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  1. What happen if BTC doesn't reach $20000 in this year & next year? CZ is very clever man. I don't know if VS ask KYC to distribute rewards if not so many scammers with multiple accounts create entry to enter the slot.
  2. Okay friend. Now you can be more active in CTT forum like me. I've completed my first 100 posts within a week due forum rules understanding. I spent more time to understand forum rules.
  3. Which hardware wallet do you recommend to novice people sir? I'm loved with Ledger Nano that is French product according to my knowledge. I used paper wallet for Dalecoin but they stolen the coins from wallet after 2 days of air drop distribution.
  4. It is the most dangerous attack from the hackers. I've heard something about cryptojacking. I'm still learning much about it from online source. Don't be scammed friend. Be very careful when using blockchain solutions.
  5. There are many rules friend. I spent whole day just to read the forum rules. The main rules are don't create the copied posts, don't use multiple accounts, don't show abusive behaviors to the friends.
  6. Paper wallets aren't safest sir. I use hardware wallet if I've more BTC amounts. I tested Electrum wallet it is good to use. It is decentralized functional wallet if I'm not wrong in it.
  7. I have received gift & claimed in Yobit exchange. I'd like to thank moderators & CTT forum. Long live CTT forum.
  8. Trust wallet is best for smartphone users & Ledger Nano wallet is best for bigger crypto investors. I use Trust wallet to check price of crypto & I also store crypto in the Trust wallet. Many people like this wallet.
  9. Many people wrote the bad reviews about this wallet. You use this wallet by testing a few amounts of crypto. If it works then you could use this wallet. Don't trust the wallet without checking friend you'll lose your crypto.
  10. Offline hardware is the best & safer wallet. You use Ledger Nano wallet & you'll find a huge diffeence in the crypto world. I've been using this wallet for a long time now. It has many feature to protect our crypto. It is good wallet.
  11. Blockchain wallet is the perfect wallet not a waste of time. It is trusted by many people all around the world. It is an online wallet & can freeze your crypto anytime in your wallet but it is still the great wallet for many people.
  12. Trust wallet is good friend because it supports more coins than MetaMask wallet. MetaMask wallet only supports ERC-20 tokens. It does not support other currencies but Trust wallet supports. Check Trust wallet friend.
  13. I don't like this exchanger due to slower and unresponsive problem. When bullish market started this exchange delay in operations so opportunities are missed. Many complains against the site performances but they are not hearing anyone.
  14. Maybe Coinmarketcap had some problem about Yobit data in that time but now I can find details about the exchange . Probably Coinmarketcap data operators team were working to fix.
  15. Yes friend my some crypto were stolen from the bad exchanger sites. Exchange had a fraudstar owner & he ran away by taking my money collected from his fake telegram bot. Don't trust anyone friend learn from experience.
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