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  1. We all are facing this problem too. Don't worry about it. It happen before also and resolved after one day. Hope that It will be resolved very soon.
  2. If you wondering about topic already exit in the forum or not. Go to search bar and search that topic. If that topic exit before you can find it by searching. If you don't find it you can create your own topic.
  3. Hi friend I suggest you to first increase your knowledge about crypto currencies then put some new creative and useful posts to the forum it will boost up your reputation.
  4. Hi friends I want to know that if our posts goes viral among the users. It is some how profitable to us or not? We will get some extra income from these posts.? Give your views to increase my knowledge. Thanks.
  5. DAi is a decentralized stable coin running on the ethereum blockchain. It aims to be always worth one us dollar. we can use them instead of US dollar. It has less fee then us dollar. If you find my post helpful just hit a love reaction.
  6. Hi I suggest to use google search. If you want to put something new on forum. You can search any thing you want related to crypto currencies on google and share that information to forum.
  7. It is Very simple friend. Go to your profile in yobit exchange. Click on the cryptotalk campaign and enter your email that you already entered in cryptotalk. You will receive email verify it by email. You will get UID on yobit after that your earnings will show there .
  8. True friend there is a need of more topics in the forum because members are increasing day by day. Competition is also increasing on posts. So administrative need to add more topics.
  9. I found there a lot of pleasant sessions and happiness because this is good forum to interact with each other. We can get good earnings and also learn a lot about crypto world. Are you agree with me companions?
  10. This is really good idea. If we are posting good, useful and creative stuff to the forum this is very profit able for us and also good for the promotion of the forum.
  11. I think its price increase and decrease too many times now round about 10000 usd. And after some time it goes up as it happened before in past.
  12. No friend your comment will not count.. If you have already post on same topic you can find black color on message Icons. if you not comment yet its colour is not black.
  13. Hi friend go to your crypto talk exchange In your yobit profile . enter your email address that you enter in cryptotal and submit. Then you can withdraw btc by sending btc to main balance you can take withdraw from there.
  14. Hi friend don't worry about that just click on the forgot password and get options to reset your password. It is too easy to set a new password.
  15. Thanks for sharing with us such a unique piece of information. This topic is really helpful and useful for new and old members. They can be successfu by using these tips.
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