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Found 5 results

  1. Imagine being able to take part in mining without buying expensive and extensive hardware and software. Crypto currency is about making the daily lives of people easier, so why should mining be such cumbersome. The good news that many of us already know is that there is an easier way to mine crypto currencies without much hassle. You can easily earn interests monthly on crypto currencies through staking. Traditional mining is very heavy in the pockets and are based on Proof of Work ( POW ) protocol. POW = Proof of Work is a system or protocol that requires feasible amount of effort to prevent malicious use of computing power. The most widely used POW system is SHA-256 which is used in bitcoin. In simple sense it prevents any person from adding fake blocks and double spending. But the major pitfall of POW system is that its only useful to keep the cryptocurrency system clean from spammers and all the computing power used for it becomes wasteful anywhere else. That is when Proof of Staking ( POS ) comes to action. It is an alternative consensus system that rivals bitcoin's POW. Basically in POS you can just stake your coins and earn interests proportionate to your staked coins. It is an eco-friendly method that doesnot require large energy consumption. The only thing you need to do is choose a coin and download the wallet. You do require a system and 24/7 connection to the network. Popular coins to stake : COSMOS DASH TEZOS TRON NEO PIVX Ethereum also plans to launch its own Proof of Staking system soon and POS has emerged as a healthy alternative to POW.
  2. Proof-of-stake (PoS) или Доказательство доли владения - метод защиты в криптовалютах, при котором вероятность формирования участником очередного блока в блокчейне пропорциональна доле, которую составляют принадлежащие этому участнику расчётные единицы данной криптовалюты от их общего количества. Данный метод является альтернативой методу подтверждения выполнения работы (PoW), при котором вероятность создания очередного блока выше у обладателя более мощного оборудования. Proof of Work или Доказательство выполнения работы - принцип защиты сетевых систем от злоупотребления услугами (например, от DoS-атак или организации рассылок спама), основанный на необходимости выполнения на стороне клиента некоторой достаточно длительной работы (нахождение решения задачи), результат которой легко и быстро проверяется на стороне сервера (см. односторонняя функция). Главная особенность применяемых вычислений заключается в асимметрии затрат времени — они значительны на нахождение решения и весьма малы для проверки. Подобные схемы также известны как client puzzle (функция клиентской головоломки), computational puzzle (вычислительная головоломка), или CPU pricing function. Конечно, человечество уже создало массу новых альтернативных алгоритмов, но все они пошли именно с первых двух прародителей. Как Вы думаете, за кем будущее?
  3. If you're new in Tezos, check out this article or watch a video review of what the Tezos staking process is and when you'll be receiving rewards.
  4. As long time Kalkulus community member i would to invite forum members on doing some research on this great project! Launched since 2017 and still active and fully on track despite the massive bear market that wiped the major part of low-caps altcoins. You can check all info on The team is focused on development, the coin have is main use case in hosting platform for masternodes and staking (and not only), is actively traded on different exchanges, and team never dumped a single coin on their community, also known for their trasparency on leading the project. Probably they only lack on communication and marketing, but have a very good community that you can join on Discord, where they usually publish different bounties and airdrop. You give a follow on
  5. I would like to suggest you to check out StakeCube. As you can already see on the chart above, their own coin called StakeCubeCoin had a great run recently and in total of 2 months, the price increased by more than 800%! Right now the price is still going up and SCC is going to the moon. Soon it's going to be worth it 1$ and right now, there's more than 20,000$ traded in it daily with almost 7 mil. USD market cap. Usage of StakeCubeCoin with StakeCube Since SCC is a Proof of Stake coin, it can be earned by locking up a stake from your wallet and earn a block reward based on how big your stake is. This allows you to passively earn the coin just by holding it. StakeCubeCoin is constantly being used on the staking pool platform StakeCube to process payments. There is currently NO FEE for SCC for both staking or shared masternodes. There's also tens of more coins supported on StakeCube and all are depositable and withdrawable with no fee as well. If you wish to read about StakeCube itself, please check my other topic: What caused StakeCubeCoin's bull run Even before SCC started increasing in price so much, it already had a great amount of investors. It's because SCC offers very high ROI when staking. It highly depends but it's around 50% yearly, which is much better than earning interest, or staking other coins. This ability bought many new investors to purchase this coin and farm the staking rewards. This already guaranteed a clear stable price, and a low risk. The rocket was launched by a new feature that introduced MineCube (Bitcoin cloud mining). The catch there was that payments are done with SCC, not Bitcoin directly. This lead many users buy SCC to purchase a lifetime mining contract. Even on the first days, it caused a great trading volume growth. I already had my purchased coins ready, and I didn't spend all of them on the cloud mining. The price you pay was backed at 4$ in SCC, which lead to changes in the amount of SCC you pay for the hashpower. After a week, I was sure this is going to increase the price a lot. There was a high demand on SCC and it exceeded the supply volume. Starting from 5th May, an even further update was already in development. StakeCube added a new feature of hosting full cold/hot/VPS masternodes. You only had to deposit the coins needed for the masternode, and they maintained it all for you - indeed, there was a little fee, that you had to pay in SCC. At the time of writing, the feature is almost fully released, still leaving VPS hosting under development. Combining all of these factors together, it caused an insane demand of SCC. In total of just 2 months, the price of StakeCubeCoin grew by more than 800%. Luckily, the market still hasn't crashed and I'm still holding my coins. If you want to use StakeCubeCoin, please use the provided link below to join my team. Registration link:
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