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Found 144 results

  1. I am not an admin or the owner of the site, all information is taken from the project site. Quite an interesting and profitable project for earning both with and without investments! Crypto MotorSports is the second project of the company "West Coin". The first "CRYPTO WEST" has been working for almost two years and pays consistently! ⭐REGISTRATION⭐ Participation in the project is my personal choice My Deposit is 3000 Doge ($480) via the FaucetPay system ABOUT THE PROJECT Welcome to the world of car racing "Crypto MotorSports"! The project takes all fans of motorsports and earning cryptocurrency on the Internet to the virtual world of car racing and provides the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency in real time. Any project participant can earn cryptocurrency in real time absolutely without investments and without any restrictions! 50+ SUPERCARS ARE READY TO RACE! A huge number of racing cars will pleasantly surprise even the most ardent fans of earning money online. The main currency of the project is DOGEcoin, but in addition to the DOGE coin, the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, USDT, TRX and so on are connected to the project. +DOGECOIN FAUCET Every hour, each project participant has the opportunity to receive a guaranteed prize absolutely free, in the amount of up to 1500 DOGEcoins. Everything depends on the number that appears after the Roll spin. Try your luck as often as possible and maybe luck will smile upon you in the form of 1500 DOGEcoins! 10+ TUNING PARTS THE RACE CAN BE EVEN FASTER! In addition to a large number of state-of-the-art supercars, you have the opportunity to tune your iron horses. Each supercar is equipped with many tuning parts that will allow you to drive even faster and faster, increasing your stallion's income! MULTI-SIDED AFFILIATE PROGRAM A multifunctional affiliate program can become a completely passive, good source of income for you. Almost any action of your partners will bring you income. By devoting a little time to inviting partners to the project, you will provide yourself with eternal passive income! Last 100 transactions. Withdrawals and Deposits in real time in the "PROOFS" section To check transactions, click on the link in the transaction column. No one can fake transactions (draw, cheat), even with a strong desire. GOOD EARNINGS TO ALL! ⭐REGISTRATION⭐
  2. HeroMiners Crypto Currency Mining Pools Different Pool Regions for Best Hashrate Experience • Central Europe (Germany) • North Europe (Finland) • North America (Canada) • Asia (HongKong) • SouthEast Asia (Singapore)[/center] Features • Pool and Solo Mining • No Registration Required • We Pay Full Reward (block reward + tx fee + extra) • Live Stream (You can follow your rigs through the site.) • Exchange Wallet Support (Integrated, PaymentID, Subaddress) • Earnings Estimation Based on Current Hashrate • Per Rig Statistics • Worker HashRate Charts • E-Mail Alerts of Rig Down • Fully compatible with NiceHash and MiningRigRentals • xmr-node-proxy Support • Configurable Minimal Payout Support • Discord Channel: • Telegram Channel: • Twitter: Welcome & Happy Mining! HeroMiners ❤️️ since 2018
  3. noiz

    Cloud Mining

    Cloud mining or the pitiful attempt to save the system What is the task of the mining worker For many users and end consumers of the cryptic payment system, the stubborn misconception is that the mining process only serves the purpose of generation of commercial capital in the form of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, the so-called mine is a positive side effect of this highly complex and essential task in the field of cryptic foreign exchange trading. The mining worker represents the link in all transactions, as the processing of the block chain before and after each foreign currency transfer. In a cryptic payment process, all relevant data of the payment process is saved in hash values. The information about the sender and recipient of values as well as the transaction amounts are stored in hash values in the block chain, which must be deciphered and encrypted for the transaction process, whereby the block chain must therefore be newly arranged. The technical process generates the much coveted Bitcoin credit when creating the new block chain sequence, the mine that completes the upgrading block also receives the much more sought-after block reward. Power and fainting of block chain technology According to the ideas of the inventors of block chain technology, users should not exude the end consumer of the system, rather users and end users should also implement data processing. Since Satoshi Nakamoto imagined a growth-oriented, decentralized and encrypted payment system as a counterweight to the banking monopoly, mechanisms are stored in this software that is intended to prevent the centralization of high capital amounts. The father of Bitcoin still believes that the "Bank of the Future" belongs to the hands of the end consumers. One of the most interesting security mechanisms in the Bitcoin payment system is to increase the level of difficulty in decrypting the block chain if a user and service provider of such a mining company exceeds a certain equity value and thus monopolization of this service provider is expected. The fall of these mining companies was to build more and more powerful systems, which claim all conceivable resources such as hardware components, energy, administration staff and not least equity. For the operators of these mining companies, the cost and benefit calculation of such systems are becoming increasingly inefficient. Therefore, a concept was developed to suggest the physical growth of the Bitcoin network. Cloud mining, one thinks, should fix or at least slow down the problem of steadily increasing degree of flexibility in block chain decline. Therefore, Cloud Mining is currently the absolute insider tip for investments with dream returns, because the once large and wealthy mining giants have never been so dependent on debt capital from the private sector as in previous years.
