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  1. You can earn by just creating a content related to crypto currency. Much better if you read the rules and regulations of this forum before doing anything else.
  2. You can make maximum posts of 30 every day, It can take to two hours. It is really easy to earn here in cryptotalk, you just need patience and hard work.
  3. It happened the same experienced in the past but this scenario is too much long. I do not know what is happening but i hope it will be back tomorrow.
  4. Yes I really agree with you, the most recommend nowadays is to make your every transactions cashless and crypto currency is really helpful to that.
  5. Just make sure the website you engage with is legitimate, do not give your personal information easily. I hope that this experience will be a lesson to everyone.
  6. I am thankful that cryptotalk helped me to earn money and I will continue to make a content about crypto currency because I really want to have an extra income.
  7. Yes, I experienced the same problem also. I hope that they will fixed it soon. Just be patient and wait I hope that the moderators will fixed it as soon as possible.
  8. All of us are experiencing that kind of situation so do not worry too much. It will be back to normal by tomorrow or in the next day, it happens all the time.
  9. We can boost up our reputation by just posting a useful and constructive content and you must not a spammer and low quality content poster. good luck!
  10. It is hard to look for free crypto, it is a waste of time. I prefer making money here than in any else. I prefer forums, investing etc. I don't believe in free crypto.
  11. Yes I really agree with you, thank you for sharing that useful information. It is very helpful especially to the beginners who are new in crypto. Happy posting!
  12. My best recommendation is here in cryptotalk because by just posting a constructive and meaningful content you can earn crypto everyday.
  13. Yes there are many ways to earn extra money, you need to have a gadget and internet connection. Here in cryptotalk it is easy to earn money. Happy posting!
  14. Yes I agree with you, in order for you to get a good reputation here in cryptotalk, your content in your posts must be constructive and meaningful.
  15. They are currently accepting members here in cryptotalk but the new account cannot link to yobit so it is non sense because you are not able to earn money.
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