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Found 27 results

  1. Here is the bet faucet This faucet offer you to recive money every hour up to 200$ in BTC. I`m never recive 200$ and 20$ , but two times get 2$, and recive sometimes 0.2$. Often roll 0.02$ You can to try your luck in DICE (but better don`t do it) "Use this to automatically share a percentage of your referral commissions with your referrals every week before payouts are made." It`s mean that I give autorefback to all my users. You will recive much more if you use my link You can also rise your profit with Reawrd Points (RP). Join and start to make your first bitcoin:
  2. ZEN FAUCET Кран ZEN - это абсолютно бесплатный кран, выплачивающий затоши каждые 20 часов. Каждый раз, когда вы посещаете кран, вы получаете случайное количество затош в определённом диапазоне в зависимости от курса монеты. Вывод полученных затош производится моментально на указанный вами кошелёк (холодный либо кошельки бирж). Если у вас нет кошелька ZEN, вы можете выбрать подходящий для вас на официальной странице кошельков ZEN (ссылка). На кране применена бонусная система возрастающая в течении 5-ти дней + бонус за реферала. С бонусной системой вы можете ознакомится на сайте крана в разделе Инструкции (ссылка). Бонусный раунд может принести вам выигрыш размером в 0,0025, 0,1 или 1 ZEN (мне повезло, за реферала выпал 1 ZEN ). К регистрации принимаются учётные записи GMAIL, остальные, к сожелению, нет. >>Прямая ссылка на кран<< >>Реферальная ссылка на кран<< >>ИНСТРУКЦИИ<< >>Официальные кошельки<< Тему в разделе ИГРЫ удалил в связи с зафлудленностью))
  3. This website works like an auto faucet, it allows you to automatically claim multiple currencies at once on the same page without doing anything! This helps you earn your favorite currencies and level up at the same time! Refer and Earn! Refer your friends and earn 20% of all coins claimed by your referrals! Where do I get paid? They currently support withdrawals to your own personal wallet or FaucetPay microwallet. The choice is yours! On hand support… If you have any issues with Fire Faucet, want to report a bug or send a suggestion, then you can use the onsite support center for contacting them. They will try to reply within 2 days depending upon the volume of requests. Supported Coins: The Auto Faucet will run in the background but the tab has to stay open. It does not need to be in focus, so you can do other things in a different tab or window. After a simple registration which asks for email confirmation you can start using Fire Faucet. You should start with adding your coin addresses on the Wallet Addresses page. After that you should check the Settings page to fine tune your settings. Now you are ready to actually claim. Go to the Dashboard page, check the different coins you want to claim and click Start Auto Faucet! Get Started:…….
  4. - фауцет или кран работает с марта 2017 года. Способы заработка: Сёрфинг сайтов. Простой просмотр сайтов без капчи. Автосерфинг. Открывается отдельно вкладка и без вашего участия идет просмотр сайтов. Сёрфинг в активном окне. Нужно просмотреть полностью сайт и дождаться окончания сёрфинга, потом выбрать одинаковую картинку. Также есть Реферальная программа: 10% от стоимости ссылок просмотренных вашими рефералами 5% от суммы, потраченой рефералами на рекламу Вывод от 5000 sat на faucethub или 35000 sat на другой кошелек. Присутствует онлайн чат. Также есть рынок рефералов, но там лучше не покупать, а то много неработающих. Есть большой плюс для рекламодателей, много живых переходов можно получить. Также можно выбрать просмотры по странам и по рейтингу. Посещаемость всегда на высоте от 8 млн. в месяц. Детальней можно посмотреть тут .Также от себя добавлю, что много новых сайтов, групп, дропов и прочего рекламируется сперва тут и много рефераллов так набирается в любой проект. На данный момент, каждый день серфинга дают на 200+ сатош. Вывод происходит на протяжении 3-5 дней. Если кто-то захочет зарегистрироваться, то переходите по ссылке и можете попробовать рекламировать свои проекты. Это одна из лучших площадок для реклами любого ресурса!!! Много видео есть в Ютубе.
