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  1. After we have been removed from the forum campaign, is there any hope of earning bitcoins from this forum?
  2. Of course my friend, I agree with you, patience is necessary to spend all the matters of our lives, as it always leads to the path of success Thank you for your positive participation.
  3. It would be very nice for the Cryptotalk Forum to launch its own portfolio I hope this happens in the near future.
  4. Yes, you are right, my friend I used a lot of apps to get money but i didn't get to the minimum amount to withdraw which made me delete all apps.
  5. This is good ,my dear We must be very careful when downloading applications to our phones in order to avoid many dangers. Good luck to you.
  6. Well, "my dear .. I see that if the VR glasses can join the world of cryptocurrencies, it will enable the trader to work in the virtual digital world as if it is working on the ground .. I think it will have many advantages ..
  7. There are many beginners who depend on obtaining profits through airdrops .. and they see it as an easy way to obtain digital currencies !! What are your advice, my friends to them ?
  8. My friend is true that sometimes I don't understand beginner posts but they try to build good posts. The cryptotalk forum appreciates thier fatigue . So I only advise them to write and review topics before posting so that they are understood.
  9. My friend, the family is the true happiness, and for it, it spends money, so selling some of your cryptocurrencies is a good thing to make your family happy even if the selling price is not appropriate . Because occasions will not be repeated in the year except once as (birth day).
  10. Well my friend, the reward operation is a good thing and is considered a cornerstone for many beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies, so it is a good campaign to spread your company’s project. My best wishes to you for progress and success .
  11. Dear Friends, Do you have advance information about VR (3D) glasses ?? Do you have any suggestions or ideas about the facilities that this eyeglasses will provide if it associated in the future with the cryptocurrency market and mining equipment ?? Share me your opinions, please
  12. Well, my friend, your point of view is great. Certainly, the bitcoin currency is not owned by a state in itself, and this is something that may make both developing and developed countries affected by it .. But I see that developed countries with high economies will be affected first.
  13. This is true, my brother .. Perhaps what you said is one of the reasons for preventing some countries from some sites and platforms. Thank you for your kind attention, dear.
  14. That's right, my friend ... this is the idea I want to communicate. Therefore, in order to avoid losses, we must first go into depth and learn in order to obtain the knowledge that makes us understand this type of trading in an excellent way. Good .
  15. No thanks for my duty my dear .. We at the cryptotalk forum should advise and warn each other and help each member ... because the cryptocurrency market is risky and the trader should be very careful. Good luck my friend
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