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  1. It used to be $13K! It is now $13600 and it seems that it keeps going non-stop! Selling crypto has nothing to do with Christmas or other ceremonies or events. It is the predefined selling price that tells you when to sell to exit with profit. You can't set a date for your selling, you can only set an amount for it. The last year, there was no special rise at Christmas.
  2. This is quite a simple advice that everyone knows. There is nothing practical in it. Bitcoin price may stay unchanged during some weeks which makes it impossible to earn anything from it. If anyone buys bitcoin now, the risk of earning and losing is 50/50 because the price is high and the news about PayPal accepting bitcoin is causing the current rise and this effect could disappear at any moment.
  3. I am looking forward for a bear market because prices have been so high and stayed there for quite a long time. I'm tired of this situation and if bitcoin crashes to $5000 again, we can buy and enter a suitable position but right now, buying is extremely risky because the market may collapse at any moment and recovery will take lots of time. Only holders are satisfied because they have something to sell at the moment!
  4. Only advanced traders can earn profit in a short time. Others who are not trained, can only invest for long term and wait until everything goes up to achieve a safe profit. This is a wrong attitude among ordinary people that crypto is a fast earning machine! They enter trading with this idea in mind and in the reality, they see that they have to wait for more than what they had expected to earn a decent profit. If they can't tolerate, they will sell and lose. We have to change our approach towards cryptocurrency to get the most benefit from it.
  5. Bitcoin may be called a controller but it does this indirectly. Whenever bitcoin price changes, the whole crypto society think that the other coins might be affected either. Based on this assumption (which is only an assumption), the owner of altcoins will buy or sell their coins because they don't want to fall behind of a new trend. This is the reason bitcoin affects most of the market but there are some coins which live independently regardless of bitcoin value.
  6. The article is very comprehensive but I don't think it is suitable for beginners! You have explained a lot about methods like scalping and swing trading. These are very high risk methods and beginners should avoid them until they have gathered lots of experiences about risk managing. Choosing the right coins, finding the best time and position for starting and ending a trade, risks of trading, simple chart reading abilities and techniques to reduce fees are the most important things beginners should know.
  7. What you mentioned is basically true but the problem occurs if we discuss the details. Buying when the price goes down is both clear and ambiguous at the same time! What is a low price? Every trader has a distinctive imagination of low price. For example, I say $150 is a low price for ETH but another trader says $200 is low enough for me! The same story goes for selling price too. I may consider $300 a good value for ETH but you may prefer to hold it until it reaches $400. These differences in opinions are what makes trading complicated but a careful price analysis for each coin will solve problems.
  8. The value of TALK is still unknown because the trade has not started yet but in the old BTC campaign, it was possible to earn 30K satoshi for completing 30 posts. Today, the price of BTC is 13000 dollars and if you could write maximum posts, you could earn 0.0003 x 13000 = $3.9 which is almost $4 per day which is not far from $5. This is your income with only posting. If you add trading in Yobit to your plan, you can easily earn $5 or even more.
  9. I don't believe in such things like altcoin season. Most altcoins are following bitcoin and when it rises, altcoins will also go up. It rarely happens that bitcoin stays steady but altcoins suddenly move and grow like rocket. A few instances have been witnessed when ETH has gone up independently but this could be an exception.
  10. I also have the same problem. I have already sold my bitcoins. I'm a fan of day trading but I don't know how can I trade everyday with such high prices? I can't make sure to sell my BTC for profit if I buy it at $13K. This condition is like heaven for holders but not satisfying for traders like me. I'm waiting for BTC to crash as low as $10.000 before I start buying again.
  11. Everyone prefer the cheapest price but if all buyers only choose low values, it is not good for us because in the future, we are going to be paid through TALK not BTC and if this token doesn't rise, our income will decrease. The maximum earning in the previous campaign was $3 and I think the ideal price for TALK is what that makes it possible to earn $3 daily income. If TALK token starts with $0.005 and grows up to $0.015, the new campaign could be even more profitable than the previous one.
  12. For some people, this situation is quite satisfying but if bitcoin price stays high for a long time, it can be harmful for us because few traders dare to buy. How can you hope to sell your bitcoin without losses if you have bought it at over $13.000? For me, buying bitcoin at anything over $11.500 can be a big risk because bitcoin tends to fluctuate between $7000 and $10.000 most of the time and this is the sweet spot for trading because there is always some room for price rise and you are confident about your success.
  13. Investment and storage both have the same meaning. They both refer to the concept of holding. This is not a fast profit because the investor or the holder usually have to wait for a long time to make an acceptable profit. If you want fast and quick profit, you have to forget about storage and do trades every day or at least every week. In this method, your profit per trade is lower but the number of transactions are higher and in the end, you will earn more. It is a matter of preference and each trader is comfortable with his own strategy.
  14. This news is in Spanish language. It would be much better if you could find the English version that could be read by all members. If Paypal enters the world of crypto, soon other payment gateways imitate it and include crypto as one of their major online services. If this thing happens, we can send and receive money between most payment companies through crypto (indirectly). Some investors have started buying bitcoin because they think this news will increase bitcoin's value but this effect could be temporary and you should be very careful if you want to buy bitcoin at such high values!
  15. If you ask me, I will tell you the major enemy of any trader at any level is low-volume and unknown coins. Unfortunately, so many traders are in a hurry to get wealthy and they can't tolerate to trade with well-known coins and earn little by little. They want a big earning as soon as possible. To achieve this, they will buy and invest in any coin without finding some information about it. A few of them may reap good rewards but most of them will definitely fail when their coins will disappear or lose value quickly.
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