  4. After China's recent ban all crypto mining operations within its jurisdiction, virtually all miners have moved out of the country. During the aftermath, some operators have moved in to neighboring Kazakhstan - perhaps because it is closer to China, or maybe because it offers cheap electricity. For a while, this seemed like a good move... until problems began to surface. First, while electricity maybe cheap, it is not stable enough. There are reports of power outages in the country for varying reasons; the most likely is that the country is not fully prepared enough to handle the massive energy demands of crypto miners. To complicate matters, another reason has surfaced: the recent anti-government protests in the country (which we should not discuss further here). Crypto mining in Kazakhstan is no joke. For Bitcoin alone, the country has at one point provided around 18% of the global hashrate as reported here. So while some miners in Kazakhstan might contemplate on moving elsewhere, they may not be able to handle the logistics involved in moving their hardware out. And while they might be able to do so, they already got beaten by other miners who got first dibs on other more "safer" havens like the US. Or at least for the moment. Ultimately it will depend on the US states' willingness to accommodate the new crypto miners coming in, if it has its eyes set on unseating China as the undisputed biggest mining hub. Details on the US projected to become the next major mining center, and more, are in the link below. source:
  5. В то время как халвинг Биткойна считается крупнейшим событием в жизненном цикле криптовалюты, появление NFT на основе биткойнов потенциально может стать следующим крупнейшим событием. Прежде всего, Биткойн до сих пор рассматривался как блокчейн уровня 1, где его вариант использования - одноранговые транзакции. С появлением невзаимозаменяемых токенов (NFT) на самом блокчейне Биткойна может произойти сдвиг парадигмы в том, как будут работать майнеры в будущем. Данные по блокчейну показывают, что средняя комиссия майнера за транзакцию за блок выросла параллельно с внедрением Ordinals. Учитывая надежность и стабильность в качестве блокчейна, удобного для регулирующих органов, Биткойн придает больше значения проекту Ordinals. Ведь теперь майнеры получают прибыль от увеличения комиссий за транзакции благодаря активности NFT в цепочке. Проект Ordinals приобрел известность, поскольку его транзакции NFT в сети Биткойн не требуют отдельного уровня блокчейна или изменений в сети Биткойн. В целях сохранения стоимости эти транзакции также не связаны с какой-либо другой криптовалютой, кроме самого BTC. Протокол был основан на двух обновлениях софт-форка - Segregated Witness и Taproot. Согласно данным Crypto Quant, на увеличение размера блока биткойнов и комиссий майнеров за транзакцию явно повлияло использование Ordinals NFT. В целом интерес к биткойн NFT растет! 💥
  6. FREE BTC! A generous bitcoin project where you can spend real time with benefit! REGISTRATION FREE BTC is a multifunctional platform where you can earn Bitcoin cryptocurrency without any investment. The FREE BTC service provides for the integration of the interests of the entire Internet community in earning the most popular cryptocurrency of our time, from a simple bitcoin faucet to website monetization. The service supports withdrawals in any direction, to any payment system where you have a bitcoin address, including the FaucetPay micro wallet. BRIEFLY ABOUT THE PROJECT FAUCET - win up to 0.005 in free bitcoins every hour!PTC (SITE SURFING) - now you can browse sites and earn even more.MINING - you can run a miner and earn 6 hundredths per hour on a liability.FIRE BONUS - click on an advertising banner and get a reward of 10 hundredths fixed every three hours.BITCOIN GAME - multiply your bitcoins, more less gameFOR WEBMASTER - magnetize your website traffic by displaying advertisers' banners!ONLINE GAMES - play games and earn for every minute you play!WITHDRAWAL WITHOUT INVESTMENTS - payments of earnings to any btc accountCOOL REFERRAL PROGRAM - very wide affiliate program up to 50%FOR ADVERTISERS - advertise your sites effectively on the sites of service partners + In site surfing + banner advertising in the Fire Bonus section. And of course my recent payment from the project👇
