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  1. Most members only state how many hours they spend in crypto in general and they don't explain how much time they allocate to each crypto activity. For example, if you are active in the fields of forum posting, trading, faucets and mining, it would be better if you state the amount of time you spend for each one separately. I have chosen a rather smart plan to save time. During the time that I make posts in this forum, I also attend to my coins in Yobit to manage my trades. By doing this, I don't need to spend extra time for my trades. I spend 3 to 4 hours per day.
  2. Apart from trade losses, there are some other dangers too. If you invest a large amount of money in crypto coins, you may be the ideal target for scammers or hackers because they usually attack people with large balances. Even if someone doesn't lose anything in trades, he may be forced to lock his investment in crypto because if you buy at a certain price and your coin collapses after that, you have to wait (hold) for a long time to unlock your investment and invest it in other positions.
  3. By investing USD worth of 1 BTC, anyone can earn decent profit in crypto but 1 BTC worth around $7000 and you have to work first to earn this big capital to start crypto trading. With the help of a suitable job, you can earn it in 2 months. If you trade smartly, you can earn $100 per day with $7000 capital which translates into $3000 per month which is enough to be called a full time job. But never leave your work because formal jobs are more sustainable than crypto trading and you can satisfy your daily needs when crypto market enters bearish runs.
  4. I anticipate a price between $20K and $30K. It doesn't happen immediately after block reward reduction. It may take a month or so before we see its effect on the market. However, high values are often temporary and don't last for a long time. For example, bitcoin may reach $25K for a few days. If you want to take benefit from high values, you have to react very fast in order not to miss the golden opportunity. It will only happen once per 4 years! So, check prices regularly after halving and don't even miss a day!
  5. This problem can be solved easily. Choose either Perfect Money or Payeer and withdraw your USD to one of these wallets. After you received your USD, you can use online exchanges to convert Perfect Money or Payeer to PayPal. You will be charged a few dollars as fee and your transaction will be done from a few hours up to 24 hours because sometimes PayPal processing will take time.
  6. The lowest price of bitcoin was 10 years ago. At that time its price was only $0.003! It was even less than half a cent! When we are talking about price, we have to specify exactly which period of time we are referring to. It is obvious that such prices will never happen again and nowadays even $4000 or $5000 are considered low values for bitcoin! For me, the lowest or highest value is not important. The most common range of prices we often see on exchanges is what matters for trading.
  7. Accumulation is acceptable up to a certain point but if you do nothing but collecting you will lose lots of temporary opportunities which could affect your earning. When you are in the middle of bear markets and prices have frozen, you can do nothing except accumulating but if the market becomes active again, try to unlock some of your investment to buy some active coins. By staying active, you can earn more because every little movement contains some profit.
  8. It is wrong to force people to invest in cryptocurrencies. If someone asked you about crypto, you can explain it to him in full details but let him think about it and decide about joining by himself. Don't just tell the advantages of crypto (like income and profit). You must mention its drawbacks and risks too (like losses and weak adoption). If a person joins crypto because of your persistence, he will blame you if he loses his money. Your sole duty is to illuminate crypto facts for them.
  9. I think many of traders still don't know about the upcoming BTG halving because BTC halving is much more prominent. We should wait a few days more and monitor BTG graphs carefully to see if there is any noticeable rise or any green signs on the charts. If such signals appeared suddenly, it can be a good indicator that there is a big wave of buyers who have read about halving and want to invest in BTG. I am still watching this coin and prevent any investing because I don't want to be a victim of wrong analysis.
  10. How did you enter crypto world when you had negative thoughts about it in mind? Unfortunately, it has become so common among people that the key to success in crypto is just the simple rule of buying low and selling high but this is not the answer in this market. There are lots of trading plans and styles. You should read about all of them and choose the best one based on your personality and risk tolerance. Without a plan, you are just playing dangerously with your capital.
  11. You can buy and sell bitcoin from anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter where you live because online exchanges offer their services to anyone and you can even convert your bitcoin to other digital currencies. If your country has a local exchange with low fees, you can use it for your crypto conversions. However, by using international exchanges, you don't need to pass a long process. Everything is done in a few minutes. In my country, there are some exchanges that buy my crypto and convert it directly to my local currency.
  12. I believe there is no benefit in leaving crypto and there is no harm in staying with it. Based on this belief, I prefer not to leave cryptocurrency because at least it offers me some opportunities once in a while that lets me increase my balance. It just depends on us how to use it and how much time we spend to attend to crypto. If you don't invest heavily in crypto, you almost have nothing to lose. Trade with moderate capital and only use safe trading style. This strategy guarantees long term survival on crypto market.
  13. Full adoption can help us to buy anything we want and pay through bitcoin but it is not all good news that will happen to us. Yes, the value may rise but it will just rise once and forever. It will stay there and doesn't go down anymore because adoption means stability. A stable bitcoin is no longer profitable for us and it will behave like Tether and Dai (only suitable for value storage). I prefer trading opportunities to adoption because my main income comes from cryptocurrency.
  14. I don't think there is any way to do this. Anyone can see your profile. If you are sensitive, don't put your photo or personal info in your profile page. You can't even block people from following you. You don't receive any notification when someone adds to your follower's list. I don't care if other members visit my profile. This is a forum and we are here to use each other's content. You can search profile's for some useful contents.
  15. Since stable coins were developed with the concept of stability in mind, they should be backed with assets that are themselves stable enough to support these coins. Stable coins may be backed by fiat currencies, Gold, oil and some metals. If you look more carefully, you will see that the price of gold and oil are not always steady. Only fiat currencies have really stable values. Therefore, if you want to choose stable coins, choose the ones that are backed by USD because USD is stronger than other assets.
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