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Found 131 results

  1. Cryptocurrency was started as a means to buy and sell through the internet. Once blockchain technology was released to the world it opened up the buying and selling worldwide and for anything, whether legal or illegal. Law enforcement has been busy trying to follow this trend because of the dark web. The selling of human trafficking to real underworld activities began. But there was also the light side of cryptocurrency where one could buy goods for instance, real estate, food, clothing and not have anyone know what you are buying. No tax, no paper trail. Sounds like the good ole' days of the 1800's when there was still free enterprise, where one was free to buy and sell under their own terms. What do you see as the future, good and bad, coming from cryptocurrency?
  2. With a pretty bearish market currently, a lot of the cryptocurrencies are going very cheap right now. For me personally I see it as a fantastic opportunity to accumulate. I personally am accumulating BTC, LTC, DASH, NEO and ETH. I am also dabbling in some others if I see a good window of opportunity, but these are my core ones that no matter what, every week I grab some of them and just accumulate. I know for a fact that some of you will be doing the same, so I would like to know what ones you guys are stacking and maybe a little insight as to why too. Thanks and happy stacking! :)
  3. Yes, this topic will begin with such a provocative question. Do you think cryptocurrency is an ordinary hype, where at one point the bubble will be typed and stupidly burst? Or is cryptocurrency really a valuable asset that really has a price and can be valued and used in various activities?
  4. Most nations' governments today still regard cryptocurrencies poorly, legal-wise. But what happens when they suddenly find themselves holding large sums of crypto, after seizing digital assets from criminals, as an example? If governments refuse to acknowledge that cryptocurrencies have worth and that they shouldn't even touch it with a six-foot pole, then one would expect that whatever crypto assets they would somehow get hold of would have been discarded, destroyed, or locked away in an inaccessible place. But some governments indeed liquidate those crypto assets. And if crypto is to be liquidated at a time when its price has increased due to volatility, what will the government do with the extra cash? If they decide to liquidate assets at a time its price has gone up, it would have been a very shrewd move on their part, and they would have actually profited from crypto, after paying up the various legal costs. Governments also has the option to hodl cryptocurrencies they have seized. Remember the Silk Road incident? What would have happened if the U.S. government decides to keep the BTC they seized back then and sell them today at current prices? BTC prices have already skyrocketed since those days, so one would already have an idea of how much profit the government would make even though their policy over cryptocurrency today is a bit muddled at its best. So maybe despite how much governments piss and moan about cryptocurrencies, once they get hold of large sums of it, they might change their mind after all. Cryptocurrency today has value, and there's no denying it, not even by them. For more insight into this discussion, you can visit the following article: source:
  5. Some days ago, I promised one of my friends to pay him $30 for something I bought from him. I wanted to pay him through bitcoin. When I promised him, bitcoin price was $9000 and I calculated the amount to be 0.00334 BTC. Today, I should pay him the money but bitcoin price has decreased to $8.7K! Now, I have to earn more bitcoin to be able to pay him $30. Volatility can cause prices to go higher and benefits you but sometimes it can cause problems like this. How do you promise other people to pay them on time when you can't predict prices? Maybe the solution is to not specify any deadline for payment. The other solution is to pay them in BTC not USD. How do you cope with this problem?
