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Found 22 results

  1. i am new user please can any body tell me which is best crypto exchange currently i lost almost 200 dollar in cryptopia so can any one tell me which is most safe exchange and how can we check its exchange safe or not are exchanges are regulated i can case they run away or do scam we can claim our funds or who can guarantee of funds thank you for nice answers
  2. My deposit has been lost, and I cant withdraw from IDAX, is that IDAX really scam now?, I read many article that said Boss IDAX run away with cold storage privat key. what do you think about this information guys?
  3. Do NOT 'QUOTE REPLY' and Do NOT post spam comments !!! This should be topic for all Scam accusations in crypto space. I will start will one fake Ledger wallet website: Watch out for fake Ledger wallet websites that try to take your seed and private key !!! website: archive: This is the real Ledger website:
  4. Hello Crypto Community! p2pb2b is doing shit again.Today P2PB2B exchange showed that they are promoting scam projects,i was shocked when i saw this announcement.P2PB2B Exchange is Ready to List a brand New Shit Token and that is Maya coin which belongs to UK financial LTD.This company ( UK financial LTD ) is always ready to create Gold Silver Backed Tokens even they are expert in that,The UK financial LTD also claims that they are mining gold and Silver But..... More funny thing is they are using Google Adsense on their website to earn some bucks Proof #1 #2 #3 Question:This Company ( financial LTD ) Really exist?Answer: Yes it exist and its registered in UK With Company number " 11471823 " But Not sure this company actually behind these shit Tokens because its possible scammers using thier company name,You can click on this link to get more info they scammed?Answer: They promise that Dfs Token will be Backed by $5 per token, and Mapr Token will be backed for $29000,Both tokens are ERC20 and both are on death bed!DFS Token market: Token Market:'s clear example that CMC is not able to detect scam coins,These shit exchanges helping scammers to do scam with usStay blessed guys, Thanks for Reading My bad English 😂
  5. What do you think about Felixo Coin? Because many of their accounts are frozen, somehow, after following the AirDrop Flx and they got a lot of coin, in the end their account is not accessible, and I am one of them. Flx scam or not? Do not forget the rules for creating topics (topics begin with a capital letter) Moderator Desais👮‍♂️
  6. Exchange on which you can sell any garbage and there is a distribution of coins. We look. We try. We share opinions. We are writing reviews. registration on the website The exchange is convenient for users from Portugal, Spain and India.
  7. Hi please any one of new members which is here since long time or in forum can u please tell me how can i found a coin its real or scam as i am new in this field in some days back like one to three months back i lost almost one thousand buck due to lack of knowledge and also please tell me here i can get information about this field as i am new in this field thank you waiting your kind replies please give your honest reviews according your experience and knowledge and also tell me how much you earned or gain from this field just for motivation
  8. Have you been scammed send me 0.01 BTC and get 0.1 back immediately or send xxxx BTC and earn 10-20% interest daily if it sounds to good to be true it usually is And when you see so many people claiming to make money and your not you can be quick to make some dumb moves first off no one is going to make money for you unless there is a massive incentive for them and huge risk for you. second you are responsible for your losses, if your stupid enough like I have been to give away your coin that’s on you. Learn about the space , don’t be fooled by people promising riches. I so far have fallen to 2 scams so far. One which mathimatucllay anyone could of saw coming the other just been dumb careful newbs crypto can be a world of hurt. But can bring excitement and joy that can change your life.
  9. The web "in maintenance", an excuse so habitual that it makes you tremble, the non-existent currency that is given as soon as technical problems are fixed, was not created on the stipulated date, nothing else was a name, without books online, without public consultations as much boast, seize, "And the money?" How to say that it is not without sounding bad? How to accept this error ?. A pyramid such a common scam, Ardotcoin and Onecoin are very comparable illegal projects, and the worst part is that there are people who still want to enter into this type of business. They don't even own a blockchain, so what the hell are they talking about? A few years ago, Utacoin came out, but it was the same nonsense. Remember that no crypto should offer packages with returns, nor that they ask you to bring people like a pyramid. Utacoin was only in a single exchange, but then it was slipped, that's how many fraudulent companies operate, pure smoke.
