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Found 15 results

  1. Всем доброго времени. Отредактил тему немного. Прошу не удалять и принять к сведению... Думаю этот вопрос многим будет интересен. Решил создать свою монету. Хочу опыта и экспериментов. В дальнейшем, в случае удачной работы, написать свой полноценный блокчейн. Как посоветуете провести первичную раздачу монет с наименьшими затратами и в более автоматизированном процессе? Прошу пожалуйста не писать - "не делай этого, не суйся и подобного")). Нужны советы людей, желательно уже прошедших через это и имеющих положительные результаты в создании своей монетки. Короче вот такая вот идея... Так вот... Airdrop раздаст каждому участнику по 0.000001 или 0.001 COIN.0 (пока рассматривается) Далее, вы сможете либо продать свою долю монеты, либо ожидать роста! Революционным методом мы заставим работать эту монету (как доллар или рубль) монета то наша будет, а нас то много :) COIN.0 будет ежедневно расти пока не достигнет цены в 1.000.000$ Это будет честно по отношению ко всем держателям... Каждый пользователь не сможет хранить более чем 1-й монеты COIN.0 Доход в сутки от удерживания вашей доли монеты будет 0.1% Каждые сутки вы сможете покупать только 0.1% от 1-й монеты!(продать вы их не сможете) Т.е 0.001 COIN.0 (к удерживанию на основном балансе) 1 COIN.0 на запуске будет стоить 0.1$ Абсолютно любой желающий сможет купить долю нулевого токена. Т.е тратя 0.0001$ в сутки вы потихоньку будете добывать монету, пока её курс будет расти. +0.1% будет зарабатываться вам на кошелёк для удерживания. Свою монету или долю приобретённой монеты продать невозможно! (потому что она будет привязана к каждому человеку) (ПО СТАТИСТИКЕ РОЖДЕНИЯ ИЛИ СМЕРТИ) (ДОЛИ СГОРЕВШИХ МОНЕТ ИЛИ НОВЫХ СГЕНЕРИРОВАННЫХ (В ЗАВИСИМОСТИ ОТ СТАТИСТИКИ и КОЭФФИЦЕНТА) РАСПРЕДЕЛЯТСЯ МЕЖДУ ВСЕМИ ДЕРЖАТЕЛЯМИ РАВНОМЕРНО Продавать можно будет только заработанные % от удерживания! Монета будет равна проживающему кол-ву человек на планете. И будет сжигаться или генерироваться, в связи со смертью или рождением... (1 раз в 24 часа по данным из статистики) Скрипт платформы будет настроен так, что при каждой покупке, монета будет расти, независимо от человеческого фактора.. Это будет алгоритм экспоненциального роста... Почему монета не будет падать в цене? - потому что вы не сможете её продать! Что думаете на счёт аирдропа? хотели бы получить долю данной монеты? Представьте что вы сможете получать 0.1% от 1млн$ ежедневно!?
  2. How many warning points are set on this site for new and old members account banned? I don't know about it yet to work anew on this site. Hopefully with the help of experienced members we will be able to get a better idea about it. Thanks everyone.
  3. I think that the ignorant never ask, never question intelligently... ... Because they doesn't study. Those Who Have The Most Doubts Are Always Those Who Study The Most. I was recently reading the responses on my Topic and basically there are two answers that are constantly repeated: Fear of having your* created Topic erased They* think that the Topic should be done with complex topics and possess advanced knowledge. *Users Opinion, point 1. - Really what happens is that it does not comply with the rules of the forum read them and I assure you your elimination percentage will decrease. In general, the reasons why they eliminate Topic the most are the repetitive themes, for which you can use this topic on how not to repeat themes,link. Opinion, point 2.- Always think of simple topics, but read or study before asking. Many users do not understand that a forum is more a place to ask for help and clarify doubts, than to come and read concepts, on the contrary the concepts are questioned in forums, projects, ideas. Don't be afraid post
  4. I first welcome you all to cryptotalk the great forum for cryptocurrence knowledge discussions and many more,please be comfortable and feel free. Today I just want to discuss few tips that will help you to always come up with the best post whenever you are making publications,make sure to go through and exercise on these tips I have shared below and I know they might not be the best but they will help you, take your time. Whenever you want to make a post always follow the tips given below; 1. Clear your mind from all sorts of obstructions. 2.Take your time don't be in a harry. 3. Think of what tittle you will give to your post and do research over it right here in the forum,if it exist already don't use it but think of another one again to avoid creating duplicate posts that goes against forum rules. 4. Ounce you find a topic with a good tittle not yet discussed here you can roughly sketch it on a piece of paper or anywhere else and come up with great points that should also gain the interest of other members to view out there contributions. 5. After that you are ready to write and publish your quality topic in the forum. THAT'S ALL I HAD FOR TODAY, HAPPY POSTING MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL..💙
  5. Are you facing any difficulty on this platform? How do you feel using this platform? Can you tell me why you chose this platform? Share your feedback in comment section thanks...
