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Found 27 results

  1. Hello i'm new here can any one help me to know the cryptocurrencies domain, really iwant to learn it best regards
  2. Bitcoin was the oldest cryptocurrency and the first digital currency, reaching more than two years before the second cryptocurrency, Namecoin. Bitcoin's success has led to a massive spread in digital currencies in recent years, and today there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies. One of the most interesting aspects of these new digital currencies is the lack of control by any central monopoly. Traditional banknotes are subject to central banks that may operate independently of the national government, or at the request of the government. The Federal Reserve (Fed) has the ability to increase supply in US dollars, for example. The degree of decentralization can vary from one cryptocurrency to another - as we will see - but in general, there is no central authority that plays a similar role for the central bank in relation to cryptocurrencies. We will now look at four other major digital currencies available. Ethereum is the largest competitor of Bitcoin, based on the percentage share of the total market value of the cryptocurrencies. Other important players in this field are Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple, to name a few. Digital currencies are quoted against the US dollar (USD) or the euro (EUR) - two of the most used currencies in the world. What do you think of this talk and are there other currencies you add to this list?
  3. Hello Everyone, How are you all I hope you will be alright.So friends i joined this site today it's a really amazing and free earning platform.I think that I'm working on a free mining sites which are really paid.So for that i want to share that sites with all of you.Interested peoples leave comments.
  4. I spent only 2 minutes on registration in Yobit exchange, I was really excited how crypto- exchange could be so well constructed for each person whom it using, I`m not professional in investing, I`m day trader, so I would like to know a few words about the investing box on Yobit exchange ? I hear that it really works and guyz are really earning not bad money from their homes just using only pc and that Yobit investing box. Really fed up by a lot of coins, good system of stop- loss which will safe your money from news storm. So I`m going to start my own career on Yobit exchange, and I invite you to join me!!!
  5. Money is the center of the world when it comes to humans and developed cities. Every single thing that we do now is dependent on money, and we are always adding to our endless list of things that we want to buy. Android is the most common operating system for mobile devices and the best way to earn cryptocurrency anywhere, anytime! It's not going to make you rich fast, but it will definitely help you earn some extra money to supplement some stuff that you may want to buy... consider it to be a second income. These are the android apps that I use to earn cryptocurrency from anywhere: 1. Free Bitcoin 2. Free Bitcoin Cash 3. Blockchain 4. Free Litecoin 5. FreeAirdrop 6. TV-TWO Give them a try and see how much you can make. No investment needed in each one. 😎
  6. Don't miss the date, 26th July Excoincial will be 2 years old. Come and join us to celebrate. There is going to be lots of fun, entertainment, goodies and giveaways on that day! Save the date and watch the countdown here: Telegram: #Anniversary #Ceremony #Excoincial #status #Excess #exchange #africunia #afcash #vendasity
  7. Auto Claim XRP,LTC,DOGE,ADA,BCN... Instant payment to ExpressCrypto Wallet. Claim All Coins at the same time (Multiply the claiming amount ==> up to :100 satoshi) Highest rewards Manual Faucets : 0.0012 usd btc every 10 minutes : 0.0012 usd eth every 5 minutes Referrals: 10% lifetime. Website: Happy Claiming;)
  8. Please share ur opinion about BTC prise in 2020..
  9. is the best exchange bitcoin to paypal At 4% higher exchange rate than the market price. Minimum transaction amount is just $1. 24/7 payouts in less than 1 hour! and exchange bitcoin cash . litecoin . ethereum to paypal. don't need to verification id to confirm transaction just create free account and change your bitcoin transfer money to account paypal in few hour (5 min -30 min) referral program 1%
  10. - популярный сайт для заработка Лайткоина. Основан в ноябре 2017 года, уже доказал, что является платежеспособным сайтом, с множеством функций и преимуществ, а главное это не трудно поверить, что все на 100% Бесплатно! Минимальный вывод: 0.00200000 Комиссия: 0.00100000 Особенности и статистика: Выигрывайте бесплатные litecoin каждый час; Выиграйте $ 200 в бесплатных litecoin Умножьте litecoin играя в больше-меньше (Hi-Lo) еженедельных лотерей с большой премией litecoin сберегательный счетом ежеедневные 6% 50% комиссия от рефералов Используй свое время, правильно, получай доход без вдожений!
