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Found 9 results

  1. Hello friends what about your reviews and opinions about these coins how much potential have in these coins tron bittorent wink ceo by justin sun i have almost 10M Btt and 1.2M Trx holding since 2018 please tell me
  2. Hi, considered this as first post. Anyone here is a TRON (TRX) fans, you might consider getting into the platform of a social media that rewards FSTER token. The platform never had an ICO, though such an early stage, you can trade the tokens already. What can you you expect on using the site? Just like the normal social media like the big tech (I would not named them, you know them) but it is tokenized. All activities are being rewarded. Emoji tipping, comments, post, creating group, joining group, blog tipping are just some ways you earn the FSTER. There is a streamlined version, but until further word from the core devs on the this existing platform, it will always be on this post. I cannot answer for what I don't have the answer at the moment, I just brought it now. The site is an advocate of quasi-anonymity, promotes freedom of expression, no censorship, no data mining, no spyware. You can post anything freely. Feel free to share your thoughts on this project. You may give a try the platform itself here>>>
  3. I have great news for crypto lovers & especially tronix TRX lovers, tron gets listed on polonix Exchanger, it's breaking Update of crypto today. Many TRX holders will now able to trade tron on polonix Exchanger. It will not have much impact of price but surely we will see some volume increase in TRX coin.
  4. Tron CEO Justin Sun indicated that they are developing a new stable coin which will be backed by TRX and BTT coins. This is quite interesting as a few months ago Tron had partnered with Tether and there are already 500m Tether in the Tron ecosystem. It certainly looks that Tron is really active and constantly developing as they've recently acquired Poloniex and last year the Bittorrent network. Full article here:
  5. coinex trading competition. For more info click here And Good Luck
  6. When I see the price of the TRX, which is $ 0.01 reminds me of the price of his work is the largest digital currency now and is the mother of currencies it is a currency Bitcoin, which seemed priced in one cent since its inception of ten years and within seven years of its launch reached the price of 19.400 dollars Is it possible to get the same Mutations in other currencies such as TRX or a mutation will not be repeated
  7. 🏗️ TRON Airdrop of EPICAL Tokens 🧰 EPICAL is a TRC10 token run on the TRON block chain and the native token used in the new TRON d'app game "Builder 3." Freeze EPICAL tokens in "Builder 3" to receive dividends in TRX paid directly into your TRON mainnet wallet every day. 🔨 Earn 100 EPICAL for completing the required airdrop tasks. 🔧 Earn 25 EPICAL for every referral that completes the airdrop tasks. Sign up for this airdrop _________________________ ~ COCOS Airdrop ~ Cocos-BCX is the platform for next generation of the digital game economy with a Game Engine, IDE, and blockchain for decentralized game development. Earn 80 $COCOS for joining the website and conpleting airdrop tasks. Earn 50 $COCOS for each refferal that joins. Bounty tasks are available to earn even more tokens. Sign up for this airdrop ________________________________ ⚙️ Botmargin Airdrop 📊 • Botmargin is a margins trading bot that uses A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) technology to earn profits from trading on 8 top margin exchanges. • $MTT or Margin Trading Token is the utility token for Botmargin and all other A.I. bots that are designed to trade margins. 📉 Earn 30 $MTT for completing all of the required airdrop tasks. 📈 Earn 5 $MTT for each of your verified refferals. Sign up for this airdrop ___________________________ ✴️ Bitrue Airdrop ✴️ • Earn 5 $BTR for completing the required tasks with their airdrop Telegram bot. • Earn 1 $BTR for each refferal that completes the airdrop. Sign up for this airdrop ________________________ ✴️ AEROTOKEN Airdrop ✴️ • Earn 4.75 AEROTOKEN for completing all of the airdrop tasks. • Earn 1.25 AEROTOKEN per referral. Sign up for this airdrop ____________________________ 💠 Huptex Token Airdrop: Round 2 💠 🔹Earn 5 HTX tokens for completing the 3 required airdrop tasks. 