  7. Hi all! Another crypto project from my favorite projects. "MINING CRYPTO FIRE" Cryptocurrency earnings without investments and without restrictions! REGISTRATION The main areas of earnings 1. After registration, just activate one of the three free miners and you will immediately start receiving income. This is the miner's bonus speed for registration. Important! Be sure to select the miner, otherwise the menu will not be available. I recommend choosing a Bitcoin miner.2. The second type of mining is "Active". launch the mining page and while the page is active your miner earns 7 satoshi per hour for you.3. Get a daily bonus in bitcoins. If you do not interrupt the bonus chain, your bonus will increase every day. from 10 to 70 satoshi.4. Invite partners to the project. For each activation of a free miner by your partners (referrals), you will receive + 5% to the initial speed of your miner.5. Advertise your affiliate link online. Each unique transition / click / on an affiliate link is paid. One unique transition = 1 satoshi.6. If you have your own site, copy the code to the project button in the "MONETIZE MY SITE" section and place it on your site. Each unique button view on your site is paid. One unique button view = 1 Satoshi.7. Crypto faucets - BTC - DOGE - ETH Every hour. Prizes fall normal.8. Offers - complete tasks, browse sites, take surveys and earn. Very lucrative section.9. Mini online games! For playing mini-games, you get satoshi immediately to your bitcoin balance in the project! Just play games.10. PTC (surfing sites) - everyone knows how surfing works. We watch short ads and earn. MORE ABOUT THE PARTNER PROGRAM You will receive income from almost all the actions of your partners.1. Activation of a free miner by your partners, you will receive + 5% to the initial speed of your miner (exactly for three months).2. All three crypto faucets pay out 50% affiliate reward from the prizes received by your partners.3. Your partners receive a daily bonus and at the same time you receive a partner reward in the amount of 10% of the bonus amount received by your partners.4. Your partners earn on offers by completing various tasks, while you receive a 10% reward from the amount of earnings of your partners.5. You will receive affiliate rewards from all webmasters who monetize their site traffic (put a site button on their site). The project will pay you 10% in real time from the income of webmasters invited by you.6. You will receive affiliate rewards from all affiliates who advertise their affiliate link online. The site will pay you 10% in real time from the income of your partners who advertise their affiliate link.7. You will receive 20% of your partner's surf views.8. You will receive 10% of the income of your partners when they start active mining.I myself have been earning money in this project for more than a year, I have created a huge partner structure, I receive payments consistently and on time. Withdrawal to any Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum wallets, no matter where your numbers are, what system it is in. Payments are sent to any system, just specify the number in the settings. My recent FaucetPay payout👇
  8. YELLOWSTONE! UNIQUE PROJECT WHERE EVERYTHING COMBINES HARMONIOUSLY! Real earnings without investment! Game + BTC faucet + Mining + much more! REGISTRATION Yellowstone is a Great bitcoin project with the possibility of real earnings, where there are no paid rates, no investment opportunities, but there is an opportunity to earn real money in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency by being active! WAYS TO EARN 1. Ranch - After registration, all players will receive a Ranch with the original earning rate as a gift, and you will have the opportunity to improve the Ranch. The ranch can be improved by hiring helpers and animals. They can be hired for a virtual currency called "Coin", which can be earned by being active in other sections of the project.2. Bitcoin faucet - you have the opportunity to earn every hour from 5 to 100 satoshi for each attempt.3. Offers - here you can earn money by viewing various advertising sites, videos, completing tasks and passing simple surveys.4. Nostradamus - here you can test your intuition. Guess what the price of bitcoin will be in 10 or 30 minutes and win a prize.5. Mining - here you can earn absolutely passively, just by starting mining and doing your usual things.6. Bonuses - for all players there is a bonus section every 12 hours.7. Promotion of your referral link - promotes your affiliate link and receives income from each unique click through your affiliate link. 1 unique transition = 1 satoshi!8. Affiliate program - an excellent multifunctional generous affiliate program.9. PTC (surfing sites) - everyone knows how surfing works. We watch short ads and earn.10. For advertisers - "Browsing PTC sites" and "Banner advertising" advertising methods in the bonuses section. And of course, my recent payment from the project👇
