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  1. What are your thoughts about yobit being over priced in withdrawal fee. Cryptotalk will pay you But is it beneficial even you were posting a lot but the fee is too much? Is it accurate? I need to post a week to pay only for the withdrawal fee but then it goes bigger after on.
  2. We can read comments, posts and replies in such a manner that it is constructive but sometimes the grammar were incorrect. Should we support it? Or report it?
  3. I am trying mining but my computer doesn'r support me that much. Do you prefer upgrading it?.
  4. I am interested if there is a possibility in the near future to replace our physical money and be replaced by digital ones. Do you think it would happen?.
  5. Should we keep supporting BTC? Or we need to start advertising the other currency?
  6. As you know The most known currency is Bitcoin so do you think it can be the universal currency type.
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