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Found 41 results

  1. Доброго времени суток коллеги! В этой теме предлагаю обсуждать и публиковать графики с торговыми идеями. Большая просьба скидывать именно графики. Почему эта тема актуальна и интересная, как по мне? На пороге разворот рынка и нового цикла для многих альткоинов, а именно в парах с Биткоином. Многие монеты показали начало разворотных формаций. Не хочу громко кричать и утверждать, что это свершилось, но то, что рынок меняется у нас на глазах в лучшую для спекулянта сторону это факт. И так начнем. Просьба кидать не просто графики, а еще немного описывать, что вы хотели сказать этим графиком. Всем спасибо за внимание. P.S. Информация в данной ветке только пища для ума и ни в коем случае не призыв к действию или 100% истина в последней инстанции.
  2. As we all know that patient is a tool and and a natural instinct that not everyone have it. There are many people that have the ability to have the patience and there are some people that find it difficult to get patient. But due to my previous topic that teaches us that patient is success I come to understood that there are some keys that can guide you to build in patient in your self. You can look into them and practice them. 1. Try and calm yourself when you see and opportunity make sure that the opportunity is not a misfortune. 2. Don't always get panic in your activities in real life because this will always discouraged you from grabbing an opportunity that supposed to be yours. 3. Have confidence in yourself when you believe you can do it, you can always do it. 4. Don't doubt in what you are doing all the time because you cannot identify/select or differentiate between the right and wrong opportunity. Always be careful of misfortunes that looks like opportunity. 5. Always be a risk taker that is the best key. 6. Try to create time for making research don't be eager to achieve what you want and end up losing it. Make deep investigation before taking action. 7. Think positively mate before any action know what you are doing. Try to practice this 7 keys I know there might be more of this but my colleagues can explain the remaining keys as possible. I have hope this keys will help me, you and our newbies in this forum. I am always happy to welcome everyone in to this forum nice to meet you all. We all believe that cryptotalk will shine to the moon very soon.
  3. I herald that almost everyone is willing to help this forum to improve but we mostly not know what is best to do. Friends here are some tips that will help us make this forum move to next level: 1. Making a good quality post helps the forum to improve because it will reduce the numbers of post to be deleted. 2. Creating some good positive topic all about cryptocurrency will also help in improving this forum. 3. Following and abiding the rules guiding this forum will make the forum to improve and achieve their goals. 4. Reporting of spammers in to the moderators for taking action will ease the moderators work and searching for spammer and will as well improve the forums. 5. Sharing of knowledge with friends is about cryptocurrency and referring friends to this great forum will help the forum to improve and achieve their goals. If we all can abide by this guide as I stated I am sure we shall help this forum to move forward. You are all welcome to cryptotalk campaign you shall all get paid per post if you work it. Happy posting friends.
  4. There are many friends of which I can't isolate but they know theirselves. Well everyone is here for a reason which differs from one another but the real users are here for many reasons which can be explain base on hierarchy for example: 1. category one: there members that are here for money and knowledge (only few members could fall into this group the legit posters with good qaulity posts and meeting new friends) this could be at least 20/100% estimately 2. Category two: members from this category can be categorize to at least 30/100%that are here for knowledge and money. 3. Category three: members from this category are here only for money. This members are not ready to make good post from this category we have the low quality posters and spammers altogether to be at least 50/100%. The try to be among the category one or two because this are the type of members that are the forum are always ready to welcome this topic is created to remind you and motivate you best of luck Friends. Happy posting and more earnings.
  5. I am coming up with this topic not for myself but for all of us on the forum to serve as an act of motivation to users.if the moderators could investigate on this topic It has a lot of meaning which could be well accepted and very helpful to the forum. This topic will serve as a way to motivate users to do post and create topic and also received good reputation which will help determine the amount of good post available in the forum. Newbies will be happy to learn that they could be eligible to participate in this because it is just like competition to everyone and everyone will be able to make good posts that deserves reputations. The moderators don't have to overstressed themselves in looking for multiple accounts because the number of spammers will be reduces and number of good posts will increase. Spammers will give effort in making sure the one account they are using could be eligible to receive reward if they made good qaulity post at least. Even they will be having two accounts they will not be difficult to be caught. The teams will find this very helpful and very informative and also to everyone on the forum. Assuming if the reward could be paid weekly to qualify users with a specific amount of users for their efforts it will give them more courage to do more qaulity post and create relevant topic relevant to the forum against next week and there will be sufficient topics for posting. I am sure that the moderators are not only after our posts but the quality of the post. If we create quality post and topics the moderators will be happy because they will be less stressful whille deleting of unwanted topics from the forum. I could really give suggestions to the moderators if possible some thing should be created that will help us know an already created or existing topics in the forum. E.g when you type a topic you want to create if it is existing let the system identify to you with the feedback that this topic is already exist. Just as if you are registering a topic with the same sentence then this will give you assurance and confidence that this topic is already written so you have to change it. This topic I am sure to be very informative and helpful for the forum at large with but we the users and the moderators. With that am sure we shall regret not for taking my suggestion. My dear friends I know you may have many Suggestion to share I will be looking more forward to your suggestion I don't know if am saying the right decision. Although I know the moderators has the right to make this suggestion but we are in the stage of helping the forum to improve. I am given more appreciation to those that accept my suggestions and those that are here to correct me and share us their own suggestion. You are all welcome
  6. Do you need to study a lot to become a good trader and then earn good money by trading? What good free sites can you recommend for study?
