder if anyone is earning profit from it these days like you said
  8. ”Name” of campaign: Signature Cryptotalk username: Abiaan Link to Cryptotalk: https://cryptotalk.org/profile/207238-abiaan/ Telegram username: @Imabiaan BetFurynickname: Abiaan
  9. Just few years ago when i first started working with cryptocurrency, it just happened to me as well we simply lose hope when we get in to lose while trading , this days i dont involve in trading so much as im just a passive hodler and opportunistic now , a patience and smartness is the key for trading and for beginners do research and know what are you getting into before you hop in to the trading
  10. yeah that non stability of cryptocurrency is pro and con both but all you should know about the reliability of the coins before you invest on any coin , yes it is true that bitcoin is very beneficial for the long trade but it can still bankrupt you with day trade as you can see current volatility of this currency , it is always a wise choice to invest on top currencies
  11. no it could be person or group of people who is satoshi nakamoto because on all the whitepapers of the bitcoins , the name satoshi nakamoto is been mentioned and also the username of bitcoin creator of bitcoin talk is satoshi nakamoto, so there is satoshi nakamoto anyway
  12. Hello Cryptotalkers, A famous personnel like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Apple, Kanye West, Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Uber, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, Cashapp, Uber, Justin Sun, Bitcoin, Coinbase, Gemini , soon twitter account is getting hacked and been scamming the people claiming to double their money , please be aware and dont fall in to that, i dont think there is anything to explain much about it, so im attaching some picture below : Source: Facebook & Twitter : https://twitter.com/PMBreakingNews/status/1283509287772397569
  13. No any government is going to replace the fiat with cryptocurrency ever or in any future , government always likes to moderate and control the currency of their, why would any government will ever replace fiat with currency while that currency's price is not constant or stable ? , why would any government will do it when they cannot track where their currency is flowing ?
  14. A good question you have got out there , lemme try to make you understand about it from different perspectives Yes its true that almost 18 million bitcoins have already been mined but after certain period of time and certain amount of rewards a new changes are made in rewarding system and thats called halving which makes rewarding into half now from no mining perspective : yes it is said that by 2140 all 21millions of bitcoins will be mined if the halving system doesnt goes under milli satoshi, micro satoshi, nano satoshi, soon now from forever mining: here if halving goes under milli satoshi, micro satoshi , nano satoshi, if the halving doesnt goes under such unit then only thats gonna happen if not then it will all be mined There are lot of theories about it but still not clear about it
  15. i dont think any miners will share their account of mined bitcoins with others and best and worst both thing about bitcoin is it cannot be tracked and is 100% decentralized
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