  5. COINBUXPW your Best and Easy way to earn money online why do you want to join this site: for users: claim free coins every 2 hours get free coins for visiting short links get free coins for visiting other sites get unlimited coins from multi offer walls (asia-mag,wannads,kiwiwall and offertoro) get free coins from completing simple tasks . free bounces to user our auto faucet. new api short links from all our short links site so you dont need to claim by yourself just use this api in your site or faucet and maxmize your earning referral program : 25 % from all user earning referrals contest every month. multi ways for withdraw expresscrypto , faucetPay and paypal minimum withdraw 2 doge JOIN NOWfor advertisers :get traffic to your site or links with us by banner ads on the top of the site just for 100 coins PTC just for 1% as fee jobs and simple tasks for users multi ways for deposit direct , expresscrypto and paypal START ADVERTISE NOWfor faucet owners you can use our api feature to increase your earning from short links that our API accept more than 25 counts per IPTRY IT NOWIMPORTANT NOTEIf you think that the profit is low compared to other sites , it is back towe don't use pop ads or pop under we dosn't accept **** and adult ads on the site so our only resource from earning just from offer walls and short links give it try and let me know if any one has suggestion or question regards hansal,
  6. 💰Представляем первый проект компании PLLC на блокчейне Minter Bip Faucet Bot ( – кран на криптовалюту BIP. После просмотра рекламы в боте вам станут доступны две игры – «Сокровища» и «Лестница». 📌 В каждой игре можно выиграть BIP 📌 Сбор с крана доступен каждые 30 минут 📌Реферальная программа с заработком 1.5% с каждой игры приглашенного друга 📌 Автоматический вывод средств по достижении 0.5 BIP на балансе Ⓜ️ Если вы хотите поближе познакомиться с блокчейном Минтер, но у вас нет BIP'ов, тогда добро пожаловать в @Bip_Faucet_Bot. Всем привет, готов к обсуждению)
  7. A Bitcoin faucet is a site that gives its users free Bitcoins. The original Bitcoin faucet was operated by Gavin Anderson, Bitcoin Foundation’s chief scientist. It started out around late 2010 and it gave visitors five Bitcoins (yes….five whole Bitcoins) for free. Of course back at the time Bitcoin was worth something like $0.08
  8. К вашему вниманию новый кран Karbo (KRB). Кто, может, не знает, Карбо - это анонимная монета, тут на форуме есть тема по этой монете. На кране можно собирать Karbo каждый час. Сумма за раз выдается рандомно от 0,01 до 0,03 KRB. Кран накопительный (для экономии на комиссии сети при выводе). Без регистрации. Минималка для вывода 0,8 KRB. Инструкция и ссылка на кран Карбо тут
  9. *I'M NOT RECOMMEND THIS FAUCET ANYMORE* How to get free bitcoin by claim banano faucet (blackmonkey): 1. Make a wallet in Kalium (mobile-based wallet for Android and iOS), Bananovault (web-based wallet), or Tipbot on several social media (Reddit, Discord, Twitter) 2. Faucets will usually be held on the website 3. Enter the wallet address you got from the wallet above, and click start 4. Look for the 1 image that is most different from the 6 images provided Example: the correct answer is image number 4 from the left the correct answer is image number 5 from the left 5. Blackmonkey faucet has 7 levels and each level will be increasingly difficult 6. If you don't find the one that is the most different, try checking the small parts like: gloves, socks, items that are held or necklaces 7. The balance will auto wd to your wallet when the game period is over. Done for now they are pausing the faucet, to find out when the faucet will restart, join their official telegram channel or their official discord Good luck
  10. Hi all cryptotalk members! Today i want to introduce you to this new site that i have been using as a faucet, fixed deposit investment and to multiply my BTC and DOGE investments! And it is legit and paying. The site i am referring to is: I encourage your guys to sign up using my referral link as every week i give away 500 doge based on my referral activities. Therefore if you are more active and claim more and do more investments, you will get a larger portion of the 1000 doge share. So i encourage you to join with the referral link and let us help each other out. Now to the features of this amazing faucet! The first feature which i am sure we all know well is the faucet which allows you to claim up to $150 in doge every hour. The system is the same as and rewards you based on your roll, with the minimum being 0.3 doge, which you can increase to 1.2 doge per hour quite simply by making a fixed deposit. Now coming to the fixed deposit, you can invest your doge and bitcoin here and earn interest. If you invest for 7 days you get 2%, 4% for 14 days and 6% for 21 days. I have made use of the fixed deposit option and it pays out interest daily! Now if you want to put your cash in for a bit longer, then you use the 3 month option (10.5% interest per month), 6 months (15% per month) or 1 year (18% per month). This means you can triple your investment in one year! And it is completely legit! I myself have used the investment option and have been able to cash out as well (I withdraw to my faucetpay wallet). Next they have a multiply BTC/DOGE option just like your normal gambling which is provably fair! And you have a moon game to multiply you bet substantially!! I hope that you guys consider joining up to this site! And i hope that you will use my referral link when you join up. 😋😋 All the best and i hope that you stay active to get a weekly share of that 500 doge! I will attach payment proof here so you can see that this faucet is paying! Oh and they have just changed the minimum withdraw to 200 doge, which you can withdraw in btc or doge to your account. You can also make deposits in doge or btc!