  7. The biggest opportunity to double your capital now! I want to share important news for beginners with a small share capital! And they want to double their capital within a very short period! We noticed during these two days that the prices of cryptocurrencies decreased by very large rates! Do not worry, this drop is a very big opportunity to enter and buy cryptocurrencies now! I will show you the best 5 currencies that you can buy now to ensure a great profit over the next few weeks 1- BTC 2- ETH 3-LTC 4-BCH 5-NEO 6-ADA 7-AVAX 8-MATIC Are there any other currencies in your opinion? Share it with us!
  8. A stop loss is an order that you give your broker to "stop losses" ("stop loss"). The golden rule of stock market speculation is to always keep risk under control. To do this, you have to know how much you are willing to lose before buying your shares. Once you know or decide that figure, you will give an order to your broker to open the position. In addition, immediately after giving the buy order, you must also leave a stop loss, which is a sell order that will only be executed if the price falls enough to cause you your maximum allowable loss. In which case, your shares will be sold before suffering greater evils. You should know that the orders that are not executed are free; so controlling the risk in your stock operations will not cost you anything, but it will save you a lot of trouble. Trading the Stock Market without a stop loss is like driving a car without brakes. Always use a stop loss.
  9. BTC / USD analysis 20-12-2020 This is my analysis of the recent movements of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin .. The analysis was done on the MetaTrader program . Given the perspective of the 4-hour timeframe, recent events, and the current formative shape ... and where is the market supposed to have its destinations ?.. There is a strong uptrend and an explosion in the price to the upside, and this excessive exponential explosion in prices appeared to the upside in the recent period without enough confirmations !.. In my opinion, the price needs to fall below the point of $ 20,000 to confirm before it rises ... or that the current bullish explosion will be temporary and will not last.. and will go down to normal levels . The extension of the main trend channel is still activated despite its breach to form an ascending triangle. The breach of the channel activated the main target at $ 25,000, as shown on the second chart .
  10. Scalping for new traders. Hi all friends. Maybe someone knows exactly how cryptocurrency traders earn with scalping ??? What special equipment do these traders use? What are the most convenient exchanges for cryptocurrency sculpting?
  11. Exchange on which you can sell any garbage and there is a distribution of coins. We look. We try. We share opinions. We are writing reviews. registration on the website The exchange is convenient for users from Portugal, Spain and India.
  12. Tell me about your own discipline in trading. Maybe you have any personal rules on the trading floor? Or your own rules relating to the way you feel? For example, do not be drunk when trading. Or, if you start to really want to sleep, it is better not to make large transactions, otherwise you can make a serious mistake by inattention...
  13. Hello my friends !Today we would talk about an important issue , which is , Can the US government replace the dollar with Bitcoin !! ? We know if this happens , the Bitcoin price will rise staggeringly ! Also , the price of the Dollar will become very low ! Do you think this could happen !!?
  14. Entering the world of digital currencies requires a lot of patience, thinking and hard work. Many topics in this forum talk about the right time to buy and sell, but I did not find anyone who explained the idea very clear for beginners like me, Please explain to me the correct way to trade (best time to buy and sell) thank you.
  15. Lately I have noticed that some tokens on Yobit end up being traded through some orders of the same value, is that bot? pump, or something like that. If someone has been negotiating a lot there and has also noticed this very unusual behavior, feel free to report here ... hug !!
  16. Currently the crypto market is split with 66% BTC taking over and the remainder between tokens and altcoins. Well, I see that this has a big impact on the market value of tokens, including ICO's, and the value of altcoins. Smartcash for example, their value is stagnant and perhaps tends to fall, the ICO's have been experiencing turbulence, either because of the vast market of tokens, each day is created several tokens that through ICO's are put to proof. resistance in the market. Another reason may be the distrust behind the projects, the teams, we always have a back foot in investing in something new. Even with the variation of ICO, like the currencies that are launched directly in an exchange, very clear example we have LATOKEN that has a multitude of tokens launched directly in its platform. Well, I still believe in this market because as every enthusiast, and enthusiast of this market I hope that with time more and more good projects using this technology will appear. And what do you think, do ICO's still have their place in this gigantic market? Hugs!
