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Found 19 results

  1. Year: Dear forum members I want to tell you that it will take 21 years for the rest of the world to mine as much of the Chia crypto currency as the company behind it will have on the day it's main net launches next month. Main Net: The size of the premise is one notable revelation from the paper in which chia is also a ounces it's main net will launch on March 17 on earlier. Farmers will be able to begin farming immediately. The network cache of pre mined will be governed using a traditional format. Plans: Plans are shifted slightly since then with the company now playing to one way or another take it's offering to a national stock exchange where it can be traded by the public and the company will be subject to the same transparency as any traded company. Opportunities,Benefits,Properties. The Blockchain is designed to make home mining feasible again. Chia favours predictable continuous inflation over a hard cap. Plans to embrace regulators, particularly by leading with a company that has public reporting requirements. The Chia Block chain has lots of native feature that should make familiar crypto applications easier to trust and build. If you like the information then please gave a like.
  2. If we look at the top 5 coins right now according to the market cap. The coin that used to be not any near the top 10 is now at the top 5. Yes I am talking about the Polkadot. The performance of the Dot in this cycle is really fascinating and it had already done more than 180% in the recent 45 days. For most altcoins if we see the money flow after Ethereum starts pumping which seems happening after the btc dominance fall, it goes to the Coin that are below the Ethereum and the next coin beneath ETH is DOT as USDT doesn't counts here. If we look at the price history of the DOT it seems it is following the same pattern after the breakout from the key resistance which was at around 5-6$ since long time. / Tradingview Direct Link-Click Here After the long consolidation DOT had made its move to the 9-10$ area and we retest the 21MA and then the price spikes to the 14-15$ area. And Because of that and overall Bullish market ongoing at these moment In my view the price will again follow the same trend and we will be making a retest at the 21MA level at around the 14$ which was the previous local resistance for the price. And if we don't see the Pullback then its again will be bullish and we will test the 18-19$ level if there is any likely correction after the upward move. And the same 21MA level cold be considered as the Entry Target in my view for the DOT. Tradingview Direct LInk -Click Here If we draw the Fibonacci from the swing high to the wing low, then we can clearly see the next target around 25-26$ which is at 1.618 fib level in the chart. And right now I am looing for that target from the DOT for some profit Booking. If the BTC Dominance get rejection and we see down move more then most of the alts will do even bigger and Dot comes in second position in that. That's why I am looking my eyes wide open in the Dot and I suggest other members to do the same thing if we see the Altseason which is happening in small small packet this time unlike 2017. What do you think about the DOT Price in coming Days? Will it be Able to reach the target as the charts are showing or we will see the pullback? Do you support or argue with my insight?
  3. Which coin have lots of potential in 2019 gains my prediction is ETH and bitcoin cash whats about your views and opinions please share it
  4. Dogecoin or doge, is one of the moat famous cryptocurrecy there is, but for sometime now this great coin seems to be stuck around 0.0023 usd/doge. Here is a reason that i think made doge to stuck, many people are excited with the fact that bitcoin went from 0/usd to 20k usd in less that 8 years so most think it might be the same for doge('m not saying that it won't) this made many people instead of trading with doge they held doge and forgot it i'm one of these people That's the reason doge price is stuck, just my opinion.
  5. As you know, each moment of price rise is a very important stage in trading cryptocurrency. You should know exactly what you must do after that because any wrong decision will have negative results. Let me explain a little more with an example. Suppose you bought 0.05 BTC with $500 investment (buying price = $10K). You are waiting for price rise after that and then you see BTC price rises to $12K. Now I want to know what do you do next? Which of the following? 1 - You sell your BTC as soon as possible and convert it to fiat and spend it. 2 - You convert it to fiat and immediately buy BTC again and hold it in your wallet for the next price movement. 3 - You forget about fiat and hold your BTC longer to get more profit from more price rise. Which of the above scenarios is closest to your trading strategy and which one do you think is the best thing to do?