  11. ❗️Токен торгуется и обещают хорошую цену емуКриптовалюты/huptex ✅Регистрируемся на сайте ✅В самом низу сайта переставляем на русский язык ✅Жмем каждые 24 часа: Бесплатно DAILY FAUCET и нам будут давать каждый раз по 25 монет ✅За рефералов дают пока 100 монет ✅Вывод от 50 000 монет ✅Если у вас на балансе от 1000 HTX до 5000 HTX вы будете получать 142 монеты ежедневно, от 5000 HTX до 10000 HTX получаете 222 монеты, от 10000 Htx и выше, вы получаете 334 монетки ежедневно Готово, не забываем заглядывать каждый день
  12. Приветствую господа! Хочу предложить вашему вниманию кран Monero (XMR). Кран самого классического вида и более всего напоминает, если даже не копирует всем известный легендарный Freebitco. in Точно также, имеются игрухи Больше\Меньше, Лотерея и всё такое прочее, что и на фрибиткоине було. Практически то-же самое. То есть любой из вас, кто хоть капельку работал с кранами - разберётся за 1 минуту. Собдирать монету можно раз в час, как обычно. По истечение таймера подаётся звуковой сигал, чтобы не забыть 😃 По нынешним временам даёт конечно не миллионы, но тем не менее... Если человеку краны не интересны в принципе - тогда вообще не понимаю, зачем он читае сию тему 😃 Как и на фрибиткоине - монетки выдаются рандомно начиная от 0.00001628 и вплоть до 4.07032790 XMR! Ну что выпадет 4 монеты на каком-то кране, я лично верю очень с большим трудом, но так у них по крайней мере написано. На этом разрешите пока закончить.
  13. - популярный сайт для заработка Лайткоина. Основан в ноябре 2017 года, уже доказал, что является платежеспособным сайтом, с множеством функций и преимуществ, а главное это не трудно поверить, что все на 100% Бесплатно! Минимальный вывод: 0.00200000 Комиссия: 0.00100000 Особенности и статистика: Выигрывайте бесплатные litecoin каждый час; Выиграйте $ 200 в бесплатных litecoin Умножьте litecoin играя в больше-меньше (Hi-Lo) еженедельных лотерей с большой премией litecoin сберегательный счетом ежеедневные 6% 50% комиссия от рефералов Используй свое время, правильно, получай доход без вдожений!
  14. Всем привет! Меня зовут Руслан, я из биткоин игры - Игра существует с прошлого года. Есть живой чат, собственный форум c конкурсами и биткоин кран. Совсем недавно мы запустили биткоин казино: покер, рулетка, слоты, двадцать одно, мины, плинко и другие биткоин казино игры. А через пару часов у нас будут Фриспины (все знают что такое фри спин?). В общем, первые 5 человек, кто скинет под постом свои trustdice аккаунты (акк создать в игре очень легко) получат по 100к ether. Да это немного, но вполне достаточно чтобы поиграться с дайс, краш, Двадцать одно, плинко и другими играми. Всем спасибо за внимание! Наши ссылки на игры: биткоин слоты, биткоин блэкджек, биткоин покер, биткоин рулетка, Биткоин live казино, биткоин баккара, биткоин игры без вложений.
  15. - популярный сайт для заработка монеро. Основан в августе 2019 года, снова и снова доказывает себя как платежеспособный сайт, с множеством функций и преимуществ, а главное это не трудно поверить, что все на 100% Бесплатно! Минимальный вывод: 0.00600000 Комиссия: 0.00050000 Особенности и статистика: Выигрывайте бесплатные монеро каждый час! Выиграйте $ 250 в бесплатных монеро Умножайте монеро играя в Больше-Меньше (Hi-Lo) еженедельные лотереи с большой премией Монеро сберегательный счетом (Ежедневные 10%) 50% комиссия от рефералов Используй свое время правильно, получай доход без вложений!
