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  1. 🌈 Lend new color to BetFury! 🌈🦄 E T H E R E U M 🦄is launched!'s a quantum leap on the wayto a huge multicurrency update.Cryptocurrency, which was so much awaitedby all our players🤤ETH becomes available to use for:🔹 MetaMask login🔹🔹Deposits/Withdrawals🔹🔹Playing any games🔹🔹Mining BFG(BTC) tokens🔹🔹Cashback & Referral bonuses 🔹🔹Receiving Staking payouts🔹Feel free to use it in all ways!We give you some time to get used to ETHbefore the great event🎉
  2. 💥💰💥The Biggest Win Ever💥💰💥Last night BetFury was robbed!By the most lucky user we’ve ever seen!Zoher caught X1000 multiplier in PLINKOAnd what's his win? It's insane!🔥10 BTC ($233 200)🔥This year is full of miracles!Dare to place a bet and enjoy huge wins!
  3. BFG(BTC|TRX) tokens mining depends on mining activity. This means that there is no 50/50 cap. Once BFG is going to be listed, BetFury team will provide a fair swapping mechanism. BFG (like a BTC) has limited emissions and an overgrown ecosystem that increases its value. There are 5 000 000 000 BFG. Once they’re all mined, no new BFG will enter circulation. Therefore, when all tokens are mined - it will be a full-fledged coin with its tokenomics and value. Auction is a game where users place bids in BFG tokens to grab crypto. This feature will remain a mechanism for burning tokens. The fewer tokens and the more its followers - the higher its value.
  4. The BetFury team apologizes for any inconvenience caused. We kindly ask you to contact the support service. Support managers here: and on live chat:
  5. Standard Free Box conditions are 25 Satoshi every 20 minutes. The distribution from the tap was 75 satoshi in honor of our birthday.
  6. Hello. The Telegram bot will help you to get answers to your questions or contact the Telegram Group or Life chat.
  7. The remuneration will remain the same.😉 If you have any questions about the Bounty, ask them in the Bounty chat. If you have any questions about the BetFury platform, ask them in the Telegram group or in the 👇Live chat.👇
  8. 🥳Happy Birthday to BetFury!🥳1st Year anniversary with $100 000 & 10M BFG🎈 are already 1️⃣ year old!During this time we have learned and achieved a lot.We're proud of our platform, team,and what is most important - the warmest, most active and big community.Time to have a Grandiose party together🎉🎡Make a Birthday Spin! - win up to 1 BTC🎁Open the Free Box with x3 increased reward: up to 5 400 Satoshi daily (one week only)🎂Try Birthday Deposit Boxes with up to 100% monthly rate🥂Compete for $3000 in Festive Battles every day🏎 Speed up in the hottest Slots Race 1.555 BTC up for grabs🎊 Make Retweets to take part in the Twitter Giveaway Valuable prizes + 1500 BFG daily🍰Get sweet BFG in the Bounty campaign on Cryptotalk 15 mln BFG in all social networks❗️All Birthday events except Bounty will last during a week.
  9. The rewards will be credited to your in-game wallets on Friday. Read the rules of each campaign carefully. If at least 1 non-compliance with our requirements is found during the verification, your reward will be canceled.
  10. Hello. Please read the bounty campaign rules carefully. There are all the answers to your questions.
  11. (0.000076(MINING PRICE) * 0,0199(house edge 1.99%))*13000(price BTC)= 0,0196612 USD - 1 BFG. - mining cost 1$/0,0196612$ = 50,8615954265 ~ 50 BFG
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