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  1. In past really there are many whales and there was a FUD of whales to manipulate the market but now the situation is different because as much as the crypto awareness is increasing the circulation of Crypto is also increasing the same way. We don't have fear now for hackers who have big amount to sell but this is confirmed who hold BTC from last year, that guy will in happiness. I think this is the best chance if someone is getting 400% profit from BTC. He should sale and give a chance to newbies πŸ˜› /
  2. You said beautiful words. Sure we should work hard to make some bucks and get a most of mature experience in crypto. This forum is really amazing if we clearly go deep in to research and topics of members. This going very wide more n more and at the moment this is the best forum and i think it is also the most top active forum of world πŸ˜›. The most good initiative is that we are getting alot of trading tips and feel comfortable in this ecosystem. I would love to spend most of my time here.
  3. Definitely cryptotalk is the best forum to enhance your knowledge base in to crypto. This is not a earning forum but also a useful active forum with most of active members, who sharing their tips and experience to help newbies. And its a good initiative to giveaway to members. Physically the forum has many advantage if someone want to improve english or want to improve his or her typing speed πŸ˜›. So if we see from any angle this forum is best for anyone who want to get busy in his bore time to get knowledge and make some bucks.
  4. When ever you see the Bull Run, i would suggest to keep patience and try to keep an eye on charts and see whats going on and hold yourself ready to accept the challange of market. Everybody like know 2 months before that BTC will hit 50000$ in 2021 and you can see it really happened. So whenever you find such promising prediction i think everyone should ready before the bull runs our πŸ˜› . The best practice is to research always before investing anywhere and don't victim of FOMO and FUD.
  5. Interesting question πŸ˜› When i heard first about bitcoin i remember a movie called Terminator. I really so wondered that it exist. The i gone ahead with serveral research and found that BTC is totally decentralized. I remember my first payout in 2014 about 0.04 BTC which i actually never withdrew until it cross 2500$. Later i gain more interest when it hit 5000$. That time i put all assest in BTC and made huge income. These were golden days for me same like todays. In short my enterance in crypto is always meaningful for me.
  6. First of all, thank you for your suggestion about using google and see the graphs. See graphs is really a good recomendation, but i would like to tell you about best time to buy and sell. Always keep in mind to earn in cents instead of dollars if you are trading at short term. But if you are holding for long term then best time to buy that time but the market should not be 20% up from last month. It should be average. Once you successful tobuy at average price then hold for a time and then sale it. This is best thing i always do.
  7. Let me correct you here, always keep in mind for what you are buying in mining power is always profitable if you have stable rate. Let say if you buy mining power of 0.005BTC @ 30000$ and later on its giving 1000 satoshi daily but late on its price go above 50000$ then you will only get 600-700 satoshi, So what you get in the end? 0.004-0.005 BTC. this is not always lucky for everyone. So i would suggest to trade yourself for short profit if you really want to make some handsome amount. I hope you understand my opinion.
  8. There are many reasons to love Yobit. Here are some that why i like it, because its decentralized, and it is full of support of its member, its fully secured and many much contribution to enhance the crypto awareness. As far as i see the Yobit has many good opportunity for arbitrage and many good factors like low fees withdrawals. Its very easy to move assest from one pair to another, just figur it, how much is difficult on other platform to make a trade on a paid.
  9. Let me explain you in short, suppose you got someone ID card and register companies and accounts with his names and do high fraud. That person wont know about this. This is true that many organizations doing huge business with our privacies thats why we are here in this crypto farm. Because it is only the way we can trust because its decentralized. Since authorities involve in the concept of centralized exchanges, but we can still trust on big companies but should not provide our identity for few bounty claim. Stay Safe In cryptography, we all trust
  10. Exactly, these scammers are getting more n more sharp ways to make you victims. You'll receive many emails and PMs about such phishing techniques. But in reality these are just scammers. About 2 weeks ago my friend ask me for some ethereum, when i asked him reason then he told me that he need to pay the Gas fees for claiming a bounty on telegram. But when i ask information about him they were using so sharp way to make victim the new guys. We should careful because as technology improving the cheaters also improving.
  11. Good to read your opinion, Almost 14 Months ago i joined this forum with very first members list. I had seen when a competition of posts held in forum and high amount of awards rewarded to its users. As per my experience with this forum, General and deep knowledge is being shared by experts and the power of Crypto is gaining awareness to most of the public.
  12. My best wishes with you. Mine as many CRP as you can. Utopia have option to activate multiple bots πŸ™‚
  13. Let see my man. We got a gold mine now. One thing is sure these social media such as fb, twitter will no longer use by crypto mans.
  14. I can understand your wait. Same feeling is with me. 18 NOV at the end of day it will launch and mainnet of will be live. Stay Tuned. Definitely Utopia Entry is no less than a legendary, Its already Secured you should not expect vulnerability now. Earning depend on how much bots you activated on CRP (Crypton) Mining. Keep in mind the private release is happening on 18th Nov. Official Public release will happen on 25th Nov with Press Release. You can still enjoy feature in Private Release as well.
  15. Thanks for your expectations. Definitely its a great day for me. I'm not claiming to develop it. Its hard work of 1984 Group. *** Utopia version 1.0 Release date and time ***Mainnet launch date and time is Monday, November 18th at 12.00 (GMT).1984 Group 'll present official website and ready to download Release 1.0 version of Utopia P2P Ecosystem.The released version of Utopia will need to be downloaded from the website and installed on your device. Once you migrate from Beta Testnet to Production Mainnet, you will be able to immediately start mining Crypton cryptocurrency and use all functionality of the ecosystem.
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