  6. Centralized system like banks are held accountable for their clients' funds, and to protect them, they have established laws, safety checks, procedures, etc., that, while this is ultimately for the benefit of the clients, makes some becoming apprehensive if all those excruciating procedures are worth it; hence the many people who don't have bank accounts. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are decentralized, but still, there is a need for a convenient platform for exchanging them to each other and to other valuable commodities like fiat; hence trading platforms like cryptocurrency exchanges exist. But just because cryptocurrency exchanges do not have as much restraints as the banking system doesn't mean that they can do just about anything they want without upsetting their clients. In this article I am giving the link to, points and examples are given where exchanges should be more careful when dealing with something new, because unlike traditional financial systems (banks, stock exchanges, etc.), crypto users can just switch to another trading platform if they find their current platform making moves that might affect them in one way or the other. All in all, it all falls down to one word: trust. Here's the link to the article:
  7. Your way in Cryptocurrency world ! I think everyone here need this information because it's the basis for Cryptocurrency world ! Lets begin ! Digital Currency What is the Digital currency ? An encrypted currency, a decentralized digital currency that uses encryption, in the sense that it is the process of converting data into a code, to generate currency units, and to verify transactions independant of the central bank or government It is a form of money, but it is a digital money, not like the tangible traditional currencies that already exist, but a digital money that is a code that spins several portfolios Among the forms of digital currency are Bitcoin and ETH , which are the two most common currencies in the world of digital currencies, and there are other forms of virtual currency, including Ripple, Dach and Litecoin. Digital currencies are decentralized, no one controlled it, have a public/Republican account record, and virtual transactions are integrated into the block chain, and transactions are conducted in a peer-to-peer network without a intermediary or third party such as banks Bitcoin BitCoin Bitcoin, a term that we used to hear, even in mainstream finance, is the first and most prominent digital currency that traders use in technology. Everything started when an unknown person, under the name of Matoshi Nakamoto, did. Design the Bitcoin as a P2P system without the need for any medium or central authority. Blockchain Block Chain is a form of distributed ledger technology (DLT), which means that it maintains records of all digital currency transactions on a distributed network of computers, but does not have a central ledger. Mining The process of mining in digital currencies is the use of the power of the computer you are working on, and the Internet to solve a mathematical equation, and document transactions, in order to extract encrypted currencies, which is to engage in documenting and recording transactions in the block chain using the power of the computer and the Internet Nowadays Mining process needs a lot of power ! Satoshi Nakamoto This name belongs to the Bitcoin inventor, the world's first digital currency, the largest in market terms to date, and is the alias of an unknown person, perhaps a financial firm or institution such as banks or even a country, but no one knows who this person is so far Wallet Like the wallet in your rear pocket, the digital wallet is used to store public and private keys through which digital currencies can be sent and received, and contains multiple pair of public and private keys. A digital currency is that it cannot be stored, but you only store addresses that belong to that currency. There are many types of digital portfolios, including the Internet portfolio, which are found on the Internet. The desktop wallet can be loaded onto your personal device, the phone wallet, which can be on your smartphone, and the iPhones or Wallet wallet, a device purchased through a company to save currency addresses on it, so that it is far from being compromised or stolen. If you have any good information could improve my topic please add it in a comment ! Source : bitcoinnews
  8. Hello today I want to tell you that I work full time in cryptocurrencies and how it goes All this started in 2016 when I was unemployed and needed a job !!! and I knew a little bit about bitcoin but I was studying at that time, I needed to pay my debts and studies so I started using more faucet and I was liking this more, the only bad thing is that nobody or practically nobody received payments in cryptocurrencies for what I had to change what I was earning to USD: / Over time I tried harder and I understand more about this new and complex world. Today in 2020 I can say that I am dedicated to generating money online with cryptocurrencies, I was affected but thanks to cryptocurrencies I have been able to continue producing and it has gone well for me! It is a great job opportunity.
  9. Do you have a favorite coin? What is this coin? And if this is not a secret, then what did you repel when choosing your favorite coin?
  10. The cryptocurrency industry is evolving and the exchange sector is one of those sector this evolvement can be highly noticed. We have numerous exchange raging from decentralized to centralized exchanges making a name for themselves. If you were to recommend an exchange to a newbie that just joined the industry, having zero or no knowledge in regards to selecting a quality exchange, which exchange will your refer the user to and why that exchange?.
  11. Will India Ban cryptocurreny or Regulate cryptocurreny soon??
  12. YouTube is taking strict action against the channels which were promoting cryptocurrency. Many channel which used to upload cryptocurrency content have lost their a lot of videos which are deleted by YouTube. And a message is sent by YouTube that you have violated our policy. The content was Harmful or Dangerous. What's going on peeps ?