  16. ******Cryptoall v1 Faucet Script ******{This script is a modified version of Alamin faucet script} For any help contact me via email:[email protected] DEMO LINK : Features: => Caching instead of database. => No database needed to run this faucetscript => Easy to move your faucet, just download all files and upload. => Faucetpay microwallet support.[More microwallet will be added in next update] => Advanced Proxy and VPN blocker. => Anti-adblocker. => Quick blocking if captcha is incorrect for 3 times. => [Will be available in next update] => Instead of one IP per addy, Locking IP and addy after every successful claim. => Errorless PHP script, easily customizable. => Countdown Timer added. => Preloader added. => Integrated with ProLink API. => Sending user's IP to microwallet, this will help you to prevent frauds. => Captcha type: ReCaptcha [Custom design, black theme]. => Expert more in next update. [This design is a midified version for alamin script by cryptoall to make the script looks owesome, expert more in next update.] Installing this script: Installation is pretty easy. => Upload all files to your server. => Open libs/config.php file to edit your site name,tittle,rewards and more. => Open banners and add your banner codes no need to edit index file for banner placement again. => Readme.txt file included in script to give guides . That's it, your faucet is ready to go...!!! Advantages: => No SQL Injection: No SQL Injection is possible because we are not using MySQL Database. "No MySQL, No Injection." => Speed: According to the algorithm of this script, your faucet will work faster than any other faucet of different script. => Less Resources: It needs 10 bytes data to save claiming details of each IP and addy. That means, it needs only 1 MB data to save claiming details of 1,04,857 different IPs and addresses. 34 bytes for saving referral address, that means 30,840 referral data can be saved in only 1 MB. Cool, isn't it? Also, we don't need to use any database. This script can be run on maximum free hosting. => Easily Moving: Want to move your faucet to another folder / domain / server? Well, that's very easy. Zip all files, download. Then upload this zip to new place and unzip. That's it. => No hidden fee: I really hate something like this, 1~5 satoshi fee per claim etc and so on... There is no hidden fee or hidden anything else. => Open Source: This script is 100% open source. You can customize, edit, contribute to this script. Donation: [please help us with some donations so we can keep on updating this free script always :) ] Bitcoin address => 1exaDMoKy7ib5ewfrm7KWFok72b1AzAue Ethereum address => 0x725eb417608c21a43343c39509db68d17cc06fe5 Litecoin address => LLb3Q4KTzrr46kKFvPVgTwChxeG6rCDoMc Dogecoin address => D9MVaiwLjkP2BaZpriUYb4poRArJx3gHBD Appreciation : Big Thanks To Alamin For Providing The Script This script is completely free. But please don't remove the script and design courtesy. DOWNLOAD THIS SCRIPT FOR FREE : HERE
  17. CRPYTOALL is a faucet which pays you just to visit short-link i t is far better than most of the ptc site which pays just a little amount to do a whole lot of task i will recommend to use this site rather \, if you want to earn free cryptocurrency online without putting much effort, the minimum withdrawal is only 100 btc satoshi also you earn up to 20% commission on your referral claims click HERE to start claiming now enjoy
  18. Round 26 of BANANO’s popular faucet game ‘Black Monkey’ is about to start, running 24 hours only! It’s super simple, play the game, earn free $BANANO! Payouts will happen after the round has ended. How much $BAN can you get? More details below: Black Monkey Round 26 Announcement Here’s all you need to know about this round: MonKeys are visual account representatives in BANANO. Each monKey is unique and will represent your account. So it’s good to get trained in recognizing even tiny differences. In Black Monkey, you’ll need to find the one monKey that doesn’t fit to the others. This game will start on January 31, 11:00 AM UTC and run for 24 hours Payment rate will be “1 score = 1 $BAN” ratio. Payments will be done in couple of days after round ends. Your account level will be restored if you played in one of last 3 rounds. Score starts from 0. Additional prize: The player with the best “no-error-series”, if above 5995, will receive additional 5995 $BANANO. Now, get started: Game link: How to play: (different languages available) Scoreboard and stats: What the Fork is BANANO? For those of you who don’t know BANANO yet, it’s obviously perfect to just read our brand-new animated, meme-rich and interactive Yellowpaper! BANANO is a cryptocurrency (forked from NANO in April 2018) powered by DAG technology — here to distrupt the meme economy. Yes, BANANO has memes! And also feeless and near-instant transactions, a highly active community, and active technical development! The BANANO community doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but we’re here for the long run and we enjoy what we do. A concise explanation can also be found here at