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  1. Metamask is my favourite wallet. I am also using trust wallet, sometimes mew too. Appcoins wallet is also good one to use.
  2. Yes we all know that it is a major flaw and security risk in using crypto currencies. That is a big reason crypto is not being adopted by many of countries.
  3. Securing crypto is not a rocket science. It just need little attention. We could follow some of security measures to protect our funds.
  4. These three exchanges are good platforms. But bittrex and kucoin have closed their business in many of countries. So i only like binance exchange currently from any aspect whether security, volume, popularity etc.
  5. The major need of starting an exchange is to provide asurity about 100% security of funds to the people. It is very difficult to build trust in users of crypto currencies due to high ratio of scams and frauds.
  6. I have used Idex and etherdelta previously for some trades, but now i am thinking to use binance dex, which seems different and good to use.
  7. Many of exchanges have different currency pairs. Binance and yobit and bittrex i mostly use because these three have good currency pairs.
  8. Binance put bundle of updation and opportunities for its users and this is also a secured platform. That is why it is the most trusted and used platform.
  9. Although crypto currencies have greater benefits over fiat currencies but its also have greater disadvantages and also some of flaws can not be mitigated as well. So i dont think it to be fully imolemented by remving fiat currencies
  10. There are many of precautionery measures are availabke to avoid scams. We only need to understand the basics of scams and have to be very attentive in all aspects of crypto currencies
  11. Faucrts are totally a waste of time now. But faucrets were the great ways to collect crypro currencies 4 years ago. Due to increasing prices of crypto currencies faucets become useless. This is really a wonderful platform to earn good money which improves out skills too.
  12. Yes it is a definite happenings in near future and as per the adoption of crypto currencies happening we can aspect that we soon see many of online and offline stores will accept crypto payments as we as previously many of online stores have started this already.
  13. This is a act that dont have to be worry. The mining will be finished almost a 100+ year and we have not to be worried about it. Till then we are easy to use bitcoins and can get hundreds of benefits.
  14. I have many of small investment in siacoin, mft chain, bnb, trx, amd eth. But due to some needy purpose i have sell them at 5x down from their purchasing prices.
  15. I love to stake if i have enough funds as staking is beneficial over just holding a coin for longer term. If we want to only hold a coin and dont want to trade than it is better to put funds on staking, that will have double effect. But issue is to select a secure platform where we are staking our funds
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