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  1. My online experience tells me that legit websites usually don't advertise in small boxes like cheap ads. They are either well-known enough that don't need any promotion program or they spend more for higher quality advertisement. But scam websites are choosing different methods for their ads. They rarely talk about themselves or their plans. They just make a fake payment proof and keep talking about money and profit to tempt people. Fortunately, there are many websites who list new scams every day. By checking their lists, you can avoid many scam projects.
  2. Today, the number of universities who offer blockchain technology courses are growing rapidly because this is something that society expects from them and students who take this courses certainly have solid plans to find a primary job about this field after graduation. But this is the first phase. The second phase depends on employers. If they provide good job opportunities for graduates of these courses, students will have more motivation to study about this technology.
  3. Although this year we will not see the full publicity of cryptocurrency but each year we get closer to this target because increasing market cap is a evidence that every day more fiat is converted to cryptocurrency which means more people are creating wallets to experience crypto. According to latest news, crypto market cap is now about $300 billion and this is enough to compete with other assets.
  4. You can start a topic about any subject that is of your interest. If you know some useful information, some experiences in crypto market and some questions to ask, you can write about all of them in separate topics but don't forget to create your topic in related section because if you don't follow this rule, your topic will be either moved or deleted. Always choose the best possible keywords for your topic to be seen more by people who search about it and the title of your topic should have strong connection with what you write about it.
  5. This statistics shows that crypto market is more profitable for investors and it will soon attract most people who have bought shares in stockmarket. I think trading crypto is easier than stock and the real difference is that any company share you buy in stocks market is totally centralized and is controlled by a company but crypto coins are exactly the opposite. Predicting the value of stock shares is also more difficult because we can't know in advance how the managers of a company will decide about their shares.
  6. No, everyone can't use crypto as long as fiat still exists. Whenever fiat extincts completely, then everyone will have to use crypto because no other option is available. We can't force people to use a certain currency and forget about others. Everyone has a choice and they use the currency that feel most comfortable with. There are still some people who think paper currency is easier to use and safer. Even PayPal is still not used by everyone!
  7. If I want to receive money from other countries, I always prefer USD because it is the international currency in the world and will be accepted in most countries but if I am supposed to receive payment through crypto, my only choice is bitcoin because it is like the dollar of all cryptocurrencies and you can easily convert it to cash in all exchanges and there are even ATMs that offer services for bitcoin. But in my trading, I work with many various currencies.
  8. We want both cheap and high prices to get benefit. Those who have not bought yet, dream about prices to hit the bottom to buy at lowest ever rates to gain the highest possible profit. But those who already own bitcoin and bought it in the past, only prefer sky high prices to sell at most expensive rates. So, it is a matter of preferences for each person but something that is obvious is that no one wants bitcoin at medium prices.
  9. ATM is not the best option because it charges you high fees and working with it takes time. The best way is to exchange your crypto to fiat through person-to-person method in which you send crypto to another person's wallet and he sends fiat to your electronic wallet with almost zero fees (You only pay for your wallet transaction fee). But this method is only practical if you know the other person for years and have full trust in him. The other alternative is to use legit online exchanges. They buy your crypto and send you fiat in a few minutes and some of them even support instant payment systems.
  10. Bitcoin is the main core of crypto but it is not the whole crypto world. When we talk about crypto market, we are not referring to a single coin, we mean all the reliable coins in the market. Bitcoin is the most reliable and the most well-established of them all. I think market can still survive without bitcoin but it will be very hard for other coins to replace bitcoin's capitalization and popularity over time because bitcoin's share of total market cap is more than 70% which is a huge number and this means all other coins only occupy 30% of the whole market.
  11. Failure after failure, losses after losses. When this cycle repeats more than three times, people will usually give up because they think they are wasting their times but they are wrong. The solution for preventing this annoying round is to evaluate your performance after each trade is done whether it is successful or not. In each trade, you learn some new things to avoid. Write them down on a piece of paper and try to remember them in your next trades. If you follow this procedure, your mistakes will be reduced during time.
  12. The amount of time I spend for crypto per day is variable. If I see more earning potentials, I will be more active in the market and I spend more time managing my transactions. On average, I spend about 6 hours per day to make posts and reading topics in this forum and I handle my trades in the meantime to save time. I also spend half an hour to read latest news about crypto events to see if anything has happened that can affect our positions in crypto market.
  13. This topic has more than 1500 posts and most members just say the same thing. I rarely see anyone talks about the most important target of cryptocurrency in the future which is serving as a payment solution. There is a widespread belief in the crypto world that cryptocurrency is only about long term investment and profit. This is true to some extent but is not the main goal of crypto. I am still looking forward to see if cryptocurrency can reach the level of acceptance expected by all countries so that they can use it without any problem. If future can't solve this problem, crypto will not succeed in what it claims to be.
  14. The condition of mining farms can have a great effect on cryptocurrency value. If the efficiency of mining farms decrease, miners can't produce enough coins to satisfy ongoing demands and when coins become rare, the prices keep going higher and higher. Sometimes, we read in the news that some mining farms were burnt in flames. This is very bad news for any crypto fan because the value of our coins, depends on global hashing power of the farms.
  15. All approaches to trading are good. None of them is better than the other. A wise trader always tries to apply all methods at the same time by dividing his capital and use each part of it for a separate trading strategy. This is what I do now. I use 50% of my capital for holding bitcoin but use its other half to trade as much as I can with altcoins. There are more than 10 high volume coins which are always suitable for day trading. Don't miss them if you want to improve your crypto earning.
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