  9. Battleships Bitcoin, new super Bitcoin project without investment! The project has a great future and a huge number of options for earning. REGISTRATION After registration, we get into the personal account. All pages have an "INFO" button, these are hints for each section, click and a window opens. MORE ABOUT WAYS TO EARN 1. Sea battle - every day each player has the opportunity to play a sea battle, every day they give 50 shots. Reward from 2 to 10 satoshi per shot.2. Bitcoin faucet - every hour we go in and get from 7 to 700,000 satoshi. The winning amount depends on the number that is generated.3. Mining - start mining and earn passively, doing nothing 5 satoshi per hour while the miner is working.4. Offers - we go through surveys, tasks, look at sites and earn money, this is a very profitable section.5. Quests - all actions will bring bonuses. The quests indicate how much you need to do in order to receive a reward. The rewards are very good.6. Surfing sites - we watch advertising links and earn. Everyone knows how surfing works.7. Bonus - every three hours you can pick up a fixed bonus of 20 Satoshi. Click on the banner to get the bonus.8. Affiliate program - very extensive, up to 50% of partners' actions. In fact, all actions of referrals will generate income, and this is a pure liability.9. Advertising - you can advertise your sites in the surfing section and in the bonus section, viewing links in surfing, banner advertising in the bonus.10. Payouts - to any bitcoin wallets, no matter in which system and on FaucetPay, of course, the minimum withdrawal amount is 30000 Satoshi. My recent payment from the project👇
  10. Friends! I present to your attention a relatively new, excellent project for earning BITCOIN cryptocurrency without investment! A chic project made under the theme of the series "Game of Thrones" The project has created all the conditions for independent good earnings. We go and earn without investments and without restrictions. REGISTRATION After registration, we find ourselves in our personal account, which contains detailed statistics for each player. Pay attention to the question mark, it is present in each section These are tips, a description of the section, how the section works, what needs to be done, and so on ... After clicking, the following prompt will appear SECTIONS FOR EARNINGS BTC FAUCET - Everyone knows what a faucet is and how to make money on a faucet, we go into this section every hour, press the "SPIN" button and get a guaranteed prize from 7 to 700,000 satoshi.BTC MINER - This section is intended for purely passive income. We press the “start” button, a new tab opens with advertising banners and there you will see a progress bar. We do not close the page, while the page is active, you earn 5 satoshi per hour. We just leave the page open and go about our business.BONUS SECTION - We go every three hours to bonuses, click on the banner, watch ads for 30 seconds and get 20 Satoshi every time. And for those who want to advertise their sites, they can replenish the advertising balance and order the display of their banner.OFFERS - An excellent section for making money. We watch different advertisements, complete tasks for this we get HOB currency. Your balance in this currency is indicated there, we accumulate 0.5 HOB and with one click on the exchange button, we change it to bitcoins. The exchange rate is listed there.PTC VIEWS - In fact, this is the familiar surfing of sites, we watch sites and earn. Everything is easy and simple. Who wants to advertise their sites can replenish the advertising balance and advertise their sites in surfing.SHORT LINKS - In fact, these are some kind of tasks that can be completed in a few seconds. We go to the site there with a couple of clicks, a couple of captchas and for each such link we pass, we get 5 Satoshi. There are a lot of short links every day.QUESTS - This is the section where your activity will bring you additional income. We fulfill the conditions of the quest and get bonuses. There are many quests and worthy prizes.MINI GAMES - In this section, you just need to play different games. For every minute of the game we are paid 0.2 Satoshi, that is, for an hour of play you can earn 12 Satoshi, nothing to do? just play and earn. There are a lot of games so it will be very interesting and useful to spend time there. For one when we play, do not forget to start mining!PARTNER PROGRAM - an excellent multi referral program, who knows how to invite referrals can raise money very cool. But for earnings, referrals are not required if you do not know how or do not want to invite, this does not affect the withdrawal of earnings and the earning process itself. Referrals are just additional income.WITHDRAWAL OF EARNINGS - available on any bitcoin wallet, the minimum is 30,000 satoshi, specify your wallet number in the settings and that’s it, and you will be sent the payment of earnings exactly there, no matter where your number is located, in Binance, in Bitpay, or somewhere else.The project is amazing, it's nice to be there. The administration is in constant contact, there are three forms of communication, you can write in telegrams, by mail and by internal mail. I receive payments stably, since I have created not a bad partner structure, and I myself am active. My recent FaucetPay payout👇
  11. if you are asking How much can I earn farming Chia (XCH)? then here you can find the Chia Calculator and see it by your own Use this calculator to estimate how much you can earn from farming the Chia cryptocurrency (XCH) on the Chia Network. Input the number of plots (hard disk space) that you would like to dedicate, and the calculator will give you an overview of your estimated earnings and suggested hardware.
