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Found 90 results

  1. Today, I read a news in about Ethereum in China. It is said that Chinese government has used its firewall to block one of the most prominent source of ETH blockchain data which is wesbite. This censorship has started since October 30, 2019 and now Chinese users can't access this website with their Chinese IP addresses. This is a bad news because it seems that it is possible to ban or limit crypto activity by blocking some websites and making it hard for most crypto users to stay active. This is a fight between centralization and decentralization in China. It is still unknown why this censorship has been done. I think this is another attempt to control cryptocurrency. ETH users in China can still use other websites but this website was a useful source for them. Source:
  2. To be honest, most people who call themselves crypto lovers or crypto enthusiasts are not interested in cryptocurrencies. They invest in them or trade with them just to increase their fiat currencies by exchanging (converting) their crypto coins to their local fiat currencies. They are in fact interested in fiat currencies and tolerate the instability of cryptocurrencies to earn more fiat which is stable. They like cryptocurrencies because of fiat not because they are decentralized payment systems with lower fees. Increasing crypto coins means nothing to them until they convert their coins to fiat as soon as possible. What do you think would happen if there was no online exchanger to convert cryptocurrencies to digital fiat currencies? (For example BTC to Paypal or ETH to Payeer). Do you think the value of cryptocurrencies is independent of fiat? Is collecting crypto coins without converting them to fiat means increasing investment and income?
  3. Before starting the post, I would recommend you an exchange on which I trade myself and I want to recommend it to you, I will leave a link to it 👉 here ! If you decide to register on it then I ask you to register for my promo code 👉 XMRqW ! This will be your gratitude to me! So let's start! Cryptocurrency trading, exit strategy: stop loss take profit and trailing stop! Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange whose goal is to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market today by combining the best cryptocurrencies and traditional finance to provide the safest, most reliable, fair and convenient exchange to date. The following article presents Bybit exit methods: Stop Loss Take Profit and Trailing Stop. On Bybit, we have 3 types of advanced exit methods, namely Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing Stop. They can be installed or configured in the Positions area at any time.One of the unique features of Bybit is that you can set a take profit or stop loss in the “Order Confirmation” window with one click when placing limit or market orders. With this function, traders do not need to constantly monitor the markets, since take profit and stop loss were pre-set together with an entry order. Trailing Stop is not available in the "Order Confirmation" window, but can be installed later in any open position and changed at any time. We will discuss the purpose of these three advanced exit methods: how to use stop loss and take profit, how to use trailing stop and the difference between stop loss and trailing stop. So Order Take Profit What is Take Profit? This function allows you to automatically close an open position at a predetermined price. In take profit strategies, when the price of the last transaction reaches your predetermined price, the position is automatically closed and makes a profit, so you can relax and never miss the opportunity to make a profit. How to use Take Profit? First, traders can select the Take Profit parameter in the "Order Confirmation" window when placing a limit or market order. This is by far the easiest method. Secondly, holding an existing position, traders can set or change a Take Profit order on the “Position” tab. For these two methods, the entire position will be closed using a market order as soon as the price of the last transaction reaches the take profit price. Thirdly, traders can completely or partially close a position by setting up a Limit order in the opposite direction, this is similar to a Take Profit Limit order. Finally, traders can also close an order using a conditional market order in the opposite direction. It is similar to a Take Profit market order, but with a flexible number of contracts for partial closure. Stop Loss What is Stop LOSS? stop loss functionintended to close a position when the price of the last transaction reaches a predetermined price; this is done in order to limit your losses if the market is not in your favor. Using a stop loss, you can avoid liquidation, since the position will close before reaching the Liquidation price. How to use Stop Loss? Firstly, traders can choose the Stop Loss option in the "Order Confirmation" window when placing a Market or Limit order. Secondly, holding an existing position, traders can set or change Stop Loss through the “Position” tab. For these two methods, the entire position will be closed using a market order as soon as the price of the last transaction reaches the stop price. Finally, traders can partially or completely close a position using either a conditional limit order or a market order in the opposite direction. This can be done by setting the trigger price lower than the price of the last deal with a buy order, or higher than the price of the last deal with a sell order. In conclusion, it should be noted that Bybit's unique TP & SL interface helps traders automatically manage profit and loss without constant monitoring of markets Finally, traders can partially or completely close a position using either a conditional limit order or a market order in the opposite direction. This can be done by setting the trigger price lower than the price of the last deal with a buy order, or higher Trailing Stop Order What is a trailing stop order? --then a more flexible version of the normal exit order. Using it, a stop order will follow the Last Price based on a given distance and direction. A trailing stop will automatically move to fix the loss of profit and stop. Stop - Loss Moving will ensure you never lose under the amount indicated and reduce risks. adjust the trailing stop on the “Positions” tab with the desired trailing distance. How to use Trailing Stops? This trader holds a long position on BTCUSD contracts at $ 8,000 and set a distance of $ 500. As soon as the price of the last deal rises, the trailing stop will move up and maintain a trailing distance of $ 500. For example, if the price of the last deal went up to $ 8,600, the price of the trailing stop will automatically be adjusted to $ 8,100 to lock in profits. This means that Stop Loss will only work if the price drops by $ 500 from the highest price achieved. However, if the price does not go up, the trailing stop will be triggered at the level of $ 7,500, like a regular stop loss.This concludes today's article on Bybit exit methods: Take Profit Stop Loss and Trailing Stop. If you want to learn more about elimination, watch the related video, read the related article, or go to the help pages on the Bybit website. If you liked the article and decided to register on the crypto trading website, I ask you to enter my referral code XMRqW for which I will be very respectful for you! Follow us for more information on the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.