Bitcointalk, or on our official website, and you’ll find help getting started at See current BANANO price and market data at Coingecko. All current trading pairs and exchanges here. On top of this, BANANO is super easy to use and puts an emphasis on free and fair distribution and crypto education. Just try our slick mobile wallet called Kalium and get your first free $BANANO from one of our faucets within minutes! Kalium — BANANO’s mobile wallet (download) Join the Banano Republic! BANANO ($BAN) is a fee-less, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy. Official Website: Yellowpaper: Help getting started: Join our social channels for updates & giveaways: Discord | Reddit |Telegram Medium | Steemit | Publish0x Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Youtube | Github | BitcoinTalk Overviews: BANANO News | BANANO links | BANANO
  19. Introducing DuckDice – online cryptocurrency dice game. Featuring exquisite design and flawless performance DuckDice offers outstanding gaming experience where reliability is treated as a highest priority. Currently you can bet with BTC, LTC, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ripple we will consider adding new cryptocurrencies based on your feedback. And, of course, we have everything you like: Provably Fair – don't want to trust us blindly? Verify your bet! Verified Bankroll – we are happy to provide respectful members of bitcointalk society with a wallet address and a signed message! 10 BTC max win – you can win up to 10 BTC per EACH bet! Instant Deposits – deposit instantly for up to to 3 BTC! Faucet – get up to 2000 free satoshis to try the game! Anonymity – nothing but username is required by DuckDice to start playing. Support – our specialists are more than happy to help you at any time via Live Chat available directly on the site! Chat – built-in chat with avatars and full pack of emojis is available for our chatty friends! Messenger – great messenger for PM's that was developed in the most user-friendly way. Rainbot – automated CloudyBot that will cheer our chatty friends with coins for every few hours! Quick withdrawals – super simple and secure withdrawal procedure that will take only few clicks. Low House Edge – only 1% on DuckDice, means that 99% of wagered amount goes to you. Affiliate program – highly competitive 15%commission for every referred! And we can offer more. The Most Wagering Contest – receive part of the House Edge back by participating in the contest! Constant development – constant improvements based on user feedback! Modern UI and many more that you can check yourself by visiting us on DuckDice! Thank you and waiting for your feedback! ↓↓↓Go to the game↓↓↓ The bonus registration link Nice WIN...FREE FAUCET CRYPTO COINS. Introducing DuckDice – online cryptocurrency dice game. Featuring exquisite design and flawless performance DuckDice offers outstanding gaming experience where reliability is treated as a highest priority. Thank you and waiting for your feedback! ↓↓↓Go to the game↓↓↓ The bonus registration link
  20. Hi. Represent you our multicurrency free faucet of exchange monitoring Claim every 60 minutes from 0.0001 up to 1 usd. Minimal withdraw from 0.3 usd. Also you can withdraw 1 usd bonus if you earn 1 usd from faucet/partner program/cashback from exchnage = 2 usd. Currencies for withdraw: btc, pm, payeer, webmoney, qiwi, adv, yandex. Also you can get cashback for exchange at the same account as faucet and get minimal amount for withdraw faster. +partner program.
  21. Hello. I am looking for a programmer VS .NET Core. For the further development of the exchange. The development hung in the air, as a friend was offered permanent work abroad and he can no longer do the project. 80% is ready. The exchange, two types of orders, wallets, login, google authentication, IP security (black and white lists) are ready. What you need to start the project: create an admin account, add an exchange token (CAFT (created based on Waves)) and add the collection page itself with a change in the wallet balance. In the future, it is planned to add new orders, new currencies and currency pairs. Some information about the project: Initially, it was conceived as a multi-currency tap, but now there are a lot of them and you had to bring something new. It was decided to add an exchange. That is, collecting from the tap you can immediately sell everything. No need to bother and look for exchangers or exchanges. Everything is already here in one place. The trading commission is 1%, using the CAFT coin you get a 50% discount on the trading commission. Also, VIP trading is integrated on the exchange. For VIP traders, the trading commission will be 0%. What does it take to become a VIP? There must be at least 400,000 CAFT in the balance of your exchange account. Also one more “tasty thing” for VIP traders. Each week, each of the top 10 VIP traders will receive a gift in the form of 1% of the exchange earnings. In fact, the project has already been spent, a lot of effort and money, and I just don’t want to completely close the project from the word.