  12. 🔥 Майним монеты CORE и BTC в мобильном приложении Satoshi BTCs Mining от блокчейна CORE. (ПЛАТИТ БЕЗ ВЛОЖЕНИЙ) CORE Chain - это блокчейн Web 3.0 основанный на новом механизме консенсуса Satoshi Plus. Core представляет собой полный по Тьюрингу блокчейн, использующий хешрейт майнинга биткойнов и виртуальную машину Ethereum (EVM). Satoshi Plus применяет механизм выбора валидатора на основе протокола, чтобы объединить оптимальные функции Proof of Work (PoW) и Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) для обеспечения максимальной безопасности, масштабируемости и децентрализации. Если коротко, то это что то между биткоином и эфириумом 😱 ....по мне так задумка крутая, 🚀🌖 Проект работает с 2019 г. В твиттере 532К читателей. Приложение скачали почти 50 млн. человек По заявлениям разработчиков, раздали уже больше 6 млн.$ в BTC Проект платит!!! Скрины выплат будут ниже Майнинг закончится в декабре 2022 г., но может и раньше 😱 Поэтому не тупим и влетаем скорее ....🏃‍♂🏃‍♂🏃‍♂ ❓Как тут зарабатывать❓ 1. Переходим по ссылке: реф 👉 ТУЦ | не реф туц 2. Указываем емайл адрес и подтверждаем кодом 3. Вносим пароль два раза. 4. Скачиваем и устанавливаем приложение 5 Жмём войти, потом жмём начать майнинг (кнопка внизу, в центре) 6. Проходим Аутентификацию за 2 минуты, защита от ботов (смотрим прямо в экран, потом вправо и в лево) 7. Жмем Начать Майнинг (Всё, добыча монет "core" началась!) 🔸 Забираем намайненые монеты каждые 150 блоков, (примерно раз в сутки) или можно чаще, но если не заберёте, майнинг остановится! 🔸 Забираем сатоши раз в сутки, кнопка "получить выгоду" и если приглашаете рефералов, заходите в раздел "шахта" там тоже собираете сатоши, (минимальный вывод 0.00020000 сатоши) ПЛАТИТ, ПРОВЕРЕНО!!!🤑🤑🤑 🔸 Разгоняем свой Хешрейт, при помощи Тестнета. Чтобы получать больше монет "CORE", для этого нам нужно подвязать свой адрес кошелька метамаск к приложению и добавить их тестовую сеть в метамаск: Network name: Core Chain TestNet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 1115 Currency Symbol: tCORE Block explorer URL: Заходим на кран, получаем монету tBTCs. И отправляем 0.5 монеты с Метамаска, на кошелек любой, например мой: 0x375c0c442924Bd191Dd4A2EF774B983467fceeb9 После этого, спустя пару минут заходим в приложение и нажимаем кнопку "Получить Хешрейт" (и так можете разгонять каждый день) 🔸 Приглашаем рефералов 👥 как можно больше и разгоняем свой хеш (скорость майнинга) что бы зарабатывать больше 💰 За первых 3-х рефералов дают по 50000 хешей за каждого, за остальных взависимости от их хешей и активности в сети. Реферальная система 2 уровня 🔥 🔸 В разделе "Подарочные карты" копируем свои хеш коды и делимся с другими, если ваши коды вводят то вы получаете дополнительных 1000 хешей. 🔸 Также после 7 дней с начала регистрации, откроется возможность участвовать в лотерее "BTC Giveaway" с щедрыми призами в BTC, которые можно сразу ставить на вывод. Белая книга: P.S. Пока что на этом всё, как только появятся новости, опубликую на канале ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Следуя модели надежных денег Биткойна, предложение CORE ограничено 2,1 миллиардами токенов. Помимо жесткого ограничения, будет сжигаться процент от всех вознаграждений за блоки и комиссий за транзакции, аналогично модели Ethereum «Ultra Sound Money». Точный процент сжигания будет определен DAO. По сути, CORE асимптотически приблизится к общему количеству токенов в 2,1 миллиарда, но никогда не достигнет его полностью, подобно модели токеномики Avalanche. Награды