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Found 10 results

  1. A new DeFi project has been released recently: It is a betting platform based on Tezos, which allows to place bets for a cryptocurrency price prediction. It using the same principles as the binary options, but in a strict time interval determined by a smart contract. At the moment there are only BTC, ETC and Tezos, more currencies are expected to add. Each event goes through three phases: Collecting pools, time when users can make bets. A potential profit varies depending on the ratio. The measurement period: start price is fixed and Juster begins to track the price dynamics according to Coinbase Harbinger oracle The winning bets can be withdrawn after the period ends, or will be provided automatically after some delay What's special: there is an option to provide liquidity for betting events, which may alternate the common DeFi projects. You can add your assets to the liquidity pool for each event. It will give you a share of the event fees and you will gain\lose a share of all betting losses\winnings. In other words, you can prove yourself as a marketmaker. What’s the plan? There will be an extension of the event list with more currencies and a variety of currencies. Also there is a plan to list internal tokens. Why Tezos? Drastically low gas fees. Tezos is a modern blockchain renown by a plenty of NFT projects, due to a small minting costs. Project is developed by a Baking Bad team, a prominent Tezos contributor. Links: GitHub, Twitter, Discord, Docs
  2. Tezos Foundation запустил криптовалютный кран для распределения небольшого количества токенов XTZ среди пользователей. Средства в кране предназначены для тестирования и разработки, сообщает сайт. И хотя существуют ограничения, домашняя страница крана приглашает обычных пользователей также требовать средства. Tezos является платформой с открытым исходным кодом для ресурсов и приложений, которые могут развиваться при обновлении. Заинтересованные стороны управляют обновлениями основного протокола, включая обновления самого процесса внесения изменений. Чтобы получить небольшое количество монет, необходимо создать кошелёк XTZ( не забыв при этом сохранить все ключи и файлы в надёжном месте. После создания кошелька, переходим на страницу крана ( вводим адрес (публичный ключ), разгадываем каптчу и жмём "SEND TEZ", ждём верификации (это может занять до нескольких минут), заходим на страницу через 24 часа и повторяем процедуру. (C) Please drink responsibly. (Пожалуйста пейте ответственно)
  3. Video review on How to use Tezos Block Explorers such as Created by Baking Bad team
  4. After flipping Stellar to become top 10 in market Cap ranking (with over $1Billion in market cap) the tezos token tez(XTZ) has suffered an a drop 8% overnight from trading at around $1.8 to $1.68 and going downhill. Tez saw a surge in price following the announcement from the San Francisco based Kraken cryptocurrency exchange concerning it's token staking rewards service which allows Tez owners to stake their tokens on the exchange and receive an annual 6% return.
  5. In your opinion which coin will more profitable in 2020? Ripple or Tezos ? Coment your opinion by describing those two coin statistically. In my opinion Ripple will be more profitable. Some adviser said that ripple can cross his heights price in 2020.
  6. Website link: link: explanatory articleWhat makes Atomex special?Atomex HD wallet and Hybrid exchange combines advantages of centralized and Decentralized exchanges: Private keys are kept encrypted on your computer. Cross-chain transactions are carried out using Atomic Swaps. You pay only miner commission for both regular and cross-chain transactions. It’s 100% anonymously! No registration or identity verification required. However, all addresses are checked against abuses and suspicious origin of funds. Your counterparty is not only an ordinary user but a professional market maker whose task is to ensure sufficient liquidity. Tezos multi-delegation option. You can delegete your Tezos to different bakers from the single wallet. Video guide here: Diversify Tezos delegation What’s Atomic Swap?Atomic swap is a technology for anonymous and secure exchange of digital assets without the need to trust a third party. It’s as secure as cryptographic primitives and blockchain implementation it's based on. It's mathematically proved that in every scenario you either succeed with an exchange or get your money back. Atomex uses an on-chain implementation based on hashed timelock smart-contracts.How long does an atomic swap take?Depending on the chosen pair of cryptocurrencies, the exchange may take from several minutes to an hour. The maximum time is 6 hours, after which the funds are returned.How are private keys stored?Your private keys are stored ONLY on your device, encrypted using AES-256. You have to unlock your wallet with the encryption password on every start.Any fees?No, since you control all the keys.Passive incomeDelegate you Tezos coins and brings passive income automatically. Here is the delegation guideHow to get started?Download the application. You can use Atomex wallet tutorial on GitHub Watch video guide Exchange:1. Choose interesting coins2. Input Amount3. Look at Estimated price and click Convert4. Look at Description and wait State Confirmed Video guide here: Tutorial: Making an atomic swap using Atomex walletLinksLanding page: updates: chat:
  7. Around 357 tzBTC were minted on Tezos blockchain! Look at the Tezos Explorer Very big volume of tokens have been produced on the Tezos Blockchain, which are bound to Bitcoin. Given that it was announced only recently, the amount is very large. I don't know why that was necessary. But probably expect DeFi products, because tzBTC is where it should be used. As it happens on the Ethereum blockchain - there is also wBTC, but the volume there is only three times more. Which is weird.
  8. Inspecting Tezos decentralization: continents, countries, regions, hosting providers, public nodes, and network topology When it comes to arguing PoS based blockchain network decentralization they usually put coins distribution on the first place saying: "look, Top 5 entities own more than half of the stake". More advanced also highlight attacks on the voting mechanism: how many entities can block or force a proposal (which is actually a changing value). However it's not that straightforward, because once you are in a Proof-of-Stake network it's not just rewards but also Value at Risk. At the end of the day it's risk/reward ratio that matters when it comes to economic incentives and it's only if we assume all agents are rational! Read the full research and let's discuss it!
  9. If you're new in Tezos, check out this article or watch a video review of what the Tezos staking process is and when you'll be receiving rewards.
  10. If you are interesting in Tezos staking, the best place for beginning - Here you can find: full list of Tezos validators (bakers) guide for beginners: What's tezos staking guides for beginners: How to choose tezos baker Bakers metrics Related with the best Tezos Explorer
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