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Found 17 results

  1. Dear reader, this matter depends on you and the field in which you work. Some people choose to work in marketing products through the Internet with experience and the passage of time. You can achieve thousands of dollars per month and also unlike those who decided on the opinion poll sites. Also, it is difficult to exceed hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.
  2. LaunchBar & Liza Coin Liza Coin Количество: 100,000 LZC Decimals: 18 Платформа: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Bscscan: 0xA6550996403407481f2748a793aE40dA3b369F6d WEB3 LaunchBar платформа launchbar Информацию смотрите тут: Tcpcoins Social Media: Facebook Twitter Telegram Github Токены соответствуют стандарту BEP-20, что делает их публичными и доступными, проверяемыми. Токен LZC не является ценной бумагой, не привязан к доллару, не привязан к платформе.
  3. My friends, let us discuss this issue because many people are confused about it. I am sad to say that there are people who do trading as gambling, everything they do on crypto believes in luck more than knowledge! Of course, you can believe in luck but for a few percent because investing in crypto has its knowledge and you will see great success if you get that knowledge. Example: Normally LTC reaches up to $72+ when it pumps, but sometimes it goes down up to $38 !! Now in this case, if you will increase your thinking capacity it's very easy for any trader to earn a profit. If your trading will not depend on luck, you will understand that every coin can fall but when it reaches some point, it has large possibilities to stop and start to pump again! I told one of my friends to buy LTC when it was $44 after i saw BTC grow for some percent because there are coins that depend on BTC in large percent. He agreed with me and purchase 10 LTC, after few days it grows to $56 and he sold there, so he earned a profit of $100 after all fees in less than a month! So we used knowledge to make this decision and not luck! The good thing is that anyone can learn this knowledge for free, anywhere and anytime! Because you can learn through youtube tutorials, blogs, in this forum and etc. ____________________. So open your mind and do the right thing (learn), if you keep investing in crypto as a gambler you will lose more money than the amount you earn and at the end of the day you will hate crypto and say it is a scam! But the problem it's you.
  4. List of ways to profit from the Internet, new and exclusive methods. If you like the topic, do not forget to rate it : 1. Profit from e-commerce . 2. Profit from affiliate marketing . 3. Profit from mobile apps . 4. Profit from blogging and Google Adsense . 5. Profit from freelance . 6. Profit from trading in the foreign exchange market (Forex) . 7. Profit from YouTube . 8. Profit from Facebook . 9. Profit from links shortening sites . 10. Profit from website proficiency testing services . 11. Profit from selling via Facebook Marketplace . 12. Profit from investing money through the Internet . 13. Profit from file upload sites . 14. Profit from performing tasks for the benefit of companies and business owners online . 15. Profit from Jumia .
  5. Hi friends, Let discuss what we have gained since we have joined crypto world. Everything that we do, we need to do with developments! You start selling clothes by walking in the streets, then you rent a small hut and later in 1 - 3 years you open your large clothes shop! Everything is step by step, so what have you gained since you have joined crypto world? Have you developed/ start anything in your life by investing in crypto from when you started until today? If not, you must ask yourself why! Many of us, we have join crypto in 2017/ 2018 and it was a little hard to earn well at that time because of a few profitable projects and a good place to get crypto knowledge. We were earning from faucets, p2p trading, and etc. Not all of us who were able to trade with p2p at that time because of capital and knowledge, but nowadays there are many trading sites with different trading methods, there are many good opportunities that gives us good income every day like here in the forum, there are many easy micro jobs sites like latium/ picoworkers/ etc that can give us good income every day! Its our time to restart and do something great, we just need to have good plan and discipline for what we earn. If you live with your parents and they give you everything you are lucky, its your time to invest what you earn because one day they will get old and you will work hard to take care of them. If you are a parent, that means you should work hard because you will need money to prepare a good life for your family. So, we both need to work hard. A good method to motivate yourself it's to look back from where you come from and where you are now, this will give you a new power to work hard every day without a time to rest. Don't ever leave any opportunity! Anything that you can do it today for good, just do it. Just don't forget about God, you will never be success without his blessing. _________________________________________________ Work hard to open your large cloth's shop!