за блок для CORE будут выплачиваться в течение 81 года. Этот более длительный период увеличивает вероятность успеха сети за счет полного стимулирования всех участников сети до перехода на компенсацию исключительно за счет комиссий за транзакции. Это дополнительное вознаграждение за блок в форме CORE также можно рассматривать как способ для существующих майнеров BTC продолжать получать субсидии после прекращения вознаграждения за блок биткойнов (примерно в 2040 году), становясь валидаторами в основной сети, используя свою существующую хеш-мощность. Сравнение с другими блокчейнами: Скрины выплат на биржу Binance: ПОТОРОПИТЕСЬ, ЕСЛИ ПРОЕКТ ПЛАТИТ ТАКИЕ ХОРОШИЕ СУММЫ В БИТКОИНЕ, ТО ВОЗМОЖНО И МОНЕТА "CORE" БУДЕТ СТОИТЬ НЕ ПЛОХО‼️!🤑🤑🤑 🚀 ПОЛНЫЙ ЗАПУСК В 3/4 КВАРТАЛЕ P.S. Пока что на этом всё, как только появятся новости, опубликую в этой ветке!
  13. * подождите пока загрузятся изображения, если ничего не происходит обновите страницу "Я не являюсь членом команды какого-либо проекта, меня наняли для промо кампании и комьюнити менеджмента, вступайте или инвестируйте на свой риск, не расчитывая на мою репутацию. Я проверяю легитимность проектов, но даже я могу быть обманут." @bubbalex
  14. «Minima» - это сверхлёгкий, полностью децентрализованный блокчейн, способный работать даже на смартфоне. Minima стала одним из 11 стартапов, которые будут работать с лидерами отрасли в области транспортных средств и мобильной связи, включая CEVT, Ericsson, Polestar, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group & Zenseact ❓Как установить ноду❓ 1. Переходим на сайт 👉ТУЦ 2. Вводим номер телефона и подтверждаем кодом который придет по смс. 3. Вводим почту и пароль и тоже подтверждаем кодом который придет на почту. В поле "invite code" должно быть: ACMPCCUF 5. Регистрируемся и заходим в аккаунт во вкладку "incentive ID" и копируем ключ. 6. Скачиваем приложение на андроид 👉ТУЦ 7. После установки и запуска приложения, заходим во вкладку "Incentive Program" и вставляем ключ который скопировали. Майнится будет 1 монета в сутки + если ваши рефы активные то 0.10 монет будут начислять за рефа в сутки Сделайте сразу бек-ап ноды. Переходим во вкладку Backup/Restor, далее нажимаете "Make a Backup" и выбираете папку для сохранения файла. АМБАССАДОРСКАЯ ПРОГРАММА ЧИТАЕМ ПО ССЫЛКЕ:
  15. * wait until images load, if nothing happened - refresh the page "I am not a member of any project team, I was just hired to manage a promotion campaign, join or invest at your own risk, check projects carefully, not relying on my reputation, I do check project's legitimacy, but even I can be deceived." @bubbalex
  16. I'm new to the forum and I'm recently approaching the mining part. I know for a fact that you need very powerful hardware components and a high-performance PC to mine Bitcoin. But to mine other crypto values is it possible to do it from normal PCs or laptops? For example, to mining Ethereum or Litecoin or Neo are there software that can be installed to get you started?
  17. Hi I'm here Crypto trader expert. I want to teach way of earn by Crypto mining and crypto trading. I will also share signals for spot trading and sometime for future trading. But I like spot trading. I will teach you A to Z by this platform when cryptotalk open a payment method. Then I will start here Crypto course for all members is free. Training course will be best for biginners and also for traders to know signal. I also teach you analytical analysis and technical analysis and crytpo graph.