  6. Hello guys I'm new here in crypto world, I need an advice what is the best wallet for beginners like me in crypto world, I just started a few weeks and I'm thinking what is the best wallet for me, then I remember, This Wonderful Crypto Talk forum where members are nice to each other and, where have many old and professional in crypto world know about cryptocurrency wallets. I hope you guys have a good day ❤️ Thankyou in advanced.
  7. I am newbie here in this forum. I am facing the problem of reputation. It is requested to the senior members that they should come forward to help out me. I am very thankful to all of you in advance.
  8. This question is in my mind for so long that whot if i want to work over half a day at that foram and wants to do 40+, 50+ post per day, Can this form pay me for all my usfull posts ?
  9. Do you transform because of forum. I believe i am transform because of this form.Before joining this forum i do not have deep knowledge but after interacting with different members on forum and learning new things from forum.I started learning and acknowledge my self how much i have to learn .If you are not learning from here then where can you Learn.So make your time precious here just don't focus on posting instant make your self attached to the forum this is not a short term stay.Make it long term So you can achieve something. So i ask you Do you transform here Because this Forum is Feeding You BTC and Knowledge constantly. Request:Respectes Mods,if you find my post not worthy then delete it but do not give me W.P.I muster courage and make this topic to express my feeling toward Forum.
  10. I am new in crypto industry. Because I was included crypto world in 2017. Maybe it’s not long years ago. Many people know about crypto long long time ago. But I am small person. Now I like all cryptocurrency. Personally, now I am traders and crypto project community group moderator, Ambassador and marketer. Now I always working on crypto. I like bitcoin to exchange my local currency. It’s easy to use everywhere. Now I gain some experience in crypto. Now I working on a project as a Ambassador. Project name AXE Runners. You can search on Coinmarketcap AXE. If you new to include crypto and working on Airdrop. You can working as a community moderator any crypto project. But be careful, many crypto projects now scam. You can need to verify this project and job here. Then you will earn more money. After that, you will get happy life. Thank you to reading my opinion.
  11. If you're new in Tezos, check out this article or watch a video review of what the Tezos staking process is and when you'll be receiving rewards.
  12. I love this website, as I read few posts regarding the benefits of this website. But I think it is not possible to get whole the information about the website by myself, so please anyone can guide me through use of this website and also about the earnings from this website. Thanks for your help and support in advance.
  13. Hello everyone, I am a newbie and wants to know how Crypto currency works. i know there have been a lot of discussions in this site however I am still having a hard time understanding them. I wish someone can explain this to me in a simplier form. Also, can someone suggest a best app or website for bitcoin mining or earning? Lastly, can you also suggest an earning app. Thank you so much.
  14. I figured we need more newbies here so we get more questions than answers, and by newbie ido not mean newbies to this forum but newbies to this crypto world. So invite more of your neighbors and family to learn about crypto.
  15. Hello Cryptotalk! I just joined today and i see that this forum is very active and a lot of users are posting many interesting topics. I just want to know how the rewards really work like getting reward for posting. This feature hook my interest why not earn while gaining more knowlege right? Hoping to have some nice replies below. Have a nice day everyone. 😊
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