  10. For the uninitiated: Monumtrade is a site that claims to produce large returns on your investment. This site was set up last month, there were PTC ads for it everywhere and it was actually paying investments at the beginning. TL;DR If you have invested on this site last week you have lost all of your investment, you have been scammed. Reports here: It paid the first 99 account makers 0.00013 btc (I was one of them) to incentivize people to invest more money on the platform. And now the website is permanently down. Thank goodness I did not invest any money on this scam site. I was about to invest my hard-earned yobit money there.
  11. So this will be my first post. I was wondering about all these crypto airdrop sites and how we are going to tell what is real and what is fake. for instance i have joined some sites in the past and they were total scams. how do we tell what is real and what is a scam??? Seems most people on the net are just looking to make a quick buck and don't care who they rip off However i have found 2 sites so far that have really payed out first one was KEY BASE this is a awesome little app that payed out almost 100$ in 2 months, only problem they found to many scammer accounts and ended the airdrops early, second one that payed way less was the BLOCKCHIAN wallet. this one is pretty awesome as it is an exchange that payed you out just for verifying your account, and they contineu to give coin away every month. some mining sites that i joined,, would rather not mention names but they literally cost me everything so need to find some ways to make the cash back that i have lost. all and all i have lost over 4500$ to scammers and scam sites, and little bit to poor buy sell times. Hope we can all come together and Find some real sites that pay real money and none of these bull shit sites that want you to put cash in before you get anything out and then when you have put money in the site miraculously goes offline.... below images are from a site that has some free airdrops on dont know if its real or fake try at your own Discression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sponsored Reward Portal Android $3,10 approx. value 310 GIGS Active Referral Tasks: Sponsored CryptoTalk.Org $71,78 approx. value 0.01 BTC Active Tasks: Sponsored Swissborg $16,01 approx. value 1750 CHSB Active Referral Tasks: Updated LCX Xmas special TBA approx. value TBA LCX Active Referral 5 days Tasks: Updated freebtc Faucet TBA approx. value TBA BTC Active Referral Tasks: AMZCoin $6,90 approx. value 150 + 25 AMZ Active Referral Tasks: Carbon Offset Initiative Round 2 $8,40 approx. value 60 + 14 COI Active Referral Tasks: Prometheus $13,00 approx. value 130 + 30 PRO Active Referral Tasks: Bitpanda Beginner Test $5.5 approx. value TBA BEST Active Tasks:
  12. Hello guys, i'm new here before i go to the let me say few things about the site, i new thus site from a friend, he explained to me about the reward/post so i came to check out and found a great site with great features so awesome.. What i'm saying us i'm here to stay thanks owners for bringing us this baby so here is the new trick scammers use; They contact you via telegram/any other, they tell you their country does not support crypto so they give you money to do exchange for them.. So they give you the link to the site and send you even a whole BTC to your account on that site, when you want to withdraw they give you these weird requirements like; - Make an a deposit first - then they say you're external wallet must have 1500/ wherever of total transactions to be able to withdraw.. Lol what's the relationship here There are many sites like thus and this is their new trick. Be aware
  13. Some days ago, I received an E-mail in which someone had threatened me to publish my personal media files in social media groups. The title of the E-mail was my desktop password. This scammer told me that he now knows my password and has access to my computer and all my personal pictures and videos. Fortunately, I don't store my personal info on my PC and use an external hard drive for this kind of information. The E-mail contains a bitcoin wallet address and the scammer has asked me to send $500 worth of bitcoin to his wallet to forget about revealing my personal info on the web. I changed my password immediately after reading this E-mail and switched to normal user from admin to block everyone's access to the vital program files in my PC. I have never received such an E-mail before and I don't know how this scammer has managed to find my password. Maybe I visited a website that contained malware. My antivirus and anti-malware are always on. Anyway, what do you recommend me to do at this moment?
  14. I was in need of money now because I have an event to handle, Alumni Homecoming, and I don't even have a money nor financial assistance. So, I heard about bitcoins. Does bitcoins really helps? I always find the way to make money, downloading apps, websites. I hope you can help me through this. Thank you.
