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  1. It seems that this news is mostly related to US. However, it may affect other countries to take some measures against cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is probably powerful enough to survive any crackdown attempt but weak and low-volume coins may be in danger of disappearance. If such news causes a big bearish run, it is just another opportunity for future investors!
  2. With the current big waves of fluctuations, it is better not to depend 100% on crypto as your main source of income. If you have a reliable job on which you can trust for the long term as a stable income, you had better keep it as long as you can no matter how much you earn from your crypto deals. A good and high-paid job helps you to recover your investment whenever the market goes against you and cause you losses. You don't need to sacrifice anything for crypto. Just trade and work simultaneously and allocate necessary amount of time to each.
  3. It looks like that TALK is losing momentum rapidly. It has never fell to anything below $0.005 or $0.006 but now it is even below $0.0003 which is not good. Hopefully, I invested most of my TALK tokens for trading with BTC and ETH but what about those who still have TALK in investbox? Do you think the interest can compensate for the loss of value? I think converting to other coins is better for the long term.
  4. Surging from $30K to $36K is not what I would call accumulation for recovery because the market has already experienced values even higher than that (about $37.300). To return to its previous position, the market needs more capitalization and buyers need more encouragement. There is still a long way towards reaching $65K or higher. If you are looking for some profit in the current market situation, you had better think about other methods of earning like day trading or short term trading. Based on what I see now, ETH is not bad for this purpose.
  5. Is it possible for the Doge to get into a rising phase while bitcoin is going backwards? ETH was the only high volume coin that was increasing in the last few days and it also undergone a $500 price drop. Having said that, Doge has had a good bull run and managed to hit $0.73 but for a short period of time and since then it has been struggling to keep its value above $0.30 which is less than half the ATH. For the time being, I prefer to wait for bitcoin recovery rather than investing in Doge or other altcoins.
  6. I don't think it reaches as low as $6000 but in the past few days bitcoin has had a really hard time keeping itself from crashing. I think the magic resistance level of the early 2021 has been diminished and a sudden crash of almost $20.000 looks a bit abnormal. Anyone has a wild guess about the near future but I think it probably goes upward rather than downward.
  7. Sometimes you can't buy low because the price you think is low may turn out to be expensive! I have this experience with some coins. I bought them when I thought the market was low but just a few days after my purchase, there was a big crash downwards and the market moved far below my purchase price. So, be careful! Don't rush to buy whenever prices get a little cheaper than normal! Today's cheap may be tomorrow's expensive! Always study price history before doing anything.
  8. If someone loses all his money, that is not because of crypto, that's because of the insecurity of his wallet. If you choose the safest wallet for your coin(s), the worst case scenario that can happen is that your coin will lose value and you will sell it with some losses (not 100%). To reduce your losses as much as possible, you have to take great care about what coin to choose and how to keep it safely. Apart from crypto, any other kind of investment involves some level of risk. The future is always unknown but the winner is the one whose profit is always higher than his losses.
  9. Addiction to anything can be harmful and should be avoided. Passion is a better word to use if you want to say someone in your family is extremely interested in bitcoin and crypto world. If this passion leads to considerable earning without damaging other areas of your life, it could be useful but you should not sacrifice yourself for profit. You have to keep your fiat earning in addition to your crypto profit. These two sources of earning are beneficial when they are acting simultaneously. Remember, all traders started with fiat and over time turned it into an acceptable crypto income.
  10. What do you mean by different markets? Crypto is different from stock market and all coins are traded in one international market which works regardless of location and time. You can trade with any coin and buy from or sell to anyone anywhere in the world. The best strategy is adaptation which means you have to adapt yourself to the specific coin with which you are going to trade. Study about its past behavior from beginning up to the present time can be quite helpful. Without knowing your coin of choice, you can't deal with it successfully.
  11. Today, most people measure the value of cryptocurrency in USD or their own local currencies but in the future, if crypto reach its peak functionality, we may even see people who measure the value of fiat with crypto! This is something which is almost unheard of in current situation but may be possible in the distant future! It all depends on the rate of growth and advancement of crypto in global scale.
  12. Not long not short. The ideal strategy is something in between. Long term approach is boring and short term method is way too risky for most average traders to handle. Therefore, a medium term trading is recommended because it is the best balance between risk and fun and losses are usually not big. If you have good reasons to increase your risk level a step further, you can do it but if you prefer to stay within safety zone, try to be in the middle of the range.
  13. I have adopted a new method for trading bitcoin. I used to trade with small oscillations and collect small profits but I changed my mind and now I wait for bigger price corrections to react to the market. I buy bitcoin whenever it falls at least $5000 (like falling from $63000 to $58000). This kind of price correction is the new trend in bitcoin movement pattern and we can use it to gain good profit. I find it more useful than day trading.
  14. If you have traded with the wrong coin, pull your investment out of it and invest in another coin with the right characteristics. This is the only legit way to recover all the money you have lost. However, if you aren't good at trading, you had better forget about it and find another way which is safer for you. It is usually said that bitcoin is the best coin for recovery because it is the most forgiving coin on the market with the highest market cap. Many traders switch to bitcoin when they lose with altcoins.
  15. The fluidity matters but it doesn't matter who is at work behind crypto or any other currency. Anyone who is interested in trading, should learn specific techniques to be able to make profit in all possible conditions. Many people complain about the presence of so-called whales on the market but if you look at it closely, you will find that they can benefit your profit in some way or the other. You have to adapt your trading with the direction of market movement. That's the key!
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