  17. As you know, it is not easy to become a professional crypto trader. It is not just about investment. It takes lots of time before someone can collect useful experiences, study articles, learn techniques and tricks, learn from past mistakes and know how to take risks. You need lots of time to master all these things and during the time you may miss lots of golden opportunities for trading like when BTC price rose up to $20K for a few days! So, I thought about it this way. You can find a professional trader and sign a contract with him/her. He/she can trade for both of you and share some of the profit with you, something like (60% - 40%) or even (70% - 30%). You can continue this way until you master all the skills necessary to become a successful trader. You may have less share, but at least you don't miss top opportunities. Do you think this method is better for beginners? They can both learn from a professional trader and earn some of the profit that will be gained.
  18. I created this topic to talk about an important subject. Some amateur traders are interested in giving advice or introducing trading strategies to other people. These traders can create lots of problems and cause many people to lose money because they suggest a strategy without even trying it themselves! If you want to introduce any new strategy (either short or long term), you have to try it in practice in your own trades to see if it really works or not. If you managed to get profit with your method multiple times (not just once), you can explain about it in full details and let others try it if they want. If you propose a trading method without testing it, other people may use it and lose big in their trades and they will blame you because you are responsible for what happened to them. Always remember that theory never equals practice.
  19. В данной теме мы будем публиковать для вас прогнозы курсов криптовалют и не только их.Начнем мы с пары BTC/USD, комментируйте и оставляйте свои пожелания относительно тех активов, которые вы бы хотели рассмотреть. BTC/USD 07.01.21 Есть вероятность похода на 40 000, чтобы пробить очередной психологический уровень, это может произойти до 15-30 января. (Если в цифрах, это порядка 10% роста) Объемы торгов снижаются, это говорит от том, что реальных желающих покупать на сегодня нет. Обычно так гонят цену роботы, завлекая тех, кто ожидает нескончаемого роста. Для того чтобы “безопасно” приобрести BTC по текущей цене, мы должны проторговаться в диапазоне 32 000 -34 000 до 15-30 марта 2021 года, это приведет текущую цену к средней актуальной на будущую дату. Соответственно, нас ждет коррекция, либо от текущих значений, либо с середины-конца января. Коррекционный импульс дойдет до 16 000 - 19 000 долл. (средневзвешенная цена BTC на текущий момент времени) При резкой коррекции можно покупать BTC в вышеуказанном диапазоне с целью продажи по 20-25000. Дальше будут происходить колебания и уменьшение их амплитуды. Bitcoin будет торговаться вдоль горизонтальной линии, это будет самое лучшее движение с целью инвестиционных покупок на долгосрок (сейчас идет вертикальный рост). Обратимся к истории 2018 года. На недельном графике мы видели 5 однонаправленных свечей на 6-й уже началась коррекция, которая составила 45% от максимальной цены. Сегодняшний рост уже достиг 4-х равнонаправленных недельных свечей, еще одна две недели и мы должны начать коррекцию. В цифрах возьмем максимальные 40 000 USD , 45% коррекции - это 18 000, то есть цена дойдет до 22 000 и это может произойти за неделю (аналог 2018 года). Риск потери части капитала, который присутствует после приобретения BTC сегодня достаточно большой. Для инвестора текущий момент очень неблагоприятный для приобретения BTC в долгосрок.
  20. This is a very simple strategy that can be used in it's own. It's the RSI strategy. When most currencies reach a cetain level they are considered overbought or oversold and this gives us the perfect opportunity to earn when this happens. Overbought /oversold parmeters are usually 70/30. But I do not use these...My parameters are 80/20. You will get a lot less hits but more accurate. Try it out on demo first and see how it goes. I also use a RSI indicator from's free on MT4. . I have it set up on 12 currencies and every time any of the currncies reach my parameters, I get an onscreen alert and I trade. No fundamental analysis or anything. This is more of a price action strategy, It can be combined with the bollinger band (default settings) for even stronger confirmation). I hope this will help someone. What strategy do you use?
  21. I want to have a discussion place that discusses the world of Daily coin / token trading on yobit exchange 😎 I also hope you share Good information about coins / tokens that have the potential to increase prices in the near future. ♨️ Now ! is the right time to make our money grow to make big profits and it's time for us to trade together on this cool yobit exchange ! Let's Gooo to share coin / token information that has the potential to rise 🚀🚀 List of coins / tokens on yobit exchange : Grow our money together ! by trading on Yobit Exchange.
  22. Win

    Trading altcoins

    Is there any one here tried to trade multi currency.altcoins from ltc yo xrp to bch to litecoin and so on.did you get profit doing this?.or is it possible?what is youre toughts?