  15. Итак, решил узнать мнение комьюнити а так же возможно предостеречь о будущем экзит скаме именитой платформы , сервисе мастернод Мидас. Я уже давно за ней наблюдаю, ведь интересуюсь мастернодами, и на самом деле подобных площадок очень мало. Итак решил я кинуть в их сервис 30570 монеток заранее купленых и намайненых на VPS 3dc (Project districts). По логике если одна мастернода 1000 монет то у меня их получается 30. Итак быстренько завёл средства, даже чересчур быстро. Перед этим посмотрел на отзывы, и на соц.сети, всё конечно выглядело печальненько особенно последнее. В итоге мне начали приходить монетки первые два дня. Я выбрал 100% реинвест. Но уже на третий день у меня начало брать комиссию в 170 монет и она повышалась, а приходить стало всего 25 в день. Крутой заработок да? В итоге через шесть дней - МИНУС почти 600 монет! Техподдержка никогда не бывает онлайн, телеграмм чат мертв. Делайте выводы. Пруф.
  16. Everyday in the crypto world i try to be alert and not fall into scams so i go read docs that will strengthen my knowledge and also do research on a website before i sign up to it. why do i not sign up at all, so they don't just not get my money but my email neither. That's my trick that's how i can't be easily scammed. But today i found an article that would help you guys. And here are the ways to protect yourself from scammers; Be alert to the fact that scams exist. Know who you're dealing with. Do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or click on links or attachments in emails – delete them. Don't respond to phone calls about your computer asking for remote access – hang up. Keep your personal details secure Keep your mobile devices and computers secure. Choose your passwords carefully. Review your privacy and security settings on social media. Beware of any requests for your details or money. Be wary of unusual payment requests. Be careful when shopping online. Don't be greedy NOTE; In the crypto world scammers are everywhere, some of us could not even have known there is something called cryptocurrency if that for that scam call. If you this content helps you and others out there share and like(React) 😊
  17. i need to know if this website is legit or scam, someone sent me money, but i need to deposit at least once to be able to withdraw my money, any fast responsive, but for a person who knows the site well, its kinda new i think, its a bitcoin trading platform. links is
  18. Attention! Guys in my review of crypto exchanges I saw the advertisement says that ways to earn $600 per day. They guide that let say you have 1 btc to your wallet you have to exchange them to ethereum through that exchange then you'll get 72 ethereum after that return them to btc through you'll get 1.6 btc. So guys be aware of that exchange in my review I found that must be scammer so do your review before using it.
  19. There is way i could make some money by doing exchange across, and but i need to do research if legit. So do you guys ever used it before or using it right now By the way here is my topic on my to make BTC with those 3 websites
  20. a website for earning money is a SCAM ... i try this website and do all the task they have so that i can earn money i also share the post to everyone and when i cash out it didnt pay i waste my time this website so dont try sign up it will waste your time too thanks
  21. В данной теме из цикла "Как отличить годный проект, от кидалова" рассмотрим проект Bitbankpro 1-е что бросается в глаза - встроенный гугл переводчик в шапке сайта, 2-е вкладка bounty программа, перейдя по которой предлогаются недопустимые условия и заманчивый "сыр в мышеловке" в виде бонуса за выполнение обычных условий регистрации почти любого Airdrop, а именно: обязательные условия Регистрация на сайте компании Сделать депозит на любой тарифный план Поторопись! Только первые 2500 участников получают бонусы: то есть 500 человек, которые представили запросы после перепроведении новости Facebook, 500 человек в YouTube, 500 человек в Twitter, 500 человек в ВК и 500 в Bitcointalk. 3-е бонусная программа дает возможность получить до $ 100 бесплатно п.с. см. 1-е (выше) Внимание викторина! Кто первым ответит, в чем же связь между 1-м и 2-м получит ❤️😉
  22. The Onecoin scam is the worlds biggest crypto scam for pakistanis. Dr Ruja Ignatova was the founder of onecoin. before 6 months ruja ignatova charged by US for laundering, security frauds and many more. but unfortunately he is not arrested yet. in 2015 he build a team of multi level marketers.initially their business worked well but after few days its become a big scam. mostly pakistanis affected by this scam because. OneCoin published their own Shariah-compliant certificate, issued by the Pakistan-based Al-Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics. pakistanis trusted them and invested millions of pounds but after scam huda center of islamic banking published press release in which they clarified they didnt gave any certification to Onecoin, before investing in any new company or project please do some research about them.
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