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  1. Will BTC be used as a compensation for the delay? How will it work, will the payments be split into BTC and TALK then?
  2. I believe when the community grows big enough, it could be able to sell Pi at a reasonable price, but 1$ is the current price that is tradeable in small groups. When it becomes a full market, I agree it can change a lot as the current supply is very high.
  3. That is good to see, as I noticed of LINK being so successful in the price. I hope you have good earnings with this coin, as I'm also interested in getting deeper into it, but never actually did yet. ETH 2.0 is for sure, going to be very profitable as well. Good luck!
  4. Hm, that's surprising. I haven't ever received such a scam message directly on this forum. It however happens on different platforms, usually it consists of fake wallet updates, or fake wallets itself. You should always only download or update the wallets from the official website.
  5. Here I rather prefer doing long or mid term investments, as it doesn't require too much activity and isn't that risky if you choose the coin right. When I find the coin fluctuating, I add up some short terms to the process.
  6. I didn't ever face connection issues while using Cryptotalk. The only issue I know about is when you're trying to make actions on here while using a phone. It gives you an error as a security protection and you must enable the option to view the site as a computer - or use the forum from a computer. Let me know if this issue stops.
  7. Good explanation, I hope it made this system clear to everyone who reads this. There have been many members that didn't know about the differences between rating and reputation and your topic made it explained.
  8. I hope you won't mind me correcting you. You can be paid at any time, just after a week of posting the post. However, the payments are made daily at midnight of the server time. After the posts get counted, it will be added to your claimable balance on YoBit.
  9. I also do scammed often from less known Airdrops or bounties and it's sad to see. I also noticed the recent airdrops tend to steal personal information or unfairly gain social media followers before getting paid from the Airdrop - and you usually don't even get paid. As of now there's not that many legitimate Airdrops, but if there already are, they're very trusted and used.
  10. The current leaderboards of this forums are sorted descendingly based on the amounts of your posts, your reputation points in total, reputation points gained during a day and similar. The leaderboard is accessible here: https://cryptotalk.org/leaderboard/ You can get to the top of the leaderboard if you get the most of the points needed for the leaderboard you're aiming for.
  11. It's important to keep in mind that YoBit is not a real wallet and only works as a crypto exchange. A true cryptocurrency wallet gives you the ability to fully control your address and funds, while YoBit wants you to deposit to THEIR address and lets you withdraw from THEIR address. In your own wallet, it all works for your own controllable address you randomly generate.
  12. Originally faucets were made as a tool to promote cryptocurrencies by giving small amounts of them away for free, but nowadays the faucet industry changed its way a lot. Today faucets are usually made for highly known coins, but give absurdly small amounts of coins per claim, such as 0.001$ worth of Bitcoin, and still contain many ads. The faucet owner is capable of earning 0.05$ from ads per an user claiming, but only gives you a tenth of a penny for example. The owners profit from it the most.
  13. As stated in the explanation of the new payment system, you'll be paid for your posts in 7 days after being written with the condition of having the total rating at none or positive. That means, if your post gets rated negatively, you might not get paid for them. @Sabu99 I hope it explains your concern.
  14. I suggest you to check the available exchanges for SCC on coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/stakecube You can also see the price, charts and info there. I suppose you're already familiar with coingecko, so I don't have to explain the purpose of it.
  15. I actively report spam posts when I encounter them, as well as rating it before it gets deleted. With the new reaction system, a lot of changes were applied and caused the posting quality to change with it. Upon checking their profile, I didn't notice any bad or low quality posts to get a -5. My guess is that it was a random reaction added without a reason. I'm aware about this issue as it even happens to me. Even one of my best posts got a -5 for no reason. Dishonest, random or repetitive rating in a row is violating the rules of this forum and admins can punish this behavior if they find it.
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