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  1. Not only that, we must ensure the browser we use, we must also have the private key, did you know that? The private key of your BTC address is what ensures that the BTC is really yours, it serves to recover your address in case of loss.
  2. Without a doubt you tube, but that will depend on your interest. If you want to monetize the use of the platform or it is just for fun that you will use it. In my opinion, YouTube is more complete and more viral despite the fact that tiktok took a lot of prominence.
  3. Well there are many strategies to follow obviously but a good one is to observe the market behavior of a specific currency in hours or last days. You have to know the recent fundamental news about it and make a quick decision to buy or sell.
  4. Where is the best place to invest cryptocurrencies? In the exchanges there are offers to invest. On platforms that offer daily, weekly or monthly profitability. Or simply save them in the wallet. What should we do to multiply our cryptocurrencies? Comment.
  5. It is so, but also looking for the correct information in the correct place is essential. The analysis of crypto and their markets is very fashionable today for supposed guru. Even the best known disappoint. I'm not negative, just that you have to discern well who to listen to or see. The crypto world is fascinating but you have to be careful.
  6. So it should be, the experience is also gained by participating, that is, if we all learn from everyone, it will be easier to develop in the crypto world. Most of them have sold or bought a currency and saved or invested in some plan to make a profit in cryptocurrencies. The interesting thing is to share real facts and valid experiences that provide valuable information.
  7. The stablecoins were created for that, to ensure the stability of investments when there are variants, they must be used in the volatility of the market. USDT is the most common.
  8. It would be a very good idea, but the reality is that there is a long way to go, just the percentage of users is low compared to those who use the traditional system or fiat money. We hope that many know the crypto world but it will take a few years.
  9. It is incredible that so much work on the part of many people is lost, I hope this does not happen, because it is an effort and time invested, relying on platforms that are serious, we hope our effort is rewarded.
  10. Binance is an exchange that offers the BNB currency, this in turn serves to pay less fee in each transaction. The users of this exchange benefit from it and Binance increasingly gains users, positioning itself in the market as one of the main exchanges. What do you think?
  11. These rules are very complete, to take into account but above all to apply. Trading is psychological, they say, you have to observe the fundamentals and techniques, you have to make a decision on how to operate, thanks for the information.
  12. How to know where to place the links? This is sometimes overwhelming. There are many platforms that do not allow to place links, so how to promote our business? The idea is to know in which platforms we can obtain permission and thus attract referrals for our projects and win, which is the idea of this matter. What do you think about this?
  13. Obviously learning day by day is the best and if it is to earn money, the best option. In this forum we publish various topics, you must also know how to choose which content has value.
  14. You always have to be suspicious of what looks too flashy, such as those that offer high profitability, platforms that say you will earn x% in less time, like that. You also have to investigate the profiles of those who offer quick profits. Caution is always the premise.
  15. To win you have to invest or enter pages that give free cryptocurrencies (very slow). To invest you have to do a lot of research, educate yourself on the subject, if it is done without knowing much, you will surely lose a lot. There is trading, just as risky if you do not know how to execute it, in short it is a very volatile but exciting world, education and more education on the subject.
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