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  1. Sir, can you say what damage be done by this virus in smartphone? You think about it because smartphone are rarely affected from virus with a relative to desktop PC. IMHO, hackers want to do so many damages on Windows OS & I think Ubuntu Linux is safer than that. I can be wrong & I need your advise.
  2. Very beautiful feature of this yobit exchange. I found it neat & clean page with different information in the Yobit Dashboard. They wrote just Dash in exchange so it is little confusing for me like beginner. What are other new functions & features Yobit has added?
  3. I like this exchange & I trade cryptocurrency in this exchange because Kraken exchange has a large twenty hours volume and very active markets for so many cryptocurrencies. I hope this feature will be very great for this exchange so traders can deposit crypto in it easily.
  4. No problem with internet because internet connection is strong enough. I access p2pb2b exchange site from my PC & not from mobile browsers. They haven't solved this problem for a very long time & exchange page isn't responsive many time.
  5. Your analysis may be wrong at that time because volatility of ETH market is the main reason. I also bought ETH in cheapest price & have been holding for the long time now. See ETH price now that is very high & I am making some benefits from it.
  6. I understand blockchain technology & this technology can be used in many sectors & industries in this world. Blockchain voting, cryptocurrency transaction, data security and many more are the use case of this innovative blockchain technology.
  7. Friends, I think a site has scammed me with a fake QR code enabled invoice. I worked hard in that site so I tried to withdraw some Lightning network Satoshis by scanning QR code but it says "Withdraw link is empty". I scanned code for the first time by using trusted lightning network Bitcoin wallet & asked their support team but they said I have already received Satoshi so how can I provide proof agaist their false claim that I didn't get anything? Please help me.
  8. Yes I regretted many times for being delayed to involve in crypto world. If I joined crypto world too earlier then I think I could buy a huge amount of crypto in cheaper rates so that I could sell them now to get profits. Now Bitcoin & altcoin prices are Hugh & I can't buy many coins.
  9. I think South Korea isn't alone to take tax in crypto. There are some European countries already taking tax from crypto transactions. Many countries haven't legalized crypto because they're getting fear of not receiving taxes.
  10. Currently I also can't transfer but Yobit support staff said our btc won't lost so no problem. I think BTC will be unlocked soon to transfer into Yobit Bitcoin wallet.
  11. Good job friends. I think good quality posts can attract many readers & they will interested in our profiles. I'm working hard in CTT forum to create high quality topics. I'm getting help from senior members in CTT forum.
  12. Sorry I don't trust Telegram channel based this type of job because they may not pay money honestly for doing very hard work for them. Friends there are many best platforms in online world & they give more money for doing the jobs.
  13. Great news for Nepal & Nepalese people. Cryptpcurrency gives so many benefits citizens of Nepal. Many countries are allowing cryptocurrency trading to help citizens for self employed.
  14. Yobit investbox is great to earn passive income percentage. I invest in different currencies so that I may not loose my huge amounts of money in one coin. If I choose different coins I think profits come from different coins.
  15. Sir I have talked about blockchain network. I can't understand what you said. I wish you guide me here friends. Thanks for your answers. Now I'm clear that nodes are important components for blockchain because without nodes our data in blockchain won't exist & failure of all nodes will destroy our data.
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