  4. Your way in Cryptocurrency world ! I think everyone here need this information because it's the basis for Cryptocurrency world ! Lets begin ! Digital Currency What is the Digital currency ? An encrypted currency, a decentralized digital currency that uses encryption, in the sense that it is the process of converting data into a code, to generate currency units, and to verify transactions independant of the central bank or government It is a form of money, but it is a digital money, not like the tangible traditional currencies that already exist, but a digital money that is a code that spins several portfolios Among the forms of digital currency are Bitcoin and ETH , which are the two most common currencies in the world of digital currencies, and there are other forms of virtual currency, including Ripple, Dach and Litecoin. Digital currencies are decentralized, no one controlled it, have a public/Republican account record, and virtual transactions are integrated into the block chain, and transactions are conducted in a peer-to-peer network without a intermediary or third party such as banks Bitcoin BitCoin Bitcoin, a term that we used to hear, even in mainstream finance, is the first and most prominent digital currency that traders use in technology. Everything started when an unknown person, under the name of Matoshi Nakamoto, did. Design the Bitcoin as a P2P system without the need for any medium or central authority. Blockchain Block Chain is a form of distributed ledger technology (DLT), which means that it maintains records of all digital currency transactions on a distributed network of computers, but does not have a central ledger. Mining The process of mining in digital currencies is the use of the power of the computer you are working on, and the Internet to solve a mathematical equation, and document transactions, in order to extract encrypted currencies, which is to engage in documenting and recording transactions in the block chain using the power of the computer and the Internet Nowadays Mining process needs a lot of power ! Satoshi Nakamoto This name belongs to the Bitcoin inventor, the world's first digital currency, the largest in market terms to date, and is the alias of an unknown person, perhaps a financial firm or institution such as banks or even a country, but no one knows who this person is so far Wallet Like the wallet in your rear pocket, the digital wallet is used to store public and private keys through which digital currencies can be sent and received, and contains multiple pair of public and private keys. A digital currency is that it cannot be stored, but you only store addresses that belong to that currency. There are many types of digital portfolios, including the Internet portfolio, which are found on the Internet. The desktop wallet can be loaded onto your personal device, the phone wallet, which can be on your smartphone, and the iPhones or Wallet wallet, a device purchased through a company to save currency addresses on it, so that it is far from being compromised or stolen. If you have any good information could improve my topic please add it in a comment ! Source : bitcoinnews
  5. Текстовый формат: Проект Токен Трейдеров объявляет о скором начале 14 дневных соревнования трейдеров за большой приз! ----------200,000,000 TRDS Получи!!!----------- Время: 2020.02.20 0:00 AM- 2020.03.04 0:00 AM (UTC) TRDS/GRAVIEX.NET Top 1 трейдер получит 150,000,000 TRDS Top 2 трейдер получит 30,000,000 TRDS Top 3 трейдер получит 20,000,000 TRDS Правила: 1) Мы будем оценивать участников по общему объему торгов TRDS на вашем счете (как ПОКУПКИ, так и ПРОДАЖИ во всех парах) за период соревнования. 2) Чтобы иметь право на получение вознаграждений, трейдеры должны достичь объема торговли больше 0,022ETH в день или больше 0.32ETH за все время соревнований. 3) Каждый торговый день начинается в 0:00 (UTC + 0) и длится 24 часа. 4) Когда конкурс закончится, мы отправим призовой фонд победителям в течении 48 часов!
  6. That's exactly how they like it best - the ability to print money from tin air, which is one thing they cannot readily accomplish with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. What's more, the incidence and burden of every such decision gets passed to the masses. Surely, we shall not be needing to wait longer before the negative impacts are everywhere in America. What do you guys think?