  23. Many have been misled that making money from trading is easy especially from those who claimed to be guru in trading, yet they are making no cent. All they do is make up trade result and edited balanced on account, including fake withdrawal. Don't be fool again. Trading is actually easy...but making money from it is tough. Just follow me...I will show you some cool secret.
  24. This year has been so great and much unique base on understatement 😊. There comes up with lots of updates about predictions and what affects the cryptoworld by the deadly diseases known to many here if you can recall that is name the pandemic covid-19. Without any stability, Bitcoin has continued to rise and fall in price this year at a steady pace which due to that many investors are likely happy to see the volatility. Here are some predictions from some experts. I will explain briefly on what they said about the Bitcoin price and what they predicts. BLOOMBERG This name is known by many traders that studies and follow predictions of experts. Bloomberg had been a so fanous/popular most of his predictions goes 80-90% correct. Bloomberg had cracked out buzz for its $20,000 bitcoin price prediction this year. This predictions was stated in June 2020 edition were "Bloomberg Crypto Galaxy Index" takes a report, at which Bloomberg analyst also argued that there is something that needs to go wrong for bitcoin not to acknowledge at this time. He Therefore says; That analyst believes bitcoin has the upper hand against competing assets like gold, commodities, Nasdaq, and crude oil. The analyst also sees potential in bitcoin futures and Tether. Absolutely he was right at area if we consider on previous bitcoin price trends. It seems so unfortunate were there supposed Bitcoin to be rising above $20,000 by the end of the year. There is great effect and reflection of price on Bitcoin when there was rise in the fuel price by rise of digital currency. That is briefly prediction from bloomberg now we are checking more predictions from"Max Keiser". MAX KEISER PREDICTIONS He is so genius also popular as bloomberg, he is a Crypto analyst. Max Keiser from his predictions had being so optimistic in his price prediction for bitcoin. In a series of tweets were he explained with diagram on chat on July 27. Max Keiser Report host made a prediction that BTC/USD was headed for about $100,000 after a correction period of around $28,000 estimately and respectively. Max Keiser later in July makes an updated to some of his price prediction after seeing bitcoin rise above $10,000 and keeps pending within this range above $10,000. Now we will take a look straight forward on more predictions from the citiBank... CITIBANK PREDICTIONS Citibank as known from few traders has being among one of the most optimistic price predictions for bitcoin among major institutes in cryptocurrency predictions.Citibank also comes up with their predictions were they predicts bitcoin will reach a price of $120k in the future 2021 but only if it movement had meets a specific requirements over most of coming weeks and months. From his tweets on twitter you can check out. As learned from the Citibank previous predictions from 2016 predictions also have a believe on the bitcoin price must test the price of $13k before it continues to keep rising close to its range in 2021, previously and very ultimately to be rising to $120k at some level of price in 2021 or beyond. ELLIOT WAVE PREDICTION Elliot Wave are most used by analyst to study the Bitcoin chat. The analyst that using the eliot wave were able to conclude by correcting the prediction that Bitcoin price can hits a fall $3,000 at the end of 2020 which seems to be a Mistake. The Elliot comes up with a Theory so frequently to criticized for its stability on many aspects and reasons. It was so much subjective and questionable than any other models. Hence, the technical analysts that was used by the Elliot Theory was to determine the most part of the market cycles and to also spot bearish and bullish trends. Note: Whenever an analysts/predictor talk about the markets going through ‘8 waves’, they are discussing about a chance talking about Elliot Waves and as well as the Elliot Wave Theory. Analysts had fully interpret these waves in different verses and opinion personally. so there’s no concrete Elliot Wave bitcoin price predictions. Therefore as traders we need to be so optimistic in following predictions because not all predictions are merely true. I advice making analysis with clear investigation about the chart before following any predictions. You are all Welcome to cryptotalk 😊 stay tune for more updates. Share us your opinion regarding the topic and alsoask questions. Thanks more for your response and contribution to this topic as well to the forum at large. Happy to learn you friends especially friend @rekterthanks for getting me aware of some Mistakes.
  25. This is a quick Trade Analysis lesson as I see many people in the forum asking how to do TA. While I'm not an expert, I do have some knowledge so I'd like to share. This can be great way to find the bottom and it worked in this scenario. Doesn't always work but more times than not it does. This works 90% of the time or better when accompanied by volume to support the move. So here we see it sold off pretty good and we know it's oversold at that point. That setup can be very rewarding and is worth looking for. We watch for some sharp downward wicks that pop back up. This is a sign that bottom may be close. Then the next low is higher. This is where I either buy or get my order ready. The next candle opened green (higher) and that's confirmation for me so I'd be in there. When right you can hold until the upward pattern breaks, but better to take the 5% just 2 hours later.
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