  6. Many people (especially crypto beginners) they join crypto world and become traders without knowing many things about trading. A lot of them they think only trading bitcoin will give them profit, so whatever they earn they convert to bitcoin and trade it. Let me tell you one thing, bitcoin trading is good if you have large amount to trade but with small amount you will earn very small profit! And bitcoin is not the only coin that can give you profit in trading. Here are some 3 coins that I recommend, they are cheap and profitable. Anyone can afford them and trade them easily. If it’s okay, our brother @Whited35 can give us more coins. He’s among the best traders am proud of! He told me some things about ETH and about day trading that I didn’t know before, thank you. 1.XRP (Ripple) - This among the cheapest coins that I know and it’s one of my best coins. With $1 you can buy 4 XRP for the current price, that means it costs only $0.25 per coin! $0.25 is not the best price to buy/sell XRP because it usually fall to $0.18/.19 which is the best price to buy, and it grows to $0.3 which is the best price to sell. You may wonder because there is only a price difference of $0.1 and I recommend it! Now let’s say you have purchased 1000 XRP at a price of $0.2 which is $200, and you hold them to reach $0.3 then you sell them. 1000XRP x $0.3 = $300 and you purchased them @$200 !!! Only the increase of $0.1 has given you a profit of $100!! And you have trade a cheap coin, imagine how much profit you could earn in bitcoin by trading $200! LTC (Litcoin) - This is another coin that I trade and recommend. LTC it’s not cheaper like XRP and it’s not high like bitcoin, so you can still afford it. The current price for LTC is $50 according to yobit, also it’s not a good price to buy or sell because at that price it may fall or pump anytime so it’s like playing a dice game. The best price to buy LTC it’s under $45/$43 until $38, and the best price to sell LTC is from $63 to $75 according to my experience. 1 LTC can give you a $20 - $35 profit if you’ll be active to watch the market prices and make a quick buy or sell. Imagine if you've purchased only 5 LTC at a price of $45 which is $225 and you hold them and sell at a price of $65, 5LTC x $65 = $325, that means you will made a profit of $100 by just trading $225 in LTC. WAVES – Another best coin that can give you a lot of profit with small capital if you are an active trader. The current price for WAVES is $2.6 but i suggest to buy it when it reaches $2.2 or at least $2.4 for a better profit and sell it at $3.2 - $3.6 now let say you have purchased 100 WAVES at a price of $2.4 which is $240 and you hold them until they reach $3.4 and you sell there, 100WAVES x $3.4 = $340, and you will just made $100 profit for trading $240 in WAVES! This coin can reach $4 but don’t wait to double your money because anything can happen, take your profit and find another opportunity. Don’t worry, this coins are volatile and their price depends on bitcoin. Most of the time they’ll increase or decrease same time with bitcoin. Please, add more details by commenting about other cheap coins that you know are profitable. I will be happy to hear about ETH, LINK, EOS, ETC, TRX and other.
  7. As I said in the introduction, many beginners fall victim to fraud from swindling sites, which makes them abandon the idea of profit from the Internet and consider it insincere, and this is a mistake. Rather, profit from the Internet is a fact, and many people work and make large sums of money through working on the Internet Likewise, you cannot provide as much time or effort as you have in a work that you do not believe in, which makes you the simplest problems stand in your way and leave the field Working on the Internet is not an easy thing, so it is about working on the ground, but more than that, because online work requires a very great time and effort, and you must also know the basic profit from the Internet, including: for the continuity and building a profitable project with the future (do not rely on profit sites from the Internet, You can use it to collect capital (money only) to continue in one area, give enough time to work ...
  8. I think its good moment to buy yo token this week..
  9. As a beginner, I wonder if there are applications on the phone that we can earn bitcoins from If someone here knows the name of one of these apps, let me know Put me a heart, please
  10. AWS, new ERC20 Token, linking NFT to Cryptos passive incomes for any investors :First of all, AWS means A World of Success.Many investors are not at ease with NFT, ERC20 or Metamask, but they want to run also for this incredible business.What is worth buying AWS Tokens :3 Main actions, occurring each quarter worth it!1. AWS is offering people to participate this great adventure, offering to share 25% of its profits coming from its partnership platform, marketplace platform development is almost ended and every quarter, 25% of profits will be dedicated and dropped, to all AWS owners.2. Same way, every quarter, 25% of profits will be used to re-purchase AWS tokens on exchange.3. Every quarter also, a burn of AWS token will occur within next 12 months : 10% of unsold tokens holder by team will be burnt.These 3 actions, will lead to increase value of AWS token, all year long.Exchange will also propose Stacking soon, offering a 20% APY for stacking AWS, minimum 180 days.————IMPORTANT : Register and Comply with KYC on this link only to get Passive Incomes access: buy AWS token, one click only, simply with your Credit Card - or any Ethereum if you got some, investing few equivalent USD to participate this incredible offer.🚀🚀🚀Much more social network to get information to follow, comment and share :
LinkedIn Managing Director :
Many more information and videos on this YouTube Channel :
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  11. There are always some miners in the network who are confirming the transactions and keep the network going. Miners will receive coins as rewards for their activities. So, this idea comes to mind that since they don't buy the coins at any price, whatever they earn is 100% profit but this is a wrong belief because they have invested heavily in mining tools and they have to recover this cost first to earn anything. Miners can both start mining when prices are low and when they are high. If you mine when the coins are cheap, you will earn both from mining and from the future increase in value of your coins. I think this is the best time to start mining any coin. But what about the other case? Is it profitable to start mining when the prices are high? In this case, you will earn coins with high values but when prices go down, you will lose big. What is your opinion about the best time for mining?