  7. I have been hearing about bitcoins and cryptocurrency since 2014 but I wasn't interested in it until I got to know a little more about it this year and I regret not starting since then. How about you? Did you start immediately you heard about it or you waited for a few years and do you regret waiting for those few years?
  8. Why some people don't like cryptocurrency? What are their arguments and assumptions based on? Do you think there are many such people?
  9. Now I hold some coin and token. Always right time to buy dump coin. Now I hold LTC, AXE, and some dumpcoin.
  10. Would you like to create your own project with your cryptocurrency? What kind of project would this be? What will your cryptocurrency be called? Maybe someday I will see your coin on the exchanges...
  11. Just to clear things up, and to help newbies further understand these words, to avoid confusion in the usage of these words; Digital Currency is a type of currency in which is not tangible, something you cannot physically see/touch. In simple words, any currency/mode of payment not using any physical material is considered as a digital currency. Some examples: 1. Digital Fiat issued by banks (your local currency, only in digital world) 2. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and altcoins), and even, 3. Online Gaming Currency (the ones you use in online games), are all considered as digital currencies. Read more about Digital Currencies here. Cryptocurrency, on the contrary, pertains to a specific currency that relies on having a blockchain of irreversible data to handle transactions with the element of cryptography, hence its name 'crypto'currency. To summarize, Digital Currency is a general term for all modes of payment made digitally, without physical material. Cryptocurrency is a kind of Digital Currency which has a blockchain that stores transactional data between users.
  12. Hi friends so i'm curious here on this forum what price do you think XRP will be at the end of 2020. I would sincerely like to hear your thoughts.
  13. I start this topic with a question: Is internet the only place to sell or convert cryptocurrency to fiat? I know internet is the simplest way for selling crypto but it is not safe. How can you trust the unknown person behind another computer in an unknown area that you want to send crypto to him/her? I think we can sometimes buy our cryptocurrencies by visiting the buyer in person especially when the amount of coins we want to sell is high and we don't want to risk sending the money to a scammer. You can buy a cold wallet like Ledger and store your cryptocurrency in it. Then you can make an appointment with the buyer and visit him/her in person. You give him/her your Ledger along with other necessary information about your wallet such as private key and recovery phrase. The buyer will pay you in cash for your cryptocurrency + Ledger. When you sold your Ledger and your coins, you will buy a new Ledger and create a new wallet for yourself. I think this method is not only good to avoid scammers but also useful when we have no access to any internet or electricity.
  14. The term of "Arbitrage Trading" is very popular in Financial Trading, currently some people have applied the arbitrage method into cypto trading. I've not found a site that discusses arbitrage trading for cryptocurrency therefore I want to discuss and sharing about it in the CryptoTalk forum. The meaning crypto arbitrage trading is very simple, buy a crypto at an exchange then sell soonest with higher price at other exchange, and we make profit with difference price between 2 exchange. we will be charged blockchain fees for sending and receiving crypto that should be deducted from our profit. Of course it's not easy like a peace of cake, we must think about what risks will occur if we use the crypto arbitrage trading method.
  15. I usually get whale alert for large crypto transactions from and to exchanges and am going to be sharing them here so we all can remain updated and know what coin/s to be on the watch out for. Presently I think XRP is on the spotlight.
