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  1. I was hoping that Yobit would airdrop some Yochat tokens but I guess I was wrong. Yochat might be able to create some demand for itself and as it is not provided free like most Yobit official crypto, it might be able to maintain a stable progressive value. And earning from chats is another prospect which will generate demand for the token.
  2. I already claimed my Easy from the telegram bot. I was going for the free 1700 DLRS when I saw claim 777 free easy tokens option in telegram and I thought why not. But the token does not have any trading value right now and even when it is traded, it would only be worth few cents but it is surely easy free money.
  3. I do not think UNICEF is after earning profit. Its a non profit organization and maybe it chose cryptocurrency for transaction because it wants to lower transaction fees which can be helpful for the people receiving donation. Also cryptocurrency can reach out to remote places which are difficult to finance.
  4. Indeed, bitcoin is not the most used cryptocurrency in the world, it is Tether which replaced Bitcoin from the most used cryptocurrency. The market capitalization of Bitcoin is far bigger that Tether almost 30 times bigger but Tether still surpassed Bitcoin with the highest trading volume.
  5. On Friday Unicef announced its largest cryptocurrency investment in eight companies from seven countries. Unicef is funding these eight companies to support their work for local and global betterment. Some among them are working to relieve the sufferings caused by corona virus pandemic.The companies will use the funds to establish their startups and progress their work towards local and global betterment. Unicef launched cryptocurrency funds in October 2019 and is the first to do so among UN organizations. Since then Unicef has been using bitcoin and ether to fund startups that can benefit the youngsters and children. It made its largest cryptocurrency investment of 125 ETH whose net value in the current market is $28722.50. The value is small compare to other fundings by Unicef but such large transactions from reputed organizations help make digital lifestyle a reality. It took less than 20 minutes to transfer the funds to eight companies and cost less than $20, Thousands of dollars transferred across the globe to seven countries with a cost of almost nothing. The transfers made to the companies are transparent for anyone to review and all the donors can review the crypto transactions anytime in the blockchain. Cryptocurrency will make movement of value anywhere in the world less cumbersome and significantly less expensive. SOURCE
  6. The topic is misleading, you cannot call this a price prediction for the launch. It is just an estimate based on the previous payment system. But the thing to understand is that Talk token is a new to be launched cryptocurrency whose actual value will be known only after the launch. The price of this token will be determined strictly by market demand and total supply. It would be wrong to predict and compare the price with the previous payment system of bitcoin. The daily income can go many folds above the old income or might not even be half of what we used to receive all depending on the market variables.
  7. @rekter I think in the coming two months there will be enough advertisement and promotion for the token to stimulate some demand when it will be launched. Right now we do not have any stats to imagine what the price might be at the release. There has been no information regarding the total supply of token and marketing done for the token outside cryptotalk. We might have to wait for the release date or for the staff to provide more information. I am willing to make a purchase decision for Talk token if it actually proves to be of value.
  8. I have a question about the new payment systems. Is there any update on the sections monetized for payment ? Previously, the Bounties, Airdrop and Off topic sections were not monetized but with an update on the payment system i wonder if the rules apply the same in the new systems.
  9. Ironically, you do not even have Dice unlocked in your Yobit account. I am not sure but I think the Dice tab appears after you have certain amount of trading or when you deposit some assets into your account. You have a 50-50 chance to win or lose in Dice and if you lose some funds while gambling, you can only blame your luck.
  10. I think everyone should easily understand that Average rate means the average of all the ratings you receive in a day but anyway thanks for the information. I notice that many users still have confusions regarding the new payment system but everything is already explained in details by the admins, mods and some users.
  11. We do not need referral programs in Cryptotalk forum. If you want referrals then you can invite users to Yobit and earn lifetime commissions through your referrals but we dont need it here. Referrals will bring more fake and inactive users than good ones and the quality of posts will seriously degrade. Cryptotalk is a platform good enough to attract users through its features and offers.
  12. If you were missing for a month then you will be surprised by how much things are changed here. There is an update on payment and rating systems which mention the new means of payment and other details about the rating system and receiving the payment. These changes have been great so far. `Better quality posts can be seen in the forum and now we have the authority to moderate lower quality posts through ratings.
  13. An exiting update regarding topic creation and posting The payment and rating systems have been updated. The new systems focuses more on the quality of posts and provides an effective ranking system to ensure only qualitative contents are promoted and paid.
  14. I would not exactly call it a good amount of money but it is decent for trying an investments. Many times i am reluctant to invest in some projects but those projects with due time might grow bigger than my expectations. In such situations i can utilize the funds from Yobit. But i want more than just money from this platform, i want a platform which i can grow with.
  15. Its good that the trade will start from September 1. The token needs to be marketed and advertised to attract investors and it also needs to be duly planned to ensure successful market penetration. Think of these two months as an investment opportunity where you can collect tokens for two whole months. Or you can simply wait till September to start earning in real money.
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