🔹Earn 1 HTX token for each refferal. Sign up for the airdrop ____________________________ 🌲🎣 Huck Adventures Airdrop 🏕️🍁 🏔️Huck Adventures is creating the world’s first social platform and reward system for the outdoor industry. 🛶The Huck app connects outdoor enthusiasts and content creators with each other and the resources they need to get outdoors and explore. ⛰️Huck donates 10% of its profits to environmental and outdoor recreation nonprofits organizations. 💰Earn up to 2000 HUCK tokens($10 Value) for completing all the of required airdrop tasks, and extra tokens for each referral. ⏳This airdrop is only available to the first 5,000 users who complete all of the tasks. Sign up for this airdrop ____________________________ 🗺️ GTSE Token Airdrop 🌐 ✈️GTSE (Global Tourism Sharing Ecology) is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. 🔹Earn 40 GTSE Tokens($50 Value) for joining the official GTSE Telegram group and channel. 🔹Earn 8 GTSE Tokens($10 Value) for each of your referrals. ⏳Hurry and join today! Token distribution begins December 20, 2019. Sign up for this airdrop ____________________________ ~ Golem Token Airdrop: Round 2 ~ • Earn 1050 $GNT($33 Value) for completing all of the required airdrop tasks. • Earn 310 $GNT($10 Value) for each of your referrals. 🛑5 Active Referrals are required to complete airdrop‼️ 💜Please put me as your referer. Thank you! 💙My Telegram UID: @AlexInWonderlands✅ 📍To join this airdrop please fill out and submit the Google Doc linked here:⤵️ 📄 📩 ⏳HURRY! Airdrop ends January 14, 2020. ______________________ ~ VianeX Airdrop: Round 2 ~ • Earn 100,000 $VIX($10 Value) for completing all the required airdrop tasks. • Earn more $VIX for each of your verified referrals. • 200 Million $VIX BONUS Contest for users with the most referrals. ⏳ HURRY! Airdrop ends January 10, 2020. Sign up for this airdrop. _____________________________ Join my Telegram Group for more airdrops, bounties, faucets, and FREE crypto earning opportunities posted daily.
  8. TRON (TRX) - это децентрализованный протокол на основе блокчейна, целью которого является создание всемирной бесплатной развлекательной системы с технологией blockchain и распределением памяти. Протокол позволяет каждому пользователю свободно публиковать и сохранять данные. TRON (TRX) - это что-то на подобии социальной сети, где пользователи смогут спокойно размещать, смотреть и использовать материалы для развлечений, такие как казино, онлайн игры и другие развлечения. Для разработчиков платформа TRON предоставляет возможность продвижения своих игр и приложений, связанных с гемблингом, то есть ТРОН выступает аналогом AppStore и Google Play. Разработчиками платформы TRON является компания TRON Foundation, учредителями которой считаются граждане Британии сэр Тим Бернерс Ли и Джастин Сан. Последний, по версии журнала Forbes считается тем человеком, который может сравниться с основателем Алибаба. Больше информации о команде и инвесторов платформы можете найти на сайте, который доступен на английском языке. Какие перспективы у данного проекта? Рынок цифровых развлечений оценивается примерно в 1 триллион долларов США, из которых большую часть занимают онлайн игры и казино. Платформа ТРОН может сравнится по объемам с такой компанией как Алибаба, которая является мировым лидером в сфере интернет коммерции. Так как большинство инвесторов ТРОН из Китая, то можно не сомневаться, что данная платформа получит большую популярность за рубежом. Сайт проекта - Обозреватель блоков - и Кошелек - Актуальный курс - Список бирж - Черпал информацию с ресурсов:
  9. TRON (TRX) Tron is one of the crypto currencies that is rapidly soaring and becoming popular in many exchanges, it has very good potential to grow in the market. Based on CoinmarketCap Tron ranked 56th a few months ago, but now it has secured the 12th position. Many technical analysis to predict Tron price in the future. There is a difference of opinion among experts about the Tron price prediction. some of them said there are good possibilities for Tron to reach 0.3 USD in the coming 5-10 months. but other experts said if you currently buy Tron, the price maybe devalued in the near future.
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