  11. Обменник - это проект от биржи Free2ex, который позволяет клиентам быстро и просто покупать/продавать криптовалюту, не торгуя на бирже. Free2ex – полностью регулируемая и легальная криптовалютная биржа в Европе. Официальный запуск Free2ex и получение лицензии на осуществление деятельности обменника, оператора криптоплатформы и организатора ICO – 01.04.2020 (Минск). Преимущества использования сервиса Обмен по максимально выгодному курсу Доступен любой объем ликвидности Использование карт VISA и Mastercard для ввода и вывода фиатных средств Низкие и прозрачные комиссии от 0% Полностью легальные операции Применение AML&KYC, адаптированные для пользовательского понимания Валюты, которые можно купить/продать на платформе Фиатные валюты: USD, EUR, RUB Криптовалюты: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDt Как пользоваться платформой Регистрируйтесь на сайте Пройдите верификацию аккаунта в зависимости от нужного вам лимита операций Пополните ваш eWallet в Free2ex для последующего обмена Обменяйте валюту по выгодному курсу в личном защищенном кабинете Выводите средства с использованием VISA или Mastercard, банковского перевода или перевода крипты на свой кошелек Поддержка клиентов: Онлайн-поддержка через встроенный чат Отправить запрос на обслуживание через тикет или на почту: [email protected] Официальные аккаунты в социальных сетях: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, VK, Telegram RU, Telegram ENG База Знаний для клиентов Free2ex на русском и на английском Часто задаваемые вопросы на русском и английском Языки поддержки: Английский, Русский Поддержка 24/7
  12. This Cryptocurrency Secrets YOU CANNOT FIND IT ON GOOGLE AND YOUTUBE GET THE VIDEO VERSION OF THIS TRAINING COURSE, which in itself can be a potential middle or big ticket offer - if you choose to sell it and position it so! The video series is voiced over by a professional American voice over actor we hired to make this training course as amazing and clearly presented as possible. If you want to resell as it is, you can sell the MP4 videos right away – or embed into your membership site OR take one step further by rebranding these videos. . . make it custom and unique to you! Here’s The 8 Video Full List that will teach you the secret : 1- What Is Cryptocurrency 2- The Types Of Cryptocurrency Available 3- How To Open An Account To Invest 4- Strategies To Invest 5- How To Collect More Bitcoin 6- Why Buy Cryptocurrency 7- Are There Any Drawbacks? 8- The Future Of Cryptocurrency ASK ME MORE INFO IN MY DIRECT MESSAGE FOR THE LINK OF THE SECRET
  13. Recently, I have noticed that Litecoin can be chosen as the best coin for short term profit because it has anything a proper coin must have. It is reliable, it has large volume and it has wide price movements. I have some bitcoin and I am increasing my bitcoin balance by posting here. I thought about investing my BTC income in Litecoin to earn more profit because I have monitored both coins and saw that LTC price rises (and falls) faster than bitcoin and is a great coin for daily profit. It has between %5 and 15% daily fluctuations. What do you think about my idea for profitability with Litecoin? I don't want to sell all my bitcoin, I hold some of it for halving.
  14. Hello everyone!We want Excoincial Exchange to get listed on Blockfolio.Just vote up in that link and we will do it together! Create account with Google or Facebook then's that simple!
  15. Hello dear members. In this topic I want to talk a little about how I bought Litecoin 4 days ago and how I managed to sell it with more than 2% profit today. I could hold it for more but since my target selling point was about $44, I didn't risk and sold it at $43.93. This is how a day trading works these days. My strategy was to wait until a long red stick (body) appears in the chart. I bought after seeing this signal. After that, LTC price rose slowly and I reached my goal after a few days. I think 2.1% profit in about 4 days is acceptable. If you invest $200 you will earn $4.5 which is not bad. In the following picture, you can see my buying and selling dates along with prices.
  16. Hi guys these are a list of free apps that you guys can install in your mobile devices to earn crypto coins. And I am currently using these apps to fill up my wallet. 1.Bitcoin Blast - Earn REAL Bitcoin! This app allows you to collect Satoshis while you play a simple game. all you have to do is match colors. You can download this app from google play-store. 2.CryptoPop - Earn Free ETH working in this app is similar to the first app. Only difference is you will get etherum. You can download this app also from google play-store. 3.Free Litecoin This is a spinning app. It's from a publisher who named ''Bitcoin Aliens'' You can do hourly free spins and do spins by watching a advertisement. You are gonna get litecoins for free in this app. You can download this app also from google play-store. 4.Free Bitcoin Cash This is also a spinning app from the same publisher in the 3rd app. working in this app is same as the 3rd app. You will get bitcoin cash from this app. You can download this app also from google play-store. 5.BFast BFree I used this app before But Now I am not using this. I don't use it because it didn't work in my phone properly. But yes I have got few withdrawals. Good thing is that this app is really paying in bitcoins. You watch ads and they pay you in Satoshis. But the thing is paying rates were ridiculously low when I use that app. Although you can try this app yourself it's in the google play-store. the photo shows the icons of these apps.