  18. Rabit Network - это сервис облачного майнинга, который позволяет пользователям легко добывать Rabit Coin. Недавно проект выпустил собственное приложение Rabit Network, с помощью которого мы сможем зарабатывать токены $RABIT, и вскоре выводить на кошелёк. 🔎Что нужно делать ▪️Устанавливаем 👉приложение. ▪️Проходим регистрацию и вводим инвайт код:👉 evgen ▪️Запускаем майнинг.+ каждые 3 часа собираем монетки! ▪️Берём свой реф - код в разделе "Team" и начинаем приглашать друзей. Проект обещает внедрить в приложение Swap Platform, с помощью которой мы свапать токены Rabit в USDT, и таким образом сразу же выводить на кошелёк. Сейчас мы можем пересылать токены между аккаунтами, что очень помогает абузу
  19. To begin with, it is important to say, that Bondex is an innovative project that aims to transform the way the world works by resolving the prevalent problems in the blockchain industry. It is a next-generation Web 3.0 talent ecosystem that is partly owned by its community of users through tokenized rewards. The idea of the project is to develop and create a decentralized global community where professionals unite to find a job, stay up to date, learn new skills, build productive relationships and support each other in achieving success. It sounds interesting, but nothing more, to be honest. What's more important is the insides of the project. 🌐 First of all, the project is still in development process, but they have already gained credits from various huge sources. For example, the project was marked as one of the top 10 crypto project by Forbes - LINK 🌐 Secondly, the team's developers are suuuper strong and only that actually deserves to notice the project and watch it under the microscop. They even held an AMA session with Binance Data Analyst - LINK 🌐 All the team members are on the site and make their way through LinkedIn — there are businessmen and the Massachusetts University of Technology MIT. All of that was back in 2022, however, it cannot just be dismissed, such news surely produce project success. Speaking of the most recent ones, they announced officially in Twitter, that they started the partnership with Fantom, which, i assume, does not need any introduction - LINK That was the story of the project, but what do they offer us right now? The project has an application that we need to download to our mobile device, which implements cloud mining of $BNDX tokens, with a mining index equal to 0.02 tokens per hour, for each referral they give the same amount, that means, that, for example, if we refer 100 friends and take the token price of $ 0.34 (x2 from the listing price), then we can afk-farm $ 16.32 per day absolutely passive. The application itself is a pseudo-mining program on the phone. Some kind of a mix of a social network and a LinkedIn-type talent job exchange. ⚙️Instruction: 1) Download app (Referral, not Referral) 2) Insert the code CDGH2 3) Register an account 4) Press the button "Start Earning" 5) Refer your friends/relatives etc via your own referral link. As soon as you register, you will see your base rate of mining, which is 0.02 BNDX/h, as been said before. There also are ways to increase it without using any referrals. Here are the ways to do that: 1) Add profile picture 2) Add username 3) Add short profile description 4) Add your work experience 5) Add information about your education or other stuff 6) Upload your CV on the platform Each point guarantees the mining rate increase of 0.02 BNDX/h per task. That's it for now, however, i usually keep in touch with project masters and will keep an eye on the topic with timely updates on any distribution/project start news.