  16. Why do cryptocurrency prices go down so much and I have a lot of cryptocurrencies if they come down, I will suffer loss. What is your problem? Please share with me how to solve this problem
  17. At the beginning of the emergence of cryptocurrency, it was necessary to personally purchase and install hardware to start mining. However, with increasing attention in this field, various services have emerged that are ready to provide their computing power. Now, a large number of proposals for remote cryptocurrency mining are available on the market, and they are often referred to as cloud mining sites. What is cloud mining? Cloud mining services are involved in providing their resources to users for mining digital currencies. Customers receive computing capacity for monthly, annual or one-time payments. This approach gives mining access to those who cannot afford the equipment at their place. No need to pay big electricity bills or hear the noise from a cooler at home. How does it work? The company provides cloud mining services, purchases equipment independently, and locates itself. This resource is sold to users as part of online mining. To start using any cloud mining platform, you must follow these basic steps: 1. Create an account on a cloud mining site 2. Buy Hashrate according to your needs 3. Get profit 4. Withdraw your profits to a personal wallet How to Choose a service from the cloud mining site This is a high-risk niche for your daily income, but the income can be very large, which depends on many factors. When choosing a cloud mining service, you should pay attention to the following: * Public availability * Amount of time on the market * Opportunities offered by the company * The more hashing algorithms you can use, the more reliable this service * Input and output methods * Time of mining contract * Input from certain mining services The Trusted Cloud Mining Site The services mentioned below have proven themselves to be reliable and are the most famous in the crypto community so far. 1. Genesis Mining is an international service for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency cloud mining: ETH, LTC, ZEC, Monero, and DASH. This platform has mining land, which was built in Iceland and other cold countries, where the climate allows one to not spend a lot of effort on cooling equipment, as well as where electricity is not expensive, which makes pricing policies very competitive and attractive to end users . Services offered: * Various types of cryptocurrency can be mined * Daily Payment * Reasonable pricing policy * The right equipment and high efficiency at the best price 2. HashFlare The next Cloud Mining site,, has been operating since 2015 and eliminates constant mining, software, hardware monitoring, etc. Benefits and features of HashFlare: * Fast connection: You pay, and work starts immediately, the first bill will go to your account within 24 hours (you can use Bitcoin or WebMoney for a deposit). * High income with detailed statistics: 6-8 month return period. * Quick withdrawal: select the desired amount and drag it to your Bitcoin wallet. * 24/7 Statistics: You monitor what happens in your account. * Power distribution allows you to arrange useful bundles. * Fixed commission: no hidden fees, all changes in balance are fixed. * Own data center with modern equipment. * The price of HashFlare in the cloud mining community is the most competitive (you can test this service for even $ 100). * Reinvesting profits allows you to increase mining turnover at the expense of the crypto that you get. * Referral program. 3. CryptoUniverse The main purpose of is to provide the most reliable collection of technical capabilities that allows anyone to mine the desired cryptocurrency. The company was registered on July 20, 2017, and representatives immediately went to China on a work visit to contact reliable mining equipment manufacturers, such as Innosilicon, Bitmain, Canaan, and Ebang. Compared to other cloud mining services, CryptoUniverse is significantly different. Company representatives put their service reputation in one of the first places and only offer technical equipment ready for use for efficient operation. Advantages of CryptoUniverse: * Easy to start mining. This service has everything to manage the mining process: users choose the power that suits them and get a stable profit. * Favorable conditions. Even if you start with a minimum investment - you will still receive a steady income. * Daily profit. * The best level of protection. All customer data is fully secured through two-factor authentication. * Guaranteed profit based on contract. Each miner accepts an online contract (agreement) and can ensure that the CryptoUniverse service can fully implement all of these obligations. * 24 hour control. For every user, there is always an opportunity to watch online broadcasts to see how the miners are operating at the moment. * Small fee. CryptoUniverse is solely responsible for the installation, configuration and operation of mining equipment and therefore imposes a minimum commission.
  18. Do you have a favorite coin? What is this coin? And if this is not a secret, then what did you repel when choosing your favorite coin?
  19. Basic Attention Token Price Prediction for 2020 , 2025
  20. With the current cryptocurrency revolution, which altcoin do you think would compete favourably with bitcoin in terms of price and global acceptance?
  21. Very Sad News To See That Youtube is Removing Videos Related to Crypto in Past We Did See Facebook Banning Crypto-Related Advertisements Google Did The Same too. Now Youtube.
  22. What are the most reliable places to keep cryptocurrency in 2020? What are the most reliable online wallets do you know? (Photo by David Shares on Unsplash)
  23. 10+ e-currency in your account USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and other e-currency in your free PAYEER account! General Information Payeer system is serious about security of the personal information of customers and uses this provided information from customers only in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.In order to use some services of Payeer system and reduce fraud and theft, our system asks you to provide information about yourself and your credit or debit card,in case you make payments by a card via Payeer system for the first time. DDoS protection The site is reliably protected from DDoS-attacks via Vistnet
  24. YouTube is taking strict action against the channels which were promoting cryptocurrency. Many channel which used to upload cryptocurrency content have lost their a lot of videos which are deleted by YouTube. And a message is sent by YouTube that you have violated our policy. The content was Harmful or Dangerous. What's going on peeps ?
  25. Nowadays, everyone wants to earn money online and since 2009, cryptocurrency has been a good source of income if you take it seriously. Some people have an official job. Official jobs are more stable sources of income but require more time and effort. They go to work everyday and spend 8 hours a day behind a table to earn some fiat currency as salary. This is their primary source of income. When they come back home they start dealing with cryptocurrencies to earn some extra money. This is their secondary source of income. But some other people don't even have an official job. They stay at home and trade with cryptocurrencies to earn money. They only focus on crypto because it is their primary source of income. They may even earn more than what others earn through official jobs. What about you? Is cryptocurrency your main source of income?
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