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  1. Don't think of day trading like that! You may earn well in some days when the market is busy and volume is high but you may not earn even a cent in some other days. It depends on many different variables which are changing at any moment. It is the dream for most traders to have daily income but only few of them can achieve it because it requires a careful choice of coins and being on the lookout for the slightest change of trends. This means lots of efforts and spending so much time. Trying to have weekly income is more attainable.
  2. Using historic and traditional events and traditions and relate them to cryptocurrency only creates an atmosphere to excite people into action. Since Christmas is a well-known tradition in most countries of the world, some people refer to it to encourage buyers and increase the value of cryptocurrency. I believe Christmas itself doesn't have any effect on coin prices, it is the sentiment of the market that changes prices. This sentiment may be changed at any time depending on how traders behave and whether they feel their coins are in danger or not.
  3. Buying bitcoin with gold makes more sense in the current status of the market because you turn a slow-rising asset into a fast-growing one and your profit will be much higher. However, this requires higher risk too and is not recommended to investors without experience. If you already have gold, you can keep holding it if you don't think about short term profit. Turn gold into bitcoin only if you have a really safe wallet to secure your bitcoin. If you don't own a proper hardware wallet, bitcoin is not the ideal choice for you because gold is not prone to hacking attempts.
  4. It didn't affect the cryptocurrency itself but it had a big influence on the income of the traders and the value of the coins. Covid-19 created a big chaos in the early days of announcing the disease and caused a historic crash in prices. Some coin owners were frightened at first but lots of people considered it as a great opportunity for future investment. Low prices attracted so many people to crypto and market capitalization grew quickly. Now, people who bought in the mid 2020, are making big profits these days! This is what Covid-19 did to cryptocurrency and its fans.
  5. This was the most complete answer I have ever received in this topic. Most members referred to the limitation of sending bitcoin regarding the reserve of exchanges but according to what you said, the whole bitcoins on the network can be transferred in one transaction! Is this really possible in practice? It may take months before miners can confirm such a huge transfer and what could be the fee for the transaction? It would be indeed interesting if someone can calculate the fee for sending all the bitcoins on the network!
  6. Improvement in any field or any business will never end. In the world of trading, there are lots of different methods to trade a single coin. We have hundreds of coins and each coin can be traded with a wide variety of strategies. If you multiply the number of available coins by the number of strategies that every trader can invent for himself, you will have thousands of phenomena in trading! This is the reason your skills will improve only through practice. Intelligent traders combine all the previously learned methods with the new ones to trade faster and smarter.
  7. I don't think $1000 fluctuation in bitcoin price is impossible during a month. It is quite possible and we can have even more than this amount. Just recently we had a great movement from $30K to $39.9K which is about 10.000 dollars! So, my question is quite simple. I only want to know how many times such beneficial opportunities will happen for a bitcoin trader? The answer to this question helps us to calculate an average earning per month from trading bitcoin. I guess, we have at least one or two big movements each month.
  8. BTC experienced a big and unexpected fall in the last days. It fell to $30500 after rising to $41500. Now, it is recovering and on the rise once more. This $11K price movement could be a great profit for anyone who acted at the right time to buy at $30K. At first, I thought this bearish stream was going to continue for a long time but I was shocked to see how fast bitcoin was able to return to $38K range! This correction could be helpful for you if you were bored of recent bullish runs.
  9. The profit (as a number) doesn't prove how successful you have been. It is the percentage of profit that shows how much you have really earned. Someone with higher capital may earn the same as you but in fact he has earned less in terms of percentage. If you want to measure your performance in trading, calculate the highest amount of profit you can earn from a certain amount of investment. A trader who earns 10% will have to invest much less than a trader who is trying to earn 2%.
  10. Stable coins are not suitable for long term investment. In fact they are not good for any kind of investment because their value will not move significantly. I think USDT is the best option for those people who want to practice trading without using demo accounts. As you can see on the charts, USDT has very little fluctuations. It usually falls to $0.996 and rises to $1.008 and always moves within this range. Something that makes it safe for practicing is that it never crashes heavily because it is supposed to worth $1 all the time. You can earn $0.50 profit by trading it (if you buy $100 worth of Tether) which is not a lot but absolutely risk free and this is what beginners are looking for.
  11. Hopefully, the TALK volume is increasing slowly in Yobit. Last month, TALK volume was only between $100 and $200 but today it was about $650. There is a direct correlation between increased volume and increased value. The price rose to $0.0077 for a few moments. I can predict that when TALK volume reaches $1000, its value will hit $0.01 but this is a rough estimation. Anyway, trading with TALK is the only way to increase or at least stabilize its value.
  12. We are now at double the first ATH which was $20K. At this point, you have to be more conservative if you want to trade with $40K bitcoin. Since we have passed the Christmas, there is a possibility that a bear run may be close. I feel a little anxious about buying bitcoin at such values for my day trading. The crypto media are talking about $100K and they are motivating buyers but I think we have to be on the safe side and think wisely before doing anything.
  13. With what happened to Ripple, it is no longer thought of as a secure currency. Ripple company needs a lot of time to restore confidence to XRP owners. Now people think that even if technically, Ripple has one of the most advanced networks, it can't be trusted like before because its managers proved to be weak performers and they put investors at risk and caused loss of money for so many of them. It is interesting to know that how banks will react to Ripple because this company had connections with banks globally.
  14. Following advice from professional traders can be useful but not from social media. Despite this, you have to follow news regularly especially if you want to invest or trade with centralized coins. Technical analysis alone is not sufficient in some conditions. If the project of a coin is going to bankrupt, you have to sell it soon without doing any analysis. I think we should use all trading tools at our disposals to achieve the best result. In the same way that single coin trading can be harmful, single method trading can also have negative consequences.
  15. I know that old bitcoin addresses are not safe to be used for the second or third time but it is also annoying to create a new address for each new transaction. It is easier to recognize every person with his own dedicated address. When that same person sends coins to you, the sender is identified quickly. It is like having multiple bank accounts to deal with. If you want to know how many coins you have sent and received in total, you have to write down the details of every transaction.
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