  13. To be honest, most people who call themselves crypto lovers or crypto enthusiasts are not interested in cryptocurrencies. They invest in them or trade with them just to increase their fiat currencies by exchanging (converting) their crypto coins to their local fiat currencies. They are in fact interested in fiat currencies and tolerate the instability of cryptocurrencies to earn more fiat which is stable. They like cryptocurrencies because of fiat not because they are decentralized payment systems with lower fees. Increasing crypto coins means nothing to them until they convert their coins to fiat as soon as possible. What do you think would happen if there was no online exchanger to convert cryptocurrencies to digital fiat currencies? (For example BTC to Paypal or ETH to Payeer). Do you think the value of cryptocurrencies is independent of fiat? Is collecting crypto coins without converting them to fiat means increasing investment and income?
  14. Logo is important maybe by "Branding of Cryptocurrencies". There are a lot cool cryptocurrency logos and very nice designs. What's your favorite by design?
  15. Can you be addicted to Bitcoin? I've often heard people say this with me. I'm mining too much, and I care too much about money. Is this a real condition or are these people jealous of your earnings? Do you know someone who is addicted to Bitcoin?
  16. I start this topic with a question: Is internet the only place to sell or convert cryptocurrency to fiat? I know internet is the simplest way for selling crypto but it is not safe. How can you trust the unknown person behind another computer in an unknown area that you want to send crypto to him/her? I think we can sometimes buy our cryptocurrencies by visiting the buyer in person especially when the amount of coins we want to sell is high and we don't want to risk sending the money to a scammer. You can buy a cold wallet like Ledger and store your cryptocurrency in it. Then you can make an appointment with the buyer and visit him/her in person. You give him/her your Ledger along with other necessary information about your wallet such as private key and recovery phrase. The buyer will pay you in cash for your cryptocurrency + Ledger. When you sold your Ledger and your coins, you will buy a new Ledger and create a new wallet for yourself. I think this method is not only good to avoid scammers but also useful when we have no access to any internet or electricity.
  17. Why some people don't like cryptocurrency? What are their arguments and assumptions based on? Do you think there are many such people?
  18. He considered that we all know Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, owner of Tesla Motor and SpaceX, companies that have revolutionized the market where they are directed. Lately the successful businessman, he has made more statements related to cryptocurrencies, some of them being as important as the fact that Tesla will possibly accept payments in Bitcoin or that he in particular will never reject payments in BTC. But not only is Bitcoin important to this entrepreneur, he has recognized that long-term Doge can generate good profits, that LTC is interesting and that ETH can continue to revolutionize the crypto market. All this can be found on his Twitter profile, you can consult it without any problem. So is Elon Musk a crypto visionary or does he just want to take his share of the pie, taking advantage of the FOMO?
  19. Well, okay, the linked article has actually nothing to do with humans traveling into space, but rather, the man-made satellites that are being planned to be launched into orbit. What makes this relevant to the cryptocurrency world? We know that crypto is a digital currency, and as such, it is entirely dependent on digital networks such as the internet. Despite today's progress, there are still around over 4 billion people that does not have ready access to the internet (according to the article). To address this issue, organizations (SpaceX was given as an example here) are planning to launch satellites that will provide 'satellite internet' which may be accessible to every people on the planet. Hopefully, the cost for internet connections and such will be cheap enough for the poorer people. And if more people have access to the internet, then that would mean more potential users of cryptocurrencies. Those who previously have no access to the internet can now learn about, and use, crypto which in turn will give a boost to its global use and acceptance. source:
  20. Berminal is the new terminal for Blockchain. You will get all crypto updates anytime, anywhere from berminal app. Berminal is the most reliable source for real-time crypto news. Berminal Features: 1. All In One Place; The only mobile-first solution for all your crypto news and prices in one app. Your mobile crypto terminal. 2. Instant Updates: Never miss another major crypto event. Push notifications about the most recent updates sent straight to your phone in real-time. 3. Facts You Can Trust: Tired of fake news and scam ICOs? Our news is 100% accurate and authentic. Download Here: Berminal Download Link
  21. 10+ e-currency in your account USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and other e-currency in your free PAYEER account! General Information Payeer system is serious about security of the personal information of customers and uses this provided information from customers only in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.In order to use some services of Payeer system and reduce fraud and theft, our system asks you to provide information about yourself and your credit or debit card,in case you make payments by a card via Payeer system for the first time. DDoS protection The site is reliably protected from DDoS-attacks via Vistnet
  22. Hello guys. I am new here. Can you tell me the minimum and maximum earning of the one month from cryptotalk. I have no idea about maximum earning. If we are spending our time here than we should know our earning.