  20. Майнинг токена MRST от Marscompany. Marscompany - это метавселенная на Марсе в которой есть бары рестораны кинотеатры одежда и прочие «атрибуты« которые стоят реальны деньги. Проект еще не запустился поэтому в данный момент можно заклеймить валюту MRST бесплатно (MRST валюта которая будет использоваться). Сам токен добавлен на Coinmarketcap и торгуется уже на биржах OKX, MEXC. Проект попал в топ метавсленных в мире! Хотя еще даже не запустился и обладает совсем небольшим комьюнити. ПОШАГОВАЯ ИНСТРУКЦИЯ: 1. Для фарма токена MRST необходимо 👉 Установить приложение по реф, или установить по не реф далее, зарегистрироваться в нем. После успешной регистрации авторизуемся в и жмем «Mining Start». Вводите инвайт кож: evgen4ik и подключаете кошелек по желанию. Готово После регистрации вы получите 2 токена MRST и можете добывать токены MRST на раннем этапе запуска метавселенной. За каждого пользователя зарегистрированного по вашему инйвату, так же получаете дополнительные награды в MRST + скорость майнинга увеличивается. Батарейка садиться спустя 8 часов фарма, соответственно заходим и перезапускаем Mining Start. В 2022-2023 году криптовалюта MRST должна появиться на биржах. Ждем! Партнеры проекта
  21. Мы - команда молодых людей, знакомых друг с другом на протяжении долгих лет. Среди нас есть и экономисты, и маркетологи, и программисты, в общем, представители разных профессий и направлений. И на всем протяжении этих лет мы растем и развиваемся, каждый в своём направлении... Часть имеет собственный, традиционный бизнес, и стремится расширять его, другая часть работает по найму и следует карьерной лестнице... Но все мы хотим чего-то особенного, чего-то большего! Того, что не сможет дать просто работа или бизнес в традиционном представлении этих понятий... Долгое время мы были в поиске решения этой задачи. Задача была не простой 🤷🏻‍♂... Было необходимо сделать так, чтобы каждый из нашей команды при взаимном сотрудничестве в своё удовольствие 🤝 достигал личные цели, одновременно достигая общую Мега-Цель 🌏... 👉 Благо в Нашей жизни появилась Технология Блокчейн. С её Революционным потенциалом - Технологического Прогресса для всего Человечества. Технология с возможностью применения во всех сферах жизнедеятельности людей и машин 👉 от сферы финансов, до сфер реального сектора экономики. С появлением этого инструмента в нашей жизни начались перемены... Мы переосмыслили традиционные подходы в бизнес процессах и решили создать собственную бизнес-модель для нас и новых поколений предпринимателей! Именно так появилась наша Крипто-Лаборатория SmartMen' Мы создаем собственную экосистему!
  22. 🔥 GAMI Майнинг, награда ежедневно 0,50$ - Ранний доступ ✅ Загружаем ➡️ Приложение 1️⃣ Откройте приложение вставьте код: kNN1h816bNM9 и нажмите «Зарегистрироваться» с помощью Gmail аккаунта. 2️⃣ После войдите в приложение, нажмите снизу кружок с точной и нажмите Minning. 4️⃣ Готово, нажимать нужно каждые 24 часа, пробуем тут заработать 👍
  23. Как вы думаете, почему майнинг стал популярен настолько резко? Стоит ли новичку копить большие деньги и покупать свою фирму, выгодно ли это?
  24. Join MappedSwap, a margin trading protocol that comes with a stake referral protocol that allows users to earn up to 80% in rebates. Mine MST tokens that can be used for re-staking with USDC, wBTC and ETH. MappedSwap processes a 7-day payout scheme for users who stake. MappedSwap only open the referral mechanism to serious users with a limit to its exclusivity, you can access and get referral rewards by using this code 94C4620CB520 Start referring now: How to access MappedSwap? MappedSwap can be accessed using Eurus Wallet. Since MappedSwap is built on the Eurus network, all gas fees are based on EUN. Users are not required to purchase EUN, once you make a deposit with USDC, wBTC, ETH, your wallet will automatically receive 0.1 EUN that will cover your gas fees (gas fee is at 0.005 per transaction, so it's basically free for a long time) What is MST? MST is the token of MappedSwap Protocol, where it can be re-staked for more rewards. What are M Tokens? M Tokens are tokens that are pegged to the market's crypto assets, at the moment M Tokens have BTCM, ETHM and USDM. These tokens can be used for margin trading or swap on UniSwap for BTC, ETH and USDC. MappedSwap's team will increase the portfolio of M tokens at a later stage. Read more about MST and M Token's Tokenomy: MappedSwap: Twitter: Telegram: Media reports:
  25. ADDTRX Join to be a TRON Millionaire use cloud mining and Defi technology to ensure that all users get the most TRX revenue. You should still register today, activating the account is already possible with a deposit of 5 TRX. The details of the contract in the following graphic provide an insight into the efficiency of this provider with a considerable number of contractors and investments. Furthermore, long -term contracts with lush returns are on offer and can be booked quickly and easily. The contracts differ in the amount of investments and the contract term, which determines the return. An example: Offer Cycle 180 Days: Daily rate: 8,00 % Starting: 5000,00 TRX 5000,00 + (5000,00*0,08*180) = 77000,00 TRX Decide for yourself which yields you want to generate ... AddTRX
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