  12. As you know, it is not easy to become a professional crypto trader. It is not just about investment. It takes lots of time before someone can collect useful experiences, study articles, learn techniques and tricks, learn from past mistakes and know how to take risks. You need lots of time to master all these things and during the time you may miss lots of golden opportunities for trading like when BTC price rose up to $20K for a few days! So, I thought about it this way. You can find a professional trader and sign a contract with him/her. He/she can trade for both of you and share some of the profit with you, something like (60% - 40%) or even (70% - 30%). You can continue this way until you master all the skills necessary to become a successful trader. You may have less share, but at least you don't miss top opportunities. Do you think this method is better for beginners? They can both learn from a professional trader and earn some of the profit that will be gained.
  13. The first step for a successful trade is the choice of coin. In this topic, I want to compare two different types of coins that have different personalities. I refer to them as coin A and coin B. I will introduce them as the following: Coin A - It is more profitable but rises very slowly. Coin B - It is less profitable but rises fast. It is really hard for me to decide which one is the better choice. Which one do you think will be more profitable if we hold them both for the same amount of time? I think if you buy the coin B, you will earn small profits quickly and you can catch up with the coin A because you can make more transactions. For example, 10 transactions with small profit = 1 or 2 transactions with big profit. This is just what I think. Have you experienced trading with coins that have similar characteristics?
  14. How to know which one to choose so as not to waste time? Which one will be the one that gives profit? We always take them and we want to sacrifice everything, but what is the one that has the best projection and will give the best profit without wasting our valuable time?
  15. I would like to suggest you to check out StakeCube. As you can already see on the chart above, their own coin called StakeCubeCoin had a great run recently and in total of 2 months, the price increased by more than 800%! Right now the price is still going up and SCC is going to the moon. Soon it's going to be worth it 1$ and right now, there's more than 20,000$ traded in it daily with almost 7 mil. USD market cap. Usage of StakeCubeCoin with StakeCube Since SCC is a Proof of Stake coin, it can be earned by locking up a stake from your wallet and earn a block reward based on how big your stake is. This allows you to passively earn the coin just by holding it. StakeCubeCoin is constantly being used on the staking pool platform StakeCube to process payments. There is currently NO FEE for SCC for both staking or shared masternodes. There's also tens of more coins supported on StakeCube and all are depositable and withdrawable with no fee as well. If you wish to read about StakeCube itself, please check my other topic: What caused StakeCubeCoin's bull run Even before SCC started increasing in price so much, it already had a great amount of investors. It's because SCC offers very high ROI when staking. It highly depends but it's around 50% yearly, which is much better than earning interest, or staking other coins. This ability bought many new investors to purchase this coin and farm the staking rewards. This already guaranteed a clear stable price, and a low risk. The rocket was launched by a new feature that introduced MineCube (Bitcoin cloud mining). The catch there was that payments are done with SCC, not Bitcoin directly. This lead many users buy SCC to purchase a lifetime mining contract. Even on the first days, it caused a great trading volume growth. I already had my purchased coins ready, and I didn't spend all of them on the cloud mining. The price you pay was backed at 4$ in SCC, which lead to changes in the amount of SCC you pay for the hashpower. After a week, I was sure this is going to increase the price a lot. There was a high demand on SCC and it exceeded the supply volume. Starting from 5th May, an even further update was already in development. StakeCube added a new feature of hosting full cold/hot/VPS masternodes. You only had to deposit the coins needed for the masternode, and they maintained it all for you - indeed, there was a little fee, that you had to pay in SCC. At the time of writing, the feature is almost fully released, still leaving VPS hosting under development. Combining all of these factors together, it caused an insane demand of SCC. In total of just 2 months, the price of StakeCubeCoin grew by more than 800%. Luckily, the market still hasn't crashed and I'm still holding my coins. If you want to use StakeCubeCoin, please use the provided link below to join my team. Registration link:
  16. Aser65


    Я зарабатываю 100 рублей каждую неделю при помощи Android! Хочешь так же?! Скачай Легкие деньги с и 2 рубля уже у тебя в кармане!
  17. What are your thoughts about yobit being over priced in withdrawal fee. Cryptotalk will pay you But is it beneficial even you were posting a lot but the fee is too much? Is it accurate? I need to post a week to pay only for the withdrawal fee but then it goes bigger after on.
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