  22. As some of you knows my upcoming product that i have been coding recently, there has been/will be some changes. Also there will be a delay on the release, but good news is the promo code winch was supposed to be available for only the first 10 users will now be available to more, the number is still n/a. The script wont use API anymore as faucethub is closing; To solve this I forged a coin/ which will be backed by faucet farmers/claimers. This coin is called popcoin. This coin will be able to be withdrawn to DOGE, LTC, and BTC The script (faucet script) will be implemented with a synchronized popcoin blockchain, where users can send coins from one website to another for as long as that site is using this script, this will help users to claim from multiple sites and collect their coins on one place(any preferred website that uses this script) to reach minimum withdrawal easily and withdraw to their own bitcoin/doge/ltc wallet. Popcoin's blockchain will be open-source and the most secure and privacy friendly. Note 0; This coin does not depend or forked from any blockchain, it's price is backed up by satoshi, 1 sat = 1 popcoin, like I said it is a forged coin, which can be withdrawn to any cryptocurrency but for now 3 (BTC, ltc, doge). Note 1; If you're a developer you're welcome for suggestion as i myself trying figure this thing out, especially on who i could not be in control of the popcoin holders. Note 2; the script is not open-source it is for sale but the Popcoin blockchain will be open-source and it will not be that complicated on it's initial release. here is link to the script's demo
  23. Расскажу в крации 12 марта 2020 года курс биткоина упал почти на половину Это сопутствовало тому что 80% монет упали вслед. Кран который я покажу собирает монету dash сейчас даёт очень хорошо, сбор каждый час Ссылка на сайт Моя реферальная ссылка - нужна нормальная ссылка, НЕ сокращенная Пока курс упал стоит собирать ведь через 10-40 дней может дать отличные иксы и собирая сейчас с крана чуть чуть позже вы сможете продать гораздо дороже Если кто имеет какие нибудь вопросы можете задавать Вывод можно оформить с крана прямо на йобит биржу и оттуда обменять на фиат или крипту как удобно
  24. Anyone here still participates in Faucets? have anyone make money in any kind of faucet? My experience with fauces is negative, even trying years ago I've did not earned at least a few cents.
  25. Best and cheapest multi features Script: So Discount 50% OFF get your script for 30 $ :: is it worth ?? All features you need in one script : Main Features to the earning :: ads around all the site. Short links :: add as you want with its count. PTC :: get traffic to your site or any link by reward the users Tasks system :: reward users to complete your tasks Offer Walls :: join 4 offerwalls sites > wannads,ptcwall,theoremreach and asiamag custom Pages:: you can add your referral sites and others users can buy banners on the head of your site users can buy ptc ads and share their task with fee what make user join my site?? users can get rewards for multi earning ways such as manual faucet: free rewards every some time autofaucet :: works with their bounces that they get from PTC,PTCL,Tasks and Offers visiting short links PTC PTC wall :: simple and easy way to get rewards offerwalls that do not depend on their country (asia-mag) Complete Tasks:: that you send or other users referral system :: share their link and get rewards from their refferals users can withdraw their funds after confirm via paypal and we support (4) altcoin :: BTC , LTC ,ETH and DOGE what about advertising on the site?? users can advertise on your site by buying banners on the head of the site. buy PTC ads . they can share tasks such as CPA or others advertisers can deposit on the site via paypal and supported altcoins they can control their funds on the site wait !! what about admin Panel ?? what i can do with it ?? admin can do every thing you can expect and want from his dashboard control every thing from setting :: faucet , PTC ,PTC, layout and more….. Add his tasks , short links , referrals sites , PTC ads share news for the site check users reports pay to users via more….. and more… is there other features?? ya, there are a lot ,:: like verification login system via sending email share social network plugin :: that user share his ref link directly chat room plugin notification system for payment completing tasks and others and many more.. what about security it is the first thing we always thing in it recaptcha for faucet and autofaucet anti-bot system on PTC wall last version for anti-adblocker IP block via third party site from admin panel can control and trace users activities many other features are build in the site to avoid hackers attacks and cheaters Now Let me see demo to know how your script works .. you can find it works correctly with perfect payment proof here : what about admin??? contact me to visit it if i liked you script and want to buy it , how can i get it?? it is so easy just buy it now from wait!!!!! i have a lot of question to ask about your script ? contact me here : regards: hansal
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