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  1. My best wishes with you. Mine as many CRP as you can. Utopia have option to activate multiple bots 🙂
  2. Let see my man. We got a gold mine now. One thing is sure these social media such as fb, twitter will no longer use by crypto mans.
  3. I can understand your wait. Same feeling is with me. 18 NOV at the end of day it will launch and mainnet of will be live. Stay Tuned. Definitely Utopia Entry is no less than a legendary, Its already Secured you should not expect vulnerability now. Earning depend on how much bots you activated on CRP (Crypton) Mining. Keep in mind the private release is happening on 18th Nov. Official Public release will happen on 25th Nov with Press Release. You can still enjoy feature in Private Release as well.
  4. Thanks for your expectations. Definitely its a great day for me. I'm not claiming to develop it. Its hard work of 1984 Group. *** Utopia version 1.0 Release date and time ***Mainnet launch date and time is Monday, November 18th at 12.00 (GMT).1984 Group 'll present official website and ready to download Release 1.0 version of Utopia P2P Ecosystem.The released version of Utopia will need to be downloaded from the website and installed on your device. Once you migrate from Beta Testnet to Production Mainnet, you will be able to immediately start mining Crypton cryptocurrency and use all functionality of the ecosystem.
  5. Utopia is a secured peer to peer decentralized ecosystem (Messenger) that enables us to message securely. Along with it we can earn via Mining. This post is not for Mobile Users. Desktop PC or Laptop is recommended *********** 18 NOV *********** Everything will be answered only if you not get anything on
  6. For me i just gather and saved some dollars and thinking to include in my capital. But for the new commers i would suggest to save money for later investment. This is best opportunity to grab about 0.009 BTC per month which is actually enough and no one will pay you such amount for just 100 word posting. If you successful to save these then may is waiting you with greetings because there is expecting a pump in May and these 0.009 will be almost 200$ per month. So my friends try to save this money as far as you can. Do not spend it or giveaway. For me its good to manage internet bills 😄.
  7. 3 Years ago i have account on yobit which i created in 2016 but it hacked in 2017 and i just made a new account on same IP and did not get anything yet ! So i think creating two account can be possible but i'm not sure. I made 2nd account for contacting support and tell my issue to disable 2FA because i was out of reach. I have showed my passport for verification that my email on hacked account is matching the name of passport. and that account got recovered and i have used this until end of 2018. So after 2018 i only use 1 account. But not sure for now.
  8. Thank you Man, +2 for you 😛. 1 is now and 1 is some where else 😄. This is looks like a golden address or golden key. Because in my country there is very concept of vanity or golden phone numbers. Look my phone number ends with XX YYY ZZ99999 and other number is XX YYY ZZ00000 and another is a terta 8 number. The price of the first two numbers is about 2500$ each and tetra cost is 180$ and normal number is avl in 1-7$ known as economy sim. So think if we creat address like 1GoDofBTCisHere and something is else then this address also can get high rate in auctions. And sure this will happen soon 😛 because i have leaked this concept of VIP in Crypto hahahaha.
  9. This is the enterprise account where we can buy domains of our choice subjected to availibility. We have limit of 700 Domains buying per year and we can register .com .org .net and .info domains as well. Thius account is to specific of affiliate person and we have to pay one time payment of 450$ or 470$. I had it but 700 domains has expired and the seller is not avl because may be his facebook id got blocked for some easoon. Ask you friend if he have such accounts for selling. Also ask some info that if he have high level premium domain under 1000$.
  10. I have used these ATMs in UAE this work with many factors, i have also used in my local country with wirex card but it some time deduct 10$ ATM fees so terrible. But the system in UAE is very good because there are three option, if you have wirex or any crypto card then no fees will apply on it. And second is the you just touch on ATM and enter amount of dollars you want to out, if it have reserve then it would say YES otherwise show insufficient reserve, with this method we can draw 1000$ per time. So once we enter amount the address and qr appear and we just have to send the exact amount once you send then with in 20 second it give you dollars. One ATM is near a mall where you can also insert hardware wallet and draw your money.
  11. You win the all contents here. +1 for you. It means that if we are sending 0.1 BTC then fees will be almost near 2000 satoshi if we choose 1 sat per byte. But i think it may slower the transaction time and take too long. So if we pay 10 sat per byte then the fees would be 20000 or 0.0002 BTC for 0.1BTC which is very fair. But if we see the block chain transactions are very fast and even we can choose the lowest fees then it only take some time. But the question here why other wallets have fix fees and why charging too high. It is good that they have to manage server and network fees. But the xapo and wirex fees id 0.002 BTC for every trx.
  12. I have development company so i always bought the SSL certificate in bulk. I have to deliver 11 projects by the end of november so both are enterprice websites and i have to use EV SSL on all 11 websites. So if i got the accumulate price then it would better. If i buy SSL from the some website then i would get 70$ each for bulk. But i want to avoid taxes and want some discount. So i can pay 60$ for each EV SSL so that the comparison of crypto will be profitable for him. If you have such person let me contact via PM so we will process further deal. I also need 450$ domain account with up to 700 .com domain, i will also pay you commission.
  13. Dear sellers, i need some tools for my company. If some one selling cheap server against crypto? If some one selling ahref SEO tool in cheap against crypto? If some one selling shutterstock premium account against crypto? If some one selling Comodo SSL ,EV SSL certificates in cheap then leave me a message. I would like to be interested to buy these things. Scammers stay away. If i detect any scam then i'll report to admins and mods. Keep the community clean and only cheap sellers contact me.
  14. Devh

    Crypto vs PayPal

    Paypal is good wallet and being used in exchange of bitcoins. I need some paypal dollars to pay hosting bills and i was out of balance in credit card. So i use auto exchange to BTC>Paypal and finally i got good rate and exchange it. I just exchanges 700$ and paid my server bills. But some time paypal is looks too critical or horrible because its chrging 2.5% fees which is almost 25$ for 1000$ transfer. And there is only few limits so a crypto users can't satify with paypal because if he had to sale 1 BTC then its limited. Alternatively skrill is good option but it also sometime limited so be sure.
  15. You mean to say the Bitcoin who just lost by owners with loss of private key or wrong sending which are in space? If so then these BTC will play an important role in stability of the supply and price. And there will totally a 21M supply and once supply completed in next 15 Years then we can see BTC above 100k USD because 21 MIllion BTC will be used every where in the world. At this time World is not much aware about this and population is 8 Billion and in 15 years the population will above 10Billion so if we divide 16M BTC to just half population then 0.03BTC will come to every user. So see such huge community and the price will above 100k For sure. Where 4-5M is still in space and useless.
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