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  1. The positive (and in some cases maybe negative) effects of crypto on people's lives can not be overlooked but I doubt people can use it for their payments easily because we still need more infrastructures to accept it as a payment system globally. The most prominent effect of cryptocurrency so far is that it has managed to create a big revolution inside people's minds to think of money and payment systems in a whole different way. It has made some impossible things possible. For example, 10 years ago no one could imagine having a role in supplying money for a monetary network but today it is quite easy for anyone to get involved in mining process.
  2. The starting investment for a beginner depends on how much he knows and what kind of trade he wants to choose. I think $50 is a high amount for practice and losing it so many times can be dreadful! Therefore, for a trial and error kind of beginning, $10 is recommended but for a beginner with some positive experiences, anything lower than $100 can be considered safe. For long term plans, you can even exceed $100 slightly but nothing more than $200 in the first year of trading (Regardless of skill level).
  3. There is no doubt about the fact that the first and most powerful weapon of scammers is to threaten their victims to force them to pay the money. I didn't let them fool me but what about others? Do you think all the people are cautious enough to detect and avoid such traps? Despite all the warnings, there are still lots of people who get scammed much easier than we think. That's because the greed to earn huge money in the shortest time possible is very tempting for most people. This happens in fiat world as well as crypto. Anything that looks too good to be true, should be avoided. In fact, they couldn't log into my account, they just pretended they can do it!
  4. This is the same belief as those who think holding a coin for a long time will damage the market and cause prices to change abnormally. I also believe that staying active is better than locking coins in wallets. Extended holding can have a negative effect on the process of adoption too because when a coin is not used frequently for purchasing and payment, it loses its reputation as a practical currency and will be forgotten. I don't reject holding but there must a logical balance between trading and holding to prevent recession.
  5. According to what I see now in Yobit, ETH and BTC have slight but very fast changes. If you buy and sell them repeatedly, you will earn less than $1 per day (between $0.50 and $0.80) but if you keep going this way, you can collect a few dollars soon. This is my current activity in Yobit because prices are so stable and there is no better method to earn profit. The situation is not favorable for long term trading or investing.
  6. $4000 is a perfect bottom value but it is not a common price we see on the market these days. The most prevalent range of prices that is mostly considered as low is between $5000 and $6000. Any price that belongs to this range is appropriate for buying bitcoin. The opposite is ceiling price which for bitcoin is usually between $9000 and $10.000. According to this information, bitcoin traders will spend most of their times dealing with values between $5K and $10K. Of course, we may face other values that are both higher and lower than aforementioned numbers but that happens in rare occasions.
  7. Learning trading by investing in the real world is very dangerous and should be avoided. Beginners are recommended to practice with virtual money which is available in demo accounts provided by some websites or platforms. It takes at least one month before you can learn enough skills to be able to work or invest with your own money. You should also bear in mind that confidence is as important as skill and expertise. If you don't feel confident, it is better to strengthen it before thinking about any kind of trade. When you gained both of them, you can start by long term trading.
  8. I don't invest in coins now but I have shifted to trading because it is now time to trade with bitcoin daily and weekly. I do it several times per week because it is quite safe and profitable. Bitcoin is not changing actively these days but at least it fluctuates between $100 and $150 two or three times per week. I keep going with this short term strategy until there is a big movement in the market and a new opportunity for investment appears again. For the time being, adding tiny profits is better than leaving the market.
  9. Making mistakes during trading is inevitable. You can't avoid them completely but you can reduce them to reach an acceptable level so that you can increase your profit. If you don't want to repeat your mistakes, try to write down any unpleasant trading experiences you have had in the past and analyze your performance and remember all the wrong things you did and try to avoid them in future trades. This is the only practical method to make minimum mistakes. Have a precise plan for every trade and determine your profit (%) in advance to know exactly what is your main target in each transaction you want to make.
  10. As far as I know, most crypto platforms don't work with PayPal because it is the least crypto friendly payment gateway in the world. If you have a look at exchanges, you will see that most of them don't support PayPal as a withdrawal method. If this news comes true, it will be a new turning point for cryptocurrency because millions of PayPal users can enter crypto world and the volume of transactions can suddenly increase exponentially. This will lead to bigger capitalization and wider adoption.
  11. Anyone who is looking for 100% anonymity should only opt for full privacy coins. Cryptocurrency came into existence with the idea of privacy and hidden details of transactions but soon people realized that this is not the case and most coins that have claimed anonymity, had visible ledgers! To fight this, coins like Zcash and Monero were developed with fully invisible ledger systems. This invisibility can be both a dark and a bright side of crypto because it lets people to make transactions with increased safety but at the same time it makes it almost impossible to track scammers.
  12. The fun part of the story happens when you achieve success in your anticipations and predictions which lead to considerable earnings. However, this should not be your main approach towards crypto trading because if you look at it this way all the time, you will lose caution and attention because you think you will not lose anything! It is better to be quite serious in your trades and adopt a more conservative kind of methodology to make it more fun than loss.
  13. Ripple is not a particularly active coin for trading. It experiences steady values most of the time and if it rises, it is only temporary because it is under control. It also doesn't follow any coin directly and slow rise in the past months is a proof for that. Trading with Ripple needs lots of patience because it may change every 6 months or so and I believe keeping money in this coin may be harmful because investing in other positions can produce positive results faster.
  14. There are also more information available in Yobit which help you to trade smarter such as volume and 24-hour changes of any coin you choose. Trading charts can be adjusted to show you different timing frames which is helpful for the kind of trade you want to do or planning for your holding. Anyone who learns how to read candle charts, he can trade inside Yobit without any need to refer to outside sources.
  15. Both traders and holders should check prices frequently. Some traders believe that only day traders should focus on prices constantly but the truth is that even long term holders should keep an eye on their coins. Usually when the prices fall heavily, it takes a month or two before they rise again. So, the duration between big falls and rises are long but sometimes I have seen some coins which rise very quickly after falling. The holders think they should buy and ignore their assets for weeks! This is the only case in which holders will lose too. So, if you plan to hold any coin, have a look at its status at least once per week.
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