  23. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet recovery service for those who may have lost access to their desktop, hardware, or online wallets due to phishers / scammers . If you have forgotten the password or lost access to the Seed Phrase but you have a good idea what the password might of been or if you have lost one word from your Seed, there is a very good chance you regain access to your bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. You can file a complaint directly to - hacknet (A T ) cyberservices (D T / C M ) . They have several methods for recovering your lost/stolen Wallet Information some private and some public.
  24. Hey everyone! My name is Karl and I work for Bitcasino. I want to do my best on this forum to answer any questions, queries or concerns you may have around who we are and what we do. We would also welcome any feedback or suggestions as to how we can make Bitcasino better than ever before. This thread aims to bring you the best promotions, offers, and incentives from the greatest gaming providers. We're hoping to spark up some great conversations around cryptocurrencies and the future of crypto as we know it. So stay tuned 😉 About Bitcasino Fully regulated and licensed "crypto-centric" online casino Over 2000 games and counting Instant deposits and withdrawals You can play with Bitcoin (BTC), Etherum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), TRON (TRX), and Tether (USDT) 24/7 customer support in 8 languages Features Loyalty Club * Earn free spins & up to 10% cash rebate every time you play. * Get instant rewards & points multipliers. * Achieve real money rewards with zero wagering requirements. Casino Boost * Receive an additional percentage of your winnings from slot games. If you have a boost available, you will see a boost banner on the main website or under eligible slots. TRONLink * Experience a seamless connection between and your TRON wallet. The plugin stores your key and taps into it anytime you need to deposit or withdraw from your Bitcasino account. More features are coming soon, so hold tight and watch this space 🙂 Game providers We make it our business to onboard only the top gaming providers. Our onsite catalogue includes best sellers from gaming giants like: NetEnt, Quickfire, OneTouch, Evolution, Yggdrasil, Asia Gaming, Quickspin, Microgaming, and Play'N Go. Security The most important thing we can do is make sure your personal information and funds are guarded at all times. Using the latest technologies guarantees your information and money are well protected. However, we do strongly recommend that you activate 2-factor authentication on your account. Awards We have won 2 awards EGR Marketing & Innovation Awards 2020: * CRM campaign for our spooky Bitcoin predictor * Socail marketing campaign for our Team Trees campaign Useful links Promotions AskGamblers Review Customer support: [email protected]
  25. Just to clear things up, and to help newbies further understand these words, to avoid confusion in the usage of these words; Digital Currency is a type of currency in which is not tangible, something you cannot physically see/touch. In simple words, any currency/mode of payment not using any physical material is considered as a digital currency. Some examples: 1. Digital Fiat issued by banks (your local currency, only in digital world) 2. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and altcoins), and even, 3. Online Gaming Currency (the ones you use in online games), are all considered as digital currencies. Read more about Digital Currencies here. Cryptocurrency, on the contrary, pertains to a specific currency that relies on having a blockchain of irreversible data to handle transactions with the element of cryptography, hence its name 'crypto'currency. To summarize, Digital Currency is a general term for all modes of payment made digitally, without physical material. Cryptocurrency is a kind of Digital Currency which has a blockchain that stores transactional data between users.
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