  17. Why choose SouthXchange? Answer SECURE Our multitier architecture protects your deposits. We also have 2-factor authentication and email confirmation to protect your account even further. LOW FEES Very low trading and withdraw fees REAL-TIME Data is obtained from our servers in real-time. That means you get the latest data as soon as possible. MOBILE FRIENDLY Our platform was designed from scratch to be usable in mobile devices.
  18. Alfa-Trades.Com Это моментальный обмен по многим направлениям. Более 5 лет на рынке услуг. Сотни отзывов и чистейшая репутация говорит за нас! Имеется система бонусов, а тем кто хочет зарабатывать имеется эксклюзивная партнерская программа. ТОЛЬКО МЫ платим до 3% от суммы обмена за привлеченного пользователя, и не важно, получил сервис от этого прибыль или нет. Мы за долгосрочное сотрудничество. Все обмены на нашем сервисе полностью автоматические что гарантирует без лишних движений позволит вам получить свои активы на аши счета! Тема на профильном ресурсе Профессиональный форум Bits.Media
  19. Обменник работает продолжительное время Осуществляется обмен: - Bitcoin BTC - Ethereum ETH - Ripple XRP - Bitcoin Cash BCH - Litecoin LTC - EOS EOS Преимущества: - работает 24/7 - автоматический обмен - большой резерв У сервиса неплохая репутация Обмен необходимо совершать только через сайт
  20. Hi everyone. I've been searching a lot about converting your bitcoin into litecoin. But there's no post or comments I can find that is detailed. I wanted to withdraw my bitcoin but the fee is expensive and so I want to convert it into litecoin and then withdraw it but I don't know how to convert. If you do know, please explain it to me in a detailed way. I will really appreciate it. 😭
  21. Has anyone tried transferring litecoin from to any wallet? I have been trying to transfer mine since yesterday but it hasn't been going through. Can anyone help?
  22. Website link: link: explanatory articleWhat makes Atomex special?Atomex HD wallet and Hybrid exchange combines advantages of centralized and Decentralized exchanges: Private keys are kept encrypted on your computer. Cross-chain transactions are carried out using Atomic Swaps. You pay only miner commission for both regular and cross-chain transactions. It’s 100% anonymously! No registration or identity verification required. However, all addresses are checked against abuses and suspicious origin of funds. Your counterparty is not only an ordinary user but a professional market maker whose task is to ensure sufficient liquidity. Tezos multi-delegation option. You can delegete your Tezos to different bakers from the single wallet. Video guide here: Diversify Tezos delegation What’s Atomic Swap?Atomic swap is a technology for anonymous and secure exchange of digital assets without the need to trust a third party. It’s as secure as cryptographic primitives and blockchain implementation it's based on. It's mathematically proved that in every scenario you either succeed with an exchange or get your money back. Atomex uses an on-chain implementation based on hashed timelock smart-contracts.How long does an atomic swap take?Depending on the chosen pair of cryptocurrencies, the exchange may take from several minutes to an hour. The maximum time is 6 hours, after which the funds are returned.How are private keys stored?Your private keys are stored ONLY on your device, encrypted using AES-256. You have to unlock your wallet with the encryption password on every start.Any fees?No, since you control all the keys.Passive incomeDelegate you Tezos coins and brings passive income automatically. Here is the delegation guideHow to get started?Download the application. You can use Atomex wallet tutorial on GitHub Watch video guide Exchange:1. Choose interesting coins2. Input Amount3. Look at Estimated price and click Convert4. Look at Description and wait State Confirmed Video guide here: Tutorial: Making an atomic swap using Atomex walletLinksLanding page: updates: chat:
  23. Hi all Cryptotalk members! This is first method that I used to earn crypto, and I still use it daily, apart from this forum. This is with the coinpot faucets which provide me with a great income in crypto daily! is a microwallet for Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Litecoins, Dash and Mooncash. All of your earnings will be transferred to you coinpot micro-wallet, and from there it can be withdrawn easily to your wallet. The minimum withdrawals are very low, and you can withdraw with no withdrawal fees when you are withdrawing to your wallet. Also, the best part is that for each claim you make on any of their faucets, you get 3 coinpot tokens! You can exchange this for any cryptocurrency that you want! Teh conversion rate depends on the exchange rate of that crypto at the time, but generally for every 3 tokens you get 3 to 5 satoshi. This is amazing, as it means that if you claim from all 7 faucets every five minutes, that is an extra 21 to 35 satoshi every 5 minutes. Apart from the claims