  6. I monitor bitcoin price every day and analyze how it goes up and down. One thing that interests me is that sometimes it seems there is a force against price fall that resists against falling below a certain price level. For example, since yesterday, I have seen that bitcoin price tried to remain about $8700 and withstood against going lower than that. Is there a group of traders who can control bitcoin price and support it to stay at a certain price? How is this possible when so many people buy and sell bitcoin from all over the world? I don't think all people have agreed upon $8700 as a resistance level.
  7. The most watched cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. And rightfully so, as this is the currency that is the face of the crypto world and as such is the first currency that comes to mind when anyone mentions crypto. Therefore, for anyone in the crypto space, keeping an eye on the price of Bitcoin is a must. Even if you do not have any investment into Bitcoin, the Bitcoin market often influences that of the altcoins as well and therefore knowing the price and trends of Bitcoin can assist you in your own altcoin trades and analysis. Over the last two days, Bitcoin has been on the decline in price, as I am sure that many have noticed, even dropping to below $30k. For a coin that just recently (at the start of this month) topped the $40k mark, analysts expected a rise to $50k, but this seems to be short-lived as the price continues to fall. But what are the reasons behind this fall? One of the most important reasons that could explain this drop in price is the fact that the sell orders may be more abundant than the buy orders for Bitcoin at this time. This could either be as a result of people's financial position, or it could be contracts that are expiring and people are cashing in on them. In fact, in a news article, over $3 billion in contracts are expected to expire on one of the exchanges, and if this is all cashed out at one point, we could be looking at another drop in price in the near future. Another reason is that the continued drop could simply be panic selling. For those that are invested in Bitcoin and those that are newly invested in the coin as well, seeing the price drop below the 30k mark could cause a sense of panic among them, causing them to sell their investments now, either to secure their profits or to prevent further losses if they bought it at a high point. This panic selling is of course the number one enemy for any trader. In my opinion, the price of Bitcoin is not in the clear just yet, and I think that the next few days are crucial in determining how the price will proceed and how the future looks for Bitcoin. I think that despite the immediate future of Bitcoin the overall long term future does look bright and if you do have Bitcoin and are currently at a loss, I suggest being patient and waiting for the price to rise again. This could happen in a few days or even a few months, or perhaps years, but patience is the key to the profits from Bitcoin. Let me know if you know of any other factors that are resulting in the price drops that we are seeing at the moment.
  8. The most important thing when it comes to trading in cryptocurrencies, is to be able to try and analyse the market and make predictions. For many this technical knowledge goes beyond what they have in the crypto field, and so they rely on that which is presented by news articles and the information that is released by the crypto analysts as well. Recently, and article by the cryptocurrency analysts show that the Ethereum coin could be in for a price drop to 1040 USD, as is predicted by some experienced crypto analysts. This would be a 35% drop in the price of this coin, which has in the past few months, been seeing new highs in terms of its price and value. This price reduction however is not uncommon in the cryptocurrency field as there is always a correction factor that happens after a major price hike, however crypto analysts say that this price prediction may not be limited to the Ethereum coin and may be experienced across the entire cryptocurrency market. Based on the current pattern for Ethereum pricing, the pattern is following a rising wedge, which is what analysts have used in determining that the price is likely to take a nosedive. It is expected that the selling market of Ethereum may start to exceed the buyer market, and therefore the decline. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that this article can contribute to the panic selling that will also cause the price to go down?
  9. Hello dear members. In this topic I want to talk about a simple but useful fact about bitcoin. Many people (especially beginners) ask this question: What is the ideal price to buy bitcoin? The answer to this question requires a comprehensive price analysis. To make it as easy as possible, I will explain about the concept of price frequency. I define it as the number of times a certain range of price is seen for bitcoin or in other words, which range of prices are more common than others (they are more frequently seen). First, I will write each price range and then I give a percentage for each of them based on frequency. 1) $3000 - $4000 (20%) 2) $4000 - $5000 (30%) 3) $5000 - $6000 (50%) 4) $6000 - $7000 (50%) 5) $7000 - $8000 (50%) 6) $8000 - $9000 (60%) 7) $9000 - $10000 (50%) 8 ) $10000 - $12000 (30%) 9) Anything above $12000 (10%) These percentages show which price ranges are more likely to be seen and which ones are visited less. This information can be helpful to determine risk levels. For example, if you buy bitcoin at $6500, it belongs to the 6000-7000 range which happens 50% of time and if the market crashes, you have 50% chance of recovery. If you buy at $13000, the chance of recovery is only 10% because this is not a common price for bitcoin according to the history of frequent prices. The only point to mention is that buying at 3000-5000 range is always safe (despite the low frequency) because this range includes bottom-low prices. I look forward to reading your comments.
  10. With the price of Bitcoin steadily increasing over the last few days mainly bought about by Elon Musk and his large investment into the crypto-currency market namely Bitcoin, there are many people that are waiting for bitcoin to surpass the 50000 USD region. In fact I expect that there is many sales orders that have been set for this price in order for people to maximize on their profits. However we may have to wait a much longer period of time in order to see the price of Bitcoin go past the 50000 USD price range. In a recent article it seems that coinbase has time to their premium index negative which implies that the difference in price between coinbase and binance exchange platform is quite large. This has resulted in there being many sales orders on the coinbase platform, even more so than the buying orders on the platform which could result in a major sell-off of Bitcoin from this exchange. As we all know coinbase is one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges and therefore if there is a large fell off it could cause the price of Bitcoin to crumble or drop by a considerable percentage in the next few days. What are your thoughts on this and do you think that we will see a bitcoin price declined to this extent?
  11. One o the major coins that has been in the spotlight recently is the dogecoin and the way that is has increased in its price. Not too long ago we were seeing the price of dogecoin at roughly 0.002 USD and the price has since increased to all-time highs of even 0.08 USD on the yobit exchange platform. The main reason for this was by one man, and that was the interest that was shown in this coin by Elon Musk, who has constantly tweeted about the Dogecoin. However, a recent tweet from Elon Musk could actually be the cause of the decline in the price of dogecoin, in which he stated that if there are not as many whales in the dogecoin market, then the coin will receive the full support of Elon Musk. At the moment there are many whales in dogecoin and there a few people that own the bulk of the dogecoin market, making it highly manipulative. Therefore, if these whales decided to sell of their coins, the market could crash, and there would be a major decline in the price. The coin could even reach a point where it could not recover. Therefore, Elon has tweeted this and says that these whales are the real issue. This shows the lack of interest in Elon Musk in this coin now, due to the whales, and therefore the price has dropped by 20% over the last 24 hours alone. A rare sight, amidst the recent increased in Dogecoin prices. What do you think should be the action taken moving forward on dogecoin? Since it is an unlimited supply this can be hard to make it a main stream currency but do you think that the currency should be distributed? What action do you think whales should take to ensure the future of this currency?
  12. Bitcoin update We also see that the price of bitcoin broke all the rules and broke the 8600 area in a 4 hour candle and if confirmed the decline in another candle we will see bitcoin in the 8400 area ... However, in the case of the rise of Bitcoin to the ascending triangle and must climb during the days before the date of 18/11 We will see the price of bitcoin in an uptrend that may reach the first target of 9200 and then to 10000
  13. When I say that BTC is one of the least volatile assets, I am sometimes asked why I say this if it is a cryptocurrency and we know that in this environment prices are highly volatile. Well now I'll try to explain why I think with BTC it's different. First let's look at its tragedy, BTC started in 2008, with its first block being extracted in early 2009 - block called genesis, since then its increase in value and disclosure is visible. To give you an idea with $ 1 a dollar if you bought 1300 BTC or so, in 2010 its value was $ 0.39 since then a single downfall occurred from 2017 here, when that year BTC hit the $ 20,000 mark. and today in 2019 it parks at around $ 8000. Finally, if we take a year to year analysis from 2010 to 2019 we will see that 99% of the period BTC had substantial increases and little fall. Why do I say that after the lull comes the "storm" is why historically when the BTC has a fall and / or a parked in its value, it tends to have a boom in its substantially high price, causing a "storm" in the market. from cryptos, this is what differentiates BTC from others. And by 2020 everything leads us to believe that this "storm" will occur as we go through a period of "calm". Hugs to all. Sources:
  14. The community deserves a progressive, transparent and handy swap service with insightful aggregation interface that combines multiple sources and ensures convenience, validity, privacy and common user flow for every single exchange. So we made Swapzone! Swapzone finds, aggregates and indicates the most relevant exchange deals on the crypto market. It is your shortest route to the moon. We are struggling to find the best rates for your desired exchange pair, even for the exotic ones. To achieve this, we integrated 10 partner services: ChangeNOW, Changelly, N.Exchange, Godex, SimpleSwap, Coinswitch, Alfacashier, FixedFloat, ChangeAngel, and StealthEX. Select the coins you'd like to convert and Swapzone displays the best exchange rates out there. Perform the exchange right on the website. We do not ask for ID from our users, nor require any registration. What do you think about it? You can check all the details at Swapzone
  15. Max Keiser has always been a major proponent of Bitcoin. He understands the fundamentals and the technology Satoshi created and also understands why Bitcoin is really important for financial freedom and why it demands our attention. Mas Keiser had made a prediction that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 (USD) when price of Bitcoin was $1, but lately he changed his prediction into a more optimistic number. While being interviewed by Alex Jones at Inforwars he talked about the possibility of Bitcoin's price reaching $400,000 !! We have to add on this Tim Draper's prediction of $250,000 along with the various models that predict price to rise at least 10x todays price for the next two years. Also the good news that billionaire Paul Tudor officially announced he supports Bitcoin and is also invested (probably heavily). Lastly the various predictions by many investment funds and bank reports about a good possibility that Bitcoin might soon see another bull-run. John McAfee earlier cancelled his bet to mutilate himself if Bitcoin didn't reach 1 million USD by the end of 2020 and he even backed down from supporting Bitcoin lately. So we exclude this prediction from the list. It is a fact that many influencers involved with Bitcoin are making claims about Bitcoin's potential for an exponential rise, and we can't deny that probably there is a good chance of price to rise a lot, in the next two years. My personal opinion is a moderate one. I am bullish and think that we have a good chance to revisit the $20,000 ATH, perhaps even during this summer. I am not confident about extreme price predictions, but I still don't completely rule out the fact that these prices might actually happen. I remember back in the beginning of 2017 that many traders and influencers were thinking that 1K was the top and laughing at $10,000 BTC predictions. I think that all of us have seen what Bitcoin is capable of doing and that we shouldn't exclude any possibility. See the full interview bellow:
  16. How the US Election Could Influence Bitcoin Prices We all know that the American elections have approached! November 3 is the date for the American elections! But will the US elections have a role in affecting the price of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin? What happened to the Bitcoin price in 2016? When the current US President Donald Trump won, we all noticed a rise in the price of Bitcoin from $ 709 to the price of 736%, and this is a good rise! In your opinion, do you encourage buying Bitcoin now? Or is it a risk? Note: Some informtaion taken from:
  17. I think many people who are working in trading asking themselves how can we get alerted about the coin price if it's increased or decreased? Whales tracker not 🐳 with this, you can choose any price of coin that you want to get alerted when the price of the coin reached it! How does it work? Here's an example! /alert btsbtc 0.00000240 You just have to choose the currency and the price! I wish that I could help you to get alerted about the price you want 🤩❤
  18. Bitcoin in recent hours has shown a slight drop in prices. Is it possible for Bitcoin to start a downward trend again? Many comments that the bitcoin bubble may explode in the coming months, but this remains to be seen. Everything seemed to indicate that Bitcoin was already stable and with many possibilities of an increase in its value, but apparently this seems not to happen, apparently at the end of the year it will be very important to see what will be the trend that bitcoin will have during the next year.
  19. I checked on the Internet, on one site Bitcoin costs $8110, on the other $8125. Here the difference is small and everything is clear to me. And on Yobit, Bitcoin costs $8700. Who can answer why?
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