you will be making!! It's a great opportunity. Also you earn stars for achieving missions. One star rewards you with 100 tokens. And there is various tasks you can do to earn these stars! The person with the most start at the end of each month will be rewarded with 10 million coins, which is the equivalent of 0.1 BTC at least!! Join and start earnign now! You can join with the following steps: Step 1: Registration Register an account at coinpot with the following link: Link: All you need to register is a valid email address that you have access to so that you can validate you email address and confirm your withdrawals. Also, when you log in, it will ask you to validate the IP address, just to make sure that no one else can access your account. Step 2: Start earning crypto There are a total of seven faucets that you can claim from directly to coinpot, and their claim rates are pretty good. I will list all the faucets below, their links and the benefits of each one. The first 5 faucets are moon faucets, and they all have the same benefits, which are: Each faucet allows you to claim every five minutes, but you can claim anytime you want. If you miss five minutes, and only come back in ten minutes, don't worry. Your satoshi will accumulate in that time and rise on its own. You get a daily loyalty bonus which is added to every claim. If you claim for 100 days straight, everyday at least once a day, this will mean that your loyalty bonus will be 100% and you will start getting double your claim each time you claim! Amazing! Mystery bonuses are also given on each claim. This is some random value given between 1% and 100%, that you just get to add on to your claim. This happens for every claim! Lastly you get a referral bonus. For every referral that you have you get an additional 1%, so for 100 referrals you will have 100% referral bonus. All of these benefits mean that you have the potential to earn a 300% bonus on all your claims, meaning your claims will be times the amount you claim every five minutes! How great is that! Please sign up to the faucets using my referral link, and inbox me when you sign up with my referral link. This way I know who has used my referral link. And every week I give away 20,000 satoshi to one of my active referrals. Just like that. Every week. So sign up with my referral link and you can be earning 20,000 satoshi every week, just by claiming from coinpot! That simple. I will inbox you and ask for your BTC address and deposit it. I have a program that selects a referral at random, so the choice is completely random. I assure you. So here are the moon faucets: (To use any of these faucets, just enter the email address that you used to sign up to and it will be automatically linked) 1. Link: 2. Link: 3. Link: 4. Link: 5. Link: There are two more faucets that you can use on coinpot. These are: 6. Bitfun Link: Here you can claim every three minutes, and it also has games and a dice game that you can use to multiply your earnings fast! The dice game is a bit risky, but your earnings from here are solid. Just like the moon faucets. So keep claiming from here and you will be earning lots of crypto in no time. They also have an offer-wall if you are interested in earning extra from surveys, ptc ads and so on. 7. BonusBitcoin Link: Here you claim every 15 minutes and can earn a random amount of satoshi up to 5000 satoshi for each claim. At 15 minutes between each claim, the odds are stacked in your favor. And another surprise is that every day you get a 5% bonus of your earnings over the last 72 hours! This will be added to your coinpot account automatically every morning. So this is coinpot. I hope I have made a useful post to you guys and I encourage you to join and earn. Please use my Ref link if you are joining and you could win 20,000 satoshi per week just for being one of my referrals. I will most likely send you 20,000 satoshi directly into your coinpot account so that there is no fee to withdraw from. Just inbox me that you joined from my ref link and i will add you to the list. Every week, I randomly generate one person from the list and inbox them for their wallet, and you will have the funds in your account within a couple days. All the best crypto earners, and I hope to see you in Good luck. Let's earn crypto together. P.S: This is proof of payment from my account on on the last two payments I have made.
  24. Hey guys i discovered a web page that gives you free mining speed for register, is called Mizes and is a trusted mining web that paid me in several occasions. Obviously is highly recommended to invest and you will not be rich with the 167 MH/s for scrypt but is a good speed to start and you can reinvest your earning later. For example i invested 20 $ and im winning 18 $ monthly in three months reinvesting, this is very profitable platform and they paid. You can register from here 👉 Mizes 👈 and earn your 167 MH/s to